Something funny happened in the shower. Part II

Part II

The next morning, I woke up with massive wood. In the twilight of waking, I was thinking of my first blow job the day before, his soft skin, his girlish ass, and the feel of his full lips. Usually, I would take care of my need right away, but my hand felt disappointingly inadequate, and I decided to wait.

I have to admit that I wanted Massimo to call, and I was contemplating seeing him that day. But he didn’t call. I thought it would be weak to call him, so I waited. The day after he finally called, but he just wanted to meet me at the park. I got there before him, but I pretended to stroll in after he had been waiting for a few minutes.

We sat on the grass away from everybody. The first thing he said was “I am not a homosexual!” He was defensive and confused. We talked and I told him that I didn’t think of him as a homosexual. I knew he liked girls. I reminded him of all the girls at school whom he hung around with. Then he asked if I was. I just pawned it off as fooling around, an alternative to masturbation. I told him I thought a mouth would be better than a hand and I wanted to try it once. We both agreed not to do it again, which was the opposite of what I wanted.

After sitting there quietly he accused me of laughing at him in the showers that one day. “You were one of them!”. I denied it. I don’t think I laughed, but I looked. I told him I looked at everybody’s and after five weeks of him covering up I was super curious. He was still upset at me and then I reminded him of how I was teased for being afraid of the deep water and refusing to swim away from the side of the pool. I was teased in front of the whole class, including the girls. He was sympathetic, but he thought his teasing was worse.

He was getting up to leave and I asked him about the suction. I told him that the ad said that you would see results in a few weeks. He thought about it. Then he told me he would call me tomorrow afternoon and he walked away.

I thought that he was very close to not seeing me again. That night I didn’t masturbate, and I made it through the night without a wet dream. If all we were going to do was the suction, I wanted to be primed to enjoy it.

I went over to his house the next day he took me to his bedroom. He had a ruler and a pad of paper and a small string on his desk. He told me to take of my pants. I dropped them. I was already hard from the anticipation. That was not my plan, but I couldn’t help myself. Massimo touched my shaft with his fingertips, and I got even harder.

“Well, you are ready.” He said. Then he took the ruler and started measuring me. He got on his knees and moved my balls around and held the ruler up. Then he wrote some numbers on his notepad. Then he adjusted my shaft and measured its length along the top and along the underside. Then he placed the string around my shaft near my base. Then he placed the string next to the ruler and wrote down a number. Then he did the same thing near the top of my shaft. He looked at my dick and said. “You have a darker area under your head that extends about an inch down your shaft and ends in a little ridge.”

My dick was twitching, and I was trying to control my breath. “Yeah, some guys have that I think.”

He sat back in a chair and looked at me. I asked him if he wanted me to measure him. He told me he had already measured himself. Then he told me to lie back on his bed. He got on top of me and put his mouth over my stiff shaft. He clamped his lips around the shaft and started a gentle suction. I felt a stirring almost immediately. I knew if I swiveled my hips I would cum. I held still and sucked air through my teeth. When he paused, he looked up at me and asked if I was ok. I told him I was just on edge, and he would have to be careful, or I would cum.

“You were ok last time. What is the difference?”

“I haven’t cum since last time. I usually don’t wait three days.”

He rolled his eyes at me, then lowered himself down and started the suction again. I tensed again and my shoulders pressed back against the bed. After about ten seconds he stopped and sat next to me.

“I was going to do it three times, but I think we should switch.”

I looked down at my dick. It was as hard as ever and the top of it was red. I shuffled down the bed and got between his legs and I placed my hands on his legs, adjusted them, then lowered myself and took him in my mouth and clamped down on him.

“I will tell you when to start and stop. Ok start.”

I started the steady suction and his dick stretched into my mouth. My tongue pressed against it again. I couldn’t prevent that. I heard him counting slowly. When he reached ten, he told me to stop. We repeated that three times then he crawled off the bed and sat in his chair and wrote on his notepad. He told me to come over to him and he looked at my dick. “It looks bigger today.”

I sat down on his bed, and he turned his chair to face me. We both had stiffies and both were red. I asked him if he wanted to do anything else then I added. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“We agreed that we wouldn’t do anything else.” He said.

Yes. I thought. We agreed. But here we are with both our dicks twitching.

I put my hand on his leg and moved it up is thigh a few inches. He didn’t stop me as I moved my hands more. I ran my hands over his thighs then I crouched in front of him and run my hands up his shirt feeling around. I pulled him into a standing position and roamed around his back and front with both hands. I pushed him to the bed and ran my hands up and down the back of his legs, over his ass and his lower back. I massaged his cheeks and separated them. He had light colored skin, but it darkened a bit in his crack and then it was pink all the way inside around his balloon knot. I was tempted to press up against him but instead I pushed him up the bed and turned him over. I licked his little pecker and the area around it. I held his balls with my lips and tickled them with the tip of my tongue. Then I licked and sucked on his shaft. His body shook and his hips bounced up and down. He was moaning before and now he was even louder. I could taste a lot of salty precum as his hips shook. He finally stopped moving and then he pushed me off.

“What’s the matter?”

“I finished.”

I made a show of wiping my lips and then I laid down next to him. Soon his hands were on me then his mouth. He kissed around my shaft as I got hard. When he put his mouth on it, I started seeing stars. My eyes must have rolled back. Even when he just held it in his mouth, I could feel it moving. It was like it had its own heartbeat. I mumbled something that contained the word ‘please’. When he started using his tongue and sliding his lips up and down. I begged him to pause. After a few seconds he started again. He stopped and started a few more times until I lost control and started to lift my hips and press my hardon into his mouth. When I came, I lifted my shoulders off the bed and gripped his shoulders and the back of his neck. I spasmed. I felt a series of pulses. I came and he swallowed. Again and again. I fell back. It took a while for my vision to clear. He was already standing up. None of my cum had spilled back on me, although I am sure I came more this time than last. He reached down and threw my pants and underwear to me.

“We should go downstairs. Someone might come home soon.”