The new nurse

she needed the job and would do anything to keep it

Lucy Owen’s was born and brought up in southern England, she was an only child who had married her man Dave when she was nineteen. A couple blessed and certain to have a wonderful life, he left when she was 31 never to be seen again.
The first year was terrible she felt she had no self esteem she tried for months to find employment to no avail, and then the second year she still had bills to pay and then covid hit no job, no money, big mortgage. Lucy was at a very low ebb, almost suicidal.

It was by sheer chance that Lucy saw the perfect job advertised after her neighbour passed on the local paper. Shire hospital to reopen in fight against pandemic, nursing staff required. It turned out the Shire was going to be taken over by a small military team, who needed to be supported by local staff. Lucy when she first married had done all her basic training plus twelve months secondment at the Shire, before Dave had almost demanded she become a full time house wife.

Seven days later Lucy was sat in front of Sister Dawn Wright, a stern faced women in her late thirties. Lucy was amazed at some of the questions she was asked, why had she left the profession, followed by was your husband demanding, did you obey him, why did he leave, did you still have sex. Finally do you really need this job, will you behave like a naval nurse in all your endeavours.
The interview must have gone very well because that evening she received a call inviting her to start work the following Monday.

Sister Wright sat in the office of Commander William (Bill) Davies, I think Lucy was the best of the two Bill, I know how you like them with big tits she must be a DD and I’m sure very submissive. More importantly she is desperate for this job.
All the time the commander had sat reading the file Dawn had prepared, right down to bank details and even where she shopped for food.

Oh you are a very naughty girl sister, so very naughty. Dawn was kneeling in front of him her nursing uniform folded neatly over the chair behind her all she wore was a flimsy black bra that had trouble containing her 36 C cup tits, and a black suspender belt holding up sheer black seamed stockings. She smiled up at him while releasing his rock hard 10” cock, oh how she loved to suck him to taste his pre-cum and hot spunk. From that first week more than twelve years ago when she had become his junior nurse, he had trained her to be his slut, fucked her in every hole, spanked her, whipped her. They married within a month and Dawn agreed she would do anything for Bill, and the perverted commander made sure that she did.

On their honeymoon in Greece she submitted to three waiters and a waitress while Bill videoed every second. Over the next few years she accepted and encouraged the most perverse sexual acts severe BDSM, water sports, gang bangs and zoophilia. In more resent years Dawn had helped Bill procure younger women for both their gratification. Poor Lucy Owen’s was their next target.

From her first day Lucy was put under pressure by Dawn, she highlighted every little error ensuring Lucy understood she was on probation and must prove herself. It wasn’t until almost a full month had passed that Dawn called for Lucy to come to see her urgently, Dawn new she was doing the drugs stocktake and she also new she had drugs everywhere. Lucy was exasperated when she found it was about the forward rota’s, and what made it worse Sister followed her back down the corridor and into the drugs storeroom, her heart sank this looked like the job would be gone forever.

Twenty four hours later, she stood in front of the desk of the commander, he wasn’t even looking at her. It is your choice young lady, you either accept our punishment or we will have to release you.
Lucy felt both shy and nervous in front of the commander, he seemed to have total control without raising his eyes or his voice…what will the punishment be sir…oh he liked the sir and it came so easily. That’s simple nurse we will spank you like a naughty girl, and you have been a very naughty girl. Lucy stood silently for what seemed like an eternity, before nodding her head in acceptance all the time wondering why her body seemed to becoming to life at the mention of spanking.

Hands on the desk nurse it was an order, push your legs out behind you, wider push your bottom higher yes good.
She felt her skirt being raised above her waist, knowing her fine silk stockings and suspender were on show, but worse her semi sheer white panties where also on full view and she new they were getting damp. Dawn spoke again, with or without sir, with the first time Sister the commander replied, tomorrow we can dispense with covering. Tomorrow Lucy thought tomorrow, but didn’t dare question them and wasn’t sure she wanted to.

Then it happened swat, fast, swat the other cheek, five ten fifteen. Please no more it hurts so much, tears made he mascara run please so painful. Twenty, twenty five the complaints had changed to moans, sexual moans. Sister had stopped the spanking and was running her hands across those wonderful arse cheeks while exchanging satisfied looks with the commander who had watched Lucy throughout her big tits bouncing with each slap imagining her nipples long and hard. Seeing her mouth slacken has she moaned with pleasure dribbling down her chin, and eyes rolling into the back of her head.
Lucy bottom stinging, was loving Sisters fingers stroking and squeezing her globes.

Lucy saw the commander stand from behind the desk she couldn’t take her eyes of his crutch he had on tight chino’s his rock hard cock stood proud almost peeping over the top, god he’s massive she thought, as he disappeared behind her. She new he was looking at her, looking at the marks on her bottom and seeing the wetness, the wetness she could feel trickling down her thighs, it seemed an age before he commanded her to stand. Very good nurse, now straiten yourself up young lady before go home.
I have a zoom meeting at five tomorrow Sister, can we get the nurse here by six tomorrow so we can complete her punishment. He was ignoring Lucy while he spoke, I think she should spend the day without panties before the visit then we can see how wet she can really get.

Has she left the commanders office her face bright red with embarrassment, she wondered how she could except this and not even complaining about what was expected of her the following day.
As she made her way home the events of the last hour flashed through her mind, Dave had never spanked her seriously, but twice when they were playing he had put her over his knee and slapped her lightly over her clothes, both times it had ended in terrific orgasmic sex. She found herself blushing a deep red her fingers had moved between her legs at the thought of spending a full day without panties….could she ….should she, her orgasm sat in a lay-by was the answer.

Lucy awoke the next morning after a very disturbed night, the should she shouldn’t she scenario was still playing in her mind as she looked at herself in the full length bathroom mirror. This didn’t stop her grabbing her razor as she stepped into the shower, when she stepped back out again her pussy lips were completely bald and quite swollen with excitement. She went to her underwear drawer, looking at the selection of panties which she ignored, and withdrew her favourite white bra only half cup and so sheer it barely supported her huge tits and her nipples when hard like now were on show to all, something her and Dave had both loved especially when other men where ogling her huge fat tits. She put on a new pair of silk stockings and wide white suspender belt, then covered everything with her plain nurses uniform.

It would feel a very long day for Lucy, she was sure everyone new she was walking about without panties, and just this thought made her feel quite damp down there. Several times throughout the day she had to visit the ladies, she had acquired a small towel from the sluice room and she used it to wipe her pussy free of love juice. Her mind kept going back to when she was first married to Dave, he would inspect her making her giggle, talking about her clam-chops and mudflaps and her clitoris which he would flick with his fingers or tongue was her clam-hat or skittle, telling her how huge it became, loving how red and swollen she became when excited. he’d even give her a running commentary on her pee hole or hogs eye, at first she thought this a bit weird but had grow to love it and often even pee’d for him to actually watch and feel her amber nectar (his words) and now found it hard to admit how much she missed all of it. By five o’clock some of her stickiness had reach her stocking tops, and even then Lucy was still trying to convince herself that she didn’t want to go back to the commander.

It got to 5:45 pm and the hospital was almost deserted it being a day surgery, the only people she saw were cleaners and when she saw Sister Wright talking to one of them something clicked, the young women looked about 25 a very tight mini skirt just covering her bottom showing tanned young legs with a firm ass and thighs, but mostly it was her tits, big and almost untethered. Lucy thought about other females at the hospital, age and big tits seemed to be a prominent feature around this place. If she had talked to a few of them she’d have realised that Sister Wright had done most of the interviews and had chosen girls who like Lucy were vulnerable and possible targets for pure lechery.

Sister followed her down the corridor to the main office, she could feel her eyes boring into her body. Lucy hesitated at the commanders door, before knocking firmly…enter….enter. She opened the door and Sister moved in front of her…don’t be shy nurse come on in. Lucy stood with her back to the closed door, Sister sat in a large leather chair while the commander stood half sat against the desk. His semi hard cock was hard to miss even in his thick serge trousers, and Lucy couldn’t take her eyes of it…right Nurse Owen we need to know if you can follow orders, strip off please….Lucy was static, now nurse strip.

Her dress dropped to the floor, and even though she wore a bra it was so skimpy and her tits so big and nipples so hard she was virtually stood there in just stockings and suspenders. Her cunt was like how Dave had seen it, clam chops red swollen and open, her clam hat escaped from it’s hood and growing as firm as her nipples, Lucy wanted to play with it but didn’t dare. Sister was the first to speak, why did we shave this morning nurse Owen did we want the Commander to see our cunt…Lucy blushed deeply not just what she said but saying that word…well nurse tell us, Lucy nodded…say it Lucy tell us, YES she said a little to loudly… oh that’s so good Lucy.

Thirty seconds later Sister had guided her to the side of the desk, her palms were resting on the top legs splayed out wide behind her. The commander moved behind her alongside his wife appreciating the sight before him a wonderful smooth bottom and between those wonderful globes her brown star was fully on show, his mind and eyes took it all in. Lucy had come a long way in just 24 hours faster he thought faster than any of the others, she’d be earning him extra money before she realised it.

Lucy felt the firm hand in the middle of her naked back stroking downwards towards her bottom, then swoosh his other hand crashed onto her left cheek, hard really hard before she could react another blow hit her right cheeks she screeched her objection, to hard no please please god no. The commander ignored her pleas and screams of objection twenty thirty strokes her bottom glowed red much to his pleasure, he new from the previous evening that it would be the same with Lucy. Soon any pain was pushed to the corner of her mind succumbing to the sexual feelings flowing through her body, she heard his voice boring into her brain. Fucking bitch spread your legs wider, tell us why I’m spanking your bare arse, you’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you nurse and naughty nurses need spanking. Tell us bitch tell your master what he wants to hear, TELL US tell us your a filthy whore who needs this spanking, all the time his big hand was stroking her arse cheek delving between her slit. Yes she finally admitted it yes, yes I’m a filthy whore for you master, spank me please spank me I’ll try to be good.
She didn’t know if she’d passed out for a second while his hand chastised her bottom brutally, Lucy thought she could hear voices, she must be ready master , Sisters voice, not until the bitch begs for it masters voice.

One hand were cupping her hanging tits torn from her flimsy bra squeezing hard and pulling on her erect nipples, while the a hand had moved between her cheeks and was running the fingers across her love button and between her soppy flaps. I think we understand each other don’t we young lady, I think you are enjoying what I’m doing for you, and I also think you want to be a submissive slut for me….his fingers pulled hard on her left nipple and once more he spanked her really hard…well bitch answer me…please sir I’m not sure I’m confused, I shouldn’t be doing this.

You have been a naughty nurse, a very naughty nurse, only Sister and I know how naughty. Now I think you want to be even naughtier…but we have the option you can dress and walk away, all the time his fingers were working their magic between her legs…or we can be a good little bitch and start to obey me as you know you want to… lie on your back on the desk and open yourself so we can see all your body…or get dressed and fuck off.

Lucy climbed on the desk and laying on her back she opened her legs, not quite wide enough for Sister she stood at the end of the desk grabbed her ankles firmly and dragged her legs apart, her cunt and freshly spanked arse cheeks were fully exposed to the commander. That’s when she notice both her assailants, were different Sister wore black leather Basque with nurses insignia the same black seamed stockings but instead of her flats she wore six inch black platform heels, while master was totally naked with his massive fist holding the biggest cock she had ever seen, just the head poking from his fingers the size of a large orange.

Fuck her now master fuck her, can I have the bitch when your finished with her. Both the commander and Sister were laughing at this exchange, Lucy’s noticed her wants and needs didn’t come into it. The bitch will be getting the fucking of her life before it’s your turn whore, that’s right bitch isn’t it. He was looking right at her…well start begging bitch….that’s if you really want it…well bitch. Her mind and body were in turmoil the fact was she was beginning to enjoy being a submissive for this cruel couple, that and the fact that her new master was now rubbing his fat cock between her swollen pussy lips while his fingers squeezed hard on her stiff nipple made this decision impossible…..yes I want it fuck me it’s been so long fuck me hard.

Dave while they were married did have his little perversion but he was by default a kind man, and she now realised that all this time what she had really wanted was someone to use her. She new now her path had changed, even before the first spank she had received, she had known things would never be the same again. Her new master also knew he had her, he pushed forwards slowly inch by inch he watched his cock disappear into the folds of Lucy’s sopping cunt. Oh fuck please too big…slowly no oh god too big….he didn’t intend to take it slow……tongue her mouth, shut the bitch up. Sister leant over Lucy forcing her tongue into her mouth spitting into her mouth while grabbing her tits and squeezing as hard as possible. The commander was loving it his cock seemed harder as he rammed it harder into her twat.

Less than five minutes had passed and the new slut was moaning, and then begging for more cock mini orgasms rippling through her body. Sister was climbing on the desk, and the commander knew what he was going to see next. Sister spread her legs and crouched over Lucy’s face her cunt gapping wide and pouring out sloppy cum, suck it bitch get your fucking tongue up there make me cum. Another first for Lucy, but this time there was no hesitation her lips and tongue latched onto the soppy mess in front of her.
Her mind raced, she was being used like a slut and she was loving it and her abusers made sure she knew what she was the continued to use her while calling her the filthiest names she’d ever heard.
Her first massive orgasm roared through her, causing her to gasp for air, forgetting her cunt loving duties until her nipples were torn forward by an angry Sister.

It felt like hours, but was just twenty minutes both women were soaking wet in both sweat and multiple orgasms small and large, before the commander screamed out in an orgasm of his own Lucy felt the full force as jet after jet hit the back of her womb. It must have looked like a tableau Sister wobbling on weak legs over Lucy’s face while she had a massive cock slowly sliding from her well fucked gaping cunt, he fell back into his large leather chair. Sister moved between his thighs stroking and licking the juices from his softening dong.

Ignoring Lucy completely he made plans with his wife, I will be away tomorrow and Friday at meetings. Saturday I will be bringing friends for the weekend about a dozen maybe more, they will need entertaining. I’ll want yourself, this piece of fuckmeat he pointed at Lucy the cleaning girl with those massive tits get her to bring her boyfriend he sucks a good cock. Almost forgot the black girl from the pharmacy Veronica…she doesn’t like to be away, what about her husband and kids….what about it, he got them in this mess with his debt’s so he can see what he got her into, we’ll teach him the weak bastard we’ll send him some pictures and video’s with all her holes filled it’ll make the bastard hard when he sees how much the black whore likes being our slut.

Sister had started sucking on his cock again adoring how the commander began to rise to attention. Get the bitch ready for part two he ordered.
Lucy was on her knees arse in the air eyes watching her master as he stroked his gigantic cock. She felt Sisters fingers on her swollen cunt lips stroking and pumping into her, then something else her tongue was licking and her brown ring she was smelling and tasting her bottom, god it felt so good.
Well the commander barked…she stinks and tastes really musky and so tight….this going to be your first arse fucking nurse Lucy…he was up close now his cock right before her eyes, she looked at him in total terror. Please no I can’t…..oh yes you can, all the time stroking his monster across her lips….and you’ll beg me for it you filthy whore.

It was fifteen minutes before Sister said she was ready, during that time Lucy had felt her tongue reach as far as possible up her rectum then fingers one two then four stretching while she spat liquid up her dirty hole. Then she felt a cold solid piece of plastic enter her bottom, she’d get to know the butt plug well and find out how small this first one was, in and out loosening her arsehole flesh. All the time she had learned to slobber over his rock hard cock, while he kept her eyes fixed on his…telling her how the pain would turn to pleasure, sluts like her just needed to relax and do what men want her to do…it’s what you were made for nurse Owen, men will fuck you anyone and anything will fuck you, from now on your our whore and you’ll do our bidding because you need to… I right bitch…am I…she smiled up at him, knowing he was right.

The greasy plug was removed by the commander, he handed it to Sister while he lined his cock up with Lucy’s newly opened burnt plum, he’d expected a hard run but the new slut pushed her arse back then moving her hands round her back opened her rectum a wide as possible. He pushed gently at first then a little harder, the bitch was doing his bidding relaxed even in this new stinging pain. She could feel him like the butt plug before, he pushed pass her sphincter, stopping allowing her acceptance before pushing forward once more. It took fully ten minutes before he was embedded in her arsehole balls pressed firmly against her body, then he was watching her brown hole open every time he pushed forward, dragging him in pushing her ass back towards him and now moaning with pleasure.

He began to love her tightness and her squeals of enjoyment, as he pulled back to the tip of his dick before ramming hard into her body a rim of her dirty liquid forming round the top of his cock round his balls. He laughed, you dirty shitty whore better get used to this taste he pressed the filthy butt plug to her face, running it under her nose before offering it to her mouth. She resited at first until her slapped her ass cheeks so hard she almost fell over….eat your shit whore or I’ll whip the skin of your arse. She sucked, she sucked hard and after the first taste accepted she enjoyed even this filthiest of things even wanting more.

Sister had felt out of things so she began to help Lucy with her cleaning duties, licking at the filthy plug…yes taste it all we can taste master soon lick him clean, lick his cock clean like filthy little whores…you’ll eat his dirty arsehole too won’t you bitch…pulling hard on her nipples stretching them further than ever before.
Yes, yes she screamed use me anything, anything cumming again her finger squeezing her own clitoris..aaaaaaaaaaaaarh her lungs emptied this started it all off again her arse dragged forward and tightened causing the master to start filling her eager shitter with rope after rope of hot spunk and extending her own orgasm.

He pulled out slowly watching her gaping hole, shitty brown cum began to pour down her cheeks and thighs. Tendrils of shit kept the two locked together for a brief second. He didn’t hesitate moving once more to his chair….clean me up you filthy whores, clean me good. Oh they loved it worshipping and cleaning his massive piece of meat not wanting to waste a drop, he looked at nurse Owen her lips and nose stained brown. Smiling to himself, he had plans for this one….fifteen minutes later she was leaving the building, she was exhausted and a little ashamed worse she stank her uniform had brown stains showing round the arse, her face was the same with make-up smeared everywhere……but she was still really satisfied and excited….what was happening at the weekend, and what did master mean about Sunday with Bruno and Wolf who were they?????