That Lovely Shower

She woke and could feel herself rise and fall with each breath he took.  She smirked to herself, not wanting to open her eyes just yet.  The smell of his skin was salty from the night before.  She stretched her legs out behind her and lifted her head gently so as not to wake him.  He was facing away from her, but she could see that he was still asleep.  

She sat up from the chair that they had fallen asleep on and padded across the soft, cream carpet to the bathroom.  She was never a fan of most of the decor in his small, one-bedroom house, but the bathroom was by far her favorite.  The tile in the shower was a mix of various blues and greens and reminded her of the sea.  The light blue walls were decorated, albeit sparsely, with a variety of sailboat and sea items.

She ran her fingers along the helm hanging to the right of the door before turning to the shower and starting the water.  She turned to the mirror and was pleased that her makeup had not run quite as much as she had expected, as she pulled her long, dark red hair from its braid and set her small hair tie on the edge of the sink.  As she ran her hands through her hair, she noticed light red marks down her side reminiscent of the activities from the night before and smirked.

“At least those aren’t visible while I’m dressed for work…” she muttered to herself as she eyed the more worrisome hickey along her collarbone.  She sighed to herself, knowing she would need to wear some more conservative clothing for a few days. She opened the glass shower doors and stepped into the warm rainfall of water.  She closed her eyes and let the water run down her face, caressing her breasts and shifting her hands so the water would pass across her nipples, cleaning the sweat and fluids from the night before off of her piercings.

As she lightly rubbed her barbells, she let her fingers graze her nipples more and more, feeling that wonderfully familiar tingle in between her legs with each pass.  She sighed to herself and rinsed her face, wondering if he would wake soon.  She was lost in thought, debating if she should take a long shower or wake him now when she felt a cool breeze across her skin and knew he was joining her. She grinned as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, kissing her nose as he slid the doors close behind him and began to rub her shoulders.

“Mmmm…morning…” she muttered, as his fingers caressed her sides gently.  He nuzzled her nose before trailing kisses along her jaw to her neck and grabbed her firmly by her upper thighs and pulled her to him.  He let his hands run up her cheeks, slightly parting her legs to let his already firm member slide in between them.  His tip teased her clit and slid between her lips as he kissed her firmly on the mouth, eliciting a small gasp from her lips before his tongue twisted with hers.

She ran her nails down his chest, to his hips and teased along the top of his groin before gripping him firmly and slowly stroking him.  He grunted when she first reached his tip and pressed her back against the shower wall.  She was thrilled with this new side of him that had presented itself last night but wanted to take her time, deliberately slowing further when she felt his hips being thrusting with her movements.  She smiled into his kiss, still unable to open her eyes from all the water.

He pulled from her, and she pouted and began to try and clear her face. She felt his hands on her shoulders, spinning her to face the shower doors, and gasped again as he pressed her chest against the damp, cool glass. She had been unsuccessful in clearing the water from her eyes which heightened her other senses and made the cold feel much more intense. She shivered slightly as he ran his hands firmly across her back and down her sides before gripping her hips and playfully pressing his groin against her backside.


She wiggled against him, feeling him harden even more as she slid her wet slit up and down the underside of his shaft. He held still and watched her cheeks rise and fall for a few cycles before stepping back and letting his hand replace his dick and slid a finger inside her. She moaned and tried to push back against his hand, but he kept his other hand firmly on her lower back, preventing her from moving from against the glass. Her breasts flattened against the doors and her piercings kept her from fighting it too much as they pulled if she moved more than just a little bit.

He gave a small smirk and slid another finger in, teasing her slowly until she could barely stand it. She could feel the warmth of the water over her shoulders mix with the cool of the glass against her skin and the sensations were almost unbearable with every thrust of his hand. She began to moan, though she was not sure when it had started and had only noticed as her throat started to feel dry. Her legs began to shift as she tried to squirm from him, feeling herself getting weak with pleasure.

He could feel the slick of her juices mixing in the water in his hand and pooling at his feet and removed his hand from her to coat himself in it. He stroked himself twice before placing his hand on her lower back just below his other hand and positioned his thumb over her forbidden hole. He slowly slid his dick between her sopping wet lips as he pressed his thumb into her tight asshole, waiting to feel her relax around him before he continued.

She felt like she might explode, feeling so full, so hot, and so absolutely overwhelmed with pleasure. Her heart was racing and she was struggling to stay on her feet as he began to slowly thrust into her with both his hand and his hips. She arched her back as far as she dared to press against him, her moans becoming a simple pant of breath with the closer she came to climaxing. He pulled his thumb out and gripped both her hips, still fighting his urges and only stroking slowly in and out of her, wanting to savor the moment.

He withdrew from her once more and pressed the tip of his dick against her ass, watching to see how she would react. He reached around and teased her clit, causing his hard cock to slide further into her and she fought to relax and moaned with ecstasy. He gently slid into her the rest of the way as he continued to rub her, pulling her up to him and grabbing her breast with his other hand to gently pull on her barbell and pinch her nipple.

She gasped and pressed back against him. Their bodies melded together in a symphony of wet slaps, cascading water, and panting moans of pleasure. When he could finally hold back no more, he gripped her hips tight and pounded into her, causing her to fall back forward into the glass. She dropped her hand to her clit and played with herself as he manhandled her, fighting to stay on her feet. He continued thrusting a few more times before she felt him tense and pulse hot ropes of cum into her. It slid past him and down her thighs and she tensed, adding her own juices to the stream going down her legs.

She leaned against the doors for support, enjoying the cool on her skin when she was jolted back from her thoughts by a sharp smack on her behind. She giggled and turned to him, finally able to clear the water from her eyes. He smirked at her playfully and pulled her to him, kissing her softly before muttering back at her.