The Lover’s Suite, Ch 1

I take my fiancee and her young nieces to a romantic resort.

The receptionist greeted me with a smile and began to check us in. As she did, I enjoyed a good look at her. Her name tag said Claire, and she was young and pretty, probably about Emily’s age, with dark straight hair in a cute ponytail and big brown eyes. She was wearing a dark skirt that hugged her slender hips, and a white blouse that was tight around her breasts. I didn’t even notice as Emily came up beside me until she teasingly poked me for staring. “Okay sir, you’re all set. I hope you enjoy your stay at –“ Claire stumbled when she saw Emily for the first time, wrapping her arm around mine. As I mentioned, Claire was about the same age as Emily – who was just entering high school. Emily’s white blouse was also tight, but while Claire’s chest was hidden by a matching bra, Emily’s red bra was visible through the thin material. And yet her nipples were visibly pushing against the fabric. “ –at the…Lover’s Suite. Please let me – I mean us – know if you need anything.” Claire flushed as she passed me the key.

I wrapped my hand around her fingertips as I held the key. “Thank you so much, young lady. Perhaps later tonight you can come up and check on us. Make sure we’re satisfied.” We both gave her a smile as Emily rested her hand on ours. Claire’s eyes widened and she started to breathe a little heavier. “Yes sir, that sounds good.” She reluctantly let go of the key and we made our way towards the elevators. I noticed Emily swinging her developing hips a little more than usual as Claire watched us leave.

She and I joined Sarah at the elevator. I gave my fiancée a kiss. At 22, she at least looked old enough to kiss a man in his 30s in public. Sarah looked a lot like her niece, but with more developed curves. Short, with strawberry blonde curls and pretty blue eyes, a button nose and gorgeous smile. While Emily’s still growing chest had just reached a C-cup, her aunt had fully grown into a D. And I knew Emily’s remaining baby fat would soon melt away into a skinny waist and full hips and butt like Sarah. I grabbed the suitcases as Sarah called to Mikayla and Jessica. They were chatting – maybe flirting? – with a pair of boys about their age in the lobby. But Sarah’s younger nieces came skipping towards us hand-in-hand to join us in the elevator.

The younger girls playfully fought to see who could press the button for the top floor first. But before the doors could close, an older couple joined us. We all squeezed together to accommodate them. They didn’t notice as I slid my hand up Jessica’s skirt to rub her tight young butt. The couple got off on a lower floor, and as soon as the door closed Jessica jumped up and wrapped her arms around me. I held her up by her ass as we kissed passionately. Our tongues danced until the doors opened on our floor. I handed Mikayla the room key and she went off to find it. Jessica hopped down and ran after her. Sarah and Emily walked after them, holding hands. I watched them sneak a quick kiss as I followed with the suitcases to the door at the end of the hall.

Mikayla was already inspecting the large open room, bouncing from corner to corner. Jessica looked over the kitchenette, checking the fridge for treats. Emily flopped down on the giant round bed and looked at herself in the mirrors along the wall and ceiling. Sarah inspected the bottle of champagne on ice by the bed. There were five glasses and a bowl of strawberries and cream next to it, just as we requested.

“Honey, why don’t you pour some champagne for us while I help the girls get more comfortable? I leaned over Emily on the bed, kissed her on the lips, and then moved down. Her skirt was longer than Jessica’s, and I saw why as I hiked it up. Her bright red panties are crotchless, showing the small tuft of hair just above her button. “These are very cute, sweetie,” and then I dove in, licking her tender clit. She let out a gasp as I stuck a finger in her tight but wet pussy.

Hearing Emily, Jessica came over to the bed. Still horny from the elevator, her braless nipples poked through her thin shirt. She slid out of her skirt, revealing low-cut, black string bikini panties. Taking a glass from Sarah, she had a sip. “Hehe, the bubbles tickle!” She took another sip, climbed on the bed, and kissed Emily. I could see the champagne stream between their lips as they kissed. A little ran down Emily’s cheek and neck. She spasmed a little as her younger cousin cupped her breast and I pressed my finger against her g-spot. Jessica started to unbutton Emily’s blouse.

After pouring the champagne, Sarah and Mikayla settled into the plush sofa with their glasses. (Little Mikayla only had half a glass to start with.) Sarah wrapped an arm around Mikayla. “I love Jessica’s cute little panties.”

“Can I get a pair like that?” Mikalya snuggled with her aunt, resting her head against Sarah’s chest.

“Of course! You would look so pretty in those.” As they watched me lick and finger Emily’s pussy, Sarah’s hand reached down to rub Mikayla’s thighs. The small girl parted her legs just enough to allow Sarah’s hand to press against her mound. Sarah could feel her tiny pussy lips through her thin leggings. Mikayla purred as a finger traced up and down her privates, occasionally clamping her legs and squeezing her aunt’s wandering hand eyes glued to the scene in front of them.

Emily splayed out on her back as her blouse was opened, revealing her bra. The mystery of her visible nipples in the lobby was revealed, quite literally. The red lace matched her panties, but it had open cups, exposing a pair of puffy nipples.

Never one to deny her own pleasure, Jessica reached a hand into her own panties as she latched on to Emily’s nipple and began sucking. I noticed her shifting to give Sarah and Mikayla a view of her tiny butt, her hand stretching out her cute panties.
Jessica dripped a little champagne onto Emily’s nipples, finished her glass and dropped it to the carpeted floor. She licked her cousin clean and continued to suck on one nipple while pinching the other. I could hear the faint sounds of her fingering herself under her panties with her free hand.

Emily tried to play with Jessica’s nipples but was soon too distracted with her own pleasure. Her moans became faster, and a little louder. She bucked her hips in pleasure as I slid a second finger in her sweet pussy. She tasted delicious; I couldn’t wait to share it with the others when we kissed later. I pumped my fingers in faster and harder as I licked and sucked on her button. My pinky teased her tiny butthole but didn’t enter. Emily let out a long, loud moan as she tensed, then began to convulse. Her pussy pulsed tightly on my fingers. Finally, she collapsed into the soft bed, panting and beginning to sweat.

Meanwhile Sarah had helped Mikayla to her feet and start tugging at her leggings. She smiles and squirmed away from Sarah, wanting to do it herself. Her cute little butt stuck out as she teased her leggings lower. As her pink cotton briefs were visible Sarah gave Mikayla a playful swat. The sound took Jessica’s attention away from Emily. She continued to rub her sensitive clitty as she watched Mikayla strip.
Feeling a little tipsy already, Mikayla stumbled as her leggings came off. Sarah reached up to support her, and to help her with her top. The young girl raised her hands and Sarah pulled up, revealing a beautiful flat chest with tiny pink nipples that hardened in the open air. Holding her narrow hips Sarah whispered into her ear. “Go over there and help Jessica take that cock out.” Mikayla was all smiles as she jumped onto the bed next to Jessica and they both looked hungrily at my bulging crotch.

I crawled on to the bed to settle down next to Emily, who looked dazed but satisfied. The other two girls scrambled over to my lap. As they fumbled with my belt, I wondered if the champagne was a little too much for them. Mikayla and Jessica pecked kisses at each other as they worked on my pants. Kissing necks, cheeks, lips. Jessica finally took her hand out of her panties as Mikayla unzipped my pants, and they pulled them completely off together. Mikayla grabbed the spaghetti straps of Jessica’s tank top, and pulled it down. Her cousin’s A-cup breasts and small yet hard nipples were exposed, causing my cock to twitch in my boxer briefs.

The girls returned their attention to me. Kissing my stomach and thighs, rubbing their hands on my swollen manhood. Finally, staring into my eyes with a mischievous smile, Jessica grabbed the waistband and pulled down. My prick sprang up and hit Mikayla in the face. She gave a startled shriek and giggled. Intent on returning the favor, she took my uncut 7 inches and tried to hit Jessica in the face. But Jessica caught my cock in her mouth and immediately started sucking. Mikayla stroked me into Jessica’s mouth as she leaned in further to lick the base of my shaft and balls. “Oh my god, you girls feel so good!” Is all I can manage to moan out.

Sarah snuggled up on the bed on Emily’s other side as the girl lazily played with her nipples. They both watched Mikayla lick and suck my balls, proud of how quickly Emily’s baby sister had taken to this naughty new lifestyle. She had only been invited to join our fun a month ago, as a grade school graduation present.

As the younger girls struggled to suppress their giggles in order to play with my cock in their small mouths, Emily’s hand drifted in between Sarah’s leg. Sarah realized that she was the only one still fully dressed. She began to unbutton her jeans, and Emily kissed me softly then moved to help slide the tight clothes off Sarah’s curvy hips. She was wearing a dark purple thong underneath, its lace front just barely covering her freshly shaven pussy.

I always liked that thong on her, and hoped she had the matching bra. But it was hard to focus on my fiancée with two cuties at my lap. Jessica would suck for a little while, then pull out my shaft and feed it to Mikayla, who would greedily accept. Then Mikayla would switch back. If it wasn’t so insanely hot, it would have been cute.

Jessica certainly knew how to put on a show. While Mikayla was pretty much lying on top of my leg, Jessica was on her knees, back arched, her adorable ass sticking up for everyone to see. I stroked both the girls’ cheeks. Mikayla caught Emily’s scent on my fingers. She took my cock out, fed it to Jessica, and then grabbed my fingers and started sucking her sister’s pussy juices off me.

It finally became too much for me. “Which one of my gorgeous girls wants the first ride?”

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