The Day I knew I was Bi – Part 8 (Things change)

We had many more nights of me being enjoyed by Chas and Mike but a few weeks later they were posed to another unit and my supply of male cock dried up, yes the club was a good place to pull a guy but as I spent so much time there with Petra and Helga interest was slight. Helga not being around for a few days I asked Petra if we could go on to one of the clubs in the town after a few drinks in the bar, it would make a change and we would see new people. She was happy to do so and on the Saturday night we did just that, went to the bar at 7 and left at 10 for the night club district. The Bamboo club was our choice as Petra had been there before and said it had nice customers but was a little pricy. Coats handed over, entrance fee payed we were shown to a table against the wall were we could see all the guest’s and a good view of the dance floor, drinks ordered we settled in to observing the customers as they danced or like us just arrived. She was right most were dressed well and to my mind also attractive, non so far over 30 I would say and some like us had been for drinks else were as they were in care free mood, I like that.

Petra soon snuggled up next to me and we were having a happy time, a few dances and a little smoochy kissing at the table was a nice change from the sexual heat of the room but my eyes were still taking in all that was going on. The couple at a table across the room from us had been taking a good look at us for some time and the girl had smiled as I looked over and her man to, I smiled back and started to take a closer interest in them, he was handsome around 18 and she a little younger, he had a nice pair of slacks on and an open necked shirt but smart, the girl dark haired and attractive was wearing a mini skirt flared out from the thigh and a glinting top which was made of a silky fabric. Petra nudged me and said how she thought they looked nice and she smiled at the girl the next time our eyes met, My eyes had a lovely view that Petra was not able to see from her position and the guy with the girl would not know I was able to feast on the inner thighs of the girl and more as she moved her legs and her panties became full in view to me. The distance between the tables was small so detail even I n the lowlight was very good and making me horny even when I realised she could see Petra’s legs under our table and she never tried to close her legs to cover the view of her underwear. I was thinking hard and my cock was hard to, touch my cock I asked Petra and she put her hand on it through my trousers and squeezed it, the girl at the table had a really big smile then and put her hand down to her crotch and fingered her pussy through her panties. Petra had not caught on what was going on yet and neither did the guy with the girl so I let my tongue track along my bottom lip and smiled in the girls direction. The guy was ordering more drink and his girl excused herself and went off to powder her nose and I gave Petra the wink to follow suit and off she went, my turn to order more drinks but as the waiter arrived I asked him what the pair on that table had ordered and told him to send the same again to the table when the girls had returned and settled back down, he got my meaning and the order was placed.

Petra returned and was smiling from ear to ear, well I asked, I got a pile of questions from the girl who is called Hanner, she asked if we were a couple and I told her no but tight friends and she said she was the same with Karl and that she found us attractive and would like to get to know us. Her attention was then diverted by the waiter arriving at the table of Hanner and Karl and depositing drinks there and pointing over to us, you clever boy Petra said under her breath, well done. We raised our glasses to them and they returned the salute but I nearly dropped my glass as I noticed Hanner was no longer wearing panties as her thighs parted wide and her pussy became in full view to me shaved and like a babies bottom. Hanner noticed my shocked shudder and her eyes deep into mine smiled and licked her lips, this girl is naughty and god I love that but it was not lost on me that she had taken an inch by inch check of Petra’s body as they had walked back from the washroom she was without bi.

As the music died after people had been up on the Dance floor Hanner crossed the floor and came to our table, she spoke to Petra and informed her she would be on her own shortly as Karl had to go off to catch a train to Koln were his family lived as his Mother was not well so would it be ok if she joined us when he departed in the next half hour, the details were passed to me and I said that’s fine, Karl had paid the bill and came over. He sounded nice and said he was sorry to not be able to join us but the late train to Koln will not wait for him but Hanner would make a time for us to meet on his return, a shake of the hand, a kiss for Hanner and off he went. Hanner sat next to me and Petra gave a happy sigh it was not possible to miss, she liked this girl and knew I did to. The girls chatted and as if she had know us all her life Hanner held my hand and leant into me as she talked to Hanner, her body felt nice against me and with Petra doing the same thing the other side I was in heaven. The words flying across me were getting more personnel and I kept the drinks coming to help that along till I heard Hanner say, she was not happy being on her own tonight so could she sleep with us. I had not a chance of replying to her as Petra said yes in an instant and explained that I had a room each weekend at The Golden Lamb so its ok, Hanner smiled and squeezed my hand then said to Petra how she thought we would look after her well, Petra smiled at us both and said yes you will be well attended by us won’t she Jules. I thought time to be bold and said to Hanner, she should have no fear as from this moment of she will be cared for, with that my hand released from hers and went under her skirt and into the valley between her legs which she opened wide.

Part 9 very soon. Jules.