Taboo family life: our new normal

The family dynamic has changed. This is what happens when mom makes her 15 yo son her Dom and man of the house.

Let’s recap the last six months. My 32 year old petite 5 foot nothing MILF of a mom, has made me, not only man of the house but her Dom too. I am her extremely horny 15 old son that accepted this role very eagerly. And as of yesterday my 12 year old sister has joined the fun.

I hadn’t thought up an house rules at this point. In the next few days I had come up with some. Like; no clothes while at home: unless master (me) requests it and Obey master always. Some others were made in the up and cuming weeks. But for the most, part I had the milf slave trained.

I was woken up every morning, like clock work, by my milf slave sucking the lust right out of my nuts. Its by far best way to start the day.

I’d wake up rubbing the sleep from my eyes with the first stretch of the day. As always, my mom was between my legs with my morning wood buried in her throat. I’d lay there half asleep, or half awake, loving the feeling of my mom kissing every square inch of my shaft. With her ever so soft lips. She’d hold my shaft in her hands like a presious heirloom. Always softly and carring. She’d kiss her way down the shaft leaving no spot unkissed. Then holding my sack in her other hand, she’d begin the task of giving my nuts a tongue bath. Damn I love that. She’d play with them softly with her tongue. Making circles around them. Or just starting at the underside of my sack and in one motion lick from back to front of my nuts. I’m almost 100% sure my eyes would role into the back of my head it felt so good. And because of time constraints, her work and me school soon. It was still July. She lick up my shaft sending shivers through my body, every time. And with a look up at me, she’d give one last kiss to the tip before she inhaled the whole the whole thing. She’d burry it into her mouth, all the way to my sack. Then continue with her tongue sliding down the base of my shaft and giving my sack a small lick. And for the next few minutes, my mom would continue this until, as she loves to call it, i feed her breakfast. With one hand around my shaft and other holding my sack she’d back off and leave the tip in her mouth. She loves the taste, and can’t taste it in her throat. Every morning I’d fill her mouth and she would get every drop out by milking the underside of my shaft. I’d lay there regaining by my breath.

This morning was different though. Sis was sleeping next to me. She was still passed out. Mom slide up and woke her gently.

“Sweaty time to wake up. You and master need to shower together. And get your day started” she exclaimed.

Sis smiled. We then headed to take our shower. The first time was just playfully screwing and washing. And that was typical for a while. But soon we got into a pattern that worked.

Because of school starting back up in August, sis and I had to come up with a shower routine that worked and of course involved sex. She insisted.

It started with quick snuggle soak. She’d wrap her arms around me and I her as we stood there soaking in the warm water. Since mom just sucked me dry. She would knee down (later I had mom get a shower seat) and she’d take my limp wiener in her mouth. Which she gave him a nick name “william”. She didn’t like to see him sad, Hanging limp. So she would suck and lick like mommy is teaching her to do. All the while I was washing her hair. I’d soap her hair up and work it into a lather, Then rinse. And she spent whole time sucking and licking.

Once her hair was rinsed out and William back to being happy again. She would stand up turn around and I’d slide myself into my sister from behind. She’d lean again the wall. Later I put in a bar for her to grab and rest against. She’d arch her back with me buried in her tummy. I’d then get the conditioner and condition her hair. Then brush it. She loved it. After a few minutes she’d start rocking her hips and pushing into me. Just about the same time I’d finish brushing. I’d reach around her to stand her up with me still inside her. I’d soap her up and wash her tinny little body. Lastly reaching around and “washing” her clit till she came. Sometimes I would too. But mostly I wouldn’t. I just loved her tinny little hole tightening up as she came. I’d wrap my arms around her and pick her up off the floor, legs dangling as she came. One hand holding her by her crotch over her slit and the other holding her tight to me and a hand grabing the ever so small, but growing, preteen breast. She had no control, it’s was all mine. As she calmed down. I’d set her down rinsed her off and just before she stepped out I’d grab her pussy slide two fingers in…

“Who’s is this?” I’d always ask.

“Yours brother. Always and forever.” She giggle back. Then I’d finish my shower.

During the sumer time sis and I’d played with each other off and on. Depending on what was going on that day. I did have a part time job. She mostly stayed outside palying with her BFF from across the street.

When mom got home our family would cum back together. After a full day of work, I found that taking care of my slave mom was the best idea. Besides, there ways plenty of time later to do all the kinky stuff.

Once in the door I’d make her strip down and then she would kneel there. Making her repeat her greeting.

“Hello master. I’m am ready for your will.”

It started off as just pounding her from behind till she came. Her work stress would disapear and I could use her easier that way.

But now sis joined in. After her greeting me. I’d move her to to my new room, the master bed room. It had the king size bed. I’d have her suck me till I was hard. Then lay her on her back on the bed. Legs spread I would press my way into her petite body and watch her tummy start to bulge.

Just about then, sis would take her que and run into the room sqealing. “Moms home!” While I’m pounding her. She’d give mom a big naked little girl hug. And lay on top of mom with her cute little ass checks sticking into the air. She’d rest her head on mom’s breasts and start to play with them, flicking her nipples with her fingers.

Once sis was settled in I’d begin pumping into mom again, all while one hand rubbing her clit and the other on sis’s ass sliding my thumb down her soft slut rubing her clit too. The room would fill with the two moaning as they’d orgasm. I’d get them to cum once maybe twice more until I get close. And when I did, I’d pull out hurry around to mouths mouth and burst her treat into her mouth as she sucked. Sis would watch mom and reach up and fondle my sack.

“Dinner slave women.”

“Yes sir” she’d say satisfied.

Around now, once school started, was homework and studying. I was 3.0 student. Sis had problems with math, science and history. So I came up with a fun way to help her study. After her homework was done. I’d hand her flash cards for math or questions for science and history. I’d have naked little body bent over a beanbag or large pillows. Again ass up. And I would swat her checks wrong answers. But when ishe got then correct, I would rub her sore checks. then i’d rub closer and closer for ever write answer. When she would get the the end of the questions, I’d have her start over again for repetition. And continue to rub her butt, then down thighs, back up to outer lips and finally her clit. For 15 minutes each subject. Over and over till the 15 minutes were up and she came once or twice. The whole time repeating the questions and answers. If she stopped, I’d stop. Negative and very positive reinforcement. Her grades improved drastically. Better than mine At her age. By the time we were done I’d look up, mom would be watching us smiling rubing herself.

“Dinners ready”

During dinner sis and mom would be dressed in very sexy sheer dresses or cover ups.

And then bed time. After getting ready for bed. Mom and I would bang sis goodnight. And then it was moms turn to get pounded as I saw fit. I’d spank the dirty MILF for doing incestuous things to her kids. And then pin her down and force orgasms from her body till she was worn out. Usually by playing with her clit up to and through every orgasm never stoping. No mater how sensitive it got. Orgasms kept cuming till she passed out with my dick In her mouth. Then I leaned back and fell asleep, with mom suckling my dick in her sleep.