What A Surprise

It was a very hot July day. We still lived up north and Rocky came home and said Carol let’s do something crazy today. Now mind you Rocky is a perv, but he has a ten inch cock and it’s as thick as my wrist. That’s what I love about him. When he fucks me he fills my pussy with his cock. Rocky says go put on a sundress, but be naked underneath. Ok I have my yellow sundress on because it highlights my tan body. We get in the car and we’re driving for about an hour. We pull down this road and pull up to this huge Victorian house in the middle of nowhere. We park and go inside. There is a tall thin man in a robe standing there. He says welcome I’m Jack and it’ll be fifty dollars for the two of you. Rocky pays Jack and I introduce us. Jack says ok now you’ve got to be naked before you go inside. Rocky was naked in a flash, so I pulled my sundress over my head. When Jack saw my body and my big tits, his cock got hard and poked out his robe. He said to me excuse me Carol, but you’re not only gorgeous, you’ve got such a great body. I thanked him and Rocky and I went inside. We setup our lounge chairs and Rocky starts putting lotion on my naked body. He pulls on my nipples making them hard and me wet. He works his hands up and down my legs and then he puts two fingers inside me. OMG there are two old couples watching Rocky finger fuck me. I tell Rocky I’m cumming. Rocky pulls his fingers out and puts them in his mouth. He loves the taste of my pussy. I have to admit I do taste good. We lay there for awhile and Jack, who is now naked walks over to us and says if you want privacy go down to the lake. Jack supplied the blanket and we went down by the lake. Rocky spread the blanket and I lay down. Rocky puts his head between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy. OMG I cum again. I need to be fucked so I grab Rocky’s head and then I grab his cock and put it inside me. Oh yes Rocky fuck me with your huge cock. The two couples by the pool are now on each side of us. I tell Rocky I don’t want no else’s cock but yours. Rocky says Carol my cock is all you’re getting. Rocky not only had a big cock, he knows how to use it. The two women are talking and I here them say boy would I enjoy that big cock inside me. I look at them and say sorry ladies his cock is all mine. I enjoy letting Rocky fuck me in front of people. I cum so quick when people are watching. I look and Jack is standing there jerking his cock. He says that’s right Rocky fuck her, fuck her good. I tell Jack oh yes Jack he’s fucking me hard and deep the way I like it. Jack is moving closer to us as his long thin cock is rock hard. Jack says to Rocky do you mind if I cut in. I tell Jack you can watch but that’s it. Jack then moves to the other two couples. One of the wives, Martha puts Jack’s cock in her mouth and starts to suck it. Rocky is getting so turned on watching Martha and Jack that his cock is still had. Martha’s husband Ray, is now laying on our blanket. Rocky pushes his huge hard cock inside me. I look at Ray and he says Carol you’ve got a magnificent pair of tits. I thank Ray and Rocky is now slamming me. Ray rolls over on his side and he’s watching Rocky fuck me. Ray puts his hand on my tits and asks Carol do you mind. I tell him it’s ok but nothing else. Jack cums in Martha and his cock is still hard. Jack looks at me and I tell him I don’t think so. The other couple, Ralph and Tina are fucking like animals. Tina is screaming for Ralph to fuck her. Rocky cums inside me and he gets off me. Ray says Carol my turn and he tries to get between my legs. I close them and now Martha is sucking Rocky’s cock. I look at Rocky and say to him WTF is going on. I say to him I thought you were only going to fuck me. Rocky looks at me and says I lied. Martha grabs Rocky’s huge cock and guides it into her pussy. Martha screams OMG Rocky it’s so fucking big you going to split me in two. I’m so mad, I get up from the blanket and start to walk back to the pool. Jack says Carol you need to loosen up. Ok now he sounds like Rocky. Jack grabs my hand and says follow me. Ok now what’s going on. We go back to the house and Jack takes me to his bedroom. I look at Jack and say I don’t want this to happen. He grabs me and kisses me and puts my hand on his cock. I start to jerk it and Jack lays me on his bed. I really can’t do this so I get up and go back by the pool. There’s Ray and he asks me did Jack fuck you. I tell him no. I lay down and there’s no one by the pool. Ray gets up and puts his cock in my face and says Carol suck my cock. I don’t want to do this, but I want to get even with Rocky. I put Ray’s cock in my mouth and start to suck it. Ray is going crazy saying things like this is the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I take his cock out my mouth and say thank you. Ray can’t holdout and he cums deep down my throat. Ray lays on the chair and I look over and there’s Jack. He says Carol please let me fuck you. I’m so horny right about now, I lay down, spread my oussy and say to Jack fuck me Jack. Jack sinks his cock inside me and he has my legs up in the air. OMG sues Jack fuck me. Jack’s long skinny cock is going in and out of me so fast. I cum all over Jack’s cock and he pulls out of me and cums in my mouth. Now Ray is hard and says Carol my turn. He slams his cock inside me and I look and Rocky is standing there. Now it’s my turn. I grab Ray’s face, give him a big kiss and tell him, fuck me Ray. So much for not letting anyone fuck me. I cum and then Ray cums inside me. It’s getting late and Rocky and I take a shower and we’re about to leave. Jack comes over and says leaving so soon. Rocky says yes we have to go. Jack says why don’t you stay in one of the cabins, it’s on the house. Rocky says no thanks maybe another time. I grab Jack’s hand and say lead the way. Rocky looks really pissed, but I’m having fun. Jack and I go inside and I push Jack down on the bed. Jack says Carol as soon as I saw you naked I wanted to fuck you. I grabbed his hard cock and put it inside me. I started to ride Jack. There were big windows so everyone could see. I feel Jack cum inside me and now there’s Ralph and Ray by the door. I fucked them also, even getting DP’d. Rocky left with Tina and Martha and all three fucked me all night. The next morning O was sore and I got up took a shower and Rocky said are you ready to go. Tina and Martha gave Rocky their cellphone numbers. Rocky asked did you enjoy yourself. I told him yes and then asked him did he have fun and Rocky says yes. This was the first time I let other men fuck me. Now wherever we go, I let men do what they want to me. I took those cell numbers and ripped them up. I say to Rocky let’s go home I want you to fuck me with all this cum inside me. Rocky couldn’t drive fast enough to get home. What a great surprise.