Susan… Part 13

Susan… Part 13

After everyone went home Kylie and I headed for a quick rinse in the shower. I expected my brother to have similar plans as this is common for us and having only two baths in the house we girls made for the larger walk-in off of Mom’s room. I know it’s uncomfortable for guys to shower together but I think most chics are ok with it.

Kylie and I have no reason at least to be shy around each other, less so than most at this point I’d guess.

Chatting amiably about the afternoon’s excitement and having been mostly forgiven my indiscretion of her own exposure through my offering her one of my most revealing bathing suits to wear, Kylie and I enjoyed a steamy hot rinse. Chlorine water is harsh on the skin and though I personally prefer it to a salt water pool, back then I am not sure it was even an option for homes where we lived. So a little soap and water, then lotion was on the immediate agenda and I suppose at some point we should get around to some school work.

At this point I suppose I had expected my horny little brother to be in his room or in the hall bath, probably masturbating like crazy to his recent memories. I won’t deny that I thought about trying to catch him in the act, just to further embarrass him. This thought was very soon proven mistaken as shortly after passing through my head the aforementioned horny bastard sauntered into the same bathroom as we were both fully naked, wet and soapy in!

“Woah, really?” Kylie squeaked, as she saw Toby appear, also naked and very erect by the way.

“Get out dude!” I screamed at him. “You’re not invited and peeking is not cool! Go now!”

“What’s the big deal?” He vehemently protested, as he boldly began to step into the large shower space with the two of us.

“For one thing, obviously we are both naked and you were not invited! Not another step. Back the fuck up, bro!” I warned him.

Have I mentioned that my little brother is easily as big as I am and perhaps even a bit bigger? Certainly he’s stronger. I’m not sure I could make him leave but the two of us could definitely hurt him. Not that I’d want to or even that I thought I might need to. It wasn’t as though I thought there was reason to be worried except that well my friend Kylie was not used to having boys see her naked and I was worried for her. Personally, privately, I was not so offended by his appearance and to be honest thinking about it now I should have expected it!

“Look ladies,” Toby proclaimed, “Nothing here either of you haven’t seen. And as of now nothing much left to hide at this point.” He pointed out, nodding at the now blushing Kylie who has assumed the classic caught naked shower pose, arm over breasts, hand over crotch and turned to one side in an attempt to hide as much as possible.
I have to fight back a grin as I try to maintain my flash of anger, or was it just surprise at his appearance.

Really, if not for Kylie’s presence it could have gone either way as to his joining me in the shower for a quick after pool rinse in the afternoon. It certainly has happened in the past, not regularly but occasionally anyway. We have a small hot water heater and have discovered that if both showers run simultaneously it gets cold fast. Predictably this is his next argument.

“Chill, OK? I could go to the other shower but you know as soon as I turn it on you’re gonna hate that! Let me rinse off real quick then you can have all the hot water or I go and it gets really cold in here real fast.”

I guess my body language gave me away, because he pushed past me with hardly a break in stride and as I turned to look, Kylie moved aside to let him step under the spray head. She was quick to retreat behind me and I was fine with that for the moment.

Unfortunately neither of us had finished or we would have stepped out then, wrapped up in towels and made for my room. Toby really timed it well I guess. As he turned to face us, I once again noticed his erection. Toby is not huge down there but I think he is a bit above average. I have actually seen quite a number of naked boys by this point in my young life having grown up in a more rural area and done a good bit of skinny dipping in our old creek with local boys, friends and neighbors mostly with even a few random strangers on occasion.

Not to be out done and wanting my share of the hot water, I make towards the spray head myself and resign myself to share.

Kylie slowly and reluctantly relaxed her pose as she too resigns to accept the idea that she has now literally nothing to hide and even less reason to be shy at present. She also appears to me to be a bit flush as her nipples have become very firm if not entirely rigid and her nearly bald pussy looks a bit more prominent than it was prior to my brother’s entrance. Perhaps she has more going on in her head at the moment than just embarrassment at his seeing her now fully naked. I know I have caught her eyes catching downward glances frequently and it has only been a few minutes. It isn’t even as though she hadn’t already seen his equipment or actually already seen Toby completely naked.

Perhaps the fact that we are now in a less public and thus more intimate space has heightened the intensity of the experience but I am a bit stoked myself. I grab for a bar of soap and determine to be the first to get done.

“Us first, you wait.” I tell Toby, nudging him aside and leaving Kylie briefly to join me under the spray as she can. Two reasons really, I want to get my share of the steam and he’s not wrong. The water is not gonna last. Bonus, Kylie can no longer hide behind me and I get to expose her again for a moment at least.

One quick pass and I step aside handing Kylie the soap.

Glancing at my brother I catch him stroking his cock or at least rubbing himself as he watches us. Freakin pervert, lol. If he thinks he’s gonna jerk off in here with us, well that’s not happening.

I catch his eye and motion for him to knock it off.

Unfortunately I missed my friends passing by my brother in the closeness of the shower but it is possible they would have had to make contact and this likely has Kylie nearly at her limit at this point. Thank God my older brother Tim is at work or should be at least for a couple of hours yet.

Toby grins at me and I so want to punch him! I can see in his eyes that he’d like nothing more right now than to spray his junk all over the shower. So much for embarrassing him by catching him jerking off I guess.

“You know they say that playing with yourself too much can make you go blind.” I tell him, loudly enough that I’m sure Kylie will hear.

“What?” She says right on cue as she turns to look at us. Being now the only one under the direct water spray, she is clearing water out of her face and Toby no longer has his hand on his cock when she looks but it is as full and hard as it gets and I see her eyes lock on to it briefly.

She really is curious about his body. I guess even having been around her dad and seeing him naked many times there is a difference when it is someone closer to you in age. I happen to know that her dad has a larger piece down there hard or not. Maybe Kylie is attracted to him? If that’s the case I might have rushed things for them a bit… Most kids don’t see each other naked or shower together before the first date! LOL

“Don’t worry about it Kylie, lets hurry and get done before the hot water is gone, Toby here can use a cold shower, but I don’t need one myself.” I tell her, laughing and she too finds this funny.

I stepped out of the shower and the two of them passed each other as they swapped positions so Toby could rinse off. I passed Kylie a towel and we made to leave the bathroom.

“Don’t forget to clean up and try not to make a mess little brother, Mom likes her things tidy.” I remind him as we head out to return to my room having taken a shot at reminding him that we know he’s gonna rub one out as soon as we leave.

That night Kylie and I spent most of our evening working on the school project. Toby came sniffing around and tried to distract her a couple of times. We stopped for dinner and ate with him. Kylie seemed to like the attention he was giving her and it occurred to me that they might even hit it off, though I had thought Toby was interested in Angie, a neighbor girl who he has a few classes with at school.

During dinner I decide to remind him of her and also to warn Kylie of the potential issue. Girls can get pretty competitive when it comes to winning guys attention, even if they don’t really want the guy for themselves.

“I bet you really liked being the only guy here today huh Toby? Angie and Betty sure didn’t seem to mind.” I teased him.

“I guess it was pretty fun but I’d rather have a few guys too.” He replied. “Betty sure was staring when you pantsed me. I still can’t believe you did that but I should have expected it I guess. Tim and I have certainly got you enough times so we both have it coming I suppose.”

“That’s a great idea little brother! If I get the chance I’ll be sure to tell him it was your idea.” Thinking how that would go over I stifle a laugh. It is entirely possible that I could surprise him and snatch Tim’s trunks down but I’m not sure it is such a good idea. He wouldn’t care if it was just us but if Kylie or any of my new girlfriends were here at the time…

I don’t really know many girls and all of the girls I know right now are younger than me, so that makes them a couple of years younger than Tim. He might not appreciate it happening in front of them! I might love it at the time but something tells me it would require serious payback. Gonna have to think on that one, may not be worth the price, between Tim and his buddy Joe they can and have arranged all sorts of embarrassment for me.

Wouldn’t you know it but who should come home? Literally within moments, Tim walked in the door. Introductions were made as he passed through the kitchen but he was tired and dirty from work so he didn’t linger but rather made for his room.

I hadn’t noticed the time but it was getting late as Tim seldom gets home much before Mom does. I was kind of looking forward to she and Kylie meeting. Having not had any girlfriends it seemed suddenly like a big deal and I found myself a little nervous. Hoping everyone liked each other and all. I wish Tim had been a little more sociable but he’s always tired after work.

“What happened to all the hot water?” Tim bellowed down the hall.

I guess it hadn’t been long enough after we got out for the heater to recover, oops.

“Sorry.” Toby and I both answer in unison.

“We have a guest remember, and I guess we used more than usual? Plus we went for a swim earlier so showered just recently.” I added, “I really didn’t think about it to warn you tonight. Sorry, Bro!”

Grumbling, he went about bumping around in his room. Eventually he settled down and joined us in the family room. We all enjoyed being together and once Mom came in there was a nearly perfect repeat of Tim’s entrance.

This time though we warned her about the hot water and she visited for a bit before retiring for the night to get a shower and sleep. Kylie and Mom were of course fine and as predicted mom seemed thrilled to see me with a female friend for once.

My brothers tend to wear boxers or sometimes briefs around the house when it is just us, sometimes with, but often without a T-shirt when Mom’s home. I too tend to were a t-shirt and underwear around the house but with a guest it seems we all added shorts to the dress code for the evening.

In the morning I didn’t think to add the shorts and was in the kitchen in my panties and tee, when Tim walked in in his boxers. Tim is quite well muscled and stockier than Toby. My thought from the night before about pantsing him in front of Kylie or actually in front of a group of the girls runs through my mind and the thrill makes me flush.

Looking at me funny, having caught me almost staring he asks, “You ok?”

Tilting my head at him wonderingly, “Um, forget something?” I ask him, checking to make sure he isn’t sporting morning wood. He obviously forgot we have company.

Just as the fog clears and realization dawns Kylie enters the kitchen. She has on a night shirt which is longer than my tee. It covers her well but it is easy to see that she has no shorts on under it. Coming up short she nearly stumbles into my nearly naked older brother.

“Oh, my.” She squeeks. “Sorry, um.”

Her eyes sweep up and down his frame and one eyebrow raises in speculation as her eyes linger over his crotch.

Was she imagining him naked? Seeing Toby in her head only a little bigger? She wouldn’t be entirely wrong in that, not far off at all really. As well as I remember Tim is bigger in girth down there but both my brothers are nearly identical in length or close enough that you’d have to get a ruler to see a difference.

“Sorry, I’ll go grab some shorts and a shirt!” Tim stammers.

Is he embarrassed? Very interesting… “It’s fine bro” I tell him, grabbing his arm. “Kylie is used to guys in boxers. Right Kylie?” I ask her, winking.

“Actually, yes… My dad wears them around the house all the time. You’re fine, really Tim.” Kylie agrees.

She may not be thinking it but part of me hopes he ends up getting wood seeing her this morning. Mom has already left for work and it’s just us here. Maybe I should try to arrange a repeat performance for my new friend but staring my big brother? If I stripped him in front of her and no one else how mad could he really be? She definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him naked.

These thoughts distract me to the point that I nearly burn my eggs. I put Tim to work making toast; we have a few frozen waffles but not enough for everyone. We have plenty of eggs and a package of the little breakfast sausages. Tim makes coffee, we have milk and juice as well so it’s a good meal to start the weekend. Toby finally stumbles in as the food is ready and just in time to eat, convenient huh.

He is also wearing boxers. I guess that after yesterday I should be glad he didn’t appear naked. He of course knew mom would be gone but had to know Tim was still around.

Tim doesn’t look to think anything about Toby also just wearing boxers even though Kylie is here. I guess for him this is normal enough.

Kylie is busily trying to peek at my brothers without getting caught staring and I think she may be hoping for more. Again I consider risking the consequences of retribution should I act and expose my brother for my friend. She is definitely interested and all for it though she has no idea what it might cost me later.

Once again, plans and schemes seldom go precisely. For some reason Toby decides to include Tim in his confidence regarding our adventures of yesterday.

“You missed it last night Tim,” Toby began. “Too bad you had to work. Susie had a few girls over for a swim.”

“Really?” Tim replied with feigned interest. “That’s nice I guess, about time you get a few girlfriends sis.”

At this I jump in hoping to steer the conversation a bit.
“Yeah, a couple of the younger girls from around the neighborhood; not sure you know them, Betty and Angie, plus Kylie of course. I just wanted Kylie to meet some of them.”

Turning to Toby I add, “How many classes do you have with Angie?”

Seemingly determined and continuing as if I hadn’t spoken Toby exclaims, “It was fun. I have never been so embarrassed in my life but it was exciting to be naked in front of girls like that.”

“What?” Toby asks him. “Naked? Why were you naked? In front of girls from the neighborhood? And Kylie too…” He says, looking at Kylie and me both before turning to Toby.
“Chill out Bro” Toby exclaims. “It was sort of my fault, I guess… after the stunt I pulled a few days back on Suzie in front of a bunch of neighbor kids I mean.”

Tim now looks at me so I add, “Just the usual wet and naked pool pranks, nothing to get excited about. Typical family fun for us right?” I put in as if to remind him who got us started with all the clothing optional entertainment. Though to be honest I am not sure it was all him, I actually kind of prefer to be comfortable and to me that generally means as little clothes as possible.

“You two need to be careful about exposing yourselves in the neighborhood. You know kids talk and things could get crazy, we don’t live in the country anymore where skinny dipping is so common.” Glancing at Kylie, as if noticing her for the first time he adds, “Hope my siblings antics weren’t too shocking to you last night.”

Kylie grinned at him and said “Not at all, well mostly anyway. We had fun and everyone was cool with it. Actually almost everyone was naked or nearly so by the end, I don’t think there’s much risk of rumors personally. Girls don’t blabber as much as boys do!”

Knowing that Tim is just doing his best impression of our Dad and showing concern I give him a hug and don’t shag his boxers off him as I thank him for the concern.

“Thanks, Bro but were good,” as an afterthought I add “maybe next time you’ll be here!”

“No way, I think I need to avoid naked pool parties with all the local kiddies, thanks! I’m too old for those sorts of games to go over well with concerned parents, thanks.” Tim points out.

I suppose he may be right but I also notice a slight stiffness developing in his lap though we are now seated so it is less noticeable as it might have been. I find that I once again want to pants him in front of Kylie before he gets dressed and leaves for work. Maybe we can just walk in on him or catch him another way but unless he goes in the bathroom to relieve himself I can’t think how.

Conversation lags as we finish breakfast, everyone lost in thought I suppose. Kylie and I are set to straighten up after though the boys both chip in a little as usual and things progress swiftly. In no time we are all done.

Tim has a few hours before work but as often happens on Saturdays he has plans to hit the gym and hand out with a girl he has met there for lunch before going in to work second shift. As he is outlining his day to us I contemplate once again just how severe my punishment might be if I should manage to depants him for my friends enjoyment. I wish he was at least semi hard first.

This line of thinking leads me to also consider how I might cause him to get hard for her. Maybe its just as simple as exposing her for his enjoyment too? With this in mind and before Tim can fully excuse himself to leave I ask Kylie, “So are you up for another naked swim this morning? You did mention that you had enjoyed our little gathering last night.”

Glancing at Tim I add, “Timmy here can even join us since there are no kiddies around. Unless of course he’s scared, I’m sure Toby is up for it. Besides a short swim is refreshing first thing in the morning and it’s already warm out I bet.”

“Um, naked?” Kylie stumbles, as she blushes and looks between myself, Tim and towards the hall where Toby had just started to exit. Sure enough he stops and turns on a dime to rise to the prompt, almost on cue.

“Is that a challenge?” Toby grins, as I expected he is obviously game.

Tim on the other hand is far more circumspect. “Naked is entirely optional I assure you Kylie. My sister here, if you haven’t already noticed is a bit of a daredevil and maybe a borderline nudist so she apparently thinks everyone should go naked as she will often do herself. You are of course welcome to wear a suit to swim in.”

Turning to me he asks, “Susan, you did tell Kylie we had a pool here so that she at least brought a suit, right? Or did you hope she might have to wear one of those skimpy things you sometimes wear?”

With as straight a face as I can manage I respond, “Kylie has a suit of course though she is welcome to try anything of mine that she likes. We are not so far apart in size and in fact she picked out one yesterday before things got more interesting and suits became as you say optional.”

With this I see Tim’s eyes play over Kylie. Standing in only a thigh length T-shirt and presumably her underwear, I can tell she’s not wearing a bra. I’m pretty sure her nipples are harder than before. She is a bit flustered it appears, either the scrutiny from my brothers, her imagination of Tim or memory of Toby naked I don’t know but she is getting wound up.

Pheromones are amazing things. Not sure who is paying off but for a moment the tension rises. I resist my earlier ideas in light of this new plan. I am fairly certain I can arrange things once we are all out around the pool after all I was schooled by my brother and his friends in how to get someone naked. I just need Tim to join us and I suspect he will if for no other reason than to check out Kylie’s figure a little more closely whatever she wears.

Leading Kylie towards my room I throw out one last shot, “You boys are already wearing your usual suits so don’t even need to change, but give us a minute and we’ll be right out.”

True, my brothers have often swum in their boxers or less back in the country. In the pool they sometimes still do though mostly they wear trunks or shorts. Kylie of course didn’t know this and I wanted to plant the seed in her and their minds that perhaps they might not change at all. I wanted to keep her on edge and hopefully she would in turn get Tim excited enough to bring us some entertainment!

It isn’t as though I have never seen him naked or even hard for that matter. I indeed have many times. What I have not seen is his reaction to being naked in front of another girl much less one he barely just met. This thought has me quite excited and I have to make an effort to keep from revealing this to Kylie as I attempt to steer her away once more from her personal suit and into one of my more risqué selections.

Kylie insists on wearing a swimsuit. At least I am successful in getting her into one that due to our size difference can be tied in such a way as to fit well enough and with a little help from me it will actually be very easy to remove. The suit she wears as we depart my room is neither sheer, nor mesh and among those I own I guess it is rather conservative. The cut is small but not entirely micro-mini, it is navy blue and opaque so aside from exposing where her own suit left her tan less in some places she is basically covered up, for now.

Her not being my prime objective this morning I opted for a light blue suit that I know will get quite sheer when wet and we quickly make our way to the pool to see what has become of the boys.

We find them both already swimming and actually both are in regular swim trunks. A little disappointed I make a pointed glance at Toby as if to ask WTF and he rolls his eyes at Tim, knowingly. I can easily assess that my big brother, perhaps out of concern for our seemingly innocent guest, insisted on them both dressing as it were for the occasion.

This may prove a challenge but I am not without my devices. We all jump in and splash around a bit. My suit is of course the only source of distraction currently but I plan to remedy that. With only four in the pool we have limited options for water games. A bit of diving, some two on two mixed and boys vs. girls volleyball then eventually as familiarity sets in we try water wrestling.

Tim’s shorts are tied loosely at his waist and I need his focus elsewhere if I am to succeed in getting them loosened up enough to pull them down before he opts to leave. After a few minor struggles where we each have fallen I manage to snag not only my brothers tie string but also that of Kylie’s top. This is how I eventually after a few subtle attempts, snag Kylies top whilst attempting to dislodge her from Tim’s shoulders. The result is pretty spectacular as she is celebrating my having been dislodged arms raised in triumph as Tim looks up at her perched on his shoulders, her swim top dangling below her breasts, the strings of which in his face. As I come up for air I swim around behind him and a final tug brings her top off completely.

This she notices and she tries to cover her chest but realizes it is too late when she sees the faces of both Tim and Toby. Toby of course grinning wildly as Tim dutifully helps her down into the water to lessen her supposed and apparent embarrassment.

“Where’s Kylies suit top Susie?” Tim asks.

“Sorry, I claim spoils of war!” I laugh and seeing her face I know it isn’t really as big a problem as he thinks. My new friend is enjoying the adrenaline rush and the uncertainty of the moment.

“Oh yeah?” she exclaims, “Two can play at that game, Come on, I want a rematch!” Now topless, she jumps onto Tim’s back as she tries to climb up onto his shoulders.

Seeing that we are evidently OK, and surely not about to protest further having a topless girl in the pool Tim rises with her in place as I position myself aboard Toby’s shoulders. I know that I have upped the ante and quickly lose my top as well. No big deal to me but it seems to give the other team a sense of satisfaction, lol.

A few times we have all fallen and this is my ideal point to tangle myself briefly with Tim and I have finally managed to untie his swim trunks. He seldom wears them and I am in hopes that he is unaware as I scheme towards my next objective.

I expect that once I disrobe him, if I am indeed successful, I too will find myself stripped naked. Again to me this is of little consequence here in my back yard so I am determined to make the attempt. Failure on the other hand will also likely have the same result, hah! If nothing else perhaps I will end up causing my big brother to get an erection seeing both my friend and I outside naked or nearly so anyway. That alone might be worth it, I know, I am a little twisted for wanting my brothers to get hard where I can see them but it is what it is. I like what I like and I like seeing guys get excited and especially when naked or in exposed situations.

We switched partners for another round and I found myself atop Tim’s shoulders. This led me to debate how I might arrange to either enlist some help or to perhaps shuck his trunks down as we tumbled or as I climbed up to get on his shoulders. Unfortunately either would likely be a bit obvious as we had teamed for years at water wrestling. Obvious isn’t really a problem exactly if I gain my objective but plausible deniability is preferable.

My first opportunity came when we all tumbled once again and I managed to slide myself free whilst the others were still slightly entangled. I found that I could grab his waist and tug as if to help him get free. This gave the appearance of trying to help but may have resulted in accomplishing my goal.

I was about to do this exactly when they separated and emerged for air. Still tempted I nearly went back under to go for it while Tim caught his breath but to my surprise, my own suit bottoms got snatched down.

Mentally I flashed to who could it be as my bikini slid down past my knees and to my ankles. I didn’t have to look far as I recalled my brothers were both topside doing some heavy breathing. In turn it seemed I had nearly forgotten my opponent who at the moment was absconding with what remained of my suit.

The clothing in question was quickly flung from the immediate area and I was indeed the first to be naked as usual in the pool. This time not at all due to the efforts of either brother, probably a first! I determined to add an additional objective to my game plan before Tim had to exit today, Kylie needed her own dose and I think she might even want it. Don’t ever let it be said that I’m not willing to please.

My brothers were of course very vocal about their approval of my friends having pantsed me as compensation for my having stolen her top first. I pointed out that she had also stolen my top but everyone was quick to point out that my suit didn’t exactly cover much anyway and what it did was see through as well so I may as well be naked.

Additionally I had started out suggesting a naked swim so… voila I get to swim naked. Yes, my protests were mostly for show as you should know by now.

Everyone seemed to be tiring from wrestling so we just swam a bit and the guys dived a time or two. I dived once but it is a little disconcerting getting out of the pool entirely naked and it takes me a few minutes to get up the nerve for some reason with Kylie here watching.

She is watching pretty closely too. I believe she is a bit leery of my trying to take her bottoms and she would be wise to remain so if she hopes to keep them on. Mostly I am just hanging by the ladder on the deep end of the pool. It is the shortest distance to the diving board so the least exposure if I get out of the water.

Tim is walking from the lower end of the pool towards my side to dive and I rise just behind him. The time and distance is nearly perfect. He doesn’t have an erection unfortunately but a girl can’t always have everything.

I look quickly and see Kylie watching. As Tim mounts the board and sets up for his dive I surge forward onto the board with him and reach out. Grasping each side, his trunks are in my hands and around his calves in moments. I can’t see his junk but apparently my friend can as her expression morphs into a big “O”! Tim spins to see me, surprised and not a little mad. I know that this will cost me.

I release his trunks and dash to dive in as he struggles to maintain his stance or pull up his suit or decide whether to abandon his trunks in favor of drowning me! My only hope for the instant is to get as far away as possible as fast as I can. Naked I cannot exactly flee the back yard but I might be able to get through the pool and to my room or at least indoors.

I manage to make the shallows and am out of the pool.

Kylie has actually maneuvered to block Tim briefly as he swims for me having apparently dove in. I can’t tell but it looks as if his trunks may still be off too! OMG! He’s gonna kill me!

Panicking, no idea where to run I sprint away from the pool a step or two then thinking fast turn to the top of the pool once more. I need his trunks. I should grab all of the towels too but there is no time.

Tim is sufficiently far behind me as to allow me mostly around the pool before he locks in on me once more. He looks across the water from me, glances to Kylie who is now flushed and still topless. She too has come from the water.

Toby, my crazy little brother, whom I love dearly; chooses this precise moment to emerge from the pool behind Kylie now also naked! In turn he takes a string from each side of Kylie’s suit and as if it were planned he tugs her bottoms away.

“Naked swim it is then!” he exclaims gleefully as he turns to dash back into the water, navy bikini in hand.

Everyone is now naked. Tim is quickly becoming semi rigid so he in turn also makes a shallow dive back into the water. I debate briefly before tossing his trunks aside where he might at least have to conduct a brief search before being able to once again don then to cover himself.
This is the first time I have ever really had another girl with me, naked while with my brothers and it proves to be a new thrill that I enjoy immensely.

Once again, Toby’s instincts have diffused a situation where we may have taken things nearly too far.

Tim quickly mellows and plays it off though I know this is partially for Kylie’s benefit, once he sees that she is not completely mortified but rather OK with the status quo as it were. He does not in fact kill me or even exact revenge in any way before leaving for his day though I imagine all sorts of schemes and know my time will come.
It is not long before I see Tim’s back side heading for a lounge chair which is where we leave the towels. His morning spent he must leave. Wrapped in a towel, he locates his suit and finding it some distance from where he lost it he gives me an odd look as he shakes his head at me.

I get out giving him a hug before he goes. “Sorry Timmy,” I say quietly, where only he can hear. “Thanks for joining us, it was fun wasn’t it?”

“We may need to have a family chat about consent Suzie,
Toby too…” Tim answers or responds I guess. Then, “Yeah, it was fun, like old times in a way.” Then glancing towards Kylie he adds, “Glad you have a new friend too, but try to be careful, OK? Not everyone is going to be cool about being naked alright?”

I smile at this, if he only knew.

We dry off and I make Toby wait till we both have showered and are in my room. No repeat of the shower episode from last night. I also make him apologize for stealing Kylie’s suit bottoms, though secretly I am just jealous I didn’t get to grab them myself. Our afternoon is spent actually working on our school project and talking more about the adventures we have shared in just these few weeks we have known each other.

I hope Kylie won’t mind me asking her sister over too at some point. Miley is a little more cheerleaderish and not generally my type to hang out with but I think we share enough similar interests that she could be fun to have around, especially if toby is home. Perhaps she will come to our next girls’ pool party. I think Betty and Miley are the same age or close enough anyway.

Kylie and I hung out most of the day but in no time her mom came and she went home. Our project nearly complete we had little more to do aside from a class presentation and some writing which we could work on over the phone together.

Still we planned getting together again soon and though we set no firm date I knew it wouldn’t be long. Either at my home or hers we had begun an exploration together that we would see through. I for one was very intrigued with her father and his little predilections. I had no worries or fear for his daughters but he obviously had some desires he hid from his wife, or I assumed he did. Maybe she actually knew of them? I’d love to know if they played at any kinks together; it certainly would explain some things I guess.

In the mean time I needed to think about some spending money and maybe even a car. Life goes on and time stands still for no one. My high school years would soon end and I would be forced to do as Tim has and move on to a job and working, maybe even a place of my own. Would I need a roommate? Kylie is my only girlfriend, would I rather a guy or a girl roommate? Not a boyfriend, for a while at least. Perhaps my brother… that might be ok, if he wouldn’t try to smother me? Probably not my best idea, OK so Kylie, eventually… maybe?

These were my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep. Tim didn’t come in to talk when he got home. I wonder how long till he moves out and if he’ll have a roommate or a girlfriend. Life goes way too fast.