I sit on the edge of the bed watching the light under the bathroom door, the rest of the room lit by the moon reflected on the snow outside. The room is a bit chilly making my nipple stand erect under the light white tank top I am wearing. I resist the urge to get up and turn up the heat, the chill making me feel alive.

I hear the shower running and know the bathroom is filled with steam from the super hot shower he enjoys taking after a long day. I think about sliding into the shower with him, the raw need in me is almost overwhelming.

I am not sure where it comes from but some days it sneaks up on me, taking over all my senses. It is a blessing that it is not always there, some days it can be satisfied by a little attention in the shower or some casual rubbing in the middle of the day while I take a break from my work as a software architect. Working from home does have its perks.
Today the need has reached a level of intensity that demands a different sort of solution. I sit on the bed, head bowed slightly, hair still damp from my own shower taken right before he arrived home. My shower was long and equally as hot. Shaving and unnecessarily re-shaving my pussy and ass so I could spend time spreading shaving cream and then moisturizing cream on them. Giving myself a bit of attention but not too much. I pulled on my jeans quickly without underwear as he pulled into the driveway.

As I sit here I can feel the seam of my jeans pressing into my wet pussy causing me to squirm a bit. I can actually sense the subtle scent of my hot skin and sex filling my head, elevating my need even more.

I hope he gets the hints, he usually does. We are usually equals in the bedroom, both taking turns to ensure the other is satisfied, almost no inhibitions limiting our explorations. Tonight is different, I feel like a caged animal. He knows in this mood I need to be taken, softly, gently, but taken. He needs to take control, to let me give myself over to the pleasure, to give myself to him, to be taken, ravaged. He needs to slay the beast and put it back in the cage.

I squirm again, wondering when he will finish his shower. I can feel my pussy leaking, my clit swelling, needing attention. My nipples are hard against my cotton shirt. I move back and forth to rub them on the material. This movement is not, in any way, satisfying, and only serves to increase my need.

I wonder if he will use any toys, or will he simply use his mouth, fingers and beautiful cock. I reach up to pinch my nipple at the thought of his cock. Not too big, not too small, fitting in my mouth, among other places, perfectly. I hope maybe tonight he will get out the nipple clamps, my pinched nipples cry out for more attention. I reach up with both hands and pinch hard, a slight moan escapes from my mouth. I roll them between thumb and finger, electric shocks shooting from them to my clit. I could come from more of this.

My imagination beings to run wild as I roll my nipples, pinching harder. I remember a couple nights ago as I took him in my mouth to finish him off. I had just orgasmed while riding his cock, rubbing my clit hard against his strong belly, his cock deep inside me, his hands on my breasts. I knew he was close and wanted to feel him come in my mouth. Moving up a bit and allowing his cock to slip out of me generated some disappointed sounds. Moving down between his legs I took him in my mouth, getting more approving sounds in return. I could taste my recent orgasm on him.

Using only my mouth, one hand playing with my nipples, the other rubbing my clit, I twirled my tongue around his swollen head. I alternated the attention of my tongue with the pressure of my mouth as I took his cock as far into my throat as I could. As his hips began to buck I increased the pressure on my clit. I felt the hot spurts hit the back of my throat as my second orgasm washed over me.

The memory of his come filling my mouth is enough to set me off. I start to come while pinching my nipples. Rubbing my clit on the raw seam of my jeans I can feel the spasms beginning, the wetness doubling. It is a small one but hopefully, it will calm the pressure for a few minutes.

Finally, the shower stops. I hear him rummaging around in the bathroom, frustrated I almost call out. The door opens and he is silhouetted in the doorway. It takes him a few seconds to take in the scene. Me sitting on the bed, head down, hair covering most of my face. I know he can smell my orgasm in the room.

Sometimes when I am like this he will just take me, pulling down my jeans just enough to give him access to my wet pussy. Bent over the bed, his thrusts providing the pressure I need to come hard. His hot come filled my pussy to provide the finale to our session.

Tonight he just walks over and lifts my head to kiss me hard. Tongue probing my mouth, lips hard on mine. He reaches down to cup my breast, thumb rubbing circles on my nipple. His towel drops as he kisses me, and I can feel his hardening cock growing towards my belly. He winds his fingers through my hair as he pulls my head back to look at me. I gasp at the pressure on my scalp. He knows, he is taking control. My body wants to collapse into his, to submit entirely. His mouth moves to my neck, tongue twirling around, under my jaw, back to my mouth.

I feel him reach down, grab my shirt and pull it over my head exposing my heavy breasts. They are not huge but not small, I can feel his hand weighing one, thumb continuing on its journey around my nipple.
I know not to initiate anything, he will take control, guiding me as required.

I feel a second-hand move to my other breast, squeezing them the way I like. Pinching my nipples, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My head falls back as his mouth and tongue return to my neck.

I let out a disappointed gasp as his hands leave my breasts. I quickly realize that he has reached down and is undoing my jeans, a smile replaces my disappointed scowl. Pushing me back on the bed he pulls my jeans down my legs and off. Pulling me back up to sit, he grabs my hair again to slowly guide his now rock-hard cock into my mouth. Hands on both sides of my head, he guides me forward. He moves my head to a point where I can just reach the tip with my tongue. I flick my tongue out to lick the head, swirling it around as much as I can. The taste of his pre-cum fills my senses. My hands return to my nipples, insistent in their pinching. My nipples swell even more at the attention.

A minute of this, longer, teasing me. I strain forward to taste more of him and suddenly he is guiding his cock into my mouth. Just a bit at first but slowly more and more, deeper and deeper. I know I can take most of it, he knows my limits, I trust him. Slowly at first, then quicker, he fucks my mouth. I look up to see his eyes closed in concentration. I know he has come quickly doing this but hope he realizes how badly I need attention. I hope, know, trust he knows is building the need in me to the bursting point.

Continuing to hold my head he pushes his cock into my mouth and leaves it as deep as I can handle. His fingers interlaced in my hair. Rocking back and forth slightly I can feel it rubbing against the back of my throat. I can barely breathe. I am swirling my tongue around his cock, feeling the swollen veins, wanting him to fill my mouth. As I begin to feel the panic from lack of breath I feel his cock slide out again to give me a quick breath. Two quick gasps and I lean back into his belly as he pushes back deep into my mouth. My tongue reaches out and licks his balls, my spit soaking his cock. Again and again and again. My nipples are aching, my pussy dripping, desperate for attention. Spit drips down my chin, I reach up and wipe it away, using the lubrication on my nipples as my pinches become harder and more urgent.

Suddenly all sensation is gone. His hand leaves my head, his cock slides out of my mouth. I gasp with shock. He takes his wet cock in his hands, standing back slightly so I can watch, stroking it, making me lust after it. Moving closer again he grabs the back of my head, pulling my mouth to his freshly shaven balls. I lick around the sensitive area, watching him stroke himself out of the corner of my eye. Licking around, sucking them into my mouth, teasing the sensitive area leading to his ass. He has come like this many times, I love to feel his come spurt over my hair and back.

My senses fill with the smell and taste of him. I want everything, anything, now, forever. Every nerve feels alive, I don’t know what to touch to increase the pleasure. One of my hands drops from my breast to my dripping pussy. I slide lightly across my swollen clit, between the gaping lips. My pussy is dripping, demanding attention, gaping, wanting to be stretched and filled. My fingers caress the smooth skin, inside, outside, around, rubbing the wetness into every fold.

Suddenly I am standing. I am only an inch shorter than him but he is much stronger than I am. I love when he moves my body around, I feel like I could not resist him even if I wanted. He turns me around and I feel his wet cock sliding into the crack of my ass. He pushes me forward onto the bed. I collapse onto my belly as I feel his hands grab my hips and pull them up. I am now chest and face down on the bed with my ass obscenely pushed up in the air, like some erotic yoga pose. I feel his tongue moving slowly up the crack of my ass, probing down towards my pussy to then continue up my ass to my back. This is repeated over and over as I despair for more direct contact.


I realize he is lubing up everything as he climbs on the bed behind me to place his cock into my slippery crevice. I feel his length gliding across my ass, the head sliding back down towards my pussy, to then repeat the process. I spread my knees to give him more access. I want to reach back to spread myself for him, desperately wanting some probing instead of rubbing. I feel his hands grab my arms and pin them behind my back. With one hand he holds both my arms, pushing my chest further into the bed. His cock stops its motion at the entrance to my soaked, quivering pussy.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he rubs the head of his cock against my clit and over my pussy, opening my wet hole a bit more each time. Up and down, repeating this for what seems like a lifetime I feel a spasm as another small orgasm escapes me. I gasp out my pleasure and with that gasp I feel his length push forward, meeting no resistance as it slides into my hot depths. He slowly pulls out only to push his entire length back into me. My small orgasm is drawn out to a much longer one by this motion. I am like a desert wanderer at an oasis. A small drink of water is heaven but the need for more remains intense. There are other levels to reach before the beast is back in its cage.

Pulling out entirely he rolls me over onto my back, moving my hands to my breasts. He kneels between my legs, stroking his swollen cock.

“Play with your nipples,” he commands.

I need no encouragement. I begin to pinch and roll my nipples as before, my legs spreading wider. I am fixated on his cock, watching his hand covering the length slowly. I can see small drops of clear pre-cum forming at the tip as his strong grip pulls forward over the head. I want to taste it again. I want to see his come spurt out, to feel the heat as it falls on my stomach, my breasts, in my mouth. He is rubbing very slowly and thinking the same thing, I know he is at the limit of his resolve.

I pull my knees back as far as I can, exposing my twitching pussy to him, begging him with my eyes to touch it, to ravage it. Slowly he bends over and runs his tongue up the length of my wet slit. Ending at my clit he wraps his lips around it and sucks. Each time he does this he rubs my clit with his tongue and bites it as he sucks it into his mouth. The feeling is so intense it is almost unbearable. Letting go while he runs his tongue down my pussy to my ass, back up to suck my clit again. Repeating this he brings me to a new level. I continue to pinch my swollen nipples as he sucks hard on my clit. I feel another orgasm wash over me as I cover his face in my wetness. He licks and sucks on my clit as the spasms subside, my hips bucking as my clit becomes too sensitive for any touch while I recover.

As my breathing slows, I feel his tongue return to my pussy. Avoiding my clit for now he probes my wet folds, lapping up my wetness. I love to feel his tongue inside me, probing my depths, opening me up. I feel his hands on my knees pushing them back towards my shoulders.

“Hold them,” he commands.

I grab my knees to pull them back, spreading myself as wide as I can. I am glad I am flexible as I hook my elbows behind my knees to hold them, freeing my hands to continue to play with my nipples.

My hips rotate up exposing my ass to him. I feel totally exposed, vulnerable, out of control. I know what is coming, what I hope is coming. The mere thought almost sends me over the edge again.

His tongue begins to explore my ass, licking around everywhere while tickling the entrance, probing slightly. My body responds intensely. When I need to be taken, a cock pushing deep in my ass is the ultimate release. It is a primal feeling, raw, dirty, a feeling of being possessed. I know he will ignore my pussy now, leaving that to me, if necessary. He will focus only on my ass. God, I love having my ass fucked properly, the orgasms build more slowly but end much more intensely.

I have only given my ass to two men. They both knew how and when to take me.

Many men have wanted to fuck my ass. It is round and strong from running and weights. I like to show it off in tight jeans and yoga pants. I am always freshly shaved, everywhere. I love to play with my ass as they lick my pussy or fuck me. Most men struggle with the idea of a woman taking charge of her own pleasure. They see me stroking my ass and figure I want them to have a poke at it.

“Focus on my pussy, fuck me harder,” I tell them.

Most (all?) men want to fuck your ass, most do not have the slightest idea how to do it properly. Many have begged, pleaded or simply tried without any invitation or preamble. That is always contrary to what my body wants. They need to know when I require it, they need to build to it, and when it is time I will beg them to take it.

His tongue continues to work at my ass, his hands playing with my cheeks, kneading the strong muscles, playing with my tight entrance, pulling it open for his tongue. I feel my body relaxing, opening. His tongue continues to swirl around, probing deeper and deeper.

I move my hands to my pussy, pulling it open with my fingers while my thumb circles my clit. I mirror his tongue and fingers’ motion on my pussy. Pushing fingers inside, pulling it open, watching my wetness drip down my ass to his waiting tongue.

There is no resistance as first one finger, then a second push through the tight opening to loosen and lubricate. Slowly he moves his fingers in and out as he watches me stretch my pussy open. He is knuckle-deep in me now, sliding back and forth.

“More,” I beg.

He lubricates up a third finger, I feel my ass stretched out further. In and out, I have lost all concept of time as I give in to the intensity of the sensations.

I am ready. I need the pounding, I need to feel the pressure in my stomach as his cock fills my ass. I pull on his shoulders urgently.

“Fuck me, now, please,” I beg.

He ignores me at first, continuing to fuck me slowly with his fingers. Finally, with a smile he slides up onto his knees, his hands pushing my knees back further, positioning my ass right in front of his hard cock. I know I will come as soon as he enters me, I always do. The feeling of total possession is too much for my body to resist.

I feel the head of his cock at my tight opening. It probes slowly, I can feel my orgasm approaching but then he pulls back. My disappointment is evident in my face, causing him to smile again. My orgasm recedes slightly until he begins to push back in. Wider and wider my ass opens for him, the anticipation is overwhelming. At each push, just as my orgasm threatens to overtake me he pulls back. I am frantic, my hands reach under my ass to push it further towards him, spreading my ass so there is no resistance. His hands are on my breasts squeezing and pinching.

Once again he pushed his cock into my ass, this time I feel the slight pop as the head of his cock passes the tight opening. He stops there and I come hard. My stomach clenches as my ass contracts around his cock. He stays still as my orgasm peaks, playing with my breasts, waiting for the spasms to stop.

My breath is ragged, I finally open my eyes, seeing that he surges forward. He pushes as far in as he can, and stops. I gasp at the pressure. I look into his eyes, pleading. He starts moving in and out, his strong muscular thighs driving his hard length into me. With ever increasing speed he is fucking me, hard.

I feel another orgasm starting, he can sense it, the pressure on his cock increasing but he doesn’t stop. I marvel at his control though I know it sits on a knife’s edge. He fucks me through that orgasm and into the start of a second. I feel his cock growing in my ass as his own orgasm approaches.

“Come in my mouth,” I ask him.

He looks at me, sees the need in my eyes, and responds. Pulling his cock slowly from my ass, the sudden emptiness is shocking. Quickly cleaning his cock he moves up to straddle my chest, my breasts squished beneath him. He grabs my head again, placing his cock at my lips. Grabbing the sides of my head, he again guides his cock into my mouth. It feels twice a big as before, stretching my lips, filling my mouth.

My hands are on my pussy, four fingers deep inside, fucking myself. My other hand rubs my clit frantically. I have no idea how many times I have come but I need more.

He moves his cock in my mouth slowly. I know he is ready to come and is just stretching it out as long as possible. His cock is leaking continually now. With a small grunt, his come jets out in one short burst. I love this part. There is always one or two small spurts right before his orgasm hits. The taste of him fills my mouth and I clamp down hard. He pushes into my mouth with earnest. He is over he edge now, we both know it.

My fingers work my pussy like crazy. I feel his cock swell as he comes, jet after jet filling my mouth. The hot come taste filling my sense. My own orgasm overtakes me, my pussy squirting in time with his orgasm. I struggle to swallow it. I suck and lick until his cock is too sensitive for more attention. He releases my head and kisses me, sharing the taste of his orgasm on my lips.

With a sigh, he collapses beside me. I squirm up the bed and pull the comforter over us. The beast is back in the cage, I am satisfied until next time.