The Quiet One

Boss was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had got the nickname boss from his gran because as he grew up he would tell everyone that he was the boss, he had been living in England for two years and hated it, he hated all the racism and wanted to move back to Bangladesh where all his friends were and where he had been happy and had enjoyed life, boss often told his parents that he did not like living in England and wanted to go back home to Bangladesh but his parents told him that he would have to get used to England as they would not go back to Bangladesh, boss’s dad owned and ran a grocery shop in town that he had brought from an English man called Mr Lyons and he had never changed the name of the shop so everyone called him Mr Lyons. Boss was working in the shop on his own when Tracey who was a class mate at school came in Tracey was a quiet girl who was well respected and always spoke with boss just after Tracey had entered the shop July a loud mouthed racist violent thug from boss’s class entered and immediately started to have a go at Tracey accusing her of trying to steal her boyfriend, then to the total surprise of boss Tracey turned at kicked July in the head using a karate kick, July crumpled to the floor and lay there dazed, Tracey stood over July and said ” I did not try to steal your boyfriend I stole him and he fucks good” boss could not believe what he was hearing from the quiet girl, Tracey looked at boss smiled then grabbed Tracey’s jumper and bulled it right up as she did boss saw that July had nothing on under her jumper and her naked boobs were on show, Tracey looked at boss and said ” how is that a white pair of tits for you” after a couple of minutes July lowered her jumper got up off the floor and left the shop, Tracey looked at boss and said ” it is us quiet ones that you need to watch” boss just smiled, Tracey then asked boss if he had enjoyed seeing July’s tits, boss agreed that he had, Tracey then raised her tee shirt revealing her own naked boobs and said ” here is another pair” boss looked in disbelieve at Tracey’s firm boobs noticing her erect nipples, when the door opened Tracy lowered her tee shirt, boss’s girlfriend sixteen year old Pao walked in, she looked at Tracey and told her that July was round the corner with a couple of her mates and they had weapons, Pao said they were after Tracey, she then told boss to lock up and lower the shutters and she would take Tracey in the back out of the way, boss started to lower the outside shutters using the remote controls not long after they were down boss heard July’s voice, boss waited awhile then went out to the back room as he went into the room he got a shock, Tracey was laying on the table with her legs overhanging the edge her tee shirt was on the floor and Pao was sucking her nipples while Tracey moaned, Pao looked at boss and said ” do not just stand there get her jeans off her, boss went forward and started to undo Tracey’s jeans and once he had them undone Tracey lifted her bum while boss pulled her jeans right down and off leaving her naked, boss looked at Tracey’s love tube then started to rub it and heard Tracy say ” at last he is fucking doing something, Pao stood up straight then stripped naked, boss moved round and started to suck Tracey’s nipples while Pao started to lick Tracey’s love tube making her moan in deep pleasure, boss stood up and smiled then stripped naked, Tracey looked at his eight inch erection reached out grabbed boss by the wrist and pulled him closer to the table then took his dick into her mouth and started to suck it, boss started to gently  squeeze Tracey’s nipples after a couple of minutes boss pulled his dick from Tracey’s mouth moved round and after pulling Pao out of the way stood between Tracey’s parted legs and slowly pushed his throbbing erection into her love tube as he did Tracey said ” yes at last he is fucking me” Pao climbed onto the table and sat astride Tracey’s boobs and said ” lick me” and while boss thrust in and out of Tracey’s love tube she was licking Pao’s love tube, after five minutes boss felt Tracey cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and after another ten minutes felt her cum a second time and not long after he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum up Tracy’s stomach and Pao’s back at the same time Pao was gushing, the trio stayed in the back room for awhile before cleaning up and dressing. The next day word was going round that July and her mates had been caught with knives and were now in youth detention and by the end of the day the security camera footage of July laying on the floor with her boobs on full show was being circulated round the Bengali community who loved it. That night Tracey’s sister Mary who was two years younger than what Tracey was went into the shop looking for Pia who was Pao’s sister and in the same class as Mary boss told Mary she was in the flat upstairs and Mary went up. Later after he had locked up boss went up stairs to the flat as he went into the lounge he saw Pao laying naked on the bed while Mary was kneeling naked on the floor licking her love tube and Pia laying naked also on the bed with Tracey kneeling naked and licking Pia’s love tube, Mary looked over her shoulder and said ” come on get your fucking clothes off and join us” after five minutes boss was naked thrusting in and out of Mary’s love tube glad that he had taken four Viagra and thinking I don’t want to go back to Bangladesh I think I am going to like it here..