Myrna – Chapter 7 – Missing

Things quieted down after the accident.  Alicia’s dad made sure her mother had all the care necessary.  Noticeably nothing more.  We kept in touch but didn’t stop by their house.  As luck would have it, Kathy had taken her shit disturbing elsewhere for someone else to put up with.  Winter was coming on and sometimes Mother Nature can throw a hissy fit. 

Alicia and I decided to take a Sunday and get in as much food and water as our financing would allow.  I told Alicia, to hell with the finances, and get everything we could think of now. As we were walking through the drug aisle, Alicia picked up a product called Gentle Gel.  We looked at each other and laughed.  When we finished at the checkout, Alicia looked at me as we were walking out of the store.

“Well, their electric bill is paid this month,” she said sarcastically.

We finally got the haul in the apartment and were putting things away.  Alicia was standing by the table grinning from ear to ear.  How many ways can you describe mischief? 

“All right, Alicia.  What are you up to?  Do not tell me ‘nothing’, ‘something’ is written all over that pretty face.  Come on, come clean.”

“Funny you should say that.”  With that, Alicia pulled one tube of Gentle Gel from behind her back with a suspicious smile.

“Good, anything else to confess my love?”  And Alicia produced the second tube of Gentle Gel from her other hand.

“Well, Charlie – it may be a long hard winter,” she said with a devilish grin.  “At least I hope so, in one respect.”

We were worn out from dragging all the groceries in and putting them away.  Alicia wanted to take a shower.  I told her to take her time, and I threw a former entrée into the oven to reheat.  When she came into the kitchen, she was in her robe and had wet hair.  She looked wonderful.

She sat at the table, and I fixed a plate for her, then for me.  We quietly ate our dinner, which was unusual.  I watched Alicia, she was eating mostly with her head down,

“Honey, is there something on your mind?  You seemed a bit preoccupied.”

“Charlie, I’ve been thinking a lot about the accident.  Kathy’s attitude, mom’s change of heart, dad’s being so nonchalant toward mom, my family is fucked up.  You’re my rock.  No one ever stood up to mother as you have, and you accepted her apology with a smile on your face.”

“I love you.  Whatever comes along, we have each other.  You have taken a ton of shit from Kathy and your mother over the years.  They have no idea what they are missing being so, a, I guess – mean.”

“Sweetheart, take your shower, I’ll clean up the kitchen.  Thank you for being you.”

When I got out of the shower, Alicia was in bed, hair fixed, hot makeup, and the nightie she was wearing, why bother?  She looked amazing.  The look on her face belied her attire.  I crawled in next to her and put my arm around her and pulled her as close to me as I could.  Alicia got as close to me as possible.  After a couple of heavy sighs, she fell asleep in my arms.

Alicia went to the coffee pot before me.  The smell of the coffee coaxed me from a sound sleep.  I walked into the kitchen to find Alicia still in her see-through pouring two cups of coffee.  The bottom half of me was processing the scene faster than I was.

“Good morning, Sweetheart, how did you sleep?  What do you want for breakfast?” Alicia was smiling seductively.

“Good morning, Baby.  I slept well.  As to your last question, I want sausage between hot buns.”

With that devilish grin, Alicia turned around so I could see her sexy butt and waved a tube of Gentle Gel in her hand.  “Do you want “icing” on the buns?  Fresh ‘Vagie – ate’ juice is also on the menu.  I think we are out of milk, but you can try.  I might suggest that you pull on them or maybe suck on them.  Maybe pinching the faucets.” 

Alicia continued, “You look like a ‘hard’ person to satisfy.  I can suggest the buffet.  You can take whatever you want, as much as you want of it, and apply any condiments you want.  I apologize, we do not have any flatware.  This is all finger food.  If you choose the juice, we don’t have cups, you will have to lick it, and lick as much as you want.”

I walked around the table.  Alicia watched my progress, grinning the entire time.  She stood there and I pulled her robe from her and just gave it a fling.  She stood there with arms outstretched and legs separated as far as she could.  I grabbed Alicia and lifted her onto the table.

She held my face and guided it to her tit.  I was sucking on her tit, and I slid my cock into her wet pussy.  She lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders.  I pumped her and sucked her tits while Alicia moaned and whispered, More, suck them more.  I sucked her tits for some time as Alicia panted and moaned in my ear.

I pulled out of her and sat in the kitchen chair.  I shoved my head between her legs and began licking her pussy like a depraved animal.  She had me so aroused.  I continued licking her pussy until Alicia gently pushed me away.  Then her smile turned into a seductive grin.

She slid off the table and bent over.  She rested her elbows on the table and handed me the Gentle Gel.  She shook her firm ass seductively.  Alicia reached over her should and beckoned me with her finger.  Then she reached behind her and pulled her hot butt cheeks apart.  

“Sir, I think if you put the icing on the buns, maybe on the sausage, I think you will have a much more enjoyable experience.”

I shoved my tongue into her butt and licked and sucked her.  I thought about grabbing my cock and spanking it, but I want to unleash as much cum into her butt as possible.  I applied the gel liberally to her butt and my cock.  Then I slowly and steadily slid my cock into Alicia’s tight ass.


I could not stop now.  I was slamming into Alicia’s tight butt.  She had me so hot, there was no way to stop plummeting her butt.  Alicia was panting and moaning, and it was getting louder.  Her tight butt had control over my hard cock. 

I reached around Alicia and grabbed her tits.  I had a firm grip, and I used the to pull Alicia onto my cock.  Alicia was demanding more, to pump her harder.  She was shoving her hot butt to make sure every inch of my cock was in her. 

I felt Alicia’s hot nectar dripping down my balls.  That was when I lost all control.  I started to cum in Alicia’s butt, and Alicia was drenching my balls with her cum.  I pumped her hot butt until I had nothing left in my balls.  I didn’t stop until I was limp, and Alicia pushed me out of her.

I sat back in the chair that was behind me.  I was covered in sweat and panting as though I had run four miles.  Alicia got off the table and turned to look at me.  All I could do was smile and try to recover.  So, Alicia tries to help?

Alicia handed me a cup of coffee and got hers.  Then she straddled facing me and gave me a teasing kiss.  She had worn me out to the point a kitten could kick my ass.

“Did you enjoy the menu and our service sir?  Was there anything that was not provided that you wanted?  And was the presentation eye appealing?  Are you wanting seconds?”

“My dear lady, I would appreciate it if you would call 9-1-1.  If you move that hot ass one inch, I am going to have a heart attack.”

Alicia started laughing and gave me a bear hug.  “Oh, Charlie, I love you so much.  You have done so much for me.”

“Alicia, I would do anything for you.  You have made my life so complete.”

I turned the radio on for some morning music and got the weather.  Winter was trying to make an early entrance.  It didn’t sound too bad.  I was washing up the dishes, and Alicia came up behind me and gave me another big hug.

“Charlie, my Charlie.”

We enjoyed the Sunday.  Listening to music, having munchies, and making love.  We even had a good long nap, cuddled up beneath the covers.  Her scent, her soft tender body next to mine, and the heavy covers felt good. 

Alicia’s phone singing pulled us from our hibernation.  Alicia answered, “Hello.”

She sat straight up in bed and looked as though the devil was coming for her soul.

“Oh my God, no.  When did you notice?  You called the police, right?”

“Baby, what’s wrong?  Talk to me.”

“Oh God Charlie, mom is gone.  They don’t know when she left or anything.  CHARLIE!”

“OK, Baby.  Try to calm down.  I’m going to call your dad.”

She had wandered off, and nobody noticed.  What seemed strange, he didn’t sound overly concerned.  I knew things were tenuous at best there, but this was the first sign of not giving a shit.  Damn.

“Charlie – look!” Alicia was pointing to the front windows.  Of all the times for the weather guru to be right.  The sleet and freezing rain were slowly moving in.  I looked at Alicia.  She was starting to cry, and she was shaking.  “Charlie!”

“Babe, driving in this is only asking for trouble.  Let me see what I can do on foot.”

“I’m coming –“

“I want you here where I know you’re safe.  And if they find your mom, you can be here to answer the phone and call me.” 

Thankfully, Alicia didn’t realize that if she were with me, she could still answer her phone.  She was shaken.  I dressed for the weather, kissed my girl, and started the search.  Where the hell could she have gone?

I was out in this crap for about forty-five minutes, when my phone rang, Alicia. 

“Charlie, Kathy is on the phone and wants to know what to do.  What should I tell her?”

“Alicia put us on a three-way conversation and don’t have the phone next to your ear.  Hello Kathy.  It’s great that you want to help.  Here is what I want you to do.” 

“Call those Thursday Bridge Bitches, tell them your mother is out in the shit, wandering around lost, and you want them to help look for her.  When they hang up on you, call me so I can laugh in your face.  Fuck off.”

I looked in every conceivable place I thought her old lady would haunt.  I have been at this for two and a half hours.  I was getting cold, even though I have dressed for this weather all my life.  My balls were getting closer to my tonsils every ten minutes. The phone rang.  It was Kathy.  What the fuck did she want now?


“Daddy is on the phone with the police.  They found Mommy and took her to the hospital.  Daddy said I should call you.  He is talking to Alicia, now.”

“Good, which hospital have they taken her to?  Charles West?”

“No, that’s a mental hospital, silly.”

“Oh, sorry, I thought she could use your room.”  I ended the conversation.

I headed back to my warm den with Alicia.  She called me as I was on the way checking on me.  Like she had been every thirty minutes.  You could set your watch by her call.

I opened the apartment door.  I looked like a wet frozen rat someone left in the freezer.  My girl had a kettle of hot water ready for the strong tea and whiskey and a shot of Scotch.  She was standing at the door with my warm socks and a warm robe.

“Charlie, let me get the tea.  You need to warm up inside.  Daddy called and said that mother would be fine, but Kathy thought you said they were taking her to Charles West, the mental hospital.”

“Yes, I told her they could use her room.”

“Charlie!”  Alicia started laughing.  I think she wet her panties. “Thank you for going to look for mother.  I don’t like her, but you would do anything if a person was in trouble.  That’s one reason I love you.  My Hero.”

“That looks like a drenched frozen rat.”


We laughed, clinked our beakers, and sipped warm tea.  Alicia is a damn good, loving woman.