Steamy Sex with my Cousin when he came to our Home

It was one night when my cousin Joe had come over to our house. We had all turned eighteen over the summer and the way he was looking at me was making me shiver. I knew it was wrong with him being my cousin and all but the attraction between us was something. I wanted to have sex with my cousin and my body was electrified when I was near him.

We were sitting for dinner and he was seated right next to me He gave me a flirty smile and I just bit my lip looking at him. His eyes smouldered and he licked his lips while we both looked at each other’s mouths. I was breathing heavily and then I felt his hand on my knees. He smiled at me and I nodded. Then his hand went up under my skirt. All around my family was eating and chatting and I was focused on his hand. His hand left a trail of Goosebumps as I forked my lasagna. Then he reached the apex of my thighs.

No panties, he gives me a look and I smile mischievously. He parts my folds and runs a finger through my lips. He finds my throbbing clit and puts pressure on it. I nearly jump in my seat but everyone is engrossed food and conversation to notice us. He is rubbing me down there and I can feel my wetness moving through my channel. Soon very soon I am shaking. Joe knows it, but he continues. Then he pinches my clit with his thumb and forefinger and I come, silently on a chair, surrounded by family. That was so dirty and yet so erotic. Then he lifts his fingers and sniffs them before licking them off. My mother asks if he likes the food and he says he loves the taste. Then he winks at me. Mere thought of having sex with my cousin was making me wet again and again.

That night as I lie alone in my bed, my sex still throbbing with memories of Joe’s hand, I hear a soft knock. I open my door and Joe is there. I pull him in fast, afraid that someone will see him entering my room. As soon as the door is locked, his lips are on mine.  I taste his lips and smell his musky scent. His hands are on my hips and they move up cupping my breasts. His fingers move over my nipples and I shiver at his touch. I push my tits out to him more and he just grabs them by both hands. “I wanted to touch these babies since last night,” he whispers into my mouth. I rub my body against his like a cat and he pulls me closer.

I blink and our clothes are off. We are skin to skin and I love feeling him against my body. He is all muscles and hard body. He pushes me on my bed and says, “You need to stay quiet. Can you do that?” I nod. He licks and suckles on my nipples and they are loving the attention. I run my fingers through his hair and he groans. He checks my pussy and we both find it slick from earlier. He uses the fat cock-head to bump it against my clit and every time he does that, fire shoots through me. I then grab his cock and position it at my entrance. He grins and plunges in.

My gosh, his cock is curved and is hitting all the right spots. He moves in me and I mewl in pleasure. I grab his hair and bring his face to my mouth. Our tongues tangle and we kiss with a passion. His mouth then moves down to my tits again and I hold him there. His movements become jerky and he bites a nipple. I come suddenly and clench around his cock, moaning and thrashing.

That night, the sex with my cousin was phenomenal. And although I don’t see Joe much I still see us pleasuring each other in the near future.