Sex with my Sister I Met After Almost 10 Years

I have been away from home for a long time for my studies- spending most of my teenage and youth in hostels. Finally with my studies over, I returned to my home town. It has been almost 10 years since I last saw my town. As I walked up to the door of my home, and knocked, a girl of early twenties or late teens opened the door. She was slender and pale with freckles and auburn hair. I could not help but notice how curvy her body was and her green eyes were deep. I could not place her at first. And then I realized it was my sister Shirley. She was barely 7-8 years old when I left and we have seen each other a couple of times over the years. It was mostly through phone calls that we kept touch and never had I thought of having sex with my sister, yet.

She smiled widely and hugged me. I felt a bit embarrassed remembering how I was almost turned on by her the moment she opened the door. My parents were not home at that time. I settled in while Shirley made me some coffee. We sat down to catch up on how life has been so far for us. Turned out, mom and dad were out of town and would be returning next day. To treat my little sister, I made plans to booze that evening.

We made all arrangements and settled down on the couch with live porn on. That’s what she wanted to watch. As we went through the drinks, she told me about her life in high school and about her part time jobs. But as I got more drunk, all I could keep up with was how hot she has become. I had not connection with her as her brother for a long time. I realized that being drunk was lowering my inhibitions still and I was imagining her in many compromising ways with me without clothes.

She was totally oblivious to my thoughts and blabbering away about her crush at school. I do not remember what came over me as I moved forward and kissed her full on the lips. She struggled and pushed me away and looked at me with wide eyes. I mumbled an apology but she just stared. Then slowly and deliberately she came closer and kissed me back. She whispered, “I would not deny this is weird but I am kind of turned on… brother.” That statement was the killer for getting me to have sex with my sister without caring too much for later.

Before we had time to process what we were doing, we were already tearing off each other’s clothes. As we sat naked and panting, we checked each other out. Shirley had beautiful breasts-round and plump with pinkish nipples. Her auburn waist length wavy hair was falling over her shoulder to her breasts. Her lips were slightly parted as she panted. I quickly lifted her in my arms and she reflexively put them around my neck.

We walked to the nearest bedroom and I put her down on the bed and went on top of her. The arch of her neck looked delicious and I nipped and kissed from her earlobes to her collarbone. She moaned and hugged me tighter. Then she lifted her leg and placed it over my shoulder. The invitation was obvious. I squeezed her thighs and kissed her hard as I positioned my dick at her vagina. I wondered if she is a virgin but decided not to ask.

I started teasing her by rubbing the head of my dick on her clitoris. She threw back her head and moaned out loudly. Soon she was begging me to put my dick inside her and I happily obliged. With the first thrust, she gasped and I realized, she was indeed a virgin. As I pulled out my dick, I saw little blood on the tip. I looked down at her with concern and wanted to apologize if she was hurt, but she smiled instead.

“Finally- I had been waiting for the right guy all along. Who could be better than you brother? I know you are experienced. I have heard stories of your girlfriends at college at lot.” She giggled.

I was surprised that she kept track of life this well. But I was too intoxicated by her body and started thrusting hard up and down her vagina. He boobs jiggled and rubbed against my chest. Shirley lifted her head and started sucking and kissing my earlobes and neck. She pinched my nipples and smiled watching my reaction. Everything she did was so hot that I almost forgot I was having sex with my sister.

I rolled over while holding her and soon I was lying on my back, while Shirley was on top, riding my dick. She was a natural and knew exactly what to do. She bounced up and down on my dick and I squeezed her boobs. Her alabaster skin was taut and smooth with no trace of fat. I held her waist firmly and started going faster while she was on top. I could tell I was hitting her g-spot. She gasped and moaned and her face contorted. I realized she was about to orgasm and it turned me on so badly.

Soon she let out a loud cry of bliss and her juices exploded all around my dick. I felt the heat and wetness and it made me yearn her more. I thrusted hard for some time while she convulsed and her vagina contracted gripping my dick hard. Soon I orgasmed and felt my juices shoot up in her vagina. She slumped forward on my chest while I heaved and tried to recover from the amazing night. We lay in each other’s arms for some time when it finally hit me that I had sex with my sister. I felt guilty and tried to move away. Shirley probably understood how I felt and grabbed my face. She whispered about how she loved the moment and would not change anything about it. And slowly I felt calm and happy again about my Incest sexcapade.