The Bro-Job

I’d never in my life ever thought about getting on my knees and blowing some guy. I mean shit I’m straight as a fucking arrow. But a bets a fucking bet and it was either cough up five hundred dollars or cough on Chad’s dick. Well I don’t have the five hundred so I’ll be dressing like a cheerleader tonight and serving my buddies beer and sandwiches
And for the grand finally I’m blowing my best friend. Talk about humiliating a man in his own house. Geez!
Thankfully my wife Sheri and our 10 year old son Jack Jr is at her mother’s tonight two states away.And she doesn’t know anything about it.
So I went through the attic and found her old high school cheerleader outfit. It’s blue and gold the colors of our old highschool football team to which I was the fucking water boy. For two reasons I didn’t make the football team because I was five foot and 100 lbs and two I wanted to be close to Sheri my then sweetheart and now wife.
Fast forward ten years and nothing much has changed in the way of my stature. I’m certainly petite for a 35 year old man. Heck Sheri and I are the same size. I’m also Petite in the cock department as well a hard three inches if I’m lucky. Sheri doesn’t mind at least she says she don’t but she’s cheated on me a few times. And I always forgive her and take her back for JJ’s sake. That and who wants a guy with three inch pecker,right?😒
I take the uniform downstairs and put it in the washer. And while it’s washing I go to our bedroom and rummage through Sheri’s panty drawer and come up with a blue lacey thong. I purchased a white lacy unpadded training bra earlier today from Walmart.and damn was it embarrassing because I had to ask one of the female sales associates,”Did she think it would fit me?”
She just giggles and nods “Your small enough.” Was her reply. The fucking skank.
Afterwards I went by a thrift store and purchased a lengthly blond wig. It came with a wig cap so I didn’t need to go anywhere else hunting anything else.
I put on the thong was surprised at how easy I could hide my cock in the crotch.Next I put on the training bra. And then a set of thigh high white stockings. I mean if I’m going dress like a girl then I figured I might as well go all out. And it did feel kinda naughty dressing in such a way.
I went back downstairs and put the uniform in the dryer and set it for an hour.
Then I went back to my room to put on my make up. I had to look up a video on how to apply the make up and I just went with all the colors that the girl was using in the video. I mean she was blond and had deep blue eyes like me.
I also had to look up a video about how to put on my wig too, because you just can’t slap it on and go,like I thought because it just kept sliding up or down or to the side.So I put it on the way they said do it in the video and I brushed it out until it bounced nicely about my shoulders.
I sat for several minutes just staring at myself in the mirror of my wife’s make-up table. I admired how I looked,shit I looked hot! Hell I’d even fuck me. I giggled at the thought. I felt like a girl well actually a 35 year old woman. I could pass for a soccer mom.
I hear the dryer buzzer go off downstairs and I get up and glided down the stairs barefoot. Like Sheri does. I laughed to myself, might as well have fun because there was no way in Hell I was ever doing this again. So I skipped to the laundry room, giggling as I did.
I took the cheerleader outfit from the dryer and was about to go upstairs and put it on when the doorbell rang.
“Shit!” My heart sank! So I quietly walked to the front door and gently pulled the curtain back to see who it was. It was Mark one of my friends who is supposed to be at the get together tonight. What the hell was he doing here this early?
I see him knock again. This time a little more persistent. He knows I’m home seeing as my hummer is parked out front.
“I know your in there Jackie! Let me in please.”
I sighed and shook my head, then I walked over and opened the door. As soon as he saw me his mouth dropped in amazement.
“Holy Fuck,Jack!” He exclaimed.
I modestly folded my arms about my chest to hide my training bra.Then I step aside to let him in. And when I did I saw my neighbor Mr Herold Jenkins outside mowing his yard, he saw me and I grabbed Mark and snatched him inside and slammed the front door shut! Mark was a big guy and it was no easy task jerking on him like that. In fact I hurt my wrist. “Ouch!”
“Are you okay,Jack?” He grasped my right hand and started rubbing my wrist. I wanted to pull my hand back but I let him rub it. He led me to the kitchen and we sat down at the island.
“What are you doing here so early,Mark? Have you come to get an early rub.”
Mark started laughing and suddenly I realized what I’d said and I started laughing too,”Shit.”
“Yeah with you dressed like that gives a whole new meaning to rub.”
We stopped laughing and he gave me a serious look,”Look Jackie the guys aren’t coming tonight.”
“What you mean I got dressed for nothing?”
He shrugged,”I paid off your debt. You don’t have to suck Chad’s dick.”
I almost jumped for joy. I stood up and hugged his neck. “Oh thank you so very much Mark!”
“Your welcome baby.” He smirked and something told me by the lustful look in his deep brown eyes,that I wasn’t off the list for sucking a dick tonight.”
He smiles and nods,”Now you owe me.” He said pushing back a golden lock of hair from around my right eye.
I looked down at the floor.
“Oh don’t feel so bad. This way you don’t get beat up.”
I looked up at him,”What?!”
He smiles and pats my shoulder,”Chad was gonna beat your ass after you sucked him off. Then he was gonna tell your wife.”
My mouth dropped.
He placed a hand to my cheek.”I paid him a grand to keep his mouth shut.”
“So I’ll open mine right?” I said stepping back and folding my arms.
“You look even sexier when your mad Jackie.
So you want to call me Jackie,huh?” I ask with a smirk.
He shrugged,”Well what do you want me to call you? And it better be a girly name.”
I thought about a name. And suddenly it cane to me.”Sadie Ann.”
Mark laughed,”That’s as girly a name if I ever heard one!”
I smile back him,and shrugged,”Thank you, Mark.”
“So are we doing this or not,Sadie Ann?”
I frowned and nodded.
He placed finger under my chin,”Don’t feel bad,Sadie. No one knows your gonna suck my dick. Heck you mind find that you like it.”
I shook my head,”I don’t think so.”
“What you mean your not gonna suck my cock?!”
“NO!I mean YES I’m going to suck your cock,Mark.I didn’t get dressed up for nothing.
He smiled and took my hand and led me out into the livingroom. I had so many butterflies fluttering inside my stomach as if I were excited or something. That couldn’t be what I was feeling, no way!
He stops infront of the couch and spreads his arms,”Undress me Sadie.”
I looked at Mark like he was nuts.
“Get to it girl.”
I wasn’t really comfortable with him calling me a girl. But he had just pulled my ass out of the frying pan. But was I about to fall into the fire?
I nodded and step close to him began unbuttoning his white button down shirt. I opened it and slipped it down his muscular shoulders. I unbutton his sleeve cuffs one at a time and slowly step behind him and slipped his shirt off.
He turned to me and goodness I really never seen him without a shirt off. Mark was buffed. He had bulging pecks,massive arms and a six pack!
“Touch me don’t be scare, darling.”
I didn’t really want to touch him.But he had helped me,right? I reached out and placed my hands on his shoulders and slid them slowly down to his taunt pecks. Gracious they felt rock hard. I then ran my fingers down to his tight abdominal muscles.Wow I was touching a guy and oddly enough I was getting into it too.
You might as well get into it Sadie, because this was the one and only time this is gonna happen. I said to myself. So I began freely touching my friend Mark.
Mark pulled me into his arms and he leaned down and kissed me,and I let him. I felt so dizzy now because my heart was beating out of my chest. He thrusted his tongue into my mouth and I pushed mine against his and for few seconds our tongues dance together. I was kissing a guy!
He took my hand and pushed it down the front of his black dress trousers. And I felt his cock through his jockey. I almost gasp at the size of his package. Mark was certainly bigger than me and thicker.
“You want that don’t you, Sadie?”
I looked into his eyes and goodness help me I nodded. I mean this is going to be my first and last time. And Mark and I both were two straight guys,but tonight I was gonna be his bitch. Darn did this mean I was less straight than he was. For fuck sake what a stupid thought. It was just a bro-job you silly ninny.
I pulled my lips from his and got on my knees before him. I brushed back my blonde hair,Sadie Ann’s blond hair to be exact. And I began unfastened his belt.
My hands were trembling as I did. GEEZ why did I feel so excited about this.To tell the truth I felt like I did the first time I had sex with Sheri.
It felt wrong but right all at the same time.I was a mix of emotions as I undid the snap on Marks pants and unzipped his fly. His pants fell away and I felt my breath catch at the sight of his bulging crotch. And shit what a bulge it was all wrapped up so tightly in his red Jockeys.
I looked up at Mark and found him smiling down at me. He was actually enjoying this. But of course he was he was about to get his dick sucked. Was this how a woman feels before she takes her first mouth fucking. Yes this had to be how they feel.I wonder if Sheri feels the same way before she sucks my dick. I have to admit my wife enjoys sucking cock, shit she sucked half the football team when we we’re in high school.
I slipped his pants off his feet and I went for the goal. I practically snatched Mark’s under wear down his legs. His eight inch cock sprang out and barely missed the tip of my nose. His dick was so straight with barely a hint of a curve to it.
It was beautiful! The very cock a man should have. I should be so fucking lucky to have a cock that size or even half that size.
Mark placed his hand on my head and urged my face forward. There was a moment of hesitation as I wanted to back out, but he’d paid a thousand dollars for this moment and I was his friend.
I opened my mouth and let him guide his guid his cock into my mouth. Halfway at first. Then he gently pushed a little more and his tip touched the back if my throat and I gagged but he kept pressing until it was lodged deep inside my virgin throat. He pushed further until his pubic hair was pressing against my lips and nose. Shit he was all the way in. I could barely breath as his thickness stretched my throat.
“GET TO IT FOR FUCK SAKE!” Mark snapped.
My saliva glands were in over drive as I began moving my head back and forth on his long dick. I could feel his cock head rimming in and out of my throat like a soft slow piston.
I was so unsure of myself that is until I looked up and saw the pleasurable expression on Marks face. It looked so sweet. If I didn’t have my mouth and throat so full of cock meat, I would have smiled.
I started bobbing on his throbbing manhood faster now as I knew now that I was doing right. In and out and I breathed as it came up enough for me to get air and plunged back down to his hilt. Soon I had my rythem.
“Ohhh fuck Sadie Ann,yesss baby. Suck that dick.” He groaned.
And I did just that. Sheri has blown me enough over the ten years that I know what I like in a blow job. And I was taking that knowledge and putting it to good use. I mean Mark certainly wasn’t complaining a bit.
The sounds of his panting and moaning just excited me that much more and soon I was blowing him like Sheri did me. Fast and hard.
Mark lowered his ass down onto the edge of the couch because his legs were trembling so. I didn’t let up a bit. I kept snapping my head up and down on his shaft I was enjoying it so. I was also enjoying the precum that was dribbling down my chin and my neck. I even started humming,like Sheri does on me…and that might have been the very thing that sent Mark over the edge.
“Oh FUCKKK!” Mark grabbed the back of my head with both hands and shoved himself to the hilt inside my throat and I felt his cock start convulsing and then his cum, came shooting forth like a geyser,gushing so deep inside my gullet. I just swallowed and swallowed not wasting a drop.
When he was finished emptying himself he released me and flopped back swallowing and coughing.Fuck me what a tasty rush that was. My every taste bud was tingling. I leaned back on my hands and looked at him and smiled,”How was it?”
Mark was breathing so hard and heavy that he couldn’t do anything but nod his head.
When finally Mark caught his breath,he patted his knee and I stood up and straddled both his legs with mine and I leaned in and kissed him softly. He pushe his tongue inside my mouth and rolled it around,tasting himself. Ugh kinky I thought.
When he pulled his lips from mine he just looked up at me and shook his head.
“What?” I smiled.
“Sadie you played me darling.”
I gave him a little pout,”What on earth do you mean,I played you?”
He smiled,”There is no way in hell that I’m the only guy you have ever blown.”
“You are Mark,honest.”
“If that is the case,then your one gifted bitch! Because baby girl I have never had a blow job like that before.You put your whole heart into it.”
“Well we’re friends right,Mark and friends help friends.”
He reached behind me and grabs my ass and pulls me until I’m straddling his abs,”We sure are baby.”
We’re kind of more than friends now. I thought to myself.
Mark left shortly afterwards with a big kiss and a thank you.And he said he would be back later on if I was willing. I
nodded,YESSSSSS…like some little girl who’d just got her cherry popped by the quarterback….
The End😊❤❤❤