Straight Boy

Ali was a young Bengali boy who was gay, he had tried to keep it quiet for fear of what would happen if it was found out that he was gay, but despite all of his best efforts it became known that he was gay and the Bengali community disowned him and would have nothing to do with him, they said that he was evil and the devils child, Ali found it difficult to live in the town and despite not having any where to live he stuck with living in the town and put up with the bullying and verbal abuse that he often got. Ali would often sleep in the derelict railway station on the edge of the town where it was normally quiet. One night as he was in the disused station he saw his sisters boyfriend Asif who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Ali had seen Asif in the shower and had admired his muscular body and six inch dick, Asif had been friendly with Ali till it was discovered that Ali was gay now he was not as friendly. Ali saw that Asif was undoing his jeans and thought oh good I am going to see his dick again and when Asif pulled his dick out Ali smiled Asif had an eight inch erection, Asif walked to a wall with his solid dick out in front of him leant against the wall and started to jerk his dick, Ali watched in awe as Asif jerked and after five minutes Ali thought very nice when Asif squirted his cum in four long spurts. After five minutes Asif left the old building as he did he looked round and saw Ali looking from one of the broken upper floor windows, the following night Asif was back at the old station and when he saw Ali asked him what he had seen , Ali did not reply, Asif then said ” did you see my cock” when Ali told him that he had, Asif said ” fucking hell if you saw my cock last night that means you saw it when I had a hard on” Ali nodded, Asif said ” you saw me have a wank” again Ali nodded Asif added and saw me shoot my spunk, after Ali had said that he had, Asif said ” fuck under street gang rules if a girl catches a boy wanking off and spanking off the girl is allowed to spank the boys bare bum” Ali smiled and said ” so that means I get to spank your bare bum so you better get your jeans down” Ali watched as Asif started to undo his jeans and when they were undone Ali smiled when he saw that Asif’s dick was semi erect pointing out straight in front of him and with in seconds Asif had a full eight inch erection, Ali looked at it and said ” it looks as if you need another wank” Asif said ” you want to watch me wank instead of spanking me” when Ali nodded Asif started to jerk, Ali stood watching and after five minutes when Asif squirted cum in five spurts Ali said cool” after he had put his dick away Asif said ” you have now seen me spunk off twice” Ali nodded Asif then said ” better make sure you don’t see me spunk up a third time” and left, a few days later, Ali saw Asif in the old station using his phone and heard him say , the queer boy is in town and after a pause say come on I got a hard cock thinking about you and after a further pause say I suppose I got to wank off then and after putting his phone away pulled his dick out and started to jerk off after shooting his cum and cleaning up Asif walked home thinking what more have I got to do to get you to fuck my bum. The next night after chatting to Ali and telling him that under street rules because he had been caught wanking three times by a queer boy the queer boy could fuck his bum, Asif stripped naked and after a few minutes Ali was pushing his dick into Asif’s tight bum as it slid in Asif cried out and after Ali had thrust in and out of Asif bum for ten minutes Asif felt the warm damp splatterings of cum on his back. As he walked home Asif thought now I know how a girl feels when she gets fucked but I will certainly not be finding out again.