Teacher can’t resist

Nancy Payne is a high school biology teacher who has a problem she tries hard to hide. She is a nymphomaniac. She is extremely sensitive in several parts of her body. Her nipples are so sensitive that when someone accidentally brushes them she shudders in excitement. Her clit is like a trigger when touched. She can almost have an orgasm when it is touched. And not only touches. When she is alone in her apartment all she has to do is view a porn video and she can cum without touching herself. And if she does touch herself, she has a squirting orgasm.

So at school she wears heavy bras that protect her nipples from contact and panties made of thick material. She still gets a tingle when her nipples are brushed. And her obsession with getting the feeling is so strong that occasionally she goes to school with a thin bra so she can get that good feeling.

One of those days she was teaching a class and asked Tim to come to the front of the room to help with a demonstration. Being a typical teenage boy, when he passed her he brushed across her nipple with his arm. Nancy shuddered visibly as the sensation shot from her nipple like an electric shock! Tim noticed this and as he helped her, it was necessary for him to be next to her. He took every opportunity to brush her nipples. Because of the thin bra, her overstimulated nipples were making very evident bumps in her blouse. Every time Tim brushed a nipple, her excitement rose until she had a mini orgasm. Her cunt sprayed juice into her panties and she shuttered visibly. She had trouble speaking, stuttering as she tried to hide her orgasm.

Nancy fought through the ordeal, with Tim frequently brushing against her and having continuous orgasms.

It was the last class of the day so Nancy thought she would be okay. The bell rang and the students filed out. All of them except Tim.

Nancy tried to be professional and asked him, “do you need something, Tim?”

“Oh, it’s not what I need, it’s what you need.”

“I don’t understand, what is it you think I need.”

He had rose from his desk and walked up to her. She was standing in front of her desk and backed up as he approached her. Her butt hit the desk and she put her hands out to stop him.

“Tim! What are you doing?”

He reached out and traced a circle around her erect nipples with his fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhhh no! Please don’t do this! I’m a teacher!”

“Yes, and apparently a slut! I saw how you reacted when I brushed your nipples. You want me to do this! You love it.”

Her knees got weak as he continued to rub her nipples. “Oh god yes! I do want it! Oh god!”

Tim walked over and locked the door. He returned and told her, “let’s go to the storage room, I wouldn’t want anyone to see us through the door.”

Nancy just nodded, following him to the back of the room and into the storage room.

Tim closed the door and pushed Nancy back against a desk and returned to tweaking her nipples. Then he began to unbutton her blouse. Nancy was powerless to stop him. Her pussy was still oozing creamy juice, soaking her panties. He went slowly, pausing between each button to tweak her nipples, keeping her in a state of excitement, making it impossible for her to resist.

When he got the last button undone, he pushed the blouse off her shoulders and it floated to the desk. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, pulling it away from her body and tossing it on the desk.

“Nice!” He told her as he took her nipples in his hands again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Oh god!” She moaned as he bent and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard on it and she had to brace herself on her arms, her knees too weak to hold her up!

While he sucked each nipple, switching frequently, he unbuttoned her slacks in the back and pulled the zipper down. He worked the slacks off her hips and they fell to her feet. She lifted each foot and kicked them away. She was past any resistance and only wanted his cock at this point. It had always been her downfall. As soon as a date kissed her, it was a sure bet that she would be fucking him within minutes.

He backed up and peeled her panties down and again she lifted her feet to help him.

He lifted her onto the desk and quickly dropped his pants.

“Damn, teacher, you’re fucking soaked! You’re one hot slut!”

“Oh god! I know it! Just fuck me! Hurry!”

He had a very nice 8 inch cock. He stepped between her thighs and pulled her ass to the edge of the desk and slapped her clit a few times with his cock, then slid it up and down her slit, opening it up. “Oh god, just shove it in my cunt!”

He pushed it down until he felt her hole. Her cunt sucked his cock in like a vacuum. He couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was!

“Ohhhhhhhhh my fucking god! Oh god! Your cock is so deep! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh yeah! I knew you’d be a hot fuck! Aw geez, you’re gonna suck the cum out of me!”

“Just keep fucking me! I need your cock! I need you to come in my cunt!”

“Don’t worry miss, I’m gonna fill your cunt!”

“Oh god! I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

Nancy’s orgasm peaked again! She didn’t really ever stop cumming as long as he kept pumping her!

But Tim wasn’t able to hold back forever. “Oh holy fuck! Oh goddamn, your cunt is sucking the cum from my cock! Oh yeah teach!”

When she felt his cock pulse, she reached a new high. Her eyes rolled back and she got very light headed.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Tim’s cock became too sensitive and he pulled it out, allowing his cum to pour out of her open cunt.

When they both recovered, Nancy said, “you must never tell anyone about this, Tim, not if you want to do this more than once!”

“No problem! You’re the hottest fuck ever!”

They got themselves put back together then left separately. Nancy was still trembling from the extreme sensations that the fuck had generated in her. It was the ultimate for a nymphomaniac like her. A young stud taking her in her classroom. The only thing that would excite her more is a group of teenage boys taking her by force and using all her holes.

She had no idea how soon that would come true. The following Friday evening she was at home watching tv. The doorbell rang and when she looked through the peephole, Tim was standing there. She opened the door and when he came in, he was followed by 5 more boys.

She had to at least show some resistance. “Tim! What are you doing? Why are all these boys with you?”

“Don’t play like you don’t want it! I know you want to be gang fucked. Hold her down, I’ll show you guys how easy she is.”

Nancy put up token resistance, but she was already wet! Two of the boys grabbed her and held her on the floor as Tim straddled her waist and rubbed her nipples through the tee she was wearing. She had changed after school and hadn’t put a bra on so his fingers were making her nipples very erect.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god!” She moaned!

“See what I told you! She’s gagging for it! Pull her shorts and panties off, let’s get started!”

Two other boys pulled her shorts and panties down. Her cunt was covered in a thick bush of hair that was already matted with her juice. It was literally running out and down her ass crack.

“Lay on the floor Jim!” Tim told one of the boys. Jim laid on his back and two boys lifted Nancy and lowered her onto Jim’s cock. He was big and stretched Nancy almost painfully.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Please! I need cock!”

Then another boy squatted behind her and fed his cock into her ass!

“Mmmmmmpppphhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Oh my fucking god!”

Tim was at her face and she turned and took him in, with the two cocks already causing mini orgasms, she sucked hard and pressed his cock against the roof of her mouth. The three boys weren’t used to such a beautiful teacher being such a slut. They all came in her within seconds of each other. Nancy swallowed the cum from Tim and the reality of getting triple fucked drove her to new heights of ecstasy! Her limbs were shaking all over and her cunt and ass were squeezing the cum out of their cocks! It felt like they deposited gallons of cum into her. They pulled out and we’re replaced with the other three teens. Her already sloppy holes were filled with cock again. Her orgasm never stopped as she was fucked in all her holes. These three lasted a bit longer but they couldn’t last more than five minutes. They came in her already filled holes and the cum leaked out around her cunt and ass. When they finished, they left her on the floor and raided her liquor cabinet. The sat drinking, watching the slutty teacher playing with her cunt, begging them to fuck her again. During the next several hours whenever one of the boys got hard again, they would get on her and fuck her! Her cunt hair was matted with cum and it was oozing from her hole. But finally, the boys had to leave. They left her sleeping on the floor covered in cum!

She woke around 3am and was terrified that the school would find out. And she knew they would. The next day she sent an email saying she had a personal emergency and wouldn’t be back.

She had a lot of money from an inheritance that she used to get a fake passport and move to a Caribbean island. She also was a teacher there and that will be the subject of the next chapter.