The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 12

My start at the boarding School in Dover was a shock, tight rules and full Army kit to look after along with home work every night mad my first 3 months very hard for me, I got on well with the guy’s in my Dorm and slowly settled in. Free from home and in a place with every possible thing a lad could wish for, sport, swimming pool indoors, a great Gym and fields full of Rugby and football pitches. I put myself in for cross country running and was shocked when the practice start time turned out to be 04.30 but on finishing the course we went in the pool for a run down swim, naked, back to looking at cocks from boy’s 9 to 18 a sort of heaven for my thoughts.

To cut to the chase at weekends I started to go over the cliffs by the old Radar Towers, still there today, and met a local lad Peter, he asked a lot about my school as it was there since 1909 and the tower on the large Dinning block with its clock can be seen from the channel as you leave or arrive at Dover Harbor. Peter and I sat on the cliff top and found a spot were the driving wind off the sea was not a plaque to smoking fag’s that he had bought for me in the town. Our meetings went on for a few weeks before one day we sat and I was in short trousers but had not worn underpants to enjoy the feeling of freedom, when Peter sat opposite me, said I can see your dick up your trouser leg. I was not sure what to say as firstly he was 4 years older than me and he might tell a person who would notify the school, he saved my panic from showing by saying he liked what he could see and what if I let him see my lower half naked. Now my worry was he would see how delighted I was to drop my trousers and let him see all of me, bum, cock and all. I dropped them with my head down, Peter came over lifted my chin and told me he would like to touch me and feel me, would I let him, with a low voice I said yes and lay on the ground on my back were he joined me, his hands started straight away to fondle me and move up and down my inner thighs bringing back the feelings Simon had awakened in me, I even lifted my bottom to close the gap between his hands and my skin, it felt so nice. You have a lovely body, he said have you ever been touched before like this, yes I crocked out and I loved it, have you sucked a cock yet, he continued, again yes I said, did anyone fuck you in your bum, yes I said. Peter smiled, good he said as I wish to fuck you to, we will use the old pill box on the lane as no one goes there anymore. Truth is I was very pleased to find him into lad’s his trousers already told me he had a size cock that could please me so as he continued to explore me with his hands and fingers, sucking my cock and balls then moving me on my side to probe my anal delights I was very happy. He got his cock out and I sucked him till the jerking and shacking of his legs told me I was about to have a cream injection like I had enjoyed so much before and I was not let down for one second. His cum was warm creamy and not salty at all my throat welcomed it and I tried to make sure as little as possible got wasted as it overflowed my mouth, hmm. Peter said to meet him at the pill box the next afternoon and I ran all the way there, sort of on heat wanting that pleasure lost to me since I left home, I had dreamt of him fucking me and woke sweating and thrashing about in my bed with a finger up my bum, but now I would try to give him a reason to want me and fill my empty side. Peter arrived and this time kissed me then led me inside the pill box were he took out of a bag a ground sheet and put it on the floor and we added our clothes to make a sort of pillow, his hands were gentle as he explore all my body, kissing my nipples and tracing lines down to my crotch and my cock, he sucked me and told me he liked my boy’s cock cut and pink, his mouth took my balls inside and sucked them to, my cock did grow when he sucked me but nothing like his free hanging 8″ one that my hand now had in its grasp, I wanked him till it grew tight like an Iron bar and my eye saw the pre cum droplets show on its very purple head. My turn to suck and my mouth was so ready to give his wand a soft but high dose of pleasure to keep his pre cum flowing for me, yes I was a little free with my show of need for his cock, and its ability to make me climb the stairway of enjoyment while attached to the pulsating bringer of mind blowing pleasure.

Peter asked me to go on my hands and knees and when in position he fondled my bottom and the entrance to my anus with his spit coated fingers, the tight pink entrance relaxed very quickly and allowed him to enter and improve the size of the hole I wanted him to use, I was shacking with the lustful desire to have him fuck me, I hoped he would do me long deep and slow, the way I had my best reward in the past. Fingers inside and working me now the moisture from his spit and some juices my body had produced to enable a smooth passage for him, his cock now touching my entrance as the fingers withdraw and the head replaces them just within my open hole. Probing and both of us pushing, me on to him and him into me, the nice feeling of it moving down my passage and deep within me starts my thrilling delights as he fucks me slow and tenderly kissing my shoulders as he comes down and further into my body, his cock gripped by my greedy inner need for this treatment. I felt like I was in a wonderful dream as the feelings shot through me and my boy’s cock went firm to. My anus giving more of its greeting moisture to welcome my thrusting friend home to deliver all the seed I needed to satisfy my bad boy needs. Faster now he drove his cock hard into me and my head was swimming with the pleasure but holding on for as much as he could give me before the final crashing wall of pleasure as he exploded his load within me, hot shooting spurts of creamy sperm so thick and lovely. I pushed hard back on to him trying not to loos any of the prize as it filled me and tricked down my inner thighs and we fell in a heap his cock still implanted firmly inside me.

I felt giddy from all the feelings that had shot through me as I was being impaled by him, it was not the same, this time the feelings had not stopped as we finished, I could not speak or stop shacking, just moan and think pleasant thoughts and desire more. He removed his cock and the cum flowed some of which he licked from me but I made him stop and allow me to suck his cock clean enjoying the combined tastes of our juices from within my male pussy that loved cock.

We parted both sort of quiet but grinning from ear to ear, he said I gave him a better fuck than his girl friend, that pleased me a whole lot to, Peter then surprised me, I have told her about you and she would like to meet you. All what we do, yes he said, Meg is very open minded about sex. She had sex with her Dad for a long time and he did all there is to do with her but she liked it so much and has not said a word. Her uncle even joined them for a threesome and she loved that. You will meet her one day soon when she can get away from home while we are out on the cliffs and the weather is nice.

Two weeks later Peter arrived with Meg who looked very nice, blond hair and a young face with fresh blue eyes and as she was dressed in shorts and a tight top, I could see a very nice pair of breasts the nipples showing through her top like two cherries on cakes. Her legs and thighs were well shaped and her bottom firm and plenty of it showing off its valley making each cheek look so inviting. Hi she said, I am Meg, speck’t he has told you all about me, only nice stuff I replied and I am happy to meet you. Peter smiled as it looked like Meg and I would hit it off and make his life easy as when he had been with me she felt left out and thought he might have another girl in tow. Now all was well and when we found a nice spot we all sat on the grass and chatted about our naughty thoughts and desires making it not long before she had her hand on my thigh and slowly moved it up and under my shorts, her hand was small and moved freely inside them cupping my balls and then my cock. I was starting to get harder as my sexual fun had gone on and this light touch with eager fingers felt so nice I let out a sigh, Peter said we had better go to the pill box as with three of us we made a large image for any walkers to spot. All fine and yes he was right but just then I was so enjoying the attention my cock was getting and the pleasure she was giving me, this made the desire to move not so high for me.

We gathered our bits and pieces and moved off to the pill box which was not far and inside was just as we had left it on our last visit, after a little sorting out I sat down on the floor and then lay back in a nice comfortable position. Meg and Peter were there in a second and slowly removed my clothes which were the usual shorts, tee shirt and plimpsoles, naked with two sets of hands now waiting to explore my body I was very happy. Meg resumed her play with my cock and balls while Peter removed his clothes and knelt by my head guiding his half erect cock to my mouth were I eagerly accepted it inside. Meg’s working on me stopped and she to removed her clothes and gave me a delightful view of her lovely body, two firm breasts with rosy nipples and her pubic hair a nice trimmed shape but clean all over her pussy lips making the shape of them a delight to see both just a little apart, pink and such a target for any eager boy’s tongue to explore.

No chance of that as she lay on the floor next to me and started to suck my cock and balls her warm mouth making me feel so much pleasure and free to lift my bottom allowing my privates to be lost in the warmth of her attention. My Mouth felt the enlargement of Peter’s cock as my pleasure made my tongue work harder on his cock head and my sucking grew stronger to, Meg noticed he was close to climax and moved her head next to mine and told him to share his cum with us. We both got lots of warm cum across our lips and Meg asked me to clean it from her mouth with my hand and hold as much as I could, she wanted me to transfer it to her very wet pussy and rub it into the valley between her outer lips till they parted and her inner was pink wet and open for my hand to burrow its way in. I was horny to do a lot to her as she smiled and whispered for me to go in deeper. Her pussy was so pink and wetter than I thought possible but I was drawn to it like a Magnet and my fingers were soon deep inside her, further in, she croaked an instruction and with that pushed her crotch on to my hand now past the tight entrance and in a wet warm, tunnel that closed around my hand as it was driven by her movements right in till my wrist was inside her to. She moved faster riding my hand and making grunting and high pitched noises and her breathing got faster and her body started to shake, then she threw her head back and let out a cry as she climaxed and her tunnel filled with her very creamy juices and thick cum. Her face was bright red and her chest to, she was looking down at my hand as I withdrew it slowly and a flood of cum came out with it, she did not need to tell me, I had my head down between her legs an licked, sucked and recovered all the cum I could and dispatched it down my throat enjoying her taste and thinking just how nice it would be when my cock could allow me to fuck that pussy and add to the mixture of cum available after.

Meg was not ready to stop her play, Peter had told me a lot about how her Dad had fucked her on many nights when her Mum was away on her shift at the Hospital and she like me, had enjoyed his attention and allowed him to have her anyway he wished and he did. She got on her hands and knees and asked Peter to fuck her arse, I enjoyed being allowed to guide his cock to the tight round entry and with my fingers held him gain his entry between those lovely white cheeks as he made he swear when the cock was driven in. Not half a second later she was pushing back on him and telling him to fuck her hard, he did and soon her inner wetness was allowing his cock to pound her bottom hard and his balls slap her clit as each trust arrived. Meg was going mad pushing hard and shouting out for more and deeper till she screamed out and had a massive orgasm soaking him with the gush of cum and pee mixture from her pussy, Peter fired his load deep in her arse at that very moment and I shouted out with joy as my cock did what was available to it and soaked her with my burst of pee some she got in her mouth as she turned her head to see what it was. I went to my job and sucked them both till less wet cum could be found and Peter opened his bag and bought out a towel which he passed to the lovely exhausted Meg to make herself as presentable as she could, Peter cleaned himself and asked Meg what she thought of the afternoons sport, she just told him she wanted more from the two of us and had enjoyed my pee on her arse and back, that was new and turned her on by its warm feeling as it hosed over her body. We kissed and I had a farewell tit fumble while Peter had one on my bottom and cock then off they went and I made my tired journey back to the School and a well needed shower. I dreamed of Megs pussy that night and its feeling inside and out and got some juice on my cock head, getting there I thought.