Cricket fan fiction: Pandya brothers drug & rape Ishan Kishan

It was one of the IPL after parties organized by the owner of Mumbai Indians team. The entire team was celebrating their victory. Krunal & Hardik Pandya as usual were on the look out for some “items” to take back to their room. Hardik told Krunal “Bro, we won today. Let’s do something different. I’m bored of the usual”. At the same time Ishan Kishan a young player of the team came to the bar & hi-fived Hardik & took a shot from the table, gobbled it & went away to dance. Krunal winked at Hardik & said “Let’s do this” & looked in Ishan’s direction. Ishan Kishan was very young & fair & curvy. He had very less body hair. He had a curvy fat ass that gyrated & bounced with every dance move that he was making. He looked very girly.

Hardik bit his lower lip and stared at Ishan and nodded. “Lets do threesome with him” he said. Krunal said “will he agree?” Hardik said “no need to ask him” and dug out a capsule from his pocket and showed it to Krunal and grinned. Krunal understood. This wasn’t the first time Hardik had used the date rape drug. He had used it on others before. Half a dose of the contents of the capsule would ensure the person was unconscious, but also respond to sex.

Hardik poured some of the powder from the capsule onto a vodka glass and swirled it. In 10 minutes, Ishan came to the bar again. Hardik thrust his hand with the drugged glass to his mouth and Ishan obliged and drank from it. Hardik made him drink 3 more shots telling “its OK, enjoy the victory” when Ishan was doubtful if he could take so many shots.

He went back to the dance floor and in 5 minutes the drug started it’s effect. Ishan began half closing his eyes and his moves were blunted. The Pandya brothers went to the dance floor and started dancing next to Ishan. Everyone was high to notice these three. Hardik gradually pulled Ishan aside and began taking him to the rooms. When they were close to Hardik’s room, Ishan passed out. Hardik supported Ishan’s head on his shoulder and opened the his door with the card and carried Ishan and put him on his king size bed. He locked the door and lay on the bed. He pulled Ishan on top of him with great difficulty and put Ishan’s legs on either side of his legs. It was as if Ishan was sitting on Hardik’s dick. He put Ishan’s head on his torso and began to molest Ishan’s ass by squeezing it and gently move it circularly so that both their crotches rubbed against each other.

Hardik got a boner, but Ishan dint. He removed Ishan’s shirt with some difficulty and ran his hand all over his back pressing Ishan against his own torso. Then he lifted Ishan’s head and began kissing his luscious lips and sucked it. It tasted of vodka. Hardik was also a bit high now. He poked his finger on Ishan’s butt hole and made his ass bounce by hitting it occasionally. Ishan was in deep slumber oblivious to being taken advantage of by Pandya.

After 15 minutes, there was a knock at the door. Hardik put Ishan aside and went to the door. Krunal said “it’s me” from outside. He let Krunal in and locked the door again. Krunal saw Ishan lying shirtless and asked “you started without me? I was dancing for some more time so that no one gets doubt on us”.

They went back to bed and removed their shirts and track pants and were just wearing their boxers. Krunal lay on one side of Ishan and turned him and started passionately kissing and sucking Ishan’s lips. Hardik came near Ishan’s ass and began kissing it. He squeezed both butt cheeks and buried his mouth between the buttcrack on Ishan’s asshole. He bit Ishan’s fad soft ass and removed Ishan’s shorts and underwear. Ishan’s fat white smooth ass turned Hardik on. And he began fingering Ishan’s asshole. Krunal meanwhile was kissing Ishan all over the face.

The Pandya brothers then pulled out their dicks from the pee hole of their briefs and began to play with their own cocks. They made Ishan lay on his back and Hardik sat on Ishan’s chest and began hitting his 8 inch cock on Ishan’s face and mouth. He also poked Ishan’s mouth with his hard on dick and rubbed it against Ishan’s lips.

Krunal started playing with Ishan’s dick. Ishan had shaven his crotch completely with no signs of hair. Krunal began to vigorously shake Ishan’s dick and began squeezing his balls and tugged them as if milking a cow. Ishan’s dick gradually have erect. But it was not completely hard since Ishan was not conscious. Krunal poked Ishan’s semi hard cock with his own hardened cock. He also played with Ishan’s foreskin by pulling it back and forth.

Then Hardik made Ishan’s body lie in forward kneeling position and put a pillow below Ishan’s ass and lifted it up. He locked and kissed it readying it for penetration. When the asshole was quite wet, Krunal held Ishan’s ass up while Hardik gently thrust his circumcised cock into the asshole. It was pretty tight. He moved back and forth fucking it. He then penetrated deeper and inserted his 8 inch cock completely inside Ishan’s fat ass. Every time he thrust his rod inside, his thighs hot Ishan’s fat ass and made “thap thap” sound. Krunal was beating Ishan’s ass with one hand and masturbating with the other.

When Hardik was on the verge of Cumming, Krunal said “I’m older, I will cum in that ass first”. Saying so he released Hardik’s cock from Ishan’s ass and came near the ass and slowly inserted his cock inside. The ass had opened up a bit. Krunal began to vigorously fuck Ishan. They had now mad Ishan sleep on his back and had spread his legs.

Hardik was playing with Ishan’s nipples and kissing his lips while Krunal began to moan “ah ah ahh” and started Cumming in Ishan’s ass. He came for about a minute with his dick pulsating inside Ishan’s tight fat ass. He continued to thrust his dick which was still hard on. After a minute, he removed his cock which was still twitching and wiped it with Ishan’s underwear and lay on one side of the bed.

Now Hardik came and beat his cock on Ishan’s ass to get hard again and penetrated. The ass was well lubed with Krunal’s sticky cum which was overflowing the asshole. Hardik started fucking Ishan’s ass by making “plop plop” sounds. He was moving his ass back and forth and also sideways sometimes. He lifted Ishan’s legs and kept them on his shoulders and penetrated deeper.

After fucking the asshole mercilessly, Hardik began to cum inside Ishan. He too continued to fuck it even after emptying his juice inside. After a minute he removed his cock, kissed the ass and wiped his cock with Ishan’s undies and lay on the other side of the bed. They went to sleep.

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