Sensual and sweaty night in the arms of my girlfriend

I am recounting this tale as it happened when I was in college. I was still discovering my sexuality and wanted to try everything. So, I ordered some sex toys online, keeping it for future use. I had a girlfriend and I would fool around with her. We had had sex occasionally but I was a young horny guy, wanting to explore more – try toys and some kinky acts. And I was preparing for it – a sensual and sweaty night.

One weekend I booked a lakeside house for the both of us. I wanted to surprise her and also get some one on one time. We drove there on Friday night and she gasped at the candles and flowers with a romantic dinner waiting for her. After dinner what she did surprise me.

I was waiting for her to change, when she came out with a barely there lace negligee. I could see her breasts and nipples skimming the material. She smiled seductively and said, “Want to play? I found these in your luggage.” She dangled the handcuffs in front of me. “What else did you find?” I asked her and she showed me the butt plug. “I hope this is for you?” she asked as I smiled. Then there was no more talking and I want the sweaty night to follow.

I pulled her up close kissed her mouth. She put her arms around my shoulders and opened her mouth for my tongue. She tasted like the chocolate she was licking on the drive here to distract me. Her body was crushed against mine and I liked that I could feel her naked body against me. I let my hand rest near her bum and then slowly pushed up the dress. Her smooth round ass comes in contact and I realize – no panties. I press her bum hard and don’t let her go. I also continue to kiss her and play with her ass. Just to add to the naughtiness I pull her closer and tickle her pussy. She whelps and tries to get away but I don’t let her.

I laugh as she tries to pinch my nipples but can’t because of my hoodie. She hits my chest but I bring her closer for another deep kiss. This time she melts as I lazily explore her mouth and lick her lips. “You want to handcuff me?” I ask her jokingly and she nods excitedly. “But how will I play with your breasts?” I ask her. Her face falls and then she lights up. “Leave that to me,” she says and pulls me to the bedroom. I lie down on the bed and take off my hoodie. She attaches the handcuffs and ties it to the bed.

Then she does a slow striptease. She dances and twirls, giving me glimpses of her pussy. She bends so I can see her cleavage and then finally her negligee is off. I can see her naked body walk towards me. My dick hardens and she rubs the cock through my pants. She is playing with me by rubbing my cock and massaging my balls. Then she pulls down my pants and my cock hits her smack in the face. We both laugh at that. I see she has the lube near me and understand that she is going to use it on me. I like kink so I am not afraid, in fact, I am excited.

“Give me your boobs,” I demand and she straddles me, bending her chest near my face. I lick her nipples and suck on them as best as I can from this position. I bite one and she admonishes, “Now I am going to have to punish you.” Before I can say anything, she turns around and pushes her ass in my face. I start licking her pussy when I feel something cool in my anus. At the same time, she takes my cock into her warm wet mouth. She is sucking on me lazily, like she is in no hurry. I feel the butt plug go in my ass in the sweaty night. I can feel some pain, but she begins to fuck my ass with it and slowly the pain makes way for pleasure.

I start moaning and that is when she starts sucking me harder. She is deep throating me while fucking my ass and in all this, I forget to lick her pussy. I thought I would explode with pleasure. Then she leaves the butt plug in my ass and turns to face me. She takes the handcuffs off and I am free to touch her boobs, clit…ooof, there is so much to do. She impales herself on my cock and begins riding me. As she jumps, her boobs move too and I am mesmerized by that. I grab one and play with it while my other hand reaches for her clit. I am pressing her boobs and flicking her nipples, enjoying the expressions on her face. Then I realize my own pleasure as the walls of her pussy begin to contract. I press her clit and she explodes. Her pussy is now gripping me and she has slowed her riding. So, I hold her and bounce her on my cock. I cum soon enough with her pussy milking me and squirt semen inside her cunt.

That sweaty night was super sexy and the butt plug remained in my ass for round two. The whole weekend was a sex fest and my dick had the greatest weekend experience.