Holly (Superfecundation) Part 2

One and half months later, Holly was sitting on her bed naked with her widened hole streaming white cum down leaking uncomfortably into the slit of where her vagina met her butt. Her boyfriend always assumed the widening of her hole to be his doing and obviously not a black muscular with a massive dick fucking his girlfriend and her enjoying every moment of it.

Tomorrow, she would resume having sex with Jackson because it was a back-to-school day. Although she didn’t think much of it, she still found it funny that her boyfriend’s name and her new lovers name were so similar. Nevertheless, he would have had to wait until much later tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow because they were going on a field trip to a medical facility of sorts. Sort of an educational trip apparently.

She couldn’t hide her sexual relationship from Jack any other way but to do it on school days. She was cheating on Jack and it was wrong and she felt guilty but honestly it felt so fucking good. She didn’t want to hurt Jack so whatever he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She still enjoyed having sex with Jack but it was nothing compared to with Jackson. Though Jackson recently was pushing her to stop her relationship with Jack because, in his eyes, it was his pussy. She convinced him not to continue pushing by sticking his dick in her mouth, it could barely fit and she immediately started choking, and gagging; Jackson enjoyed every second.

On the trip, because Mr Johnson was leading the trip she was able to get away with wearing a crop top and Denim shorts. It was July. It was hot and he understood and it wasn’t like she was only girl dressing sexy. Sophia was wearing low-rise jeans with visible thong strings. Ava had a short white skirt and guaranteed that everyone saw her pink thong as she stepped up the coach steps, after all, Holly did. Also Harper was wearing basically the outfit Holly was when she was finger-fucked by Jackson in science except Harper skirt was grey and plaid.

She walked through the coach’s hallway between the seats and headed towards one of the back seats and sat down. Her seat was in front of the seat opposite the bathroom. She partly regretted it in case any students throw up. She lifted up her seat belt and put clipped the two connectors over her belly. She had put on some weight but neither Jack or Jackson cared or maybe even noticed since she was a girl. She fiddled a bit till the seatbelt settled on her shorts and not her belly. She didn’t want to have to deal with that uncomfortable feeling the whole time.

Though it reminded her when Jackson had once laid her out on her back. She was staring at her belly, which was slightly smaller at the time, and her legs were open enough so he could lick and eat her pussy and boy did he, immediately after he gave the most brutal rough sex they had ever had, with the use a belt over her ass but she still could feel his mouth over her clit as his dick smashed into her.

When they got the facility is a lot of tours going around different rooms and showing different things but the biggest moment was when they showed off their MRI machine.
“Now, this machine is perfectly safe, so safe that we would to ask one of you to try it out.”
A few people excitedly put up their hands while some looked nervous. Holly did neither and was just watching.
“How about you, miss, in the blue shorts,” he said pointing at Holly.
Holly was surprised “Me?”

“Yeah. Do you mind enclosed places?”

She smiled. “The opposite. I enjoy them.”

“Great. Alight now, if you just climb in here, we’re give a cool souvenir to take home with it,” Holly laid down on the metal tab that slid out of the port of the machine. “A photo of the scan!” The man did two glances at her crotch and her belly whether intentionally or not she couldn’t tell as he checked that she was looked in.

He then walked back to his console where the rest of the students waited with the teacher.

Inside, Holly listened to the loud noises of the machines thud mechanically.

Eventually, the machine caught up and loaded the images.

With a smile, he examined the MRI results and his smile quickly dropped.
He was shocked when he noticed two signatures in her abdominal and womb areas. He hid it from her as best he could be somewhat effective. She thought something was up but not sure what. He didn’t even want to tell her teacher but felt he had to consider their age.

He stood up and turned off the monitor. Presumming the machine to be messing up considering her age. “Sorry the machine must be acting up.”

Holly was disappointed but she quickly forgot about it later that day.

(Later that day)

“Oh-my-god! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME!” Holly screamed and wailed as loud as she could while he repeatedly pounded her, cumming gushing profusely from her pussy. In, out, his massive black dick smack into her, fucking her through missionary. Then switching to fucking her from behind while violently slapping her till her ass was red raw. She changed drastically from the shy girl she once was.

He lifted her and slammed her up against his wall while continuing to screw her. Sounds of her squirts raining down against his carpet between Holly’s moans as she continued to spill juices out herself to his pumps. She held on hard, as white flooded her insides as he pumped cum after cum into her. Even the spasm from his dick made her immediately cum letting out an even louder scream but that wasn’t all as he laid back on his bed, pussy dripping with his cum, she still couldn’t stop cumming. The tiniest touch to her intimate areas was enough to make her pussy spasm.

So for a laugh, he sent Holly over to Jack’s place to be fucked, and though she could barely walk and wanted to sit, she agreed. Her boyfriend Jack, who didn’t know she was being fucked anytime she had the chance, was already finding her inside her different than usual, but being fucked by Jackson today, Jack was feeling her sloppy seconds insides like he had never felt it before, and he wouldn’t even know. She immediately was cumming after around fifteen strokes which were all she could take before she had to let her body to continuously cum. Shortly after with her boyfriend trying to keep her moans quiet the entire time so his parents wouldn’t hear. He came as well as now she felt the cum already within her mix with his.
He exited her and she looked up at him, breathless with her tongue hanging out. “Fuck…”

His mother later that day came up and invited Holly to dinner. She sat at the table in her school uniform with cum dripping down into her pink panties. “So, Jack told me that you two are officially dating and to be honest, its not like we didn’t see it coming.” She laughed her husband.
“Its true.” He replied taking a mouthful of food. “You two were always hanging around each other. It was obviously inevitable.”

“I know and its obvious you both look after each and make each other so happy.”
Holly felt guilt building up and felt she had to tell them all the truth. She couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Actually.” She said, dropping her knife and fork, gently on the table. “I have something to tell all three of you.” Her heart was pounding in her chest. She swallowed and couldn’t believe she was about to admit it.

(Before I show what happens next, I want to add in another sex scene from a few days ago)


Holly is screaming and groaning in pleasure as Jackson repeatedly fucks her from behind while she is on her knees on his bed. Suddenly covering her mouth, she begs to stop. He continues, thrusting in and out more quickly now in an effort to convince her to quit it and just enjoy his dick. She moans from her continued pleasure but again requests to stop. He smacks her ass and does not stop and suddenly she burps.

“Sorry.” She apologised… Then suddenly pukes over his pillows. He recoils as she apologises again, shivering and immediately throwing up again. She jumps up and runs to the bathroom.


“What is it, sweetie?” His mother asks, sweetly and caringly.

“I’m pregnant.” She says.