Stinking Piece Of Trash

Jenna’s a prostitute needing ‘rude’ degradation

It was 2:30 one August, Sunday morning in the 80’s.

Jenna, a red-haired, 21-y/o single, was standing in the doorway at The Eros Adult Theater while remembering when she was 16 and her boyfriend had shown her a Hustler Magazine.

The pictures in it had inflamed her mind before he’d roughly popped her cherries.

Having done that, he’d passed her around to his friends as if she was a mere object.

However, she developed into a buxom wench, realizing that marketing herself would get her countless dicks.

She also was wearing short dress and high-heeled shoes.

And she’d barely started smoking when 2 handsome white men appeared.

‘I’m Dylan and this is my buddy, Troy. What’s your name, honey,’ the taller guy asked.


‘That’s almost as beautiful as you, though are you a whore?’ Troy said.

‘You’re a slut, aren’t you?’ Dylan interjected.

‘A commercial slut,’ Jenna answered.

‘Women are dirty by nature,’ Troy responded.

‘We dumped our girlfriends because they aren’t dirty enough,’ Dylan informed Jenna.

‘I’ll replace them,’ she volunteered her services.

‘How much will that cost us?’ Troy asked.

‘One-hundred dollars apiece,’ she replied.

‘Okay,’ – and Dylan handed her the money while Troy knocked her cigarette to the ground and sneered, ‘Something bigger than that belongs in your filthy mouth!’

‘Yeah!’ Dylan answered as he reached inside her dress and groped her udders.

‘You’re hot cow,’ he remarked. ‘Thanks,’ Jenna replied.

‘You’re welcome. But where are we going to fuck you?’ Dylan questioned her.

‘Follow me,’ Jenna said as she accompanied Dylan and Troy into the alley behind the theater.

Since it was deserted, she removed her dress.

‘You glorious cunt!’ Troy exclaimed.

‘You’re a fine ‘harlot’,’ Dylan used his favorite term.

‘I’m a common hooker. Degrade me!’ she implored Dylan and Troy.

‘Tell us you’re shit!’ the former indulged her as he lowered his pants to display his 8-inched cock.

‘I’m shit!’

‘Yeah, you are! On your knees and blow me! Dylan commanded Jenna before she gulped his prick into her throat.

‘Gag!’ he said while Troy dropped his jeans, clutched her flanks, raised her into a squat and pounded his 9-inched rod imto her sewer-pussy.

‘You aren’t worth 200 bucks, you stinking piece of trash!’ he snarled.

‘Un-hmmm!’ Jenna mumbled.

Nevertheless, Troy’s insult aroused her to an orgasm.

She lifted her head and wailed,’I’m cumming!’

‘I don’t care, bitch!’ he growled.

‘Me, neither!’ Dylan replied as he emptied his balls into her gullet, withdrew from it and swung his cock against her pretty face.

‘Bad girl, bad girl!’ he chanted.

‘I’m the worst!’ Jenna moaned.

‘Your mother’s even worse!’ Dylan taunted her.

‘Yeah!’ Troy laughed, then unplugged her ass and aimed his jizz into Jenna’s shoes.

‘Don’t fall,’ he warned her as he helped her to her feet.

‘You fellows are rude and I love it!’ she smiled, next, she, Troy and Dylan went to Dylan’s car, with him driving to his and Troy’s house.

They banged her for another hour and decided to become her pimps

Needless to mention, though, Jenna’s still a dirty woman, harlot, commercial slut and a whore.