Taboo family life: training and fun, part 2

Learning to be my mom’s Dom. I picked it up fast.

After that first day my life changed. I was now the man of the house. And sin e I had no clue what that ment at 15 yo, mom trained me the best she could.

The first thing I learned was that I was in charge and she was here to be used. And as an extreamly horny teenage boy, that was no problem. I demanded that I be woken up everyday by a blow job and she swallow it all. Mom eagerly agreed, since she loved swallowing. So every morning my mom would cum in and slide under my covers and put my soft manhood I. Her mouth and suck away until I woke up and fed her her breakfast. She said that it’s the best way to start the day, swallowing son Cum.

It was difficult to use and abuse her when a 13 yo sister was around. We were left with early morning before she wakes up. Or after she goes to bed. Even then we could t be to loud.

At night mom would send sis to bed, we’d wait a long 30 minutes. And head down stairs. Eventually I’d drag her down by her hair. And depending on my mode would sit back and make her please me. BJ’s, I love BJs. Sucking, kissing, licking, swallowing….mmmmm, so good. It didn’t take long for her to learn my likes. Blow jobs had to be sensual.

She’d take it in her hands, smile at me and give my junk a tongue bath. As my eyes rolled into my head. She’d leave kisses all over. Then with the softest of lips, slide the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. It never took me long to cum when she did that. But it was for good measure. Once I had that first orgasm, I could last much longer.

She taught me how to use a paddle on her. To have her bend over at the waist and give a good solid SMACK on her ass checks. Or use my hands. She’d sqeal and then quickly giggle with ever smack. And after even a few swats, it was like spanking a puddle she would get so wet. Which was my cue to change it up.

Most days I’d kick her legs apart and tease her lips with my finger tips. She’d beg me to do something. Anything. But I loved making her squirm. As when I got bored of that, or I was horny and still. I’d step behind my slave milf and push into her so hard She’d fall over or push her into something.

She let out a loud “OOOOHHH!” loud enough I think sis would hear it. I learned to pound into her and make her pussy sore. She’d desperately try to keep her petite little body from being pushed over by her much bigger son. I loved to pound her from behind. That way I could reach around and grab her C cups and squeeze them or play with her clit till she came. And not stop as it became hyper sensitive and I’d squeeze her tight to me, still pounding her and rubing her clit as her arms desperately was trying to make me stop so she could catch her breath. After a while I got strong enough to lift her on the ground, with me inside. Her juices dripping down my sack.

After I’d have my fun and she was worn out. I would drag her by her hear to my room. And she would get me ready for bed . And then she’d like my sack till I feel asleep.

When my sister would go play with her friends down the street. I could then “rape” mom where ever she was and whatever she was doing.

Folding clothes. On the pound her on the pile. Redo it.

Making dinner/lunch. It better not burn when I’m filling you up.

I’d have her suck me off when I was playing video game and chatting to my friends who all wanted to just that with her. Bwahahah. Mine!

Taking trash out…against the car in the garrage.

I made her my sex slave mother. It’s what she needed and wanted.

Until one day…

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅