Never too old

I had been forming this idea in my head for a few months and the time finally came to put it in action! We have been married for 26 years and recently sex has been consistant but to put it plainly-a little boring. My wife has always been on submissive side so I thought we should explore that path. Step #1 was to plan a night away and her birthday provided a good excuse. I booked a room at the local downtown Hilton and we were going to have a night out without worrying about getting home(we live 30 minutes from the city). Now the fun begans…

THe next step was the most critical as everything moving forward required that the Mrs. was onboard. The week before her birthday I sent here a cryptic email while she was at work asking if she was up for a playful little game and if she was just respond “okay” , then I waited for her response. About an hour later i checked my “in box” and there it was I opened it and saw “okay” now things could really start to move forward!
I responded with “rules” that needed to be followed going forward:

1. We shall never discuss our “game” in person only through email
2. You shall address me as Sir within emails
3. You will follow all instructions to the letter

Respond “okay” if you understand and will comply. She responded “okay”

That evening we discussed our respective days over dinner and watched a movie and did not once talk about our “game” so far so good!

Stay tuned…..