My Fantasy

I always had a fantasy of someone who is much older than me raping me in small places. I always wanted someone to kidnap me in a van and drive me to their house and tie me up and rape me very hard. While I scream for help and moan loudly as I wear a gag with a blindfold on me. The fantasy I like the most is kidnap or raping roleplay. I always wanted someone to take control of me, force me to do what I did not. Here is one of the stories that I wish could have happened to me…

It was almost midnight. I walked to an alley I saw and waited there starring at my phone. I had been in contact with a guy much older than me. I told him about my fantasy and he said he was going to help me by being in my fantasy. I told him that he would pretend to be a kidnapper. He will then wear a mask with a knife threatening me to go to his house with him while I pretend to cry for help and strangle. Excitedly, I waited for the him.

After waiting a long time, a man crept up behind me and covered my mouth and eyes. He quickly dragged me and shoved me into his van. “Give me your sex tools you said you brought!” The masked man screamed at me as I quickly gave him my supplies that he was going to do me with.

The supplies contained a blindfold, a gag, ropes, duct-tape, whip, taser, and a vibrating underwear. Continuing with my fantasy. He removed the tissue from my mouth and put the gag on me. He also took the blindfold and covered my eyes. He brought his own stuff too, he whispered to me to go inside the garbage bag. When I went inside the garbage bag with the man’s help. He zipped the garbage bag closed and tied it up. I began to be more excited and asked him to kidnap me more aggressive. Upon hearing what I said, he strangled me from outside the garbage bag and said “You fucking slut! You better be silent or else you will get punished!”I wiggled in the garbage bag as it was tight and satisfied the man by secretly moaning inside the garbage bag he shoved me in.

After we reach to his house, he zipped open the garbage bag and let me out to breath. He grabbed my neck furiously and brought me to his basement.

He then undressed me and made me wear the vibrating underwear as he pinned me to a tight closet that could only fit two people. As he tied me to the closet, he grinned and said “You will be my bitch for today.” Pretending to be scared, I kept screaming. Suddenly, after tying me up in the closet. He went inside the closet too and locked us both inside. Being a pervert, he bit my neck as I screamed in agony. He then used one hand to strangle me and another hand to grab my boobs and pinch them. “AHH…MMM…MORE DADDY…MORE..” I begged loudly in the closet as he slowly reach his hand to my pussy. “AHH!!!” It was so pain as he shoved his dick into my pussy hardly. Laughing in his mask, he placed his hand into my pussy which made me moan loudly. “FUCK ME DADDY…FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!” He then fucked me harder and faster as I screamed louder. Suddenly, I felt a flow of liquid rush into my body. “AHH!” I screamed in the tight closet. The old man had cummed in me. Unlocking the closet, he went out and dragged me onto his bed…

This was only part 1 of the story. Hope you enjoyed it! By AFuckingSlut