Something funny happened in the shower. Part IV

Part IV

I was puzzled when he left. Was he upset? I looked at the obvious evidence that he had enjoyed himself. On Monday he did not call. Nor did he on Tuesday. Late Tuesday I called and left him an awkward message. When he did not call back, I called him again Wednesday afternoon.

He called back and told me to stop calling him. “Fine.” I said. “I won’t again. If you don’t want to talk to me, just say so, and we won’t talk.”

There was a long pause on the phone then he asked me to meet him at the mall the next day.

I biked to the mall and met him at noon. At the food court we took a table as far in the back as we could. I ate my fries and sipped my pop waiting for him to talk. He glared at me. “I won’t let you take advantage of me.”


“You planned it. You had the lotion ready.” I looked around embarrassed to see if anyone had noticed his outburst. “You treated me like a girl. You sucked on my nipples and you… “, he looked around and then whispered, “fucked me.”

I struggled to respond. I told him that the lotion was already in the room in case I needed it. I sometimes used it when I watched blue movies. That I didn’t plan things in advance.

“Right. Sure.” He said derisively. “I need to ask you some questions and I need the truth. Will you tell me the truth?”

“Ok… I mean yes of course.”

“Did you stare at me in the shower after swimming?”

“Stare? I looked. I mean I stared a bit.”

“Why? Were you attracted to me?”

“I would not have thought so at the time. But yes. I was more curious. I wanted to see if you had any hair on your body. Your skin was so smooth.”

“I noticed you in the shower. I had to turn away from you the most. You didn’t laugh when my towel was torn away, but you stared. Did you want to do what you did Saturday night to me back then?”


“When did you decide you wanted to do that?”

“After the first time we were together.”

He seemed to process my answer. There was a long pause where he stared at me. I felt he was trying to decide if I was honest. “Do you believe that the suction thing will work?”

“Yes. Maybe. Maybe it is just a sales pitch. I am skeptical.”

“What about the other thing? You said if we made each other cum, our balls would grow. Isn’t that just nonsense?”

“Yes. I made it up. But I don’t think it is a bad idea.”

“You made it up. You mean you lied.”

I nodded.

“Why did you come on to me this summer? I mean I don’t understand. I know you like girls from our class. Do you look at me like I am a girl?”

I looked around the food court. There was a general hum and echo of conversation. No one was paying us any attention. “I like girls who have no body hair. Some from our school, mostly girls in magazines. Body hair turns me off. I am attracted to you. I love your skin. I know. It sounds weird. But I liked you from school. I thought you were interesting. Everybody likes you.”

“No, they don’t. They…” he paused. “What do you want from me?”

“I want you to watch another movie with me Saturday night.”

He thought about it for a minute. “I can’t, but you can come over Tuesday. We can’t do that again. We can try the suction for a few more weeks.” Then he got up to leave.

“Wait. I brought a bunch of quarters. Do you want to go to the arcade?”

We hung out. I told him every embarrassing story about the kids at our school that he didn’t already know. I detailed the Cafeteria Incident and all the other stupid things that happened. I told them that everyone liked him, and only a few of them were jerks about what happened.

I was in an empty house Saturday night, and I fell back into my old routine. I was looking at the Couples magazine. I considered the men in the pictures. I was not attracted to them, although there were a few hairless bums that caused me to stir. I decided to pull out the best picture I could wank off to. It was a centerfold magazine. I was focused on a picture of a girl lying back. She had the smallest amount of pubic hair, and you could see the naughty details. I began to stroke myself. As I got into a rhythm, I closed my eyes. Soon I thought of Massimo. I pretended he was stroking me. I licked my lips and imagined I was licking his nipples. I pictured him leaning over the bathroom tub and I was entering him from behind. I pumped into my closed fist and came all over the side of the tub and the tiles of the floor. I slumped back and looked at the centerfold. I should have fantasized about fucking her. I didn’t know what it would be like to be inside of her, but I had my memories of last Saturday night.

On Tuesday I went over to Massimo’s, he was all business. He was kind of quiet, and I remembered his accusations at the mall. We did the measurements, the suction and then we waited. It seemed too formal, so when I went down on him, I put my hands on the mattress and just used my mouth, but vigorously. Soon he was twisting away and asking for a pause. When he did me, he was slow and careful. As we went back and forth it became more natural. After a while one of us climaxed, then the other. It was still awkward between us, and we didn’t talk much. He told me when to come back and I left.
The next time it felt more natural. He seemed to enjoy the measurements and getting me hard. When he went down on me, he really took his time. After laying back on his bed I was reminded of the first times I made out with girls when I was younger. Massimo was like that. He was making out with me down there. When we switched, I put my hands on him and was a little more playful. I was sure to rub my cheek against his inner thigh and take breaks with my hands and face pressed up against him. He had accused me of treating him like a girl, so I didn’t want to grab at him, I wanted to make all the contact incidental. Later when he was slowly kissing and licking me, I felt a sudden surge. I grabbed onto him, and I came unexpectedly. After in the kitchen he asked me about Saturday night. I told him what movie was on and what time I would know if I had the house to myself. He said he would come over if ‘we only do what I want’.

I didn’t know what he meant by that, but I said ‘sure’.

That Saturday night we started the 8pm movie. It was an action thriller, and I was trying to decide if it was good or not. Massimo sat closer to me a few minutes into the movie. Then he put his hand over my shirt. When I reached over to him, he pushed my hand away. For the next part of the movie, he roamed around with his hand, first over my shirt and then under. When he reached into my sweatpants I reached over for him, but he pushed my hand away and said ‘no’. So, I sat there watching the movie as he rubbed me. He adjusted my underwear, and my erection was sticking out of the front. I tried to follow the movie as he gently stroked me. He would stop and put his hand back under my shirt occasionally.

So, I watched the middle of the movie with an aching hardon. He pushed me sideways and got behind me and we watched the movie. His hand was in my underwear, first in the front and then in the back. Then he pushed down my sweatpants and underwear. I felt his fingers inside my crack, and he rubbed his middle finger against my hole. I couldn’t hide the fact that I enjoyed it as I stuck straight out. He asked me for the hand cream. I went and got it. When I came back, he made me step out of my sweatpants. I lay back on the couch sideways and he got behind me. I felt him pushing the cream inside of me. First against my anus and then in. As the movie progressed and there was a long action sequence, I felt his finger moving deeper and deeper inside of me. I dripped on the vinyl couch.

Soon I tried to twist away and grab at him, but he told me not to. He moved me onto my back and lifted my legs. He told me to hold onto the bottom of my hamstrings. My neck was bent, and my ass cheeks were raised up and parted. He removed his pants. He got on top of me and pressed into me. His crotch was inside my cheeks, and I felt his penis press against me. He adjusted my legs and told me to pull them back more. Then he pressed past my O-ring and lodged himself in me. For a long while he gyrated his hips and rutted into me. A couple times he slipped out and we had to readjust so that he could get back in. We missed the conclusion of the movie as he got into a rhythm. His finger had been in my deeper, but his dick was thicker than his finger. Finally, he was able to go a little faster without slipping out. His face twisted and he came. First inside me then he slipped out and shot some cum in my bum and against my balls.

I grabbed my underwear and pushed them against my crack, so that I didn’t spill on the couch. He was off of me, so I finally was able to sit up. Massimo sat on the couch, put his clothes on and watched the movie. I tried to make sense of the end of the movie. I had missed a good portion of it. When it was over, he asked me if I wanted to ‘finish’. Of course, I did. I reclined on the couch, and he gave me oral as the next movie began. He was taking his time and I was getting impatient for more. I asked him to put his finger back in me. I grabbed the back of his head and gyrated my ass against his finger until I came. I pumped and pumped. As soon as I finished, I felt awkward and asked him to remove his finger.

I was a little embarrassed, but Massimo was quite pleased. Before he left, he told me he would call and have me over as soon as he could.