Being Bi at Home 1959-61 – Part 3

After our night at the Hotel I woke up feeling very tired and needed the full English Breakfast Betty had ordered for me, Alex had already left the Hotel and Aunty Betty had a lot of things she wished to talk to me about. You now know that I am enjoying sex with you but if you don’t already know Wendy and Vicky have had sex with me to, Wendy was the first but she told Vicky and she demanded from me that she had my attention to, Jane also joined us all in bed on a sleep over night two months ago and enjoyed being the mew member to our little circle. Alex, she continued, is 100% gay so we just enjoy going out for fun and we pick up people for the night in clubs and pub’s, thought it best if I came clean with you as now we have had some most enjoyable sex and we are going to be staying at your house in a few day’s time were I hope we will enjoy a great deal more, you fuck with love Julian not with lust and I love that, also you being bi turns me on to and so it does my two girls, they enjoy your attentions very much and I like knowing they are being fucked by a person who cares for them both not putting one before the other. Al the time she had been talking Aunty Betty had been sat naked at the table with my eyes fixed on her lovely figure and stunning breasts, my cock hard in my shorts, my mind on how nice it would be back in Wembley Park in two days time with these three women and my cousin Rosemary to have fun with all bi sexual and horny for cock to.

Back at the house Wendy fussed around me and asked about the show and how was the meal at the hotel, I told it was all wonderful but knew she was trying to get more detail than that so I told her to wait till Aunty Betty had left for the shops before I would speak to her about it.

Betty went out and within two seconds Wendy was there, well she said spill the details, I told her slowly how the night had gone and her Mother dressing me as a girl and then how Alex had fucked me after undressing me while licking her Mothers pussy, Wendy loved that, wow she said a bi three some, yes I said and he made me feel so much pleasure and filled me with his cum. I was still horny and hard so Alex got me to give Betty a deep slow anal fuck which made us both come loads at the same time, I explained that more cock for me came later in bed and I made Betty happy to from behind as I was being fucked by Alex and god that was so good all three could come and did your Mother three times bless her. Wendy laughed, so happy Mum got her dose of cum from you she has been wanting you to fuck her since she read the letters from Rosemary about things going on in Wembley, I will tell Vicky all the good news she will love it, just hope you will not forget us when being needed by Mum for a seeing to. No chance of that I said I adore fucking you and you take my cock in so deep it feels like it is being held in place and milked and the pleasure from that is so much you have no idea. Vicky likes both holes drilled so nothing to not like about that. So do I Wendy said with a point to make, I finger myself there and imagine you fucking me and spurting your cum inside me and me leaving it to slowly drip away into my panties as I walk around after we finish.

Travel day arrived and we piled into the car and set off early for Wembley, the journey took four hours and we were all glad to get out of the car on our arrival, My Mother was at the door and happy to see us as she was due to leave for her holiday in Devon in two hours, this gave the Mum’s time to talk and us to sort out cases and who was having which room, I wanted the girls to spend alternate nights in my bed if possible but would have to see what Betty said after my Mum was gone.

Mum left and we all let out a sigh of relief, now we could plan for our next two weeks of fun, Betty was good she made house rules for us all, I was not allowed to wear under pants and if the girls wished to play or use my cock in or outside the house, I must let them, I was happy with that rule right off. The girls to had a no panty rule including Betty and when Rosemary arrived she had to comply with the rule to. They also had to remain bra less and short skirts or dresses only to be worn, evenings inside they could go naked if they wished and so could I, liked that one a whole lot. Rosemary fancied a little play with Vicky and as they had to remove panties and change skirts they went upstairs for it, while I was commanded by Betty to remove both her and Wendy’s panties in the kitchen and play started. I went upstairs to watch Rose and Vicky for a start Rose enjoyed being watched and Vicky and her had a short fingering practice last time Vicky visited my home a while back, then I noticed they watched each other a lot and one day when were out on Barn Hill for a walk they started to grope each other when we were laying in the long grass, my attention was only drawn to their play by the girl Rossel who was my girl for the day back then. She had put her finger to her lips and then pointed to the girls, Rose had her hand up Vicky’s skirt and just visible I could see she had pulled the girls panties down her thighs and her hand was working its fingers inside a panting girls pussy. Vicky was moving her bottom up and down working the fingers inside her to give the very best pleasure she could get, her breathing heavy and her eyes closed. That time Rose had got Vicky so wet and as time to go came she removed her hand and sucked it clean making sure I could see her doing it, later she told me all about how easy Vicky had fallen to her advances and had drawn her had to the hem of her skirt right from the start so she wanted it bad and made sure Rose knew it. Bless them they were in my room now and both kneeling on the bed and kissing while their hands were exploring each others now exposed breasts, both naked I went to the drawer and took out my camera and took some shots to enjoy when the visit was over, each one as close as possible to get real detail of every area being probed.

Rose pushed Vicky down on the bed and as Vicky straightened her legs she moved between them to attack the now exposed pussy with its shaved lips and small triangle of pubic hair above. Vicky not only welcomed her, she raised her Pelvis to make her sexy sweet pussy line up with the on coming hungry mouth, its tongue ready to sample her inner wetness visible already on the partly open lips so welcoming before it. Head down and in place and hands stretched to both breasts, the opening chapter of sex began for these two with me keeping a photo record as it went on. The first climax came quickly as the snake like tongue whipped the now firm clit of Vicky, she was unable to or wished to hold back from what she had told me was a fantasy of hers. She had dreams of Rose taking her and had woken up wet and so hot after a few of them, she was ready for all Rose could give and take from her and when a hand firmly squeezed inside her and with care, slowly fisted her she let all her desire come right out and shouted out, fuck me Rose, please fuck me hard, Rose had no hesitation she fist fucked her as fast as she could and made her buck and shudder under her non stop piston action. Now deep within the girls pleasure zone and bringing a constant need to orgasm having no control on her sexual reactions to this mind blowing action, part of her wished to say stop but her greed for pleasure made her endure what was so high on the scale of delights it was nearly pain. The final straw came when Rose sucked her clit while she fist fucked her and this made all the pleasure rise to a level she had never known before and was not able to hold back the mighty power behind the massive squirt that came from her like a fire hose going all over forcing Rose’s hand out of her pussy. Wow girl Rose said, that was some climax girl, Vicky half laughed and half cried it had bought so much emotion with it. You can fuck me forever Vicky said, That was so perfect and used 100% of my feelings with it, wow it was so good I will be your slave for this stay and you can fuck me any time you feel the urge, please say yes. Rose kissed her on the nose and said yes, you can be my number one whore but you must do every thing I tell you to do without question is that understood. Vicky said yes and promised her she would obey all requests without question, good said Rose, you can start by licking all the cum up and make this bed clean, yes Vicky said and started to sort out the mess of my bed and room.

I was just about to leave the room when Rose grabbed me, I have need of you she said, sit on the chair and let me sit on that hard cock which we can’t let got to waste, I sat on the chair and let my cock out of my shorts, Rose her wet pussy ready for me, sat straight down on me fully taking me right up to my balls inside her warm very wet treasure chest of a pussy. We have had sex together many times and she always gives me a really great ride, this tie as she moved up and down on me she started to talk, now and then a gasp would make a gap in the words as she took my cock right inside the inner neck of heaven. I have a new girl friend who lives just down the road, she is what I want for a new fuck babe but she knows about you from my friends and is looking to be a name on your list of conquests, she has a dirty mind so if we play it right might fit in to what is going on for the next two weeks while Betty is here with the girls. Well I said the only way that will work is if you like me are straight with Betty and tell her what you have in mind she may surprise you with a good plan of attack on this new crush you have found. Has she had girl action before? No Rose said but she has touched me a lot when talking and I did put my tit in a position it had to get touched for her to move and she did that without any qualm at all. At this stage of the chat I am so close to coming I just had to pull her down hard on to my lap and shoot my load, it was so good after watching them my balls were full of cum just waiting to be used. She sat still on my cock for some time and went on with her talk, I will see Betty and ask what we can do, what is the girls name I said, Sue she replied, may know her I thought, ok have a chat with Betty. Vicky, Rose commanded, suck the cum from Julian as I get off his lap and then like a good girl come and see to me will you, oh yes Vicky said with a large grin on her face and dived on my wet juice coated cock but in haste as she wanted to re establish her knowledge of Rose in all her intermit parts with her lips tongue and fingers. When finished with me Vicky went down on Rose who lay on the floor her legs wide apart and a cushion under her bottom to lift her pussy to a comfortable licking level for Vicky to devour it cum and make new juices flow as she removed the ones left by me. Rose was very soon enjoying the exploration of her inner pussy lips and the fresh supply of her cum came quickly to replace that now working its way slowly down the throat of the happy Vicky. I left them alone and put my shorts back on and went to see if Betty was back from the shops to get an Idea of what she had planned for the next few days of fun and check my camera had plenty of film in it for any chances of good pics when we were at it fucking again. First I needed two things, one was a guy for me to have my fun with and another to add a cock to help keep these girls hot and cum filled while we were free to have sex without a whim at any time. I phoned my friend Geoff and asked if he still fancied me as he is gay also from the changing room at the swimming pool, I know he has a nice big cock and when I took my trunks off he got all hard and I wished I had sucked it right then but was not sure back then. Geoff said he would love to have some fun with me and maybe could arrange a split roast if I did not mind two guy’s having some fun with me one night, I told him straight out I would love the chance to play with two cocks and have them fuck me full of cum to. Betty came back from the shops and I told her what I had done but that the night was not fixed yet, she said her thoughts were that the girls would enjoy watching me have my butt fucked by two young stud’s so would I mind them watching, I told her it would be fine and the knowledge they are looking would make me more horny and do my best to make it good for them to see. Betty now had the job of making our holiday sexy but fun and judging from the faces on Rose and Vicky who just entered the room we were half way there already, Betty asked Vicky if she had enjoyed having a taste of Roses pussy and after a little flushness said out load, god Mum she was so tasty and comes so many times I love it, she licked me into 4 orgasms to and I feel so good, thanks for bringing us here Mum. Betty said she wanted her girls to get all the sex they want and not have a worry about her feelings she would hunt for her own fun without a fear and I could vouch for that.

Betty was not slow in finding a little new flesh for our pot, she wanted the evening to be a hot one so she told me she was going to pop out and but some Cider for us to loosen up our shyness now we were with Rose and girl on girl would play a big part in the coming fun time agender. On her return Betty had bought a whole load of stuff, Cider, White Wine, Martini and lots of sweets and crisps, not forgetting Flakes a whole box full. She called me over and told me she had come across two girls in the street who live up Barn Hill and chatting to them found out that they would like to come round and join in our little get together tonight, both 16 one called Donna, thin but well built, the other called Rea she had a figure to die for I was informed. Right I said, what time do they arrive here then, oh around seven Betty said and I thought you might like to try and get them to have a 3 some with you and see how far, with a little of my help she said, you can get them to go maybe even join in with Rose on the girly front. I had a picture in my mind of what the night would be like and was hot at the thought of it with new girls in the mix. Don’t suppose you told them the dress rules I said, well I did hint a way to get noticed was to flash some body about and Donna had already shown me her butt by hauling up her skirt and sticking it out for me to touch and her panties were very small, as I groped her butt she shivered with my touch so she will be hot to trot.

Food eaten and all cleared away we got the room sorted for our little party, drinks and snacks all arranged and the girls all cleaned up and dressed in tops and short skirts only, Rose had on a pink skating skirt and that covered very little as she moved around the room, Wendy to had chosen a very short blue one also pleasing to my eyes as she flashed her lovely round bottom cheeks when she bent forward, such a turn on to. Vicky with permission from her Mum had just a black baby doll nighty that was shear and showed flashes on the naked body inside it, wow she is such a temptress she means to get all the sex she can from these girls. I had a pair of short style shorts and a tee shirt only and my cock was visible through the material as Wendy kept pointing out to e as she tried to touch it as I passed. Now Betty had a white very short dress on which showed her fab breasts off and her pointing out nipples so well it was as if she wore nothing, what a lucky boy to have a sex mad Aunt who had such a total open mind as to how were and with who.

The door bell rang and Betty went to answer it, from the conversations it was the girls and Betty guided them upstairs so they could change as at home they would not have got away with leaving in the things they had chosen for the night. Betty took them into my room and showed them were they could put the clothes they had worn on arriving and were the bathroom and loo were. I could hear some giggles and Betty making some sounds of delight to in short she was watching them both remove the clothes they had on and ran here hands over the two new and very willing bodies, Donna said how happy they were to meet a Women of Betty’s age with daughters who actually understood how they needed sex and the freedom to choose who with and when taking the odd risk to fill a fantasy long held and try out new things. Betty asked them if they had ever had a 3 some and Rea said no but that she had dreamed of it a few times, the thing was she had slept over at Donna’s house a few times and they had played with each other and had used fingers in each other to cum both loving the thrill of being a girl, Donna smiled and told Betty they were really looking forward to feeling free and horny all night as each had said they were staying over with the other one.

Betty shouted down for me to go upstairs to my room so like a shot I went up, at my room door Betty said, your reward is ready young man and let me in. The two girls stood naked at the foot of my bed and boy they were so lovely, Donna stepped forward and told me her name with a big smile on her face, then Rea did the same and I told them I was Julian and very happy to meet them, Donna was the leanest of the two but had a lovely body, long blond hair and a shaved pussy with a tuft of pubic hair above as if to crown the jewel. Her nipples were firm and a light brown surround set them off on the pointed shaped breasts I really like, her bottom was firm and again a shape that made me wish to eat it, in all perfect. Rea was a little more on the plump side but not a bit of fat just more to her body which went so well with her innocent looking face, her hair darker than Donna’s and shorter just down to the shoulders. Her breasts round and firm with dark ripe nipples crowning the tempting goods, her pussy was totally without any pubic hair and as she followed my gaze she said, did it special for tonight as Betty said you liked it hairless for closer tongue work and exploration. Yes I said, it is just as I like and your bottom is also an object for me to enjoy exploration later, I am happy you are both staying over night and I am sure you will be welcomed by the girls when you are ready, just on more thing I am bi and thought it only right you should know before we enter into a friendship, which I do hope will last, you are both lovely and I will try to make you enjoy every visit you make to my home in the future. I left the room and the girls to get ready, Betty came down stairs with me and said she was pleased I liked her gift, how on earth she managed to pick them up I will never know but she does look a lot younger than she is by far, had my cock hard as soon as she let a little panty show and her cleavage leading to the display of two special globes.

We joined the girls and all had a drink so when the two newbies arrived downstairs we were all ready to be very friendly, Donner had a Blue see through dress on and Rea a red one, wow talk about a menu for sex they looked good enough to eat and I promised myself I would eat as much as I could very soon. Wendy came over and said watch it Julian I want your cock after tonight as does Mum and Vicky and I think Rose will be up for some to so don’t use all your seed in one go ok? I laughed and so did the girls finding out for the first time that they had all had me at some stage. Donna said, she would try to leave a space on my cock were no nibble marks were visible and that got a laugh from Betty. Rose was looking over the two bodies with intent to fuck them at some stage and she had a special grin when looking over Rea so she came over and told her who she was, with that she asked if Rea minded her looking her over a little later and Rea with a shaky reply said yes. We were all lounging around on the floor and the two girls each side of me Donna very close and her hand on my leg within seconds moving slowly up an down to my crotch, this felt so good and guided by her words even better, she told me they had made a promise to have all they could from the night so no limits would apply, that pleased me a whole lot I can tell you. Just as Rae joined in by putting her hand on my other leg and starting to move it north towards my joy zone the front door bell rang, I had to go as in one way I was the only person not half naked in the house, off I went and opened the door, wow shock, it was Lorna an old date of mine who was knocked off my list for not allowing my hands to wonder and my fingers to be inserted in her Pussy, hi I said, what can I do for you. She looked at the floor and said she was sorry for her attitude on our last date, that’s ok I said, life goes on for us both anyway. Well I wished to let you know I would like to try again if you are willing, I took a deep breath and told her that right now I was in the middle of a sex orgy consisting of 5 women and one guy, Lorna looked at me and asked if I was kidding, no I said, one of the girls is my very sexy Aunt and three of the girls are my relations to, she chuckled thinking I was bull shitting her, really I said they are. Lorna looked shocked but just said that’s why you never had my pussy on our date, I was being fucked by my Mum and Dad, had been since I was eleven and knew it would come out if we got close so I slowed down the chances by not letting you have me but hell I wanted you to fuck me so much. I stopped her right there, if you can stay the night and at 18 you should be ok with that, just come in, take your clothes off and let the girls have you for a starter, up to you, I am going to fuck to girls in a 3 some but later who knows what will happen, up to you. She looked me straight in the eye and said yes, I pushed the door wide and let her in guiding her first to the dinning room, you can loose your clothes here for now but if I were you I would start by going straight to my Aunt and kissing her on the lips full power, show you want it and I ‘m sure you do, lot of tongues and fingers, wetness and sucking. With that I left her to get undressed and went back to the others, have a surprise for you horny girls, Lorna an old friend is coming in for you to play with but first up is Betty who can inspect your prize and give us the score she deservers ok Betty, as I said it the naked Lorna with her black hair long legs and superb breasts walked in, she held the gaze of all of them for some seconds before Betty said, this way baby Mummy wants to fuck you, Lorna went like a Rabbit in the head lights to her and kissed he full on the lips then tongued her mouth with a firm searching tongue looking for sex.

Lorna coming was good, the girls all had hands on her and Betty was down on her pussy in a flash, it was more hairy than all the others but her skin was so white and pure looking as her bottom raised to meet the fingers of Betty who was G spot bound within a already wet pussy. Short cries of lust were coming from Lorna but they were cut off as Rose had her mouth planted over Lorna’s lips and her tongue invaded her mouth with darting searches within, her hand had one breast sharing with Vicky who had her mouth over the other nibbling her nipple and squeezing the breast hard and soft as it was sucked into pleasure. Not to be left out Wendy got behind Betty and used her tongue to fill her anal passage bringing joy and pleasure from that quarter. Lorna was on her first climax as Vicky moved into a straddle position over her head and lowered her pussy on to the waiting tongue which worked hard on the wetness found on the first lick.

My girls were turned on by what was going on and my shorts were removed at speed, Lorna was so far gone with her whole body being attended to and her tongue well hard at work inside Vicky so much so Vicky was shouting out as she let more cum flow from her on fire little cunt, none went to waist in that mouth of Lorna as she had another orgasm of her own as Betty stepped up the pace inside her hairy cunt which was now flowing freely with sweet juices for the delight of waiting taste buds to enjoy. My cock had its own target in mind as Betty had her arse in the air while working hard on Lorna, her pussy was on display and wet from her high state of Horny delight from her slave down on her back being ravished by them all. Time that pussy was filled and her fucked in time with her moves on Lorna, see if I can get them to cum both at the same time. My cock first traced a path between her outer lips and picked up some wetness to aid its journey inside her but truth known it was so wet inside her my cock went straight in and deep within her, she pushed back and let out a groan and said, fuck me boy, fuck me hard, so I did watching out for Wendy who moved off Lorna’s arsehole and sucked my balls as I pounded Betty until my cock found her inner lock which took it in and held its head firm while I put all my full thrust into her and my full shower of cum. I kept pumping as long as I could till Wendy removed my cock from Betty’s pussy and sucked it clean, I moved back so she could dive on the full filled cunt and have her fill of the mixture of my and Betty’s cum for her trouble, she loved that. Betty had produced a double ended dido and fed one end inside the willing Lorna’s pussy then as she lay on her back, put the other end inside her wet cave and moved on it till they only had about 4 inches of the thing visible as the grinding in on each other started. Vicky shouted out, go Mama fuck her good and the pace got faster till Lorna screamed out as she climaxed but without them stopping she came again within seconds still being fucked hard by a now very horny Aunty of mine, God Bless her.

I was a mess within an hour having tried to fuck 4 girls and yes I did but it was not nice in the end, my cock held out but not fully hard all the time and towards the end my climax was very little, I needed a rest for a while. Rose came over and bought me some food and drink saying how she wanted me to try an anal dip with all the girls later and allow her to have my cock give her the last fuck of the night, in a quiet voice in my ear she told me she had missed my cock fucking her her on demand while I had been away at Aunty Betty’s. I told her off for writing the letters telling all my secrets and our sexual pleasures, not fair as both Wendy and Vicky were waiting for me ready to have me for all the fun they could get plus the shock of Aunty Betty fucking me to and seeing to my bi joy for my birthday. I wanted Rose always she was my first and living as we did in the same house we were able to find time to play with each other a lot. She loved to finger my arse and watch it make my cock dribble pre cum which she removed with her finger from its head and licked off then sucked her finger that had been up me to and smiled, I love it all she would say and she had plenty. Her bum also had a good fingering and she loved it to till her demand for me to work it with four fingers making her wide open and a place she liked my cock to pee in, yes she loved it all.

The Girls all finished making out together with the aid of the double ended dildo, and firm bonding had been established between a few which went on for years after this. Betty had them one by one including her daughters, this went down well with the girls, Lorna has a lovely Mother with a figure to die for and she said how she watches her undress and finds it hard not to pour over her tits and squeeze them so hard and send her Mother into a climax frenzy, she had spied on her when she had a man from work visit, Dad was at work and they were not aware Lorna was home so they had started to kiss and as that got a little hot his hands had sneaked into her Mothers blouse and under her bra pushing it up and off her breasts exposing them to his touch which as soon as he had grasped one and squeezed it, bought a sigh and a slump in the body the sign of no more resistance to his moves. His fingers had crushed and pulled her nipples and this sent her into a frenzy of lust, her had shot to his trousers and opened his fly searching with speed for his already hard cock. Fuck me she had said and started to tear at her clothes not able to get them off quick enough, fuck me me hard she kept on saying until now in her panties only Lorna saw she had already cum, they were really soaked, Dad has not given her his cock for a long time. She watched as he ploughed into her and she had multi orgasms but always wanting more till he filled her mouth with his cum and like a cat she made sure all went down her throat and none was waisted. Lorna hinted one day that her friends Mother had bought a dildo as her Father was not seeing to her and she was always bad tempered not getting her pussy serviced. Mother got one and she found it, said she used it to and had her first climax on it, clever girl.

Rose and I spent the night together I sucked her nipples and used my tongue all over her body showing the feeling I truly had for her and her breasts firmed up and enjoyed a full hour of attention even using my cock head on her nipple heads which really turned her on to make plenty of pussy wetness for my tongue as my journey took me to her lower box of jewels, a lovely tight light brown bottom entry I opened a little with my tongue making her squirm with delight each time it probed her and made it relax and give entry for me. Her pussy was so nice, the shape of the outer lips allowing a little of her clit head hood to show and opening as my tongue followed its valley and my nose took in its special scent which always made me so hot for her back and front with all the body explored before we locked together in a 69, hers all there for me and my cock and balls for her, my pre cum her 1st sample of what she would enjoy later as we knew just how each of us wanted to be taken, I would bite her bum and she my cock each looking for our pleasure as I at last mounted her and she rode back on every inner thrust I made pulling my cock home to were orgasms are made many times over, forbidden love the best of any and we used all ways to enjoy it. I released my cum in her mouth and she kissed me while it was still full in her mouth, that was a real turn on sharing the spoils of love.

Next Time, the Girls go home and Rose finds a Girl she want’s me to fuck and join in with locally and she is 18.