The Day I knew I was Bi – Part 7

Helga and Petra were off to the shops early while muggins sorted out the room and stowed some of my things that Petra and I wished to keep there in the cupboard, thank god it was large Petra had bought along all sorts of sexy skirts and tops, bras and panties and some other flimsy dresses. Better stake my claim to space while I can as I think Helga has thoughts of staying when she can. Both girls had jobs and spent scant time with the parents at all, the young had little in common with the older generation back then due to the stories of the war.

The door crashes open and to red faced excited girls tumble into the room hardly able to speak, we did it a panting Helga shouted as her arm full of bags spilled out on the floor, you will look fantastic when we have finished with you. I was starting to feel a little worried as to how far they had gone with this idea of dressing me up as a girl, yes I had thought about what it would feel like to wear a skirt and stockings from time to time but did not like the idea of being laughed at or attacked for it. Helga saw the look on my face and came over putting her lips to my cheek, you will be ok, we will make every thing you wear fit and make you feel sexy and horny for attention no fear.

I resigned myself to the control of the girls as I stripped off and was slowly rebuilt with silk panties, stockings and garter, bra also in a silky finish did start to make me feel horny. Petra with her usual fantasy mind, said, now you think of what fun you could have with a bi couple Jules, that should give you some chances of all round pleasure, giving to her and taking from him, some girls are turned on by the thought of the man they love fucking a guy, its not uncommon. Now they had the wig out of its box, a long haired blond one with a fringe, it fitted well as being a soldier my hair was always short and also helping me was the fact that I was very fit but not muscle bound or hairy at all. The girls loved the look and produced a whit silk blouse with long full sleeves, when that went over my head its feel did turn me on, that cool softness against my skin changed me on contact. The skirt above the knee and pleated flared a little and apart from makeup and shoes finished the picture, the boy’s will rape you Helga said, that Mick will have you bent over so fast it will make you spin, Petra laughed and said she loved the look it would work well.

The boy’s were due to come to the room that evening and we were set for a few drinks in the bar, I was to go down with the girls dressed and made up in the clothes I had tried on but was very concerned that it should go without trouble, Petra had seen and told Hans we were doing it as a joke and he was fine with that if it made people stay and spend in his bar. The lack of body hair shaved off by Petra from all my parts was also making me horny and having feelings not common to me in the past and my cock had pre cum seeping from it head a lot of the time but Petra saw to it with her tongue that none was wasted while the day drew slowly to bar time.

Just before 7 I stood in the shower room and looked in the mirror, I really did look like a girl, I had blue eyes and long lashes anyway but with the light makeup and lipstick the girls had used my shin looked right, just my hands gave a little concern by the size of them so pressed into the folds of the skirt they were out of sight most of the time. The Girls came in and asked how I felt and I admitted to them both that it made me horny and wanting sex dressed as I was, hope we get our place in the back of the bar were it is very dark so I don’t feel under observation and can relax.

We went into the bar and Hans smiled and said hi, our place in the back was free but the bar was full of young people already being a Saturday night, lots of girls in short skirts and lads in shorts after a day out. I sat down at the table and crossed my legs just like the girls and watched the manner of their movements as they relaxed and in many cases flirted with the lads. The boy’s turned up and Chas did not know and kept looking at me till Petra let the cat out of the bag, shit he said, I thought it was another of your friends girl he said, then blew me a kiss, well Jules you look good enough to eat and I hope I get the chance to. You behave I told him we are trying to hook a lad if its possible with me dressed like this.

Chat went on and Helga had her hand up my skirt slowly moving my cock and balls out from the cover of the silk panties I was so enjoying wearing, they rubbed my cock with a light feather like feeling and made me hard as I moved around plus the sensual feel of the stockings on my legs, I was feeling such a wonton bitch my arse even felt sensual to all my moves. Helga whispered how much she would enjoy sex with me dressed as a girl but did not finish her words when Mike just leant over the table and shouted out, you are mine tonight and no mistake, just as you are. My cock was gripped tight by Helga and she said, we will watch you Mike, love to see you fuck our Jules the both of you Chas as well are you ok with that. Oh yes he said, he looks so fuckable my cock wants him now, Petra slid under the table and a look of surprise came on Mikes face as he looked down and saw Petra’s head between his legs and her hands search for the zip on his trousers which she found and quick as a flash had down, her hand now inside she drew out his very hard cock and stuck it in her mouth. Helga with a smile said to him she thought that might help for now as Petra had him clos his eyes and grunt as she worked her spell on his cock sucking hard then soft with her tongue darting round the head of his weapon removing the first drops of cum as they showed from his cock head. The orgasm took little time at all and he filled her mouth to overflowing with his warm cum which Petra held in her mouth tight as she returned to her seat next to Helga from under the table. Some of the juice was leaking from between her lips so Helga moved close and kissed her taking in some of Mikes cum from Petra’s mouth and enjoying it’s departure down her throat then licking the cum smeared lips and chin of Petra as she enjoyed the remainder still within her mouth. Hmm was Helga’s first comment, liked that how about you Petra? Yes I liked it to so you know were to leave you left overs when you are horny and fuck Jules, we will have them from you both. I had left a sticky deposit in Helga’s hand and the main burst of my cum had hit her thigh just under the table. She made no fuss just rubbed it in her skin licking her hand as it took the jelly parts way with her rubbing, Your seed is mine Jules, all you have I want from your cock and dirty filled pussy tonight.

Truth is by the time we went to the room we were all a little high on our table fun and drinks so once it the room the girls went and set up the room for the thing they both wanted so much to see, me being fucked by these two guy’s. The lights were low and the room arranged as best it could to be sexy, I sat on the end of the bed and made sure my skirt was showing the gap between my stocking tops and panties, I turned over and lay with my head supported by my hands and stretched my legs and thighs apart so now my panty clad bottom showed out from under the skirt which was piled around my waist. Chas moved over to the bed and knelt on the end leaning forward and traced a line with his fingers from my ankle up to my inner thigh edge of my panties, it felt very nice and put my nerve ends on edge and my brain into wonton mode. H e repeated the move many times and as the fingers reached the top they stayed a little at a time further under the panties and towards the lower valley of my bottom cheeks, One finger found the rim of my very sensitive pussy which was alive with feelings and not a little moist from my enjoyment and thoughts during this contact. He moved more towards me on the bed and it provided support for him to reach further up my body now and the hand was joined by its partner and moved to the waist of my panties pulling them slowly and lightly over my bottom and down to my thighs just above my stocking tops, my legs had helped by my thighs closing a little to assist the passage of the garment from my bottom, its removal had been very sensual and was a turn on for me so much so underneath my body my cock was building in size and movement rapidly. Mike joined Chas and they asked me to slide off the bed and stand a little away from the end so I slowly did as I was asked being guided by them as I left the bed, Mike kissed me on my lips a soft meaning full kiss which made my desire for this all the more heated, he undressed in front of me and sat on the end of the bed his cock stiff and standing upright in the dim light of the room with a wet droplet on it’s head. Chas also undressed and stood behind his hands now returning to my bottom and one moved round and took my cock then my balls and continued to play with them as he bent me forward down towards the waiting erect cock of Mike’s lap. I must admit I wanted that cock so much more than most could understand, my tongue was ready and the juices of my mouth were ready to welcome it deep within my throat as I sucked it and teased its head with my tongue. The feeling of Chas guiding his cock up and down my bottom valley and his had pulling my cock back and forward were joining in to make this like a spiritual trip which my mind could not choose which feeling was the best and I lusted for more. That cock behind me sort my pussy and the help of a wet finger slowly applied within it and moved outwards stretching its walls soon gave way to enough room for him to apply his cock to my now open hole. He was gentle and applied light probing thrusts to gain entrance inside me, the next one came with a heavy one and the resistance gave way and his now twitching hard cock was inside me and going deeper at every new move. I sighed as the two cocks were there in me and my body and mind were in control of how I could enjoy them, my senses were so alive and the sparks of pleasure darted through my head, my pussy was gripping his cock as it fucked me and I was moving my bottom to each thrust to gain the most pleasure I could from it, my legs were shacking and I was producing wetness from my hole as his cock ploughed into me and made me grip the cock of Mike tighter in my mouth and pull it hard making him bring load gasps as he neared his climax time. The peak was coming both front and back I could feel the rise in pleasure to it highest point and Chas crashed into me his cock throwing a stream of hot cum into me deep within my body and my head gave a silent shout of joy as it poured into me, yes, yes, yes I wanted this so much, not drunk, treated nice and I was being used how I wanted to be. No time for further thoughts as my mouth filled with the gift of Mikes cum, thick and creamy, warm and nice to taste I took all I could straight down and the rest still stuck to my inner mouth I savoured and enjoyed with all from that cock I loved, now I was spent my cum went all over Mike as it burst from me like a cum fest.