She Likes Being Spanked with Whips, Ticklers and Floggers

Between Varun And Radhika, Varun has always been the adventurous one. And she has always been a sporting kind who enjoyed all those kinks like being spanked. She loves the feeling of dripping wax on her mounds and peeling off it. The nipple clamps and the chain that Varun uses to lead her around makes her moan.


One day she sent him a package that said, ‘Open me and be ready to use me tonight.’ Inside the box was a silk blindfold, shiny sexy metal handcuffs and a flogger made of leather. Varun was not only excited but also aroused looking at the things. He started to prepare for the upcoming fun.


Radhika looked beautiful with her wrists handcuffed to the top of the bed and her eyes blindfolded. Her naked body was shivering from anticipation. Her mounds were rising and falling and her buds were hard with nervousness. There was wetness in between her spread legs. The outer lips of her wet cunt were slightly apart and the slick milky fluid coated the inner delight. Just then Varun saw a trickle of liquid dribbling out. He was tempted to taste the nectar but refrained. Tonight was the flogger night.


“Rollover, show me you back,” he commanded. She obliged. Her curved back and the full bottom were emphasized by her hands locked over her head. He took the flogger and dragged the other tip down over her skin, she fidgeted a little.


“Are you ready?” He asked.


“Ohh yes.” She replied in a husky voice.


He gently moved his wrist and the flog hit her softly on her back. She flinched a little and a small red mark appeared after being spanked. She moaned and then he hit her a little harder. She gasped and then he hit her again, harder yet. She yelped. The sheet under her was wet, soaked. Her cunt was dripping.


“More and harder.” She said. And he obliged. Her entire back was red and yet she asked for more. Her submission and her red back made him want to bury himself deep in her. He got naked and put the head of his throbbing hardness on the entrance of her wet cunt. He felt electricity zapping inside him. She gasped, her body shivered as she realized what was going on.


She raised her back and pushed backward. He felt himself sliding inside. She moaned with pleasure and he went in deeper. It felt amazing. She kept moaning and he kept moving deeper and harder. He increased the speed and felt her body stiffen. He was on the edge himself but he wanted her to come first. As he felt her coming with a loud groan, he couldn’t help himself. He went over the edge simultaneously.


He got up, unlocked her handcuffs, pulled her blindfold and then she rolled over on her back. He gathered her in his arms and cuddled her. He started playing with her buds and kissed her gently.


“You did very well today. You have made me very proud and satisfied.” He appreciated her efforts, what she did for him. They laid and talked and he tended to her until she was ready for the next time for being spanked harder.