Mr Gleeson

Jordan sat in his hotel room. It was 7 pm. His curtains closed. He sat his mothers baby doll on. His sisters and mothers underwear at his side.

He sat watching Dana going in and out of her room. Claire doing the same.


Claire walked into her room followed by another man.

” My room ” she said

Jordan sat watching ” Fuck. ” Jordan said ” Mr Gleeson. ”

Claire been the local high school principal. Mr Gleeson been the biology teacher. He was 76 he wore a checkered brown shaded wool suit, a red bow tie. His receding hair line showing the balding top of his head.

” Your now going to fuck him Mum ? ” Jordan said.

She turned to him and put her arms on his hips. She kissed him. He kissed her back he was slightly taller than Claire.

Jordan thought Claire didn’t like moustaches. Mr Gleeson had one. Dana was in her bedroom. This was Dana’s teacher. Mr Gleeson should be well retired but didn’t want to stop teaching.

” I will be back with the naughty student in a minute baby ” she said.

Mr Gleeson sat on the bed. Claire walked out of the room into Dana’s room.

” Time for your punishment. ”

” Yes miss. ” Dana said.

She took off her blouse and her skirt. She went into Dana’s drawer pulling out a skirt, it was one of Dana school uniform. She put on a blouse.

Claire stood in front of the mirror in Dana’s school uniform. She parted her hair putting it into pig tails.

Claire grabbed Dana’s hair leading her out of the room. Dana in her school uniform. They got into Claire’s room.

” Here’s the naughty girl. ” Claire said smiling.

” A threesome. ” Jordon said.

She had ties and tied Dana’s hands to the bed.

Dana stood her hands tied to the bed. Claire pulled out a crop giving it to Mr Gleeson.

” She needs to be taught how to be a good girl. ” Claire said.

He tapped Dana’s arse with it over her skirt. He then lifted her skirt and lay it over her back. Dana wore a white GString. Mr Gleeson whipping her arse a bit harder.

” Harder. ” Claire said.

Mr Gleeson whipped her harder leaving a red mark.

” Ten of the best. ” Claire said holding Dana’s hair in her hand kissing her lips.

Every 10 seconds Mr Gleeson gave her a whip on her bare arse cheek.

” Like that you little bitch. ” Claire said to her daughter.

” Yes mum. ” Dana said as Mr Gleeson gave her a final whip. Ten red marks on her bare arse cheeks.

He put the crop down and stood at Dana’s side his back to the bed, Dana’s skirt over her back. Mr Gleeson kept squeezing her arse and slapping her arse cheeks looking at the red marks on her arse.

” Say your a bad girl and need discipline. ” Claire said.

” I’m a bad girl and need discipline. ” Dana said.

” Now say please discipline me. ” Claire said slapping her arse.

” I’m a bad girl, I need discipline, please discipline me ” Dana said.

” Look at this beautiful arse. ” Claire said looking at Morris.He leant in kissing her buttocks. Claire stood up and knelt behind Dana spreading her legs more. Mr Gleeson and Claire kissed.

They both kissed each buttock. ” Yes nice arse. ” Mr Gleeson said. He slid his hand between Dana’s legs over her pussy. She moaned as he rubbed her.

” Yes lovely pussy. ” Claire said smiling

Mr Gleeson stood up facing Claire. He continued rubbing Dana’s arse and pussy between her legs. Claire undid his trousers pulling them down as she knelt in front of him. His cock sliding out of his underwear as Claire pulled his trousers off.

Jordan looked closer at the screen seeing Morris underwear. They were women’s underwear. ” Fuck he wears women’s underwear ” Jordan said. Claire rubbed the palm of her hand over the front of his lacy black underwear looking up at him smiling. She pulled them to the side letting his hard cock fall out. She lifting his cock to her mouth sliding her lips over his knob. She held his cock sucking it as she rubbed Dana’s arse with the other.

” Morris loves wearing the principals underwear while teaching the principals daughter. ” Claire said admiring her underwear on Morris.

Claire circled her tongue over his knob holding his cock as she sucked.

Dana groaned as Mr Gleeson slid a finger under her underwear onto her wet pussy lips, sliding into her pussy. Mr Gleeson started finger fucking her watching Claire suck his cock.

” Finger that pussy. ” Claire said to Morris licking his cock watching his fingers slid in and out of her daughters pussy

Claire then stood up. She untied Dana and lay her on the bed, she cuffed her hands to the bedpost. Claire and Morris hugged kissing, Morris fondling over Claire’s bust. She undid his bow tie and took it off, she slid his jacket off then unbuttoned his shirt taking it off. She knelt pulling his women’s underwear off.

Claire then stood. Morris now naked Claire standing kissing him in front of Dana tied on the bed leaning against the head of the bed on pillows her arms outstretched handcuffed to the pillars of her mother and fathers bed watching.

” You like watching mummy. ” Claire said looking at Dana.

” Yes miss. ” Dana said.

Claire slid to her knees again and started sucking on Morris cock.

A minute later she sat Morris on the bed. Morris lifted her skirt pulling her underwear down her legs exposing her wet young pussy. Claire opened the drawer next to her bed pulling out a dildo. She spread her daughters legs. Her leg over Morris lap. She handed Morris the dildo. He leant in rubbing over Dana’s pussy with the dildo.

Claire got to her knees between Morris legs taking his cock into her mouth again sucking it.

Morris rubbed the dildo up and down Dana’s pussy lips. With his other hand he opened her labias pushing it over her wet flesh, he rubbed her clit with his finger. He watched as he pushed the dildo into her pussy opening her labias with his fingers. He watched as he fucked her slowly, leaning in licking her clit with his tongue tasting her pussy juices.

” Hows that yummy young pussy.? ” Claire asked Morris.

” Nice ” he said

Earlier in the afternoon she had been in his class been taught by him.

She had found out her mother was fucking Mr Gleeson. Claire then suggested they have a threesome. She had always wanted a threesome with her daughter, sort of a pay off for Dana to fuck Alec with out her father knowing. Of course Dana not knowing her boyfriend was fucking her mother as well.

Dana had slept with her mother once sort of a experiment. She was close to her mother.

Claire then stood up. He admired her figure. A figure he was quite familiar with. Breasts he was quite familiar with. In fact quite familiar with Claire’s body in general. The invitation to fuck her daughter, his student. He found to good to refuse. Claire moved to the other dude of the bed and lay next to her bound daughter. She leant over kissing her lips, fondling over her bust, she put her hand on Dana’s clit rubbing it watching Morris fuck her pussy with the dildo.

As Claire kissed Dana’s lips she undid her blouse button by button opening it up Morris looking up at Dana’s bare skin her bra over her breasts. He got up straddling Dana’s groin. He ran his hands up her stomach to her bust, over her bra caressing her breasts as Claire kissed Dana’s lips. Morris leant in, Claire leant back as Morris kissed Dana’s lips. They kissed Morris fondling her bust over her bra.

He kissed down her neck to her cleavage kissing her breast over her bra fondling and squeezing them.

Claire bend her leg opening it lifting her skirt watching her daughter been pleasured by Morris. Claire rubbed over her underwear as Morris grabbed his cock guiding it to Dana’s pussy pushing it deep into Dana.

Dana groaned as Morris 58 years older than her slowly plunged in and out of her pussy. Her mother lay in her side watching her legs open watching rubbing her pussy over her underwear as Claire’s lover fucked her daughter.

Morris and Claire kissed, Claire leaning over. Morris then leant in sucking over Dana’s bra on her nipple. Claire reached behind Dana’s back unclipping her bra.

” Lets get these tits out. ” Claire said She pulled it up her breasts falling out. Morris and Claire fondled them and sucked them as Morris continued fucking Dana’s young sweet pussy.

” Look at those nice young tits. ” Claire said.
She lay back rubbing her pussy, sliding her fingers under her underwear into her pussy finger fucking herself.

” You like them darling ? ” She said looking at Morris. She put her head back groaning.

” Yes. ” He said squeezing them.

Jordan wanking his cock harder watching. He loved it. Fuck if anybody knew.

A minute later Claire took her fingers out of her pussy putting them into Dana’s mouth. Dana sucking her mothers juices from her fingers.

” Taste mummy’s pussy you bitch. ” Claire said.

Morris continued to fuck Dana. He smiled as he continued to fuck her. His student. The principals daughter. He pulled his cock out lifting it to Dana’s mouth. Dana finding her mouth full with his cock, he held her head pulling her up his shaft. She sucked his cock.

” Suck that old cock. ” Claire said kissing Dana’s cheek feeling the bulge of Morris knob in Dana’s mouth.

Claire knelt between Dana’s legs licking up Dana’s pussy, pushing her fingers in Dana’s wet pussy as she licked and sucked her clit. She reached up fondling Morris balls as her daughter sucked his cock.

” Yummy pussy. ” Claire said licking around Dana’s clit and labias fingering her as she fondling Morris testicles.

Claire then knelt behind Morris putting her arms around his waist and sliding her hands up his chest. Claire still dressed. She looked down at Dana.

” There’s a lot of cum in those balls for you darling. ” Claire said.

She whispered in his ear. Claire got off, Morris got off Dana. They untied her. Claire taking off Dana’s blouse and bra. Now naked. Again Dana was restrained across the bed her legs dangling off the edge. Morris knelt between her guiding his cock in her standing on the floor. He looked down at her, his cock in her smiling. Claire knelt on the bed by Dana’s head leaning over her body rubbing her breasts and down her body to her pussy rubbing her clit watching Morris cock fuck her pussy. Claire then lifted a hand to Morris chest rubbing it as well as he fucked her daughter.

Claire smiling remembering the times Morris had bent her over her desk fucking her at school in her office after hours. The senior biology teacher fucking the principal.

Claire then stood undoing her skirt taking it off. She pulled Dana’s head back knelling over her. Dana licked her mothers pussy over her underwear. Claire watching as she undid her blouse listening to Morris groan. She removed her blouse and caressed bra over her ample bosom watching her daughter eat her pussy over her panties. She leant forward kissing Morris chest rubbing Dana’s pussy, watching his cock fuck her daughter. Her 17 yr old daughter.

” Cum. ” Claire said smiling at her senior lover.

” Yes. ” Morris said.

” Fill the little naughty bitch up. Claire added. Morris fucked her harder slapping against her body his cock deep in her pussy. ” Yes baby, just like you fuck me. ”

Morris thrusted harder. Claire rubbing Dana’s clit faster, Dana groaning feeling her pussy been slammed by Morris cock.

” Don’t stop eating my pussy bitch. ” Claire said. Dana licked her mother harder as Morris fucked her harder. Dana groaning and moaning.

” Fuck Fuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk. ” Dana groaned her moans muffled with her mothers pussy in her mouth.