Skinny Dipping with Boys

Well, I figured out that I enjoyed exhibitionism since I understood that people like to stare at my exposed body. Hell, I was pretty naughty then, as a kind of some thrill I had gone through some incidences of getting naked in full view of many people. It was always a pretty exciting experience, though.

Yeah, it was when I was a teenage girl; I was in high school. My body was going through the stages of girly development. I had gained the height of 5ft 2inches; had straight brown hair hanging up to the middle of my shoulders; was on the skinny side lean and slim. My body response was very slow towards breasts development. I had very negligible growth of my breasts with very little swelling crowned with very puffy and perky hard nipples. For me fastest development was noticeable in the region of my body hair. With the arrival of monthly periods, I developed thick growth of hair in my armpits and between legs. Within about a year I had four to five inches long pussy hair. I always felt that I had quite swollen outer pussy lips and my inner pussy lips were very long and could be noticed dangling and through the thick growth of pussy hair. I spoke very vaguely about this with other girls and understood that all girls get some hair the way I was developing. Luckily like other girls, I had no hairy growth on my legs or arms and any other parts of my body.

I had this group of four girls that I hung around with regularly. We were like a little club, you might say, for like-minded girls with interests in common things. We had regular sleep-overs at each other’s houses and, of course, the major topic of conversation was boys. None of us knew much about sexual things then, but we sure had a lot of imaginations and opinions. These little get-togethers only heightened our sexual urges.
We had heard that some boys in our school had a secret place where they went skinny-dipping, and we were dying to find out where it was. We fantasized about creeping up on them and watching them as they climbed out of the water with their little thingies all exposed and flopping around. I guess girls are extremely curious about boys’ thingies at that age. None of us had ever seen a naked boy of our age, so all we could do was discuss what we thought they looked like based on books we had read in school. Andrea, one of the girls in my group, had read some stuff about boys’ sexuality, and so she was our expert.

As I said, all the times we talked of boys, it made us feel excited as hell. At least I was, and the other girls claimed to feel the same. Even though we acted differently at school, if a cute boy made a move on me, I probably would have let him do anything he wanted. Of course, the boys in our school were pretty insecure in those days, and so we remained curious.

One of the things we wondered about was what else the boys did besides swim. We decided that like we girls would play with ourselves in front of each other they probably played with their penises in front of each other. It seemed to make us feel more open and sexy when we had some other girl watching us, and we figured the boys felt the same way. Why else would they want to skinny-dip? It never occurred to us that this might be considered very weird sexually. We later found out the boys didn’t play with themselves in front of each other, but it fed our imaginations just fine.

Many times we tried to follow the boys, but they had bicycles and could outrun us.

I can’t believe how wild were our imaginations about boys back then. Though, one girl had at least been to a museum with her parents and seen statues of naked men. She then managed to sneak away from them to see those statues of naked men alone.

One time during one of our sleepovers, Wendy, another girl from the group, announced that she had seen her older cousin naked the night before as he was coming out of the shower. She felt that he looked almost her age at the time and we thought he must have had a sexually grown-up young boy than what we knew. From that night on, she became our new expert. We had her tell us over and over again what her brother looked like in as much detail as we could get from her.

We all tried to imagine his tall slender body with a little tuft of hair under each armpit, a cute little ass, and a nice bush around that long tube we all wanted to see so badly. Wendy hadn’t even noticed his balls when she saw him that time because she did not remember if she had seen pubic hair on his balls.

Wendy did her best to describe the shape of her cousin’s penis for us, its length, its thickness, the head, etc. She couldn’t give much detail since she only got a look from down the hall for a few seconds.

At the time, we didn’t know anything about the penis except what we had learned in Sex Education class. There, we had learned about erections, ejaculations, and making babies, but that was about it. I always pictured the penis- as a half of a hotdog with a hole in the end that was always the same size. Hard,- it was like a frozen hotdog, and soft,- it was like a soggy hotdog. Well! That’s how it was described to us! And girls giggled a lot imagining about it. We couldn’t figure out what the “head” looked like, as Wendy described it.

One evening, we were discussing if we should go to the swimming hole with the boys if they invited us. Immediately they all said, “Sure!” Until we thought that there was some possibility about the boys playing some trick making us girls go skinny dipping with them. That quieted down Jenny and Wendy. I and Andrea had already thought about it and were more than ready and willing to go naked with boys. Andrea and I really liked the idea of having boys look at our naked bodies. The idea of having them see us naked and their little “hotdogs” getting stiff was the object of many a fantasy. Though, my fantasy often had many people watching me walking around naked in some public area.
Oh, sure, all girls like to get attention from boys, but most don’t like boys staring at them or undressing them with their eyes. Though I loved the idea that boys wanted to see me naked. I wore clothes that showed as much as school uniforms would allow showing (which wasn’t much), but it sure drew some extra attention from the boys at school. Many times on the days when we were allowed to wear any dress other than uniform, I went wearing extremely tight jeans and a tight-fitting white blouse. It just followed the little swelling of my small but firm breasts. Actually, my breasts were a little below average compared to the other girls my age.
In school, I would sometimes go to the girl’s locker room before school and take off my loose-fitting bra. It felt so naughty letting my tits bounce around freely under my blouse. You couldn’t see much, except my nipples were pretty obvious, especially when they were hard, which they usually were without a bra. I’d wear this outfit as often as I could, walk straight and tall and push my chest out thinking that boys would be able to see my perky nipples poking ahead.

It was our annual school function when we were allowed to wear any dress during that week. Also during that time, our teachers were given a week off and senior students were to teach lower classes of grades seven, eight, and nine. Mine was eighth grade. Like many other girl students, I found this to be the most appropriate opportunity to try my fantasy dress in the school in full view of many people.

One day during that week when my mom was out, I wore this tube top with a short knit sweater. Mom wouldn’t let me wear either the sweater or the tube top by themselves because the tube top left my entire midriff bare, and the sweater’s weave was spaced quite wider enough for anybody to see through very clearly. Wearing the tube top, though, I didn’t have to wear a bra because it didn’t have shoulders, and my bra straps would show. For pants, I had this pair of Jeans which was really small for me and was worn out very badly in front along the left thigh portion just below the lowest point of the front zip. Just the slightest pull would rip off the left side of the jeans. I decided that I would not be wearing any panties under the jeans. I wore these old jeans that really didn’t fit anymore, but they were so tight, it took me a good ten minutes just to squeeze into them. I was very sure that any careless physical movement would rip off my jeans at those vulnerable places exposing my pussy or butt crack.

As soon as I got to school, I made a point of ripping my jeans “by mistake” across my left thigh. The accidental situation was noticed by one of the girls and reported to our student teacher( who happened to be a cute boy). He gave me permission to get some scissors from Home Economics class and go to the girl’s locker room to cut the legs off from the jeans which I was wearing. Although there was no such requirement I wanted to make it look like an extenuating circumstance. I secured a note from the teacher for the rest of the day to cover my act of wearing such a dress.

In the locker room, I cut them so short that only the seam in the crotch was left between the legs. At the front portion of jeans, I cut it too much above so that my crotch was barely covered by the thin seam tightly hanging between my legs. Oooh, they felt sexy.

I took off my sweater and looked in the mirror. At the back, my complete legs were exposed along with more than half-ass chicks, and front from the lower abdomen and pubic bone everything was exposed. Even my pussy hair was popping out from there. I blushed. Damn, I had never shown so much of my legs before. The remaining denim was so tight that it looked like it was painted on my slender hips. The top of the new cutoffs barely reached my hip bones, showing the complete concave of my upper abdomen between them. Even the lower portion of the jeans was cut a little extreme because my hanging pussy and thigh joints were clearly visible and the seam in the crotch was letting my thick and long pussy hair pop out.

I turned to look at the small swell of my ass. I had cut the legs off just a bit too much, as about two inches of my ass cheeks hung out below. The new slits across my butt were slightly split, showing off about an inch of my ass. The seam had pressed itself into the crack of my ass, exposing my cheeks quite clearly. Overall, it showed a bit more than I had planned, but it turned me on even more.

Without my panties, I could feel the seam in the crotch creep up my pussy in front. It was going to be quite obvious to anyone that was looking at me, but it felt delicious. The shorts were so tight that the seam pressed against my little clit, now that it was cutting deep between my pussy lips restricting the blood flow and causing quite visible swelling of outer pussy lips. I walked around the locker room, and I thought the feeling in my pussy was very good as the material massaged my pussy. I was cautious if my dripping pussy juices will be visible to all on my inner thighs, there was likely to be lots of dripping just walking around the school with this seam moving around on my clit. I was so turned on that I removed my tube top, too, and just wore the sweater.

Before I left the locker room, I looked at myself once more in the mirror. I have to admit that I had a few pangs of concern that I’d gone too far. In the mirror, I could see that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath the sweater. My pink nipples were just the right color to be too obvious and the fact that I knew they could be seen easily made me crazy with lust.
In my heart, I was so nervous by what I saw. I sat on the bench in front of the mirror and thought about it for a few minutes. God, I was already feeling sooo wet and dripping just sitting there. The seam of the shorts rubbed directly against my clit as I sat there, and it almost drove me crazy. Looking in the mirror, I realized I would have to keep my legs together when I was sitting or else I’d show too much. Of course, if the right boy was looking, I might give him a peek. Shit, my pussy lips were completely exposed and wrapped around the seam, and almost all my pussy hair was popping out.

Well, it took me about a few more minutes to get up the nerve to leave the girl’s locker room. While entering the classroom from the backside I held my tiny hanky in my left hand to hide my almost exposed pussy. Needless to say, when I finally walked back into class, I became the center of attention. The boys gave shocked looks at me, and even the girls shook their heads and stared. I loved it. Fortunately, the girl student teacher didn’t catch on at first, since I came in from the back of the classroom. She just thought the kids were making fun of my newly exposed bare legs.

I went through most of the morning dressed like that. The best part was between classes when I’d wander through the halls without trying to cover the front of my pussy. The boys flirted with me and did their best to get me to go out with them, but I just acted smug and disinterested. A couple of kids even pinched my ass, but I just acted aloof.

It was really fun until my English class when I was called to come to the front of the room and read a silly poem. Since I was to stand in front of the teacher’s desk and face the class, everybody got a full view of my handy-work. The teacher made me the center of attention for all students and as a punishment, she asked every student to come in front and comment on the type of handy work I did on my jeans. I became a center of enjoyment for boys and got into a lot of loving trouble for that adventurous handy work.

* * * * *

Anyway, to go on with our girly topics, the girls in my little group talked about whether we should try and get invited to the boys’ swimming hole. We were very curious about going skinny-dipping, especially with boys; but at the same time, we were scared that we may get caught by our parents.

However, we had a long discussion over the subject and concluded that if the boys got naked for us, it was only reasonable that we should do the same for them. Andrea suggested that we could probably stay in the water, and no one would see. We all were convinced that it would be really fun, too. Though many of us wanted only to peek at the boys without having to reciprocate.

Finally, Andrea came up with an idea that we might be able to convince the boys into taking us to the swimming hole just to go swimming without any commitment from us girls. Then, later, we could go back and spy on them when they were skinny-dipping. This was the ticket. All the girls agreed to get invited just for a swim.

Since I was the one with the idea and I had all the confidence, I was delegated to go ask one of the boys. So, in school, I made a point of sitting next to Johnny during the class, and I came right out and asked him.

He was shocked and barely managed to say, “Erica, you must be kidding. No one will agree with this.”

He flatly refused. There’s no way any of the boys would agree to a girl at their secret swimming hole. I tried again at lunchtime, but still no go. I even asked him what we could do to talk him into it. He said, “Nothing.”
Finally, I tried again after school. This time, Johnny said he had talked it over with the other guys, and they would agree with some condition.

“Erica, You know that we usually go skinny-dipping?” He reminded me.
“You have to understand that if anyone knows where we go, they might spy on us or turn us in. We don’t want that.” He saw right through our plan. I realized it wasn’t all that obscure.

“So, if I promise that we won’t spy on you or turn you in, you’ll agree?”
“No,” he said. “We know girls can’t be trusted. What we want is for all the girls that come to go skinny-dipping with us. That way, they can’t hold anything over us.” He also made it very clear that it had to be all the girls going skinny dipping with them or nothing.

I decided to take a risk which I never told the other girls. I secretly worked with Johnny suggesting that we agree to pretend that we were going to go for just a swim, but we would make sure all the girls would be naked before the day was over. I knew they would all be wearing bikinis, and I figured Johnny and me would rip off the bathing suits of the other girls. Besides, once we got him to agree, it really didn’t matter one way or the other. He hesitantly agreed, and we decided to go the next weekend.
The girls all agreed to have a sleep-over on Friday so we could make plans for the next day. I told them that the boys agreed, but on the condition, the girls have to wear the tiniest sexy bikinis. I wanted to make sure it would be easy to rip them off of anyone that might be reluctant at the last minute.

“Here’s a perfect chance for us,” I told others. Wendy joyfully agreed by saying, “If we show a maximum of our bodies and look sexy enough, maybe we can make them hard. Then they might tear their suits or something.”

You see how naïve we girls were. We thought that their hard-ons would suddenly happen, and nothing could keep them from turning stiff and straightening out.

Believe it or not, the girls all agreed. We figured at least one of the boys would wear a brief-style swimming suit, and we might catch a glimpse of a hard penis.

We decided that all the girls would wear modified smallest bikinis with strings on sides, and we would all try to tease the guys into getting hard. If nothing else, we would have one hell of a horny day.

I decided to make a special bikini for me and Andrea. I had some knowledge and information about knitting and learned how to knit and sew, and I thought I could make an ultra sexy bikini. I had some ideas of my own.

You wouldn’t believe what I made (or maybe you would). After school each day over the few days before the weekend, I knitted a bikini from some soft string. I made a point of using a pretty wide knit because I figured it would shrink when it got wet, and I thought I would look sexy that way. The triangles that covered my tits were made to bare minimum size, which would cover my nipples leaving my entire breasts uncovered. The triangle on my pussy was about two inches long on the sides and about one inch wide across the top. As you can imagine, it didn’t cover much. The suit basically covered my nipples and the slit of my pussy, but that’s it.

When I was finished, I had my first hand-made string bikini ready, and you have no idea how excited I was. Wow, what a turn-on this would be.
When I finally tried it on, I made up my mind it was just too revealing and reconsidered wearing it. Shit, you could see everything! I might as well not wear anything at all. The biggest error which I realized was that I had used a single strand of soft thread string to make ties which made it almost invisible when got wet. When I was making it, I didn’t realize how much you could see through the wide weave. My hard nipples could poke right through the mesh, and anyone could see the contrast of the pink circles of my areolas. My dark pubic hair was mostly above the small triangle in my crotch. As thin as it was, all my pussy hair on my lips poked through the mesh so thick that it almost hid the fact that I was wearing a bikini bottom. The string didn’t hide my pink lips or the dark crease, either, as it could be seen right through the weave. Of course, it was a thong bikini, so, from behind, I looked completely naked. I could not dare to try it in presence of other girls to get their opinion.

We spoke to each other and it seems that every other girl had an almost similar or sheer bikini and was equally skeptical about wearing the same. Though each one of us convinced others to wear whatever we have planned.

The day finally came, and I got ready to go. The anticipation got me so excited that at the last minute, I decided to wear my new bikini under the sheer piece of cloth. If I decided to show anybody my new suit, my pussy hair was just too overwhelming.

I was so excited with anticipation that I almost lost count of time and forgot to trim my pussy hair. Although my pussy hair is dark, it was pretty long and thick. It just looked rather gangly and out of control. I had a nice dark patch of thick and long hair over and around my pink swollen lips. My clit was hard as a rock and just wouldn’t go down. I’d never seen it so hard; it was peeking out from between my pussy lips, and I could feel the cool air blowing across it.

Again I had second thoughts when I saw how little my “suit” covered. Hell, as I said, though my pink areolas were almost the same color as my skin, they were completely visible and, when my nipples were hard, they poked right through the mesh, rising completely above the string.
Since the bottoms were the same weave, my pussy was just as visible. Not only was the dark patch of pussy hair completely visible, mostly above the suit, anyone could see my pink lips right through it. ‘Oh, well,’ I thought, ‘if I get the courage to show it to anybody, it won’t matter anymore. After all, we might go completely naked anyway.’

We met the boys down the street. Andrea and I were wearing an oversize loose tank top over our bikinis. All other girls had shorts and shirts on over their bikinis and were carrying towels stuffed under our arms, or in bags. The boys each took one of the girls on his bicycle and drove us to where they went swimming. It was a good ride of more than 30-40 minutes and then all boys had to leave their bicycles at one particular spot from where we all had to follow a trail climbing and going around a big hill through a thick growth of bushes and trees. Then suddenly there was a steep drop leading to the river bed. This one was a completely secluded swimming hole.

The “swimming hole” was a spot on a slow-flowing river that stretched about a hundred yards across. The banks were lined with thick trees and bushes, providing almost no access to the water except for one small, sandy, beach-like clearing about the size of a small campsite. On one side, there was a large tree with a long thick branch that hung out over the river. Someone had tied a large rope from this branch under which hung an old tire, making a great swing for the boys. They could dangle from the tire and swing far enough that they could soar out to about the middle of the river.

Beside the tree was a large boulder from which the boys could start their swing. It allowed them to get a good running jump with the swing, or they could use it as a place to dive from. It was a dream spot for anybody to swim in the river.

As soon as we got there, the boys all stripped down to their bathing suits, heaped their clothes on a small flat rock, and jumped into the water. Some waited to swing out to the middle of the river for their first baptism of the day, others just ran straight into the water.

We were all very excited to find out that the boys wore their usual daily use cotton underwear. The underwear material looked like overused thinned knitted material. After getting wet their suits were hugging to their skin and the outline of their tubes was unmistakenly visible. This improved the chances that we might see a hard-on. The girls didn’t know that I had planned with Johnny on getting all girls naked by the end of the day anyway.

All the girls decided to go off into the bushes to take off their clothes. They wanted to give the boys a little bikini show, secretly hoping to see them pop a boner. The boys didn’t mind, and all came back out of the water to wait and watch.

Again, I thought about just wearing my new bikini, but I chickened out and decided to wrap the sheer sarong over my handmade bikini. Of course, my bikini under the sheer was just a bit too revealing, but the thought of wearing it turned me on. The other girls all were wearing pretty standard bikinis, and that only made me more embarrassed. Maggi had a thong bikini. I don’t know where she got that from, mail order maybe, but I knew her mother would never let her go out in public wearing it.

“Erica, Are you going to wear THAT?” Andrea asked pointing at my sarong. “Shit, who would have known that we would be wearing sexier bikinis than you?” Now, I was really embarrassed as they just laughed at me. I thought I was going to die.

“Well, I guess it’s up to me,” Chryssi said. “If we’re going to get the boys to get hard, maybe my bare butt will do it.”

“Well,” I finally added after their laughter died down, “I do have a bikini under this. I made one which is a lot sexier.”

“You must be kidding Erica! Why are you hiding it then?” Chryssi asked, almost as if she didn’t believe me.

“Under this one.”

“So, why are you covering then?” Andrea asked.

“Well, I’m afraid I went a little overboard, and it is a bit too revealing, even for me,” I warned them.

That brought another round of laughter. They were anxious to see it and offer their own opinions. Since they were my best friends, and I honestly did want their opinion, they finally convinced me to show it to them. They got me to agree that if they all thought my homemade bikini was not too overboard I would wear it instead. I trusted my girlfriends to tell me the truth.

I had the girls turn their backs for a second because I wanted them to get the full impact rather than see a little at a time.

When I was ready and had them turn back to look, Chryssi covered her mouth with one hand and almost shouted, “Jesus, Erica!” We all had to shush her because she was so loud. “You’re right! That is the sexiest bikini I’ve ever seen,” she continued in a whisper.

“Well, shit,” Maggy said, “if that doesn’t make them rip out of their suits, nothing will.”

Then all the girls came over to inspect my handy-work. I couldn’t believe how much even that turned me on. Just having my girlfriends looking at my essentially naked body was getting me all wet. Sure, they’d seen me naked many times, but for some reason, it was even more exciting being outdoors with them while they were openly exploring my body in my new bikini.

In the process of their inspection, they made a bunch of minor adjustments (you know how girls are). Initially, each one pulled and lifted the edges of the top as if to make it fit better. In the process, though, they were also rubbing my breasts and feeling my hard nipples. Jenny, for some reason, had to move one of my breasts inside the triangular cup a bit so that my inflated nipple fit through the “right opening” in the mesh. It probably didn’t need adjusting, but she thought it did, and she pinched and pulled my nipple a bunch while she figured out the best fit. I was getting so stimulated feeling their hands touch me and having them make such a close and detailed inspection of my body, I thought I was going to explode. My nipples got so hard, they stuck out a good quarter inch above the mesh.

All the girls were very impressed with my bare ass and how the string was almost transparent, giving the appearance of my complete nakedness from behind. They also liked how much skin my suit revealed. They understood my hesitation but were encouraging me to wear it.

“God, Erica,” Chryssi said while her eyes were glued to the pink nubs jutting out from my tits. “Look how hard your nipples are. I’ve seen your little nips hard before, but they look like they’re going to pop right off your tits!” Then she blew me away by taking my right nipple between her fingers and squeezing and rolling it around. “Wow! Jenny is right, they are rock hard! I don’t think my nipples have ever gotten that hard.”
When she did that, my legs almost collapsed underneath me, but I managed to hold my cool and appear unshaken. I just stood there with my chest out while Chryssi continued to fondle my nipple as if demonstrating to the other girls.

“Hey, Maggy, check this out!” Chryssi offered my sensitive little nipple to our friend.

Then I almost fainted as each of the girls took turns squeezing my protruding nipple to see what Chryssi was talking about. I just stood there pretending it wasn’t driving me crazy while the girls pulled and rolled my sensitive perky nips between their fingers. I just couldn’t let them know how much it was turning me on. Heck, they might think I preferred girls or something, but I was on the verge of an orgasm if they didn’t stop.
Then I noticed that all the girls’ nipples were hard as rocks and showed through their bikini tops. I wondered if they were as turned on with all this touching or if they were just cold. All these sleep-overs we had been having, and I never thought the girls might be interested in touching each other.

“Jesus, look at that!” Maggy said as she pointed to my bikini bottoms. “You can see right through it, too!”

The other girls all diverted their attention to the tiniest triangle in my crotch and gasped. I pushed my hips forward to provide them a better look and said, “See what I mean? Don’t you think this is too revealing?”
“My God!” Jenny squealed. “It doesn’t even cover her pubic hair!”

As horny as I was, I kind of hoped one of the girls would touch me down there, too. Jenny dropped into a squat to get a better view. She pointed out how my inner pussy lips were wrapped around the string on the bottom and touched them with her index finger.

“God, she’s wet, too!” Jenny had to announce.

The other girls started to reach to check for themselves, but, before things went any further, the boys started to get impatient. It was just as well since I was ready for an orgasm, and I wanted to have it in front of the boys. Something about the thought of cumming with a bunch of boys around looking at me excited me. At the time, I didn’t know why.

The girls convinced me that I should wear my new bikini without wearing a sheer sarong over it. They felt that doing that was just too conservative. With this, my sarong was gone in the hands of other girls. Finally, they decided that I should come out last. They claimed, though, they all wanted to be in front of the boys when their erections popped.

I was really glad to get their support, yet still a little nervous. Hell, I was already feeling completely naked and was going to present myself like this in front of all these boys, and these were boys I went to school with. I was the only one who was showing this much, not to mention they would all be seeing me in a highly aroused state. Of course, this was also an opportunity to live out a fantasy.

I announced that I would sneak around behind some bushes near the guys so I could be within the hearing distance from the boys to hear what they said as each of the girls presented themselves. The girls liked that idea, too, and stalled the boys for a few minutes while I positioned myself. Shit, just creeping around in the woods this naked was a turn-on, and I couldn’t believe I was doing it. I felt so exposed as I got behind the big tree that was just a few feet from the boys, and it made me feel very hot inside.

The boys had gotten out of the water and were standing on the edge or sitting on rocks waiting for the girls to appear. Wow, was I ever impressed to see their wet bodies in those skimpy little brief swimming trunks. Being wet had made the suits cling to their bodies, even more, giving a pretty good outline of what they contained. Oh, God! That only turned me on even more. Maybe they would all pop a hard-on through their suits.

As each of the girls filed out of the bushes, I could see them all getting rock-cutting diamond hard nipples. Andrea and Jenny folded their arms in front of themselves to hide this, but it showed anyway. I could tell they wanted to be more relaxed and let the guys see everything but were just a little uncomfortable. Luckily, I was positioned at a wonderful vantage point from where I could see every girl’s erect nipples in their tiny suits and the freshly developed wet spots on bikini bottoms due to the dripping each girl had. Oh, how I loved to watch that.

I heard the boys comment on each of the girls as they came out. They all seemed equally aware of how the girls get their nipples hard and erect and start dripping due to sexual excitement and the great bodies my girlfriends had, although they didn’t let the girls hear them. A couple of the boys dropped their hands down and folded them in front of their groin, but I still did not know why. One began grinding the heel of his palm into himself, and I wondered if he had to pee.

Imagining that they were getting turned on and hiding hard-ons, I absentmindedly started feeling my nipples. It was getting me very anxious watching my girlfriends parade themselves in front of these horny young boys. It didn’t occur to me that my manipulations were making my nipples even more prominent. I might have chickened out if I had a mirror and could see myself and how obvious my lust was visible.

I wanted to touch myself; my clit was just pulsing with desire, but I was afraid that my pussy juices may start flowing out along my inner thighs and would be noticed by the boys. My mind still wanted to have the boys included in my orgasm somehow, but, I have to admit, there were some feelings of anxiety. It wasn’t that I wanted them to know I was dripping wet, I just wanted them to see me go through the throws of climax and wonder what was happening. I wondered if this was going too far or if I’d regret this someday. I had already committed myself to my friends that I’d wear this skimpy bikini, and I thought I couldn’t back out now, but to have an orgasm in front of all those boys – well, that might be a bit too much. I just kept telling myself, this was going to give me the chance to bring my fantasy into reality and see not just one, but four boys naked. Also, I was going to see them hard.

Secretly, I was hoping that I might even get an opportunity to touch one of them and maybe even see the fountain eruption. I pictured us in the water, and maybe, I could inadvertently touch one of their erections. I wondered if the boys would want to touch me like I wanted to touch them. Oooh, how the thought turned me on by just imagining a boy tweaking my nipples or feeling my pussy and rubbing my clit. Then I thought, ‘Would I mind if he did it in front of the others?’ At first, I felt my face flushed with the thought of having an orgasm in front of my classmates, then I decided that my answer was, ‘No, I would not mind.’ All those thoughts about the boys doing all these sexually exciting things to me in full view of other girls turned me on even more.

You see, my mind was dwelling on more and more wild sexual fantasies and I felt like an extreme exhibitionist.

I was suddenly jolted from my little daydream when I heard one of the boys saying my name. He was wondering where did I go in hiding. Then I heard him whisper to his friend, “As sexy as all the other girls look and knowing how big a show off Erica is….” He trailed off there.

“Maybe,” I heard Johnny speaking to Billy aloud, “she won’t wear anything at all. She’s the one who asked about our skinny dipping.”

Billy leaned over to Johnny and said, “I remember the day she wore that see-through sweater and ripped jeans. You remember that? God, she looked dripping hot!”

The boys all started getting excited and shouting my name calling me to come out. My courage was wavering again, but I quietly moved around to where I could make my entrance. I couldn’t believe how swollen my pussy felt as I moved. God, how I wanted to be touched down there.
As soon as the guys could see my head over the bushes, they started hooting and clapping, encouraging me to come out. The girls too were clapping and encouraging me. I continued to pull my nipples to make hard and erect until I knew the bushes no longer concealed my action. I definitely wanted them to be very hard and erect when I appeared in front of my friends. Then, I thought, I couldn’t believe I was going to walk out in front of eight of my classmates with my nipples showing like this. It made me forget all about how exposed my pussy was.

As soon as I stepped from behind the last bush, complete silence fell over everybody. All the boys had shocked looks and jaws dropped, and I could almost feel their eyes roam up and down my body. I concentrated on pushing my chest out to let them get a good look at my tits. My nipples were as hard as ever and standing at full attention, poking through the wide mesh of the bikini knit. Then I did a little turn so they could see the thong bottoms and my bare ass.

When I faced them again, unknowingly I had thrust my pussy forward and their eyes remained unblinking as they stared at my crotch. Then I remembered how exposed I was down there, too. A sudden twinge of modesty made me bend my leg up to cover my crotch, but I rotated it back and forth in a teasing motion. Then I took a few steps bringing me very close to sitting boys and adopted a model-like pose with my legs wide apart and hands raised up and held behind my head. That brought the faces of the boys at level with my pussy and they could see every pussy hair which was popping out from my tiniest bikini. All the boys completely forgot to conceal the growing stiffness and erection in their shorts.

Though I could see the effects of my almost completely naked body on their hidden penises I was a little angry that the boys were all covering themselves. After all, it was the part we girls wanted to see. I was especially frustrated since that was the biggest reason I was giving them such a really good show. I had to think of something to make them show what we girls wanted to see. I heard Chryssi walking behind me and then standing next to me.

“So, what do you think of Erica’s bikini?” Chryssi asked them. I adopted another erotic pose and stood between the boys giving them a better view of every part of my naked body. “Erica made it herself,” Maggy added. Not a sound from any of them. Johnny and Billy were actively squeezing the contents of their suits. Trevor and Frank moved their mouths to speak, but nothing came out.

“Well, where do you rank my bikini?” I asked Johnny. Still no response. For a moment, I began to feel a little self-conscious. Then I heard the other girls start to giggle, and I looked around to see why. It was Trevor running towards the water. I only caught a glimpse as he ran past, but he was sporting an obvious rounded bulge in the front of his suit. Even though his suit had dried pretty much from when he had been swimming, there was an obvious fresh wet spot covering his bulge. I gasped a little when I saw it. Trevor tried to hide his problem as he ran but wasn’t completely successful.

Billy had got up and was standing now so I strutted over to him, who looked like he was massaging a bag with some kind of live animal inside. I ran my fingers around behind and down the inside of his arm so my hand slid into his. He didn’t move his hand away from his suit quickly enough to keep me from feeling what he was squeezing with the back of my hand. It felt like some kind of hard bone or something. What surprised me was the heat that this bone seemed to generate. He jerked my hand away before I could tell what it was.

“Come on, let’s get into the water,” he said, pulling me behind him. I stood still and kept him from moving.

Now that his hand was pulled away, I could see the outline of a long tube running up to his left. At the base was another bulge that held something else. This was the first moment that I realized that he could be hard but it didn’t have to stick straight out. Apparently, he could bend it at the base so it stayed flat against his body.

The other girls took advantage of the opportunity I provided and moved around for a better look. I bent over and looked directly at his bulge and said, “Oh, what are you hiding there?” Before I could do or say anything else, Billy took off like a bolt for the water, dragging me behind him.
Soon, everybody was in the water, and we romped and played just like regular boys and girls do. The guys paid a little bit of extra attention to me because of my extremely see-through and tiny bikini. I guess that the boys knew that the single strands of soft thread material will become almost invisible when soaked with water. I made no effort to hide my naked body if they dove underwater to peer at me, and I almost made a point of giving them lots of opportunities. Hell, they’d seen it all already when I modeled the suit, so there was nothing to be shy of now. I also didn’t stop them from touching me anywhere. I just didn’t let them touch me for long, making it more of a tease.

Andrea was one of the better-developed girls, and she really had the hots for Frank. She constantly found a way to swim up next to him or make fun of him. I noticed that whenever Frank got out of the water to swing on the rope, she would stare at the bulge in his bathing suit, but didn’t seem quite as interested in the other guys. I think he knew that she was interested, and he liked getting out of the water as often as possible. Her attention was clearly turning him on.

Andrea was the kind of girl that was extremely good-looking but seemed to always have a frown on her face. Her hair was a little sun-bleached and damaged from the wind. Her golden skin body was a little fuller than the other girls, but still very slender. She had beautiful deep eyes under her dark eyebrows.

I noticed Andrea and Frank were getting quite close and, after a while, they wandered off to a more secluded spot and started making out. They looked like they were getting pretty hot.

I had the hots for Johnny. His was the smallest seemed to be the most physically mature, and his bulge appeared very obvious than the other boys’.

All the boys liked the ultra-tiny form of my bikini so much that they did everything they could to keep me out of the water. I didn’t mind because I loved flaunting it (and my body). I playfully bumped up against the boys whenever possible, either in the water or out. The sexual excitement and the effect of cold river water made every girl’s nipples rock hard. In my case, my nipples were almost half-inch above my breast swelling. I loved the feeling of my nipples as they slid across their bodies. I became really glad that I was wearing this suit and that my nipples were exposed just for this reason.

A couple of times, Johnny would sneak up on me from under the water, poking his head up in front of my face and giving me a quick kiss before swimming away. I knew that he was taking the opportunity to check me out under the water each time, and I made sure my arms and legs were out of the way so he could see whatever he wanted.

We were all playing little games of keep-away and tag in various forms, splashing each other and just having fun. All the boys took every chance they could get to cop a feel of the girls. All the girls didn’t want them to stop. Of course, the girls were doing their best to cop a feel, too, though we didn’t seem quite as successful.

After we were a little tired, we all decided to take a rest on the banks. Johnny and I got out of the water, climbed up on the big rock, and sat beside each other. My body was still fully dripping with water and since the waved single threads of my hand-made bikini were quite widely spaced and have become invisible due to water I looked completely naked. I knew Johnny was staring at every inch of my essentially naked body, and I let him do that because it kept him from noticing that I was staring at his bulge.

Finally, I said, “So, do you like my bikini?”

“Uh – yeah!” He said enthusiastically as I woke him from his mesmerized state. “What’s it made of?”

“Why don’t you guess?”

“Well, I can’t really tell.”

“Look real close or feel it and see if you can’t figure it out,” I said as I pushed my tits toward him.

He leaned forward and got his face about an inch from my right nipple. I just held still while he stared, pretending as if I didn’t know he was actually staring at my bare nipple. His hot breath teased the daylights out of me, and I could feel my nipple getting harder and harder as I watched him inspect it. Then I slowly rocked my tit from side to side and watched as his head followed it. I knew he wasn’t looking at the bikini, he was just staring at my stiff little nipple sticking out at him.

“Maybe you should feel it,” I suggested.

“Huh?” — “Oh, yeah.”

Johnny reached out to touch the bikini on the side of my breast. Just as he touched it, I turned my chest so my nipple slid into his open hand. He jerked his hand away and looked up at my face. When he saw me smile at him, he relaxed.

“What are you afraid of?” I asked him. “I don’t bite.”

I continued to push my chest out to him inviting him to feel it. This time, as his hand wrapped around my tit, I leaned forward, and we started to kiss. Oh, God, did it feel good as his tongue danced around inside my mouth, and the feeling of his warm palm gently squeezing my breast made me melt. I could feel electricity come from his touch through my nipple and right down to my clit. How I wanted him to touch me down there, but I wasn’t sure this was the right time.

Just about then, I noticed the image of something bright floating by on the river. We both saw it and turned to see what appeared to be a bikini top float by. About ten yards behind it, a Speedo suit floated by followed close by the other half of the bikini. Johnny and I looked at each other, smiled, and shrugged.

“Looks like someone has made the big move,” I said to Johnny.

“Yeah, I wonder who?”

After a moment, we guessed it must have been Andrea and Frank. They were the only two that were still in the water, hidden in the reeds upstream away.

Andrea later told me how this happened. She had innocently asked Frank what the boys did when the girls weren’t there. He told her that they went skinny-dipping. One thing led to another, and they started daring each other to remove their suits. As a prank, Frank threw Andrea’s top out into the river so she retaliated by throwing his trunks out. So, in no time, they were both naked.

“What are you two doing out there?” Johnny yelled out to them.

“Who? Us?” Andrea peeked out from the tall reeds, looked around with surprise, and acted a little nervous.

“Who else?” Jenny asked. Jenny was a girl that was also very pretty. She had long bright blond hair that fell straight down her shoulders to just below her breasts. It had a bright yellow color, and its texture was very fine. She had a nice little body and a very wicked smile when she wanted to. Her eyes were a very dark brown. She also had wide, almost red, lips and a small straight nose.

“Nothing,” Frank replied to the original question. Andrea started to giggle.

“Hey,” Billy called out from the swing, “she doesn’t have her bathing suit on! I think they’re skinny-dipping!”

“No way!” Trevor called out as he dove into the water from the big boulder. He surfaced just inches away from Andrea’s face, brushed the water from his eyes, and announced, “She’s naked! I can’t believe it! She’s completely naked!”

“How dare you!” She snapped as she splashed water in his face and turned her back on him.

“Come and take a look,” Trevor encouraged the others. “I saw everything! She’s really naked! And what a body!”

“NO!” Andrea cried. “Don’t you dare!” Then she swam out into the river trying to put a good distance between her and the others.

In a matter of seconds, all the girls were in the water, surrounding Frank. Heads were dipping underwater as they peeked at his nudity. He tried to hide by turning away from each of them, but I don’t think he was very successful.

“All right, all right!” Frank finally said. “So what?”

The other guys were all laughing and making fun of the two of them, and the girls were making silly little remarks. Everybody tried to get them to get out of the water so we could check them out, but they weren’t about to do it. Johnny and I reluctantly got off of our perch and headed back into the water to join the others.

“Come on!” Johnny called out. “We always skinny-dip. What’s the big deal?”

“I don’t know about you guys,” Trevor added, “but I’d rather skinny-dip, too!” With this, he dipped his head under the water and proudly displayed his brief in his hand. With a couple of whips around his head, he flung them up onto the shore.

Soon, all the guys got naked and tossed their underwear on the shore. The girls were a little bit more reluctant.

I swam up to Johnny and grabbed his shoulders to steady myself. We were both treading water, but he was a stronger swimmer than I was. I was even more interested in playing with him now that I knew he was completely naked. I was ready to get naked, too, but I just had this feeling that there was a more exciting way to do it than to just remove my suit as the boys had done. Like I said before, I liked lots of attention. I was so horny at this point, that completely naked meant very natural to me. Also, I wanted to get him out of the water and expose himself to us all.

“Hey, Johnny,” I whispered in his ear as I hung from his neck. “I want to skinny-dip, too. But I know the other girls are a bit shy. I was thinking, though, it would be a lot more fun if YOU removed my suit. Whadd’ya say?”

Johnny turned to face me and said, “Sure!” He immediately started to grope around my body to untie my top.

“No, no, no!” I said as I pushed myself away from him. “Not that way!”
Johnny looked at me with a confused look.

“I was thinking of something more dramatic,” I said while I beckoned him toward the shore. “To earn the right to remove my bikini, though, you’re going to have to show off a little, too. Do you think you’re boy enough to do that?” He nodded, still a bit confused. “How about if we stand on the rock, and you remove my suit up there?”

“You mean you want me to take your suit off in front of everybody?” He seemed amazed.

“Sure!” I confessed. “Besides, I figure somebody has to break the ice. Since Andrea and Frank were the first to skinny-dip, I thought you and I could be the first to get out of the water naked.”

“Uh – I don’t know,” Johnny hesitated, obviously not sure he was willing to completely expose himself to the other girls.

“What are you afraid of?” I asked him. “You’ve obviously been naked in front of the other guys before. What’s the big deal about letting the girls see you now.”

“Well – you see – I’ve got this problem.”

“What problem?” I couldn’t believe he wasn’t jumping at this opportunity. Hell, I was willing to stand in front of all the kids and be stripped naked while they watched. I thought it would be such a turn-on. Why didn’t he?
He continued to mumble and stutter but didn’t seem to be willing to admit what his problem was. We went back and forth on it for a good ten minutes. He seemed to assume that I would know what was bothering him, but I truly didn’t.

Finally, I realized he was shy about getting out of the water with an erection. Again, I didn’t understand this concern, as I assumed he had sported a hard-on in front of his friends all the time. If only he knew that this was the very reason I wanted him to take off my bikini in front of everyone. I figured his doing it would make him hard, and I wanted to get a good look at it. Also, I knew my girlfriends would like to see it, too.

He was too embarrassed to even tell me that this was the problem, and he kept turning his head away from me. I finally decided to pull his shoulders around and force him to look at me. In so doing, I pulled myself around so we were now face to face, still treading water.

“What is your problem?” I asked as my legs slowly sank in the water below me. He blushed and turned his face to the side. Just then, my body floated close to his, and I felt this hard knob press against my abdomen. Johnny jerked his hips away and blushed even more.

“What! Are you embarrassed by that?” I asked, cocking my head to indicate what I’d just bumped into.

“Well,” he said sheepishly, “it’s not something we parade around in front of others.”

“Really? I thought you got them all the time, even when you skinny-dipped with your friends.”

“Oh, no!” He exclaimed. “It’s a really private thing. If we got hard in front of others, they’d think we were gay or something.”

“Hmmm, what can we do about it?” I thought out loud. Then I came up with a very delicious idea, one that I was sure all the other girls would be most jealous of. “How about if I help you hide it when we get out?” I suggested.

“How are you going to do that?” Johnny frowned at me.

With one hand, I held onto his shoulder for balance and let my other hand reach down and grasped the joystick that he was so embarrassed about. Let me remind you, I still hadn’t ever really seen a hard-on much less a soft penis. Grasping his was a giant risk, and I was really afraid it would scare him off.

“Well, I was thinking of something like this,” I said, allowing my hand to feel his erection the best it could while maintaining a tight hold. I couldn’t believe how hot it felt, especially in the cool river water, or how big and hard it was. It was definitely bigger around than a hot dog, and it felt a bit longer. It also had this extra knob of flesh on the end that I was really curious about.

Balancing myself in the water caused me to slide my hand back and forth a little along its shaft, and I wondered about the ridges I felt. It was amazing how it felt. I could swear there was a bone underneath a thin sheath of soft skin. Then I realized that Johnny hadn’t pulled away and seemed to allow me to just hang on to him there. It was as if he was lost in some other world while I squeezed his hot erection.

“I could hold you there while we get onto the rock, and then you could stand behind me while undoing my bikini. No one would see you.” I was having some doubts that I could hide his cock by holding it since it was quite a bit longer than I had imagined. Originally, I figured I could palm a hot dog and no one would see, but this big thing was a different story.
His eyes seemed to be glazed over, and he continued to tread water in a daze. I continued to hold his cock in my hand, feeling it as best I could with my fingers, waiting for an answer until, after what seemed to be quite a few seconds, he finally responded and said okay. I don’t think he was completely aware of himself when he answered, but I didn’t care.

We maneuvered ourselves to where we could stand, actually I was pulling him with his cock and I had to switch hands so that I could walk beside him while maintaining a grip on his hard-on. He put his arm around my shoulders, and we continued as if we were just going for a walk.
I couldn’t believe he was letting me hold his cock like this while we got out of the water. I realized we had our backs to the rest of the kids, and they probably had no idea what was going on. Johnny did get some attention when they noticed us, but the comments were all aimed at his gorgeous ass. I’m sure the girls assumed they’d see his front when he turned around. In any case, there was a lot of hooting and hollering as his body came into view.

The boys were making an equal amount of noise for my backside. The thin single-strand strings which were holding my bikini in position were completely wet and invisible. So from the backside, the invisible strings of my bikini should have made me look like I was naked, much as Johnny really was.

When we got up on the rock, Johnny quickly stepped behind me as I turned to face the water. The other boys were paddling around below me, obviously aware something was going on. The boys crowded to the front to get a closer look at my skimpy bathing suit. I had to let go of Johnny’s cock, and I felt him press it against the small of my back to hide it from view.

As I stood there, I felt like I was on stage with an audience of all my friends at school. It felt so exciting, just like my fantasies! I can’t explain it, but my whole body tingled with anticipation.

‘I’m about to be completely stripped naked in front of all my friends,’ I thought. ‘They are going to be staring at my bare breasts and my naked pussy!’ Oh, the feeling was unimaginable. Even though I’m not naked, I’m real close, and I’ve got the complete attention of people who are scrutinizing my body. It is such a turn-on.

“What are they doing?” I heard Jenny ask.

“I don’t know,” Billy answered her. “Knowing Erica, though, I bet it’s going to be a turn-on!”

Then Johnny whispered in my ear, “Where do you want me to start?”
I whispered back that he should start with my top. Then I told him that I wanted him to do it slowly. I felt his fingers start fumbling with the back of my bikini top while the head of his cock slid up and down my lower back. God! It was so erotic. He must have been all thumbs because he was really struggling, but I have to admit, I liked the feel of his hard-on rubbing on my spine, so I didn’t care.

“So, what’s up?” Chryssi asked me from the water.

“Yeah,” Trevor called up, “what are you just standing there for?”

“Well,” I told them, still tingling all over, “I thought it was about time we got over our shyness. I figured that if I broke the ice first, it would make it easier for the rest of you.”

“Oh, shit!” Billy gasped. “You’re gonna strip right there? Right now?”

“Well, if Johnny can get his act together,” I replied, “I was going to let him strip me. I thought it would be more fun.”

Just then, Johnny finally got the knot loose and untied the strings around my neck. He managed the ones on my back a lot easier. Finally, the strings fell to my side, but the bikini just hung there on my breasts. I looked down and discovered that my nipples were so hard that the mesh was hooked over them. I turned around to face Johnny, allowing his erection to slide along my skin as I did, and looked down at my breasts.
“Well?” I looked up into his eyes. God, how I wanted him to touch my nipples! His beautiful blue eyes just stared at me as I pushed my chest toward him. Using my eyes, I guided him toward my breasts and then looked back into his. He didn’t move. I could hear the guys behind me encouraging him to take my top off, but he seemed to be frozen.

“So, are you going to take it off?” I pressured. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my abdomen, and I just had to reach down and hold it. With one hand, I cupped it from underneath with the other, I stroked the head like it was a pet hamster. It amazed me how smooth and soft his cock was, and yet how hard and hot it felt.

Later, I learned that my stroking his cock was turning him on so much that he was afraid he was going to ejaculate and embarrass himself. He was already amazed that he had the confidence to stand there on the rock naked in front of his friends with an erection. To shoot his wad with them all watching was more than he was willing to handle.

Johnny carefully pulled the strings from either side of my bikini and lifted them away from my chest. My nipples held on until the last second, and I could feel it slide off, stimulating me even more. God, I don’t think they had ever been that sensitive before. Then, as quickly as he could, he turned me away from him to face me toward our little audience. I had to let go of his raging tool, but, now I stood there with my bare breasts exposed to all of my friends.

It was such a turn-on listening to all the guys. They were cheering and hooting at me, and I was loving it. I reached up and ran my hands over my breasts just because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just had to touch my nipples. My girlfriends made some remarks, too, but I couldn’t hear them over the guys.

I dropped my hands back down to my sides and whispered to Johnny, “Okay, now take off the bottoms.”

Immediately, he found the ties on either side of the bikini bottoms and loosened them. They were a lot easier to untie than my top was. The ends dropped, and I could feel them dangling on my ass cheeks. Without hesitation, Johnny pulled the thong out from the crack of my ass and let it drop down between my legs. He leaned around me to see what he had to do to remove it from the front.

When he saw that it was stuck between my pussy lips, he reached down to my crotch and just pulled it away. I could feel the strings slide through my pussy lips as he exposed the last part of my body to everyone.

Since my bikini bottoms didn’t really cover much anyway, I didn’t get quite the response I had gotten when my tits were exposed, but knowing that I was now standing completely naked in front of my friends and four boys, I didn’t care. I think if anybody had have touched me, I would have had an orgasm right there.

I felt Johnny’s hard-on push against the crack of my ass, and I remembered he was still hiding behind me. I couldn’t let that continue because I knew my girlfriends were dying to see his erection.

“Okay, girls, this is for you,” I announced as I jumped off the rock and dove into the water. This left Johnny standing there, fully erect, with nothing to hide behind.

This time, it was the girls that did the cheering and clapping as they all enjoyed the sight of Johnny. I had just enough time to turn around and see him standing there, blushing before he followed me into the water. I was really impressed with his cock as it stood up at a slight angle for all my friends to see.

Andrea and I were now the center of attention for the guys. They all were being a lot more playful with us and kept swimming in circles around us. I’m sure they were hoping they might get a look or cop a feel. She and I whispered to each other and confided that we wouldn’t push any of them away if they touched us anywhere. I think she was just a touch away from an orgasm, too.

Then Billy rolled onto his back and started doing the backstroke. Johnny saw him and called out, “Hey, everybody, look at Billy. He’s a submarine!” Billy was doing this intentionally and, using his pelvic muscles, jerked his little hard-on so it bounced up and down just above the surface as he swam.

Everybody looked at him and laughed as they watched him swim by with his little pecker peeking out of the water like a periscope. Watching the girls’ reaction and how they stared at Billy got Trevor to do the same thing. The two of them just loved showing off their cocks and having the girls look.

Maggi finally decided that she liked the idea of skinny-dipping and took her bathing suit off, too. She tossed her suit into the swing, figuring she could get it back when she was ready to get out. Also, it meant she didn’t have to expose herself by getting out of the water.

With Maggi taking her suit off, Jenny decided she didn’t want to be left out, so another suit joined Maggi’s suit on the swing. Wendy was a bit more hesitant, though, and needed a lot more encouragement from the other girls.

Finally, she was feeling left out and decided to follow along, throwing her suit into the ring of the tire with the other girls’.

Unfortunately for the girls, Trevor didn’t like the idea that they could get their suits back that easily. He climbed onto the shore and, pulling the tire up to the boulder, took their suits and tossed them into the woods. The girls would have to get completely out of the water to find them. Then he hung from the tire and swung out to the middle of the river and cannonballed us all.

Through all the screaming and whining from the girls, they seemed to be more preoccupied checking his naked little body out. As he swung out into the river, their eyes seemed fixed on the hard stem that grew from between his spread legs. He knew what they were looking at. He made a point of pushing his hips forward to show his young dick off even more.
Andrea started splashing the guys and getting them to chase after her. At one point, Frank got a hold of her, and they wrestled in the water, dunking each other and laughing. It was a real turn-on watching the two of them because they were obviously feeling each other up and exposing each other to the rest of us during their little tussle. The guys immensely enjoyed the show they were putting on because Frank kept lifting her out of the water so they could see her tits.

When Frank finally pulled away, he kicked off and swam backward away from her. She reached out to grab him, and, just as his hips broke the surface of the water, she caught him by his cock. At first, he jerked his hips away, but she had a pretty strong grip on it. Frank started laughing so hard he could barely stand it, and he certainly didn’t have the strength to fight her off. He finally decided to just relax and let her hang on to him to see what she would do next.

She took advantage of his weakness and started driving him around the river like her little motorboat, using his cock as a handle. She made sure to lift his hips high enough that all of us could see the head of his cock sticking above her fist as she gripped it. I could tell her manipulations made his cock even harder as it seemed to grow longer in her grip. Originally, you could hardly see the head, but after a few seconds, there was about an inch of the shaft visible over her tiny hand.

“Hey, everybody!” Andrea called out as she waggled her fist, “look at what I caught!”

“Wait!” Wendy ordered. “Let me see that!” Then she swam over as quickly as she could so she could get a closer look. Looking closely at the crown of Frank’s cock sticking a good inch above Andrea’s fist, Wendy reached over and gently flicked the tip with her index finger.

“Kitchy-kitchy-coo!” Wendy giggled.

I could tell it was driving Frank crazy to have Andrea hanging on to him that way, and then to have this little cutie, Wendy, flicking the end of his cock was just too much. It was obvious that he liked having everybody’s attention on it, too.

The other guys wanted some of the attention and started acting like fools. To get the girls to pay attention to them, they started figuring out new ways to show off their penises. Since girls were intrigued with their cocks, the boys started climbing out of the water and swinging on the rope, waving their half-erect little penises around as they did it.

Andrea finally let go of Frank, and she and Wendy started swimming around to see what kind of trouble they could get into. I joined the boys and started doing cannonballs with them from the swing. I was the only girl who was willing to get out of the water, but, by this time, I didn’t care.
The guys kept trying to get the girls to swing on the swing with them, but they were still too shy about letting them see their nubile little bodies. I had to figure out a way of getting them to lose their inhibitions. If I could make it fun or distract them from their shyness, I might be able to get things going. Maybe if I could get the girls to play a little game with me. We were having so much fun with the boys, and they were no longer shy about their bodies, so I secretly passed the word to the other girls that we should tease the boys to get them all hard. If we did whatever it took to keep them hard, then we could have more fun by watching them run around with their hard-ons bouncing when they got out of the water.
This seemed to work. Little by little, the girls were giving the guys little peeks at their bodies or promising them a feel of their breasts or whatever. The boys got hornier and hornier, and it showed magnificently as each one got out of the water to perform some trick to get their reward. Since the girls were showing more and more of themselves, they became less and less inhibited. One by one, the girls took a dare from the boys or gave a reward by getting out of the water and taking a swing or diving off the rock.

When Jenny first exited the water, and while she and Trevor were standing on the boulder waiting for their turn on the swing, she started kissing Trevor and rubbing her magnificent body over his.

Let me tell you that Jenny was a really cute girl with a real tiny waist. She had curly dirty blond hair that was combed to one side and hung down to her shoulders. Really thin eyebrows arched over her dark brown, almost black, eyes. Her nice full breasts had areolas that were so pink, you could hardly see them. Her pussy was covered by a full triangle of light brown hair that was just thick enough you couldn’t see her pussy through it.
While they were kissing and Jenny was rubbing herself against Trevor, his half-hard cock rose up and was standing firm for all to see. Jenny’s rubbing made her nipples as hard as little rocks, too, and surprisingly, she didn’t seem to mind standing there with us all watching, anymore.

In no time, the girls had completely forgotten about their shyness, and we were all doing a lot of grabbing and pushing with each other. They were all doing a great job at keeping the guys hard, and the boys didn’t seem to care. Whenever one of the guys was showing some loss of erection, one of the girls would start kissing him or rubbing herself against him. Jenny even went so far as to grab and stroke the boys if they showed a little weakening up on the rock. The girls even became show-offs in that they always did their work out of the water. Most of the girls got to the point where they would even run a hand quickly over one of the boys’ cocks just to cop a feel right out in the open where everyone could see.

Trevor actually had to drag Wendy out of the water her first time. He announced to everyone that he wanted to look at her body, and he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. Even though she went out kicking and screaming, I could tell she was enjoying every second of it. After all, with all the noise she made, it attracted all of our attention.

Wendy’s little body was also really cute. (Actually, there wasn’t an imperfect body in the group.) Her breasts were just a hair smaller than Jenny’s, but close enough that they could have been twins. Wendy’s areolas were darker and quite an attraction for all. Other than her yellow blond hair, she was almost identical to Jenny. Even her pussy hair, which was trimmed to be shaped like a small rectangle, was the same color as Jenny’s.

The last one to be coaxed out of the water was Maggi. I don’t think she was more shy than the other girls, she just wanted more attention when it happened than to just get out. Johnny and Frank took the lead and convinced Trevor and Billy to each grab a limb and carry her out. This was just what she wanted, and she barely put up any kind of fight.

Maggi was quite a bit skinny than the rest of us with almost spindly arms and legs. Her breasts were so small they almost looked like small tennis balls, but her areolas and nipples were pretty normal in size, having a brown color to them. To add to the underdeveloped appearance, her sparse pussy hair was so thin, it didn’t hide anything. Of course, it didn’t help that she had trimmed it into a triangle that only came down to the top of her pussy slit.

Maggi had long, straight, dirty blond hair that came down to her waist. Dry, it looked smooth and silky. Wet, it looked even nicer as it hung down and dragged in the sand. She had bright green eyes and dimples, which made her extremely attractive when she smiled or laughed.

As Trevor and Frank held on to her legs, they intentionally spread them wide to expose her bare pink pussy lips to the rest of us. Andrea had them hold her in that position while she dashed out of the water and stood between her outstretched legs. With everyone watching, Andrea ran her index finger up and down Maggi’s split lips and tickled her clit until it stuck up so far that everyone could see it.

“I just wanted everyone to see how big her clit gets when she’s turned on,” Andrea announced.

It was quite impressive. Of course, I’ve always thought mine was bigger, but that wasn’t important. What was important was that there was nothing sacred anymore.

The boys had a hard time keeping her still as she bucked and jerked to get away, and they finally had to let her go. Maggi chased Andrea around for a while and finally dunked her in the water. It was all fun.

After that, the girls had to do more and more risqué things to reward the guys. It was funny because they were once so shy, and now they were doing things, not only to exhibit their bodies but often, to allow the boys unrestrained touching. Sometimes, the girls would swing with a guy on the tire. While they would rock back and forth the girl would do something, or let him do something, to tease him into maintaining his hard-on.

“So, what’s going on?” Johnny asked me one time when he got the chance.

“What do you mean?” I acted innocent.

“You girls have something planned, and I know it. What is it?”

“Oh, nothing. We just think it is so much more fun to have you guys running around with your little thingies bouncing in front of you,” I responded. “You don’t mind, do you? We thought you would like it, too.”

“I don’t mind,” he told me. “I guess the other guys don’t either, or they wouldn’t be doing whatever it took to continue.”

One time, Frank and I got on the swing together. He sat on the tire with his legs through the hole, and I got on going the opposite direction so we were facing each other. I felt so sexy with my legs spread around his hips, and I knew he could see my pussy completely open and exposed.
While we just swung for a few minutes, I noticed that Frank’s cock was standing up rigid from his groin. It looked so sexy there, I decided to let go of the tire and hang onto him.

“Do you mind?” I asked, not really caring what his answer was. He didn’t say anything, so I took this as his okay. It felt so hot and hard. He was absolutely silent and seemed to be in another world while I held on to him and checked his cock out. We must have continued swinging like that for a good couple of minutes. I chatted; he just rode quietly. I didn’t know why he was so quiet.

I decided to come up with a way for all the girls to enjoy the guys’ cocks. I proposed to Frank that we play a game.

“Since you don’t seem to be as shy as the other boys,” I began, “I was thinking of a game we could play.”

“Yeah – what?” He said hesitantly and a little suspiciously.

“Well,” I continued, “I’ve already talked to the other girls, and they were hoping you would agree, too. Andrea was pretty sure you would. She was so convinced, she got the other girls to help her in preparing the rings out of the branches from the willow tree over there.”

“The rings? What are you planning? What is it you want me to do?” He pressed.

“Well…” I hesitated, “…what we want you to do is – uh – well – uh – hang from the tire – uh – backwards – so – uh – we can – uh…” My voice lowered way down to almost a whisper, “…play ring toss.”

“You’ve gotta me kidding me!” He exclaimed. “You mean let you girls use my cock to throw rings at?”

I could feel his cock jump in my hands at the suggestion, and I knew he was just pretending to be put off.

“Oh, come on,” I demanded, “you know you like the idea.”

“What makes you think so?” Frank argued.

With one hand holding the base of his cock for support, I wrapped my other hand around his bright red glans and squeezed it. Remembering how much Johnny seemed to like the head being rubbed, I gently stroked just the crown by sliding my fingers up and down.

“Your little friend gave you away,” I said, watching his face to see if I was having any effect.

“Erica!” He said urgently, “Stop that! Stop it right now!”

I pulled my hand away wondering if I’d hurt him or something. Then, I peeked through the tire to see if I’d scratched him or he’d gone soft but couldn’t see any damage. His cock was really hard and looked almost purple.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. Then I noticed it. There was a little bead of clear liquid covering the tiny hole on the end of his penis. Because his cock was standing straight up, it just balanced there and didn’t drip off. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I finally said, “did I make you ejaculate?” It wasn’t until later that I learned that this was just pre-cum that I saw on his penis.

“No!” He said sternly. I couldn’t believe the look on his face. He seemed angry and embarrassed at the same time, and his face was flushed. Then, as quietly as he could, he whispered, “What are you trying to do, embarrass me? I’m so turned on, you almost made me – uh – you know – shoot!”

“So what’s wrong with that? I would think you would like to,” I whispered back.

“Not here in front of everybody,” he told me.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I apologized. Then I said, “So, how about it? Will you do it?”

He thought for a minute and finally agreed.
“I’m not sure I can. For one thing, I doubt I could stay hard for the whole time while you’re playing,” he admitted, “but the thought of having all you girls playing with my cock kinda turns me on.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “as a reward for being a good sport, I’m sure I can get the girls to help you take care of that,” and I gave him the wickedest grin I could. “It will be our responsibility to keep you hard, and you just have to hold still.” Then I turned to the other girls and yelled out, “He says, ‘Okay!’”

This got all the girls excited, and they all climbed out of the water to join us on the rock. The girls held the tire while I positioned Frank the way we wanted him. I pushed his back up against the edge of the tire and helped him put his knees on the inside. His arms were wrapped behind him so they looped over the top of the tire to hang on. In this position, we had him so his back arched forward and his hips were pushed out.

“There,” I said with glee, “that’s got him.” Seeing that our maneuvering him around had a detrimental effect on his manhood, I added, “Now, to make the target.”

During all of this, the boys didn’t know what was going on, but they had joined us on the rock. It was kind of neat with all those hard little penises around us. We got them to hold onto the tire while we girls were all in front of Frank admiring his situation. Just having us stare at his naked body started to turn him on, but we needed him nice and hard for the game. Andrea and I started rubbing our hands and bodies against his. We rubbed our soft little tits against his skin and our hands roamed all over his front. We both wanted to feel his cock and balls and took turns rubbing the palms of our hands up and down his groin. I couldn’t believe the feeling as his penis got harder and harder. I held the base of his hard-on, gripping it tightly while Andrea started stroking the swollen glans.
As soon as we knew he wasn’t going to get any stiffer, Andrea and I backed away to inspect our handy-work. All the girls were standing there watching as we worked. Shit! His penis was so hard it bent upward very erotically.

Andrea called out, “Okay, guys, he’s ready! Let him go!”

With that, the guys let go of the tire, and off Frank went out over the water. Everybody dove into the river behind him carrying the rings the girls had made. Then, as Frank swung back and forth in front of us, we all took turns trying to throw our rings so they would loop over his hard-on. Toss after toss would bounce off the tire, off his stomach, off his chest, none found their mark.

After a little while, Frank’s penis started to droop, and we had Johnny and Billy pull him up to the rock while Wendy played with him until he was hard again. I was highly impressed with Wendy because she wasn’t as subtle as Andrea and I had been. As soon as Johnny and Billy had Frank stable, she just grabbed his rod and started stroking it slowly until it was at full staff again. Then the boys let him go, and the game continued.

Finally, we started getting better and the rings started to loop over his tool. One bounced off of Frank’s abdomen and just barely caught on the head of his cock. It dangled there for a few seconds before finally falling off. We all rooted for it to hang on and let out a boo when it finally fell.

Each time Frank’s cock started to droop, two guys would get out and hold the tire while one of the girls got out to get him hard again. Each of the girls took turns so we all got a good feel and look at his hard-on.
Most of the girls just grabbed his cock and stroked it until it was hard. When it was Maggi’s turn, she stood next to Frank on his left and held the shaft of his cock in her right hand. She made sure we were all watching (and could see what she was doing) before she continued. Then, making an “O” with the thumb and index finger of her left hand, she encircled the head of his cock. We all watched as she slid the “O” back and forth over just the head of his cock with a very fast rhythm until his cock leaped to full erection. This must have turned him on more than anything the other girls had done because he had to tell Maggi to stop after just a few seconds. I could swear I saw another drop of pre-cum come out of the end of his cock, but it flicked off right away because of her stroking.

The first ring also bounced off of him and caught on the tip of his hard-on. This time, though, he flexed his muscles, and his cock gave a little jerk, flipping the ring back so it rested at the base. We went wild and hooted and cheered for Trevor as he was the one who had thrown it.

It was interesting that Frank didn’t seem to lose his hard-on after a while. It just remained hard, and we had plenty of time to throw the rings. Soon, the rings were lining up on his cock. At one point, there were four of them hanging there, and we were getting all excited. Andrea got up on Johnny’s shoulders so she could grab the rings off of Frank’s penis.

During all of this and when it wasn’t their turn, the guys would warm up to us girls by hugging and kissing us. They would do whatever it took to feel our bodies, and we made no effort to pull away or stop them. We enjoyed it but acted like we were concentrating on the game, basically letting the guys feel whatever they wanted unhampered.

We played a little longer until we got seven rings to hang on Frank’s cock without falling. After that, Frank’s arms were giving out, and he dropped from the tire into the water. Andrea went over to soothe him for a while, and the rest of us started horsing around again. Of course, now the guys were feeling a bit freer about touching us, so the horse-play was a bit more erotic.

As the day wore on, we started getting pretty tired. One by one, we moved our way onto the beach and stretched out on our towels. Since we were all pretty comfortable with our bodies by that time, both the girls and the boys would lie on their backs, unconcerned that the others were staring at their bodies. We all took advantage of the opportunity to fill our eyes with whatever we desired.

Maggi was especially impressed with Johnny’s penis because of how much larger than the rest of the boys it was. She made sure to lie down beside him and started talking to him. She lay on her side facing him with her head in her hand resting on her elbow while he lay on his back and looked at the sky. As time passed, she started running her fingers across his chest, feeling the trough of his sternum and his ribs as he breathed. Then she let her fingers slide down across his stomach and circled around his belly button.

I watched as she casually crossed his pubic hair and started tracing around the tip of Johnny’s penis, which was resting limply to one side.

Seeing that he didn’t stop her, she hesitantly let her fingers lightly touch the shaft and slide across its soft length. In a matter of seconds, life filled his penis, and it quickly grew hard and stretched across his abdomen. This was clearly what she wanted as she watched it stretch under her gentle caress until it pointed stiffly toward Johnny’s belly button. Then she started lightly stroking the bottom of the hard shaft with her index finger. She was obviously feeling its cylindrical shape, tracing the veins and arteries, pressing against the edge of the crown and feeling how soft its velvety texture was.

I watched for a good twenty minutes as she continued to caress his manhood, enjoying its hard shape and length, tracing the ridge of the glans, feeling the long tube that ran the full length on the bottom. I could see that Johnny was thoroughly enjoying her touch, his eyes were closed, and he seemed to be in a coma. Maggi ran her fingers up and down the sides of his cock and finally actually wrapped her slender hand around it. She squeezed it gently as she slowly slid her fist up and down its entire length.

By this time, we had all nudged each other to make sure we were all watching, even the boys were sitting up. Some of the boys had started caressing the girls a little, and I noticed that their penises were getting nice and hard themselves. Frank was behind me lying on his side and past my body to watch the show. His cock was sticking straight out, parallel with the ground, and almost begging to be touched. I decided to sit up and lean backward against his stomach while I watched Maggi.

Sitting with my legs crossed in front of me, I lightly caressed Frank’s bare leg and enjoyed feeling his warm, naked body under me. Oh, how I wanted to touch his cock, but I didn’t want him to yell at me again. Little by little, I let my caressing move closer and closer to his groin, wondering when he would stop me.

To my surprise, I felt Frank’s hand start to caress my thigh. It ran up and down the top and inside of my leg, and I felt tingles running up and down my spine. This was all the encouragement I needed, and my hand slowly made its way down to his cock. I started by caressing it lightly and then slowly let my fingers wrap around it. Then, as gently as I could, I stroked up and down its length, feeling its soft texture and its hardness. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on just by touching it.

Frank’s touch seemed to get monotonous as it went back and forth over the same area on my leg, so I turned a little to give his hand better access to the area I wanted him to touch. I twisted around a little to lean more on his legs and spread my left leg up toward his head. My right leg remained crossed in front of me, but this position opened my pussy up so much I could feel the cool air against the moisture inside my lips. Frank took the hint and let his caresses wander further. I thought I was going to pop when I felt his hand run up my hip and then cross towards my pussy opening covered in soft hair. It was such a turn-on because I’d never had anybody touch me there before.

By this time, Maggi was also sitting up and had changed her playing to repeat what she had done to Frank earlier when he was on the swing. She was holding the shaft of Johnny’s cock in one hand while using the other hand to rapidly stroke just the head with the loop made from her thumb and forefinger. Her back was toward Johnny’s head, and she was not paying any attention to him at all, just completely focused on his cock.

Suddenly, to all of our surprise, Johnny clenched his fists and gave out a loud grunt. Maggi, unaware of what was going on, continued her stroking as a big glob of a white creamy substance spat from the tip of his penis and shot about a foot into the air. It landed with a splat on his stomach just below his belly button. Maggi was so shocked, she let go of his cock and let it slap down against his abdomen.

A second later, Johnny grunted again, and his cock jerked up a little from his belly while squirting another spurt of fluid up his muscular body. This left a line of gooey, white liquid from his belly button to the base of his neck. Not sure what was wrong, Maggi used two fingers to lift Johnny’s penis away from his stomach, pointed it up at about a forty-five-degree angle and inspected its tip.

Just then, Johnny tensed up again and grunted out another shot of his cream. Because of the position that Maggi was holding his penis, this one shoot out about six inches and landed in her lap. She jerked her hand away like it was in a flame, letting his penis splat down again as she whined out her disgust and wiped the liquid off in the sand.

Johnny grunted out two more, leaving his spunk in long white streams across his stomach. Everybody was watching this intensely because none of us had seen anything like it before. Even Johnny was surprised and was now horribly embarrassed. He looked up and saw that we were all watching and turned bright red. Immediately, he got up from his prone position and ran off to the river to wash himself off, his pecker still at full mast waving in front of him.

When he was done, he went straight to where his bathing suit had been thrown, picked it up, put his clothes back on, and quietly told us he was cold and had to go home. Without waiting for a response from anybody, he headed off.

“What’s his problem?” Wendy asked.

“Shit, I don’t know,” Trevor responded.

“I think he was embarrassed,” Andrea suggested.

“What happened, anyway?” Jenny wanted to know.

“I think that’s what happens when guys have sex,” Maggi said. “They’re supposed to have something called an ejaculation, remember? It’s different from peeing.”

“Well, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” I said. “As a matter of fact, I thought it was kind of sexy.”

“Me, too,” Jenny said. “I’d like to see it again.”

I was still stroking Frank’s tool, which hadn’t gotten any softer, and a thought occurred to me.

“Frank,” I said, without letting go, “since I know you were pretty close earlier, would you….”

Without letting me finish, he said, “Ooooh, nooo!”

“Awww, come on!” Andrea begged as she cuddled up to him.

Soon all the girls were onto him. Jenny straddled his chest and sat on him, leaning over his face to demand he ejaculates for us. She made a point of rubbing her pussy hair against his chest as she made her plea. I continued my stroking and said, “Wouldn’t you prefer to do it with us than by yourself?” Even the guys were cheering him on.

Soon we had him convinced, though he was very reluctant. We got him to get up on his knees while we made a little semi-circle around him. Even Billy and Trevor sat with us to watch.

“I want to do it,” Andrea said, gently pushing me out of the way. “You’ve had enough fun with his cock. Now it’s my turn.”

I agreed that I’d played with him quite a bit and didn’t mind giving her some time. Besides, I kinda wanted to play with myself while I watched, so I positioned myself right in the firing line while Andrea knelt beside him and started stroking his hard-on. Jenn and Wendy were kind enough to stroke Billy and Trevor while they watched, which seemed to be just fine with them. They took this to mean they had free reign to play with the girls.

In a matter of seconds, I saw that drop of liquid ooze out of the tip of Frank’s cock, again. Soon, his hips started rocking back and forth with her pumping. Andrea increased her pace and focused her stroking to just the head. Maggi had taken up the position on the other side of Frank and was feeling his balls which had grown tight against his groin.

I was so wet and horny, I couldn’t believe it. Tingles were running up and down my body as I felt my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and then up and over my clit. I couldn’t believe I was actually masturbating openly in front of Frank and the other boys. I had done this in front of my friends, but never dreamed I’d do it in front of a boy, much less three of them.
I noticed that Billy was intensely watching my every action with lots of curiosity. He suddenly got up and took position next to me. All the boys were now focused on my spread pussy while I was doing it. Apparently, they weren’t interested in watching Frank ejaculate. Looking at me Billy whispered to me “Can I do it for you?” I could not believe that Billy was asking me to play with my pussy.

I just looked at him and gave a smile. Without caring for my answer Billy took that as me saying yes to him and he placed his hand on my pussy. Wow, it was such a good feeling. He was spreading my pussy lips and moving his fingers slowly up and down in my pussy. All the boys now gathered around us to watch what Billy was doing to my pussy. No one could believe that I was allowing Billy to masturbate my pussy. Now that my pussy was in complete control of Billy’s hands, I tried to look at Frank.

With a sudden jerk, Frank pushed his hips forward and froze as Andrea continued to rapidly slide her hand back and forth over his cock. His hips shuddered, then his first spurt ejaculated out of the tip of his cock. Since I was sitting just a few feet away right in front of him, it hit me right on my left nipple, and I could feel the hot liquid drip down towards my armpits. Andrea seemed to get a kick out of this and, without slowing her stroking, aimed each one of his shots so that it would fly up in the air and then hit on my body somewhere. I was loving every moment of those activities going around me.

Watching his cock explode like cannon and shoot out his hot creamy cum all over in the air was an amazing scene. Even before Frank was finished, I felt these vigorous and forceful vibrations of Billy’s hand and fingers in and all over my pussy and could not resist the overwhelming rush which come over my body, and my insides clench up. Billy’s forcefully stroking my pussy lips and clit only made it stronger, and I almost felt like I lost consciousness as I went through climax after climax. I only faintly heard one of the guys comment that I was having an orgasm, too, but I didn’t really care. This feeling was so wonderful I wanted it to last forever.

Billy stopped working on my pussy because during those climax moments I closed my thighs tightly crushing Billy’s hands between my pussy lips and clit. And at that very moment, his hands were completely soaked in some warm fluid that came out from my wet pussy..I felt my pussy lips and clit had become really sensitive, and I couldn’t let him touch them anymore. I sat there shivering from my orgasm and slowly became aware of my surroundings again. Everyone was staring at me with shocking surprise, I did not understand why. The other boys were all talking about how much cum had come out of Frank’s cock and about my orgasm. Frank was pretty much out of the conversation because he was now dead to the world.

The girls were more curious and wondered if all boys shot different amounts of cum. The boys didn’t know because they had never compared, much less talked about it with each other.

“But I thought everybody shot the same amount,” Maggi said.

“Yeah,” Jenn added, “according to a book that I read, it was supposed to be a couple of tablespoons or something.”

“Well, Frank squirted a lot more than that!” Wendy said.

“Maybe!” Billy added, “But Erica shot more than that!”

I didn’t really understand what he was talking about and presumed he was referring to how much Frank had shot in my direction. Then Trevor added, “Yeah, and I thought girls didn’t ejaculate like guys! I mean, I knew they had orgasms. I just didn’t know anything came out!”

Now I was really confused. I looked at Billy’s hands and down at myself, and that’s when I realized there was a little puddle of liquid under my pussy lips. It was quite spread from where I was sitting, but it was there. It appeared as if I have peed, it was clearly dripping out of my pussy.

That was the first time that I realized that something happened to my pussy. My pussy must have exploded like Frank’s cock in full view of these boys and girls. God! What a tur-on that was. It was too bad my pussy was too sore, or I would have asked Billy to do it again.

Frank started to come around just as the girls decided to get Trevor and Billy to have an orgasm and see how much they spurted. I guess the boys were so horny that they weren’t at all shy about it anymore. They must have felt that if the girl got masturbated in front of us all, they didn’t need to be embarrassed. Also, after seeing how the girls seemed to enjoy it, it didn’t seem to be something to be shy about.

Billy took advantage of the situation and convinced the girls that, the guys should be allowed to make the girls cum and have an orgasm, too, so that they could see if they all oozed liquid like I did. The girls were so horny they actually liked the idea. It was obvious that there were no further inhibitions in this group.

Wendy and Jenn went to work on Billy and Trevor and almost made it a contest to see who could get their boy to shoot first. Andrea, Maggi and I took positions between them and acted like a cheering section, encouraging the boys to ejaculate and giving instructions to the girls on how to speed up the process.

Billy was sitting on the ground leaning back on his hands with his legs spread in a “V” in front of him. Wendy squatted next to him and stroked his cock with fervor. She was totally focused on her task and staring at his cock to see it erupt.

Trevor had his legs folded under him so he was sitting on his heels. Jenn sat in a similar position behind him so that her knees straddled his feet, and she reached around him with both hands to stroke his cock. Maggi had taken the point position with Trevor and sat on her knees so they were just inches from his. She clearly wanted his sperm to land on her. Apparently she wasn’t grossed out by it anymore.

In a matter of minutes, both of the boys had their orgasms. Trevor shot first, splattering his boy juice all over the place. His sperm didn’t squirt out in solid streams like Johnny and Frank had done. It was hard to tell how much actually came out. Maggi squealed as his ejaculate splattered all over.

Billy reached his climax while Trevor was still exploding. His was far less spectacular and just seemed to ooze out of the tip of his cock and down Wendy’s hand. After it started oozing, she made sure to stroke just his shaft so the creamy substance just leaked out and dripped to the ground. He clearly didn’t unload as much as either Johnny or Frank.

“What the hell was that?” Wendy asked, looking at the measly dribbling coming from Billy.

“Uh, sorry,” Billy said meekly. “I guess I’m empty.”

Then, after some pressure, Billy added, “I kinda came a couple times already.”

“When?” I asked, wondering if I’d missed it.

“Oh, when we were all playing in the water,” he admitted.

“When?” Andrea asked more forcefully.

Billy looked over at Maggi and said, “Remember when we were playing ring toss and you were teasing me?” Maggi looked confused, but she nodded. “Well, I kinda touched myself and it shot off. It was a mistake, but I was so horny, I couldn’t help it.”

“No wonder you were looking all flushed and everything,” Maggi said with a laugh. “I thought you got hurt or something.”

“I wish you had have told us,” I said. “You could have been the first, and we might have had a lot more fun after that.”

“What do you mean?” Frank asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I answered. “I guess we could have had more games that resulted in a climax or something. I’ve been so horny all day, I’ve just been dying to be touched, but I didn’t want to be the first.”

For the last few minutes, Trevor and Billy lay collapsed on the sand. Wendy and Jenn started chiding them for being such duds.

“God, I can’t believe it,” Jenn said. “Now it’s our turn, and they aren’t going to have the energy to help.”

Frank was now up and raring to go. He made a beeline for Andrea and started kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed him into her lips. We could all see Frank’s erection had partially returned, and we watched as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

After a few seconds, they separated, and Andrea pushed Frank away.
“That’s enough foreplay!” She exclaimed. “Get me off now!”

She took Frank’s hand and pulled him over to the big rock. Finding a corner that she could spread her legs over, she lay back and propped her feet flat against the sides of the corner with her knees spread apart. In this position, her pussy was completely open for us all to see. It was dripping wet, and I noticed her clit standing out.

“All right, boys and girls,” she announced. “Gather ’round and watch me burst! Frank, get your fingers busy! I feel like I’m about to explode!”
Frank needed no further instructions. We all moved over to stand between her spread knees while he immediately busied himself by reaching into her sparsely covered slit and opening it up. Trevor and Billy were especially curious and started watching her more closely. While he held her pussy lips apart, each of them took turns lightly caressing her lips and digging their fingers deep into her pussy hole. With each touch, Andrea moaned softly and writhed around.

Not knowing what to do, Frank fingered Andrea’s pussy and rubbed the lips. I could tell he was just doing what he thought she wanted, and, even though she didn’t complain, I knew he was being too rough. Billy having played very effectively with my pussy decided to help Frank.

“Here, Frank,” Billy said, “be more gentle. Caress her here, and here….” He pointed to the areas, and Frank followed Billy’s directions. He explained how to slide his fingers up inside her and pump in and out. Then Billy showed him her love button.

“Now, you see that?” Billy pointed to the tiny red bead. “Very gently, rotate your thumb around it.” Then, as we all watched him, I added, “THAT will bring her to orgasm – but you have to be real gentle.”

Andrea jumped when Frank touched her clit with his thumb. As he rotated it, her hips rocked back and forth, and a moan escaped her lips. Frank was now using his other hand to repeat the other things Billy had shown him, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached a climax.
I looked past Andrea’s pussy and noticed Frank had a full erection again. I was surprised to see it standing there since it hadn’t been that hard since his orgasm. Reaching past Andrea’s pussy, I grabbed Frank’s cock and started pulling on it, squeezing and gently twisting it in my hand.

“Gee, look what we have here,” I commented to the others as I played with his cock. Then I looked at the other two boys to see that they were both hard, too.

Suddenly, Andrea let out a low moan and grabbed the wrist of Frank’s hand that was diddling her clit. She held his arm still as her orgasm reached an explosive climax. We watched as her stomach muscles clenched up and her fingers dug into Frank’s arm. Then, she cramped so tight that she actually sat up. It was during this spasm that we all could see a clear liquid dripping from her pussy.

Frank increased the pumping of his other hand into her opening, and we could hear the slurping of her insides. Andrea grunted a few times like Johnny had, and finally pulled Frank’s hand away from her clit.

Frank then stopped pumping her vagina and continued just gently caressing her outer lips and inner thighs. Andrea jerked a few more times, but very little came out of her pussy after that one powerful spasm.

“Oh my God!” Andrea finally sighed. “That was an amazing feeling I’ve ever had!” Then she looked at the rest of us and asked, “Did you all watch?”

“Of course we did!” I responded.

“And look how much it turned the boys on,” Jenn added, pointing to all the hard-ons around us.

Andrea sat up and said, “Oh, great! I just wanted to be watched when someone masturbaest my pussy.” Then, as she looked at the three hard-ons pointing at her, she added, “I’m also glad that it turned you three on so much.”

Then, she quickly jumped off the rock, slapped the dirt off of her ass and said, “Okay, we’ve got three more orgasms we have to perform. Who’s next?”

Billy grabbed Wendy by the waist and lifted her onto the rock where Andrea had just been.

“I have been dying to play with your pussy!” He announced. “Since you got to jerk me off, it’s my turn to do you!”

As we were expecting some response from Wendy, Billy suddenly took position between her knees and buried his face into her pussy. We all were shocked to see that. We could only hear slurping noises emerging from Wendy’s pussy and Billy’s mouth. After Wendy had her orgasm, Trevor took his turn bringing Jenn to a climax. Again everybody had to tell him what to do and, he succeeded in getting her off.

When it was Maggi’s turn, we all got to arguing who was going to bring her to orgasm. Even the girls wanted to do her. Maggi finally had to interrupt us and suggested we all work on her. She was so horny that she just didn’t want to wait any longer and, looking at Frank’s, Trevor’s, and Billy’s hard-ons waiving in front of them while they argued, didn’t make it any easier for her.

“Damn!” She said abruptly. “I’ve patiently waited all afternoon while each one of you got satisfied. Now all you can do is argue, and I’m wondering if I’m going to get mine.”

We all agreed and decided to take turns on her pussy. Whoever was just standing around could play with any other part of her body they wanted.
We put her up on the rock as the other three girls had been and each found a position around her. I got my first shot in the primary position, and so I stepped between her knees to focus my attention on her bright red pussy lips. It turned out that all the arguing was for nothing because I wasn’t diddling with her lips and clit for ten seconds before she climaxed. Everybody was so busy caressing and playing with various parts of her body from her hair down to her toes that they didn’t even notice.
As I pulled away Andrea jumped in to take over. A few seconds later, Maggi went through another shattering climax. I figured, “What the Hell!” And took advantage of the fact that no one paid attention to her orgasm except the person playing with her pussy. I moved around to where I could reach her breasts and started playing with them. It was my first opportunity to play with another girl’s breasts, and it was such fun. I even tried sucking on them and flicking the nipples with my tongue. Maggi had four or five everlasting climaxes before we were done with her. She didn’t seem to mind as she lay there convulsing from her last one when we all pulled away.

We all sat around looking and examining each other’s penises and pussy and discussed this wild experience for quite a while after that. It was really great to talk about it so openly. We had actually ventured into the vast field of sex fun with our naked bodies and understanding a lot about what turns us on and how to turn each other on.

Then we remembered poor Johnny. He was such a good sport and then took off in such a hurry. He missed out on the best part of the day. We decided to find Johnny and tell him what happened after he left and hoped he would be more comfortable with what happened. We all agreed that “next time” would be even more fun because we could play games resulting in enhancing sexual experiences.

During all the fun, I had sweated a lot and all sexual fluids have dried on my skin, so I headed off to the water to rinse off.

“I’ve got to go home,” Jenn said as I headed off to the river. “My mom is going to be wondering where I’ve been all day.”

Andrea and Frank had lost their suits, so they had to dress without any underwear. No big deal, but it was something we joked about. The really odd thing was that my tank top and sarong were missing. So also Maggi’s dress too was missing. We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find it. All of the boys swore they hadn’t touched it; claiming they didn’t even know where it was. It seemed odd to me and Maggi that only our things were missing.

I ended up wearing my little homemade bikini and nothing else. I was real nervous about how I was going to walk back home. If I had to walk back home in this tiny bikini, I hoped that my mom would have already left for her trip out of town.

Soon, everyone was dressed except me and Maggi. Since Wendy and Jenn really had to get home, Billy and Trevor gave them rides on their bicycles. Frank and Andrea had quietly left earlier when we were looking for our dresses. Maggi and I decided that we will continue our search a little more time and then walk back home.

By the time all except me and Maggi had left it appeared to be the time closer to sunset. We tried looking for my tank top and sarong and Maggi’s dress.

It was a nice walk, and we were able to discuss concerns about jealousy and dating. We were committed not to be jealous of each other. Maggi and I were equally attracted to all the boys, even though we had a leaning toward the other two, but we would never reject Billy or Trevor, so there was no reason for any of them to be jealous. We learned that Johnny had a crush on me.

Frank told us that the biggest reason the boys finally agreed to take us swimming was that they all thought we were amazingly hot. I don’t know about Maggi, but I blushed. They agreed that if we decided to skinny-dip, that would be the perfect day, which he added it was. The concern was that we just wanted to find out where they skinny-dipped so we could spy on them. It was agreed that they really didn’t mind the idea, and if that was how it turned out, it might make their swims more fun. Hopefully, they’d catch us peeking at them and make us strip.

“That would have been fun,” I said.

“Yeah, but we could get into trouble if one of you turned us in,” Frank said.

“I would have made sure no one turned you in,” I told him.

“Yeah, but we didn’t know that.”

Anyway, we finally got to our respective homes. Frank walked us both to our home and kissed us on the cheek.

Such was my first group skinny dipping and exhibitionist experience.