College party fuck

I am Cindy. I am 22 now and I am a small petite girl. 5’3″, 100, 32a, blonde. Tight ass and tight shaved pussy. I have always been wild since I discovered sex and have tried almost everything.

During college years I loved to fuck the jocks. I was the college slut and I loved the reputation. One of the true stories was at the party my college ex-bf (Josh) hosted at his house. I was 18 then. I always dressed sexy and slutty for parties. I had my spaghetti strap black top that ended just below my tits, no bra and a short tight mini skirt showing my open tight belly. I had my fuck me heels, and a red thong. Red because you can see it in the dim light at a party.

Josh is a good looking guy who played on the college football team. He was hit on by all girls and I never cared. I had my share of guys I was having fun even though Josh thought we were exclusive for the 3 months we went around. When I showed up, he greeted me with a big hug, hands on my tight ass and whispered..’I miss that ass in my bed.’ I smiled and said he can have it in his bed anytime he wanted. I got away from him and went in to party. I was drinking, having guys grind on me at the dance floor, have me dance naughty and Josh was watching me all night. His current gf was out of town so seemed like he was lonely and horny. I was enjoying him watch me and I started to put a show for him by dancing naughty with Derek. Derek’s cock was getting a load of my ass as he grinded his hard cock in me, his hands on my belly, working their way up to my tits. I pushed my ass into him harder to feel his cock.

Sometime during that dance we started kissing. I had met Derek at the party only and he was a great kisser. We worked our way to a room upstairs that had just been vacated by another couple who must have fucked there. We were in the room, door shut but not locked. Derek pushed me to the sofa in the room, my legs open wide and resting on the sofa as he squatted between my legs and had my thongs pushed to the side as he started to eat my shaved pussy. My head rolled back on the sofa as I enjoyed him eating me. He was a great pussy eater. Within minutes he had me cumming in his mouth and I tried closing my legs but he used his strength to keep my legs open as he continued to eat me. My hands were in his hair, trying to push his face away. It was an incredible orgasm. I needed his cock.

He stood up, stripped naked and while I sat on the sofa, pushed his hard cock in my mouth. My eyes closed as his 8 inch cock stuffed and face fucked me. I like a guy using me like that and I started to suck him hard. With my eyes closed I felt his hands on my tits, pulling my straps off my shoulder to leave my top wrapped around my waist. But the hands were two, one on each breast but I had a hand in my hair pulling my face on Derek’s cock. I opened my eyes to see Josh was in the room too playing with my tits. I was shocked for a second but I continued sucking. Josh smiled and told Derek, ‘see I knew the slut wold not mind’. While Derek face fucked me, I had Josh’s cock in my hand and was stroking it too. After a few minutes, they pulled away, picked me up, pulled my skirt and thongs down and threw me on the bed with my heels and top around my waist. Derek told Josh he gets to fuck first. I liked that as I had never been with derek and wanted his cock in me first.

Derek laid down and asked me to fuck him like a cow girl. I was on top of his hard cock and had it in my wet pussy deep. I started to ride him and his hands were on my tits. Josh stood on the bed with his legs across Derek and I sucked him while Derek fucked me. It was funny to watch Derek staring at the ass and balls of Josh. But I had 2 of my holes filled and I was not complaining. They both did well. I knew Josh could hold for long and so I sucked him hard. About 2 minutes later Derek was cumming, cumming hard in my pussy. His hot cum hit so deep in me that it made me cum. I almost bit Josh’s cock in excitement. Josh got off and pulled me away from Derek. He took me back to the sofa, had me go doggy style on the sofa with my arms over the back of the sofa. He stood and pushed his cock in my pussy. He always was a good fuck and he knew how to fuck me and play with my clit doggy style. I enjoyed his hard animal like fucking. He wanted to cum in my ass.

He pulled out, lubed my ass a little and pushed his hard cock in my ass. He fucked me and fucked me good till he came in my ass. Derek was lying and watching us fuck. Once Josh pulled out Derek told he never fucked an ass. So i went over to him, started to suck his limp cock, got it hard and asked him to fuck my ass. Josh had already left and Derek was all alone with me. I broke his anal virginity that night. He loved fucking me in my ass and ended up shooting another load in my ass.

We cleaned and went down to the party but derek got to keep my panties as a remembrance.

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