Man of the House

While dad was working away Tommy had to step up and become the man of the house. Looking after his mum and younger sister.

Tommy’s dad had taken a job which meant working away for long periods. He would only get home every other weekend. This meant that although Tommy was only 15, he became the man of the house.
It was down to him to look after his mum who worked part-time at the local store and his younger sister, Sara, who was 12.
It was the school summer holidays and Tommy would look after the garden and help with the chores. He had picked up some DIY skills from watching his dad so was able to repair things, even if was only until his dad returned to fix it properly.
Tommy was chilling in the back garden, relaxing in a chair, eyes closed, just enjoying the sun.
His mum had come to join him, fresh out of the shower.
She sat opposite him.
Tommy still had his eyes closed but knew she was there. He could smell the scent of her soap wafting past him.
Neither said anything initially. Then his mum said “I’m so proud of you Tommy. I’m proud of the fine young man that you’ve become. You look after me and Sara so well “.
With that she moved her chair next to his. Her hand resting on his knee.
Tommy was only wearing a pair of football shorts as he soaked up the sunshine.
“Thank you” his mum whispered as she ran her hand up Tommy’s thigh.
“I’m going to make a start on dinner” she said as she started to get up out of her chair. Only this time her hand rested on Tommy’s cock for several seconds before she walked back into the house.
WTF!! Tommy thought to himself. Did my mum just touch my cock?
Was that intentional?
Maybe it was just an accident? Maybe she had just misplaced her hand as she was getting up out of the chair and she’s embarrassed about it now? He thought to himself.
During dinner Tommy barely looked at his mother or his sister. He was too embarrassed.
The conversation was just kept to small talk.
Nothing really happened for a few afterwards.
That was until Tommy was sitting on the sofa watching TV.
His mum came in to join him. Again she’d just had a shower and was wearing just a thin dressing gown. Sara was in her room listening to some music.
“What are we watching?” Asked mum.
“Nothing really, replied Tommy. This is the best of a bad bunch of shows”
His mum sat next to him, half cuddled into him.
Again she placed a hand on his thigh.
Tommy was aware this time. He half tensed up.
“You look after us so well Tommy. You take care of me”. She whispered as her hand moved up and down his thigh. Her head rested on his shoulder.
“Now it’s my turn to look after you”.
With that her hand slid under Tommy’s football shorts. Her warm hand cupped his balls.
Her head moved from his shoulder and moved down to his lap.
With her other hand she slipped Tommy’s half erect cock out of his shorts and placed it into her mouth.
It all happened so quickly. Tommy hardly had time to react.
As he looked down he could she his mums head bobbing up and down, feeling her mouth sucking his cock, her tongue licking the tip before feeling it hitting the back of her throat.
It wasn’t long before Tommy let out a stifled groan. He tensed up as his mum sucked a thick load of cum from her son’s balls. She swallowed every drop, licking and cleaning his cock before sitting up again.
“You’re sleeping with me tonight” she announced, squeezing his cock before heading back up to her room.
Later that night Tommy waited for Sara to get to bed before going to his mum’s bedroom.
He opened the door slowly, quietly.
She was laying, waiting for him.
“I was hoping you’d come” she said smiling.
“mum, what the hell is going on? Tommy asked.
“This is crazy”.
“Honey, you’ve grown into a fine, handsome young man. You remind me so much of your father when he was younger”.
“And by the taste I still have in my mouth, I think you find me attractive” she giggled.
Tommy pulled back the bed covers and slid in next to his mother.
They kissed, mouths open, tongues exploring.
His mum whispering “fuck me Tommy”.
The next morning is when the trouble began.
Tommy and his mum had overslept.
Sara had been sitting downstairs for a while waiting for her mum to join her.
She eventually made her way upstairs to her mothers bedroom and slowly opened the door.
She expected to see her mum asleep.
Instead, she saw her brother on top of her mum, his bare bum pounding back and forth.
Mum groaning into a pillow as Tommy fucked her.
Sara stood watching for a while, unsure whether to shout out or leave.
She decided to quietly leave and made her way back downstairs without saying anything.
A short while later her mum and Tommy came down to join her.
Before either of them could say anything Sara spoke out…”I know what you’ve been doing, and I want in. If you don’t include me I’ll be telling dad”.
Tommy looked at his mother.
“Sara, please,”. Mum pleaded.
“I’ll leave it with you two to decide, I’ll be in my room” Sara replied.
To be continued….

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