The Ride Home

So a few weeks ago, my wife and I took my best friend (Tad) out to dinner at this great Japanese steak house we always go to. On the way home my wife Marie started getting a little….frisky. Marie is 28, about 5-5 / 135lbs dirty blond hair, a beautiful pair of 38DD tits and an ass that just screams “Fuck me”.

On the way back to our house for a night cap, listening to music and chatting about the move my friend Tad was getting ready to make out of state. Marie started moving closer to me and started rubbing my cock. (She has always been a horny girl ever since we met in Junior High). Tad was in the back seat still goin on about the move when she leaned over the console of my truck, un-zipped my pants and began sucking my cock. I noticed after some time that Tad had stopped talking and had now drawn his attention to my wife’s head going up and down in my lap. I gave him a grin and a nod as if to say “HELL YEAH”. While she was sucking my cock I started rubbing my hands up and down her body trying to reach her pussy with no luck. I moved my hands to the clasp on her bra to free her huge tits then raised her shirt from under her body which was still leaned over my console to show a little skin. Tad obviously had a great view from the back seat of my truck. I reached down to grab a hand full of tit only to find that Tad had beat me to it! I knew she must have known it was him because my hands had been busy freeing them from her bra. It was then I realized…..this was going to be a night to remember.

When we got home we had all decided to freshen up a little, so Marie and I had gone to our master bath to take a quick shower and fool around a little before hand and Tad took the guest bath to freshen up. I couldn’t believe this was about to happen! I was sooo excited at the thought of my wife taking another cock, I was shaking with anticipation of what was to come. We met in the kitchen for some wine and headed back to our bedroom. Marie was wearing a black see through baby-doll outfit that barely covered her. She layed on the bed on her back and Tad and I went to each side of her. Instantly we started rubbing and caressing her body up and down she leaned over to me and took my now throbbing and pre-cumming cock in her mouth again. Tad had made his way down to Marie’s tits and I watched as he took them in his hands squeezing them until her nipples were erect. Then he moved in and buried his face in them, licking and sucking her hard nipples. Then Marie turned to him and took his rock hard cock into her hands and started stroking it. I knew she was about to take it into her mouth and I froze with anticipation wondering if she would even be able to take it. He was quite a bit larger than me in width I would say easily 3-31/2 in around opposed to my 2 but about the same length. I watched as she drew his huge cock to her lips and opened her mouth. You could see that her mouth was struggling to open wide enough to take it in and her upper lip rippled as the ridge of his massive sized head forced it’s way in. She had now adjusted to it’s size and continued sucking and licking his shaft while stroking my cock. I moved down to her dripping wet pussy and began tongue fucking her wildly making sure not to waste a drop of her sweet pussy juices. Marie by now was writhing in pleasure moaning uncontrollably, grinding her pussy into my face harder and harder with every lick I gave it.After a while we re-positioned and she once again took my cock in her mouth while Tad was about to go where no other man but me had ever been. He knelt down on the been between her legs and I stared in amazement as his face disappeared into her cunt. Once again she closed her eyes threw her head back and let out moans of relief. As they got louder and louder I thought for sure she was going to cum all over his face (Marie is a squirter) as he ran his tongue up down her clit and every so often taking her pussy lips into his mouth and sucking on them. Again we changed positions and this time she was ready for some cock inside her soaking wet pussy. I layed on my back as she mounted me cowgirl style he stood behind above me in front of her and I watched as she took his massive cock in her mouth once again only this time it was as if she was no stranger to it. She was pounding up and down on my shaft, thrusting her hips back and forth as Tad took her by the the hair stuffing his cock in and out of her mouth. By now I could tell that Tad was ready to get inside Marie. As he moved around behind her with my rock hard dick still inside her I looked up at her and you could see the terror on her face of what was about to happen. ( I think it actually excited me more) Though I was also nervous that he was going to tear her beautiful ass apart. It was too late, in no time at all I could feel from inside her still soaked pussy, his cock as it passed over mine on it’s way in. Marie gasped as his huge cock penetrated her tight little ass and began pumping her from behind faster and faster. Almost as soon as Tad and I began to fuck her in-sync to each others thrust I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cum exploded inside her pussy like never before. I stayed in place for a while as Tad continued to pound his cock inside my wife’s ass until it slipped out by the force of his still rock hard cock. I got up and left the two of them to continue as neither had came yet. I stood at the bedside watching Marie’s huge tits bounce in and away from her as my best friend fucked my wife’s ass like it was the last fuck he would ever get. Gripping her hips hard as he thrust his manhood into her. He then froze for a second, pulled out fast and blew hi hot load all over her back. …All I can say is…I can’t wait till we all get together for dinner again.