The Oddest Part Of The Deal

“So, cheers then, Greg,” Mike said, clinking their glasses. “We have a deal, and what better way to celebrate with our wives here?”

“I don’t know, so I guess you and I will be spending a lot of time together writing. I hope they get jealous.”

“No, I’m sure Kali and I can hang out too. I mean, you two can have a gay affair, and we can have a lesbian affair. The only bummer will be that no one will be able to see the good stuff the others are doing. You know what I mean, Kali?” she asked, walking towards me. “More wine?”

I let my glass out. “Sure, Alina.”

“There’s never enough, is there?” she pondered, pouring more into my glass.

‘Are you eye-fucking me, Alina?’

I failed to answer, but it certainly felt weird seeing her paying so much attention to me.

“Maybe you two should get more acquainted some time and maybe have some fun,” Mike suggested, letting one arm around me. “It took Greg and me some time to strike our deal, but you two won’t need to go back and forth a million times.”

“Yes, maybe some time, hun. You’re a nice lady, Alina.”

“I know; I don’t need your validation, woman. I’m kidding, sexy chick. I think I might be getting a little tipsy now, babe. You know what happens when I get too much wine in me,” she explained, before pecking his cheek.

“Oh, I know, but we’re celebrating here right now; I’m sure you can wait a little while as we spend time with Mike and Kali here. Maybe Mike wouldn’t mind seeing you naked, but I’m sure Kali doesn’t want that.”

“And you couldn’t let them figure that out, smart-ass?” she giggled, getting on his lap. “I guess not,” she added, pouring herself another glass. “Oh, shit, that’s it. We’re out now, but maybe you two could go out and pick out some special bottles for us. Get something pricey, and maybe Kali will want to take her clothes off too. It’s not like you wouldn’t mind seeing her naked, even if Mike would. Now I’m saying the quiet part out loud,” she laughed.

‘Yes, that’s true; you certainly did. I’m guessing Greg is under your annoying spell.’

“Okay, we’ll take a quick trip out there to buy some more then. You certainly polished off most of that one, Alina,” Greg mentioned, getting on his feet. “I’ll see you in a bit,” he said, before kissing her.

“I’ll be right back, sweetie,” Mike told me, prior to kissing me too. “Make a new friend; it never hurts to have one with a successful writer as a hubby. I’m just saying.”

“Okay, for you, but don’t dilly dally, got it?”

He nodded and kissed me again before they left. I didn’t know how to feel about Alina, but she immediately set her eyes on me. We didn’t talk for a minute, but she failed to look away for a second.

‘Okay, so they left, and you’re undressing me with your eyes, it seems.’

“So, who really is Kali Tessa?” she pondered, coming over to me. “I mean, does she have two sides depending on the mood she’s in, or maybe a double life like Dexter Morgan?” she wondered, sitting next to me.

I peeked at her. ‘And you’re pulling down on shirt a tad to increase the size of that crack?’ I thought, backing away. “I’m not a serial killer, no, but maybe depending on what mood I’m in, I might be different, I guess. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.”

“That’s okay, but am I committed to your flavor, or may I sprinkle in a little sugar too?” she asked, viewing my boobs.

I bit down on my bottom lip and just tried to comprehend what she was after exactly. I didn’t have any real proof, but a strong assumption.

‘Okay, you’re looking to get into my panties or what? You’re staying close, checking me out and giving me the chance to check you out too,’ I thought, prior to seeing her crotch area. “Why are you pulling up your thong? You’d need to tug on your shorts to cover it up, Alina.”

“No, it’s just something I do for Greg, I keep it out, and he likes it.”

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but your husband left, remember?”

“I know,” she added, leaning towards me and feeling my leg. “I like to attract others too, just not your husband, though.”

“Whoa, what the hell, Alina?” I whined, standing. “I don’t know how you thought this would go, but I’m not even into girls, and I’m married too.”

“I know, but this isn’t my first rodeo, Kali,” she confessed, coming up with me. “I just need a little pussy now and then, and as you can tell too, I’m not that drunk all of a sudden, am I?”

“So, what, it was just a ploy to get them out?”

“Yes,” she admitted, feeling my hair with one hand. “My hubby has brought in outside writers to help him write his screenplays, but then it actually takes him longer to write them. So, I think I should get something out of the deal,” she added, touching my leg too.

“What does that mean?”

“Call it the oddest part of the deal, but I want to get into your panties, Kali,” she divulged, bringing her hands to my crotch.

“What, no, hell,” I protested, backing away. “I’m not doing it with you.”

“Well, then, I might just tell Greg to drop the deal and find someone else. You’re gonna get more money for shit like those earrings, and just because he writes a screenplay with my husband? Well, shouldn’t you pay your dues too? I mean, it’s like we have to be best friends just because our husbands are working together.”

“So, that’s it, huh? Do it with you, or you’ll talk Greg out of working with Mike?”

“You make me sound like a bitch, but yes,” she answered, pressing herself onto me. “Just how not into ladies are you? In that ‘Not in a million years’ category, or maybe the ‘gay for pay’ one? Dare I ask, wouldn’t you want to have me happy considering I can make Greg very happy? True or false: you’re happier when you’re getting laid consistently?”

“True, but this is still wicked.”

“Hey, it’s not like I’m an ugly green bitch dressed in all black with a broomstick.”

“So, what, I do it, you make things better, I don’t, you make things worse?”

“I guess, yes,” she responded, feeling my tits. “What are these, c-cups?”

“Yes,” I answered, sighing.

“Well, if you were ever planning on getting with a woman, wouldn’t you want to do it with a woman as stunning as me?”

“Oh, aren’t you full of yourself? I thought so before, but you’re being smug now.”

“Yes, but it’s not like you’re pushing me away or even pushing my palms off your boobs, Kali. What does that say about you? Better question, are your panties wet right now?” she asked, before a gap. “Well, you’re bitting down on your bottom lip, shooting me a dirty look and taking a deep breath, so is that a yes?”

“Yes,” I whined.

“I think you’re quite the looker, too,” she complimented me, closing the gap between our faces. “So, what do you say?”

As she was that close, I couldn’t help, but have my emotions collide. I was turned on and disgusted at the same time. Her hands stayed on my jugs for the time being as I attacked her with my breath.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s now or never. It’s not like you could not tell Mike that I hit on you and threw myself at you too. They’re not gonna be gone forever either, so you need to make up your mind. I don’t like conflict, but there it is, Kali. I think you’re a dazzling black-haired thirty-something, and I’m a blonde forty-year-old that likes herself some pussy from time to time. Our daughter is in college over a thousand miles away, and I need a best friend. One to go panty shopping with and maybe fuck from time to time.”

“What? No, I’m not having an affair with you.”

“Okay, party pooper who still hasn’t pushed me away or made it clear at all you’re completely out; let me make my case to you. Knowing what you know now, feel free to stop me,” she offered, before kissing me.

I kept my arms down and let her kiss me. I surely knew the pros and cons, but of course, the biggest con hung over me like a knife ready to pierce my skin. As her lips stayed on mine, she took my hands and brought them to her tits.

So, we felt each other up, and whether I liked it or not, she successfully got me to give in to the pros and just let it go. I wasn’t quite getting into it, but I let her lead and allowed my pussy to get wet too. She kissed me slowly and squeezed my boobs too.

I took deep breath after deep breath and tried to contain myself because it seemed like she was still working on both my passion for wanting to do anything for Mike and my disgust with what she was doing to me.

After five minutes, she gently parted her lips. “So, do I have your permission to undo your dress, Miss Fancy?”

I sighed. “Fine, smart-ass.”

“Are you sure? I might be a floozy, but I’m not gonna push you into something you’re deadset against, Kali. So, this is your last chance; you can’t call it into conflict again.”

“Yes, Alina, but only because you’re pretty.”

“Oh, was that a compliment, Kali?” she inquired, bringing her hands to my back.

“Yes, smart-ass,” I branded her as she unzipped my dress.

She brought it down off me. “And you’re not even wearing a bra.”

“My dress is strapless, Alina, so literally everyone that saw me knew I wasn’t wearing one.”

“So, I shouldn’t state the obvious?”

“I guess not; you got me this far, so do your business.”

“Oh, come on, Kali, don’t be like that. For all we know, we could be buried next to each other after we die. So, do you hate me?”

“I thought you didn’t want conflict invited here anymore?”

“I’m not perfect either, but do you hate me, and if so, do you think we can turn it into love? I mean, what are the limits when you love your BFF?”

“I don’t know, so if you still have your sexiest weapon to play, then play it,” I dared her, pushing my dress down completely.

Without speaking another word, she kissed me again and leaned down my bosoms. She looked right into my eyes as she let her tongue on my left nipple. My hands stayed down, and I just took the unknown pleasure.

I shook a bit and stayed upright against the wall the best I could, but I could see the passion in her eye as well. So, I knew I was dealing with the devil, so to speak. My soul was essentially sold, and all I could do was make sure I still got my end of the deal.

She let her tongue all over my nipple as she held my melons tightly. Even just after a couple of minutes, I was assaulting her with my breath and shooting her the look she craved. She failed to say a word and enjoyed herself.

She stayed leaned down and had the time of her life with my tits. She kept her hands at the same level of tightness despite that I was jiggling around nonstop. She could clearly tell she was making headway and ran with it.

She licked both of my nipples for over ten minutes and never moved her hands. Nevertheless, she was cocky and didn’t even bother to verify that my underwear was soaked. I didn’t say a word, but knowing cunts like her, she certainly was full of herself and knew she was winning me over.

‘She has titillated me just in the past minutes than Mike has in our whole marriage. Oh, you suck, Alina. I’m scrubbing your wall, so I hope you like it.’

I had to break eye contact several times, which only made it more evident that she made me love the pleasure, even though she was a woman. I certainly wasn’t gonna say the words, but she got the better gratification: my reactions to such thrills.

My nipples were average size, but they felt bigger with her tongue covering them both so flawlessly with seemingly great surface area. With that, she made a shit ton of juice escape my panties and go down my legs.

Some even made it down to my dress shoes, so I even kicked them off. Once I did, she calmly leaned away from me and saw my submerged underwear, but she still didn’t speak. However, then she leaned up to me and kissed me again.

That time, I actually kissed her back. Even with that, she wasn’t happy and brought her hands to mine. She transported them to her back and made the implication clear. She also smiled at me ever so lustfully.

Whether I liked it or not, I still found some conflict there. Nevertheless, she let mouth work for her as she kissed me yet again. As she pasted them together, I couldn’t turn her down then. So, after a few minutes, I took off her sexy black top and got a view of her boobs.

She felt my bare ones, and I had to feel her’s even with her bra on, though. She helped herself to taking off her bra after a moment, though, which only wooed me even more. I didn’t clutch her melons, but she did it for me.

Sure enough, she invited me onto the couch and had me sit down. She lowered herself down to her knees and calmly grabbed the sides of my panties. She made sure to look at me first to get permission, and I nodded.

So, she pulled them off me and spread out my legs too. I thought she’d go right for my twat, but yet, she didn’t. She massaged my legs for a moment and even kissed them up and down a few times as she kept eye contact with me too.

I kept my hands on my boobs for the time being and eyeballed her. Needless to say, my pussy was dispensing out the juice, but she wasn’t touching it. I didn’t know what to expect sexually going down that rabbit hole, but I found myself liking it.

She teased me and failed to deliver on her supposed proposal. Instead, she calmly got on the couch with me and never brought her left hand off me. We never broke eyes contact, and as she was next to me, she let her hand drag to my slit.

She began fingering me with her fingers going back and forth slowly just below my bush. I bit down on my bottom lip again and went through the uncharted territory with her. She kept her head only a few inches away too.

Not a word dropped from our mouths, but nothing needed to be said. She said plenty with her actions and my reactions, so to speak. She also grabbed my hand and brought it to her twat as well. So, we fingered each other and kept constant eye contact.

I still didn’t like girls, but she was something special, possibly in a bad and reasonable way. So, I had to dig deeper into that rabbit hole and find out just how deep it went. I couldn’t turn down the chance to check out her bosoms from time to time too.

They were sexy as hell, so I could tell why Greg put a ring on her finger. Also, as I felt her foreign paradise known as her cherry, I thought about going bisexual. She brought the lust, and all I could do was let it take me down whether it was in Mike’s best interest or not.

We made each other vibrate like mad, but we made sure to keep our positions. Neither of us wanted to compromise the pleasure, so we kept going perfectly. We both moved our fingers all over each other’s slits and soiled the couch.

Our lips made a few select trips to each other, but we only kissed each time marginally. We didn’t close our eyes each time either, but sure enough, we proved to have some chemistry. I could only guess that not talking made it so sexy.

As I cloud eyefuck those firm tits as much as I wanted, I helped myself even to let one arm go around her and pull her to me. She giggled and glared at me and even closed the deal by bringing my other hand to her snatch.

I saw her about to speak, but I shook my head no. So, she kissed me again and pushed herself onto me a bit more. So, she got a better feel for my jugs and shook. I let my arm go a bit further as well, so I could grab her hooter from the other side.

I felt more than comfortable with her by then despite the horseshit she pulled. I had her jiggling and bitting down on her bottom lip, so I took pride in that. I moved my hand even faster and squeezed her boob as hard as I could.

“Oh,” she moaned.

I smirked at that and even let a couple of fingers into her cunt. It was all new to me for doing it with another woman, but I had done it to myself several times. I feasted my eyes on her for the time being and got high off that, so to speak.

I let my fingers thrust in and out of her twat ever so slowly, but knowing how to get it done, I made sure not to push her too far, too fast. I pleased her how I liked to be pleased. Sure enough, Mike was no expert there, and I figured Greg wasn’t either.

‘So, I’m sure this feeds into the temptation for her to get into my panties. She needed a woman to please her, and maybe Greg just wasn’t getting the job done. Who knows, but she is one sexy lady; there’s no doubt about that. With a pussy like hers and those melons too, who can resist her? Well, if nothing else, I’ll have experience with a woman,’ I thought, pleasing her. “Oh, no wonder you like leading, slut.”

“Fuck you too,” she whined, before kissing me.

We attacked each other with our breaths, but for only a moment before, I pulled us both down, so I laid on my back. We stayed in that position and made out like lovers for a few minutes. Sure enough, kissing was perfectly simple, but it was still out there with a woman.

Our tits collided, and sure enough, we massaged each other with them, too, in addition to just feeling each other’s smooth bodies over and over again. Even though we didn’t jerk around, we still made sure to feel one another all we could.

I felt the thrills surging throughout my body nonstop, and I wasn’t sure where the roof was, but she gave me a different idea of where. After a few minutes, she parted her lips from mine and kissed her way down to my melons again.

“Oh, yes, you suck in more ways than one, Alina.”

“Shut the fuck up; I liked the quiet sex better. I can be greedy, but I’ll give you more,” she made clear, before kissing me and getting off the couch.

She pulled me over, so my legs hung off the couch. That time, she spread out my legs and dove right into my cunt.

“Oh,” I moaned, feeling her head. “Well, Mike certainly doesn’t make too many trips down there; maybe there’s still hope for us to be best friends,” I let out, caressing her head.

She nodded and eyeballed me as she licked my lips down there and even stuck it in between them too. I had no idea if she had any pussylicking experience, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

I breathed as steadily as possible and once again took the gratification with a grain of salt too. I surely didn’t know what all I signed up for when I gave into that hot floozy, but it was still quite pleasurable, to say the least.

She kept her hands on my thighs and held them somewhat tight, but for a good reason. I tried to rub her head the best I could, but with every passing lick and second of intimacy, too, she made it more difficult not to scream.

She closed her eyes from time to time, but I also needed to do the same. I leaned it back more times than I could count as well, so she was on a roll indeed. So, I found myself in heaven mixed with hell, so to speak, but I loved it.

Even as she kept hands on my thighs, she managed to get a finger in there as well. So, in addition to feeling her slick tongue all over my lips both inside and out, I moved back and forth in reaction to such joy.

I saw her smiling even with her eyes closed, so she was in heaven too. Whether she thought she could fuck me again or not, I wasn’t sure, but she was going at me like it was a one-time thing. She kissed my lips and even pressed her face on it numerous times too.

As a result, she got her entire face wet and seeing it was a separate thrill alone. Even if she did fuck me under blackmail, she wasn’t phoning anything in at all. Whether her tongue went slow or fast or if it was on the outside or inside, she had me sold on not being upset with her.

Her move was shitty, but I sold my soul, so to speak. Whether she was glad about me soiling her couch or not was beyond me, but she made it happen with flying colors. All the while, I rewarded her with the quiet sex she wanted.

There were many things I wanted to yell out, but I did just to make her happy. She proved to be the sexiest tool in existence, and I needed to keep hammering me with her tongue. I moved my hands around and certainly pulled her hair too.

She didn’t seem to mind, but even liked it, judging by her smiling even more. She knew she had me hooked, and all I could do was let her reel me into her boat. Judging by her going to town on me so well that it didn’t even compare to Mike, I gladly let her.

“I’ll talk anyway, woman; you have some tongue and set of lips too. Dare I ask: have you eaten out a woman before, Alina?”

“Yes, you’re at least the fourth chick I’ve done this with, but Greg has no idea. He’s too busy writing to and making the great to know how horny his wife is.”

“Too bad.”

She nodded and continued to eat me out. She spread out my lips down there and licked me right in between those delicate lips. That certainly pushed me even further and made tears come out onto my face.

She failed to comment on it, but certainly loved the sight. She tightened her grip on me as I jiggled around even more and practically squirt out my juice. I doused her face over and over again, and even time it got wetter, I got hornier.

I did my best to watch her, but it was getting more difficult by the second, but I also wanted to study up a bit too because she was gonna want me to eat her out as well. I indeed wanted to make her feel good and get the gratification from pleasing someone as well.

Once again, I knew how I liked to be eaten out, but at the same time, licking a twat was different from sucking a dick; it was nowhere near the same thing. So, I attempted to watch her learn as much as possible, but most efforts were futile.

I moaned and brought my arms back numerous times as well. I just admitted defeat pretty much by then and took it all I could until I just couldn’t take it for another second. I grabbed my melons as well and cheesed at him nonstop at her too.

She sucked my lips into her mouth as well and even some of my bush too. So, she had the results she certainly wanted, which was me jolting back and forth like I was having a seizure. I gave her stomach a hefty dose of my juice because she was swallowing a lot of it.

She gave herself direct access to that juice and took all she could too. It felt so good that it was like getting a tooth pulled, but it came with gratification instead of pain. Even though it was wrong, she proved it could be right in the context of getting real pleasure from her.

“Oh, yes, just like that, Alina. I love your mouth as a vacuum,” I praised her, failing to hold still. “Keep going until our husbands come back. I can get dressed quickly.”

“No, you’re returning the favor, woman; if you think not, then you’re sorely mistaken. BFFs are there for each other, remember?”

“Yes, smart-ass,” I reminded her, pushing her back to my cherry. “Now fuck me so well that you’ll ruin Mike for me.”

“Will do,” she added, prior to going down on me again.

That time, I made myself stay up and keep my hands on her head. I pulled on her hair yet again and kept letting go of several strands of it over and over again. I enjoyed her silky hair and her grand mouth too.

She proved to be quite the sexy package, and with me vibrating so much that I could’ve had a bunch of batteries inside me, I knew I was set. I was cheating, but sure enough, we got closer and ensured that we might be BFFs.

“Oh, shit, Alina, that’s the spot, you… angel. You do suck; there’s no doubt about that, but how can I be mad at you now? You’re eating me out better than Mike I ever could. You’ve been putting in a hell of a lot more effort than he would even on my birthday. I might be cheating, but what’s that compared to getting eaten out like this? Shit, you’re fucking flawless, and you’re not even trying, are you?”

She shook her head no and kept going despite me needing to go nuts and shed more tears. She admitted she did it with other ladies before, so I could only imagine what joy the others got too. Nevertheless, I got it right then and lived in the moment, so to speak.

Just feeling her tongue made me feel better than a whole new woman, but like a kitten transformed into a ferocious lion. Despite her also going for so long, she didn’t seem to get tired at all. She went faster and longer than I could ever imagine, and I couldn’t thank her enough to save my life.

I eventually pulled her up to me. “Wow, you’re a wonderous woman,” I praised her, before kissing her.

“I aim to please, even if I’m being a bitch at the same time. Fucking unsuspecting women is just hot as hell and even better than having a woman eat me out. Seeing you look at me is the prize to me. As sexy as your snatch is, I don’t give a crap about it; I just want to see you reacting to such luxury.”

“If you say so, Alina,” I added, before having her sit next to me.

I got down on my knees on the floor and went for her twat. I felt at first and indeed got a good feel for it again before I returned the favor. As she put it, I knew I was obligated, but I truly wanted to get that same experience.

So, I spread out her legs too and kept my hands on her legs too. I slowly leaned into her cherry and let my tongue out. I gave it a full lick from top to bottom and felt her vibrate. She immediately gave the desired effects of her jolting and moaning.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t distracted, so I kept going on her and closed my eyes too. I shut out everything and one else so I could focus on her all I could. I never licked a cherry before, but I was determined to make my first time go off without a hitch.

I kept my tongue moving to go from bottom to top repeatedly and felt her take it too. Obviously, she had experience accepting such thrills, so I might’ve needed to work harder to get the full reaction, but I liked a challenge.

“Yes, you’re a feisty one, Kali,” she complimented me, setting her hands on my head. “Lick my lips all over both inside and out, just like I did for you. Eating pussy is an art, but I’ll help you perfect it, BFF. Mike and Greg don’t need to know everything, do they?”

I shook my head no without letting my mouth off her beaver. Whether she thought so or not, I needed to prove that I could fuck the shit out of her as well. Of course, I still had to make it happen the hard way.

Like her, I closed my eyes and focused on her and only her. I certainly couldn’t be in her head, but it was something I just knew what she did: eat me out. She was a free spirit, but a lovable one, though.

I licked those lips for her and pressed my lips on them too. I didn’t try to be perfect or too over the top; I just ate her out as I thought she’d like. I just kept it simple, and she seemed to like it quite a bit.

Having her hands on my head and her vibrating along with her jiggling too, that said everything. So, I kept it that simple for as long as I could. I, sure enough, wanted to fuck her as hard as I could, but I kept it down and waited for her to love that it was me first truly.

I kept my hands on her thighs too, a bit; of course, she still needed to jolt somewhat. I went for that, feeling good, but not too good. I also wanted to feel her twat again, but I resisted that urge and kept my fingers away.

Even with her bush there as well, I just perfected the art of simple pussy-eating, so to speak. I had perfect access to it and a woman that didn’t mind letting me go at her too. I enjoyed the cool air as it kept hitting me with my boiling blood.

I knew it was wrong, but ever so thrilling. Regardless of how she got me between her legs, I enjoyed it and ran with it hard. I wasn’t going just to do it and wing it, but make her feel good how I would want to feel.

So, I achieved my goal of making clear that I could show her I could eat her out even without experience. It stayed that obvious as I didn’t make it as sexy as you saw in porn, but of course, my mouth and tongue still did all the talking.

‘She’s caressing my head like she’s in love with me, and I certainly feel the spark myself again even though she’s a convincing pitch. I could only figure that she’s feeling it all too well. Are you in love, Alina? Too bad if you are, I’m taken. I can only imagine how hard our husband’s cock would be if they saw us together. I’m sure they’d spew out their seed every minute if they watched us.’

“Oh, do I have your face successfully drenched now, Kali? I know I do, but how’s my slit? Do you like it, or are you just in it for Mike?”


“Oh, I like you, Kali. You’re something else, that’s for sure here. Out of all the ladies I’ve fucked behind Greg’s back, you’re my favorite. You have a sexy body, and I’m almost speechless now. Mike is one lucky dude if he gets to see you naked every day.”

I nodded and closed my eyes then. I visualized myself doing it to her and her just reacting. I also tried to put myself in her shoes as well, just taking in the pleasure the best I could and waiting to scream.

‘I have no idea how long I’d last being in her place, although, you’re there, Alina, taking the pleasure from me. Mike would be cumming a river right now if you could see this, but this is just for me, considering I’m doing this for him. Damn, woman, you’re vibrating nonstop and going nuts too. Oh, you’re moving your hands to my forehead now. Dare I ask: are you losing it?’

I got my answer by her continuing to shake and hearing her moan as well.

“Oh, yes, you can be a lesbian in training, Kali; I don’t mind teaching you. I’ll get it done, and then maybe well show what great friends we are then.”

I opened my eyes and lifted my head. “You’re jumping the gun.”

“I know,” she admitted, rising to me. “And I think you like me,” she suggested, pulling me up to her. “Feel free to prove me wrong,” she offered, before setting her hands on my boobs and kissing me. “You wouldn’t have eaten me out quite like that if you hated me, now would you?”

“No, smart-ass.”

“I’ll do you one favor, though. I’ll show you how well you could be at carpet-munching if you be my BFF,” she told me, before getting off the couch.

I couldn’t resist that, so I sat down and kept my eyes on her. “That’s one lusty look you’re shooting me, Alina. No wonder you got Greg to propose.”

“Hey, I don’t know about you, but sex didn’t play a role for Greg and me,” she made clear, prior to calmly leaning to my pussy. “On the other hand, if I let him see me with another woman, there’s no way he’d want to divorce me, don’t you think?”

“Are you trying to butter me up now?”

“I can be a whore and a jewel, but now you’re going to experience the jewel part,” she announced, before setting her hands on my thighs and going to my slit.

We kept our eyes together, and I grabbed my boobs right away because I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. She boasted herself a pussy-licker, and she was about to prove it. Her tongue came out and landed on my twat.

“Oh, it tickles already, Alina,” I let out, leaning my head back and closing my eyes. “Damn, that’s the spot, I, I, I, fucking love you.”

“I have that effect on people,” she said, taking a break.

She proved to be an excellent pussy-eater right out of the gate as she devoured my cunt without breaking a sweat. I felt it all over my lips there like she was painting them as swiftly as possible. I immediately felt the surge of thrills blasting through my system, and I knew there was a lot to come.

She pressed her lips onto mine down there as well and kept their speed just right, not going too fast or too slow. She didn’t even give me some okay style of licking my snatch; she instantly broke out the good stuff, so to speak.

I vibrated as well and already found it hard to keep myself from screaming. I kept my head back, and eyes closed too. It was the only defense I could muster, but it did me some good in making me conceal my squeals.

However, I knew I had already bit off more than I could chew because my slit was already on fire. Her tongue and lips acted as lighter fluid and matches, so it burned after a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, I was still having the time of my life, and there was no stopping that.

I felt her please me, but it nearly felt like she was giving me surgery down there, but with good feeling effects coming. I tried breathing normally too, but she was compromising my systems like a virus and seemingly on a mission to make me go nuts.

However, after a couple of minutes, she lifted her head. “I take it you like it, Kali?” she pondered, coming up to me.

“You could say that, smart-ass; I hope our husbands are taking their sweet time to find the perfect bottle of wine.”

“I know; the feeling is mutual,” she added, before dropping down to my cherry again.

Although, that time, she went slow me like I did on her. She kept her eyes on mine, and she seemed even to push her head towards me. I couldn’t help, but love her. She was a slut with two sides, but I got to enjoy the better one all alone with her.

“I’m grabbing my tits harder, and you’re proving both styles are ironclad. I’m making myself watch you this time, and I feel my lungs go through agony. Nevertheless, it’s still worth it, and nothing and no one could replace this feeling. You’re some hot chick, aren’t you?”

She nodded and continued to rub my nose in how much better she was eating pussy than me. I couldn’t be too mad at her because she was still making me really good. I held still as tight as I could and just took it all like nothing I had ever felt before in my life.

She kept her hands away from my slit too, so I knew she was even holding back a little bit. I tried to add everything up in my head, but all those efforts were futile. All I knew for sure was that I had a sexy skank between my legs, eating me out like a fucking pro.

I watched her like I’d die if I didn’t. Despite her making me feel so good, I managed to keep eye contact. It seemed like the most demanding physical thing I’ve ever done, but she gave me the will to do it, though.

That slick tongue and smooth lips were the perfect weapons to make go up in flames there. I shed so many tears; it might have been equivalent to all the ones I cried in the past year. The pleasure was perfect and perhaps too perfect.

“Wow, Mike has never done anything like this for me, but you’re doing it with flying colors. I didn’t even know someone could eat me out so well.”

She nodded yes again, but didn’t say a word. However, she gave me some messages when she brought her hands to mine. I could only figure that she wanted to be closer emotionally, so I did somewhat, at least.

I couldn’t rub her head then, but I still felt the serene intimacy, though. She still kept it relatively slow on me, but yet, that seemed like a bigger deal than her fucking me swiftly. It was still all new territory to me, so I didn’t know how to feel.

Nevertheless, the simplest thing to understand was that she was making me feel wonderful despite the circumstances she brought over the situation. She tightened her grip on my hands several times, but didn’t hurt them.

She just kept me secure and got ready for me to explode. We both knew it was just a matter of time before our husbands came back, so I could tell she was finishing up a little bit, at least. She finally disclosed her eyes and pressed her face on my twat a bit more.

I felt her tongue dive into my slit a bit further and make me angle my head back again. She pressured me a bit more and certainly got all of the ducks in a row to make me build up the biggest orgasm I could let out then.

Her tongue went all over the inside of my slit and, sure enough, dragged to intensify the pleasure even more. She didn’t hurt my hands, but I knew damn well that I hurt her when I squeezed her hands so hard, the veins felt like they came to a standstill.

“That mouth has gotta be hurting now; you have it wide open.”

“Yes, bitch.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll end soon; I don’t need our husbands catching us,” she added, before going down on me again.

She sucked my lips into her mouth too and brought her hands back to my thighs. So, she held me down the best she could, but I was on my way off the couch, it seemed. I shook almost like I was in an earthquake, but she managed to keep my lips inside her mouth.

She sucked on them and used her tongue as well, so she painted those lips even more. Pushing them down even harder and surely enough, she got the results she craved: me quaking the whole couch.

I was already letting out juice like she poked a hole in my twat for it to leak endlessly, but she was still going at me very hard. She proved that she wanted as much as she could chew while still getting me ready to go off before our husbands returned.

“I’m not sure how long I had left, but I’m waiting for her to make me lose it. I love you by now, and it might be because of the sex, but shit, you still suck. You suck in more ways than one.”

She giggled a tad and sucked on my lips so hard that I nearly felt like she was sucking my lifeforce out. I felt a major headache coming on, but it was just a side effect of such grand thrills, so there wasn’t anything to stop her.

Even with my pussy lips in her mouth, she moved her head all around, still making her lips rub on mine. So, I made myself feel her head again and feel her, so to speak, yet again. My hands followed her head all over and painted the perfect picture.

“Oh, yes, just like that, you stunning woman. Suck those lips and push that tongue on my twat so hard that I go apeshit. I’ve already soiled your couch, but finish me off already. You don’t want your hubby seeing you between my legs just yet. You want to make sure you and I are all ready for a presentation first, right?”

“Yes, woman.”

I laughed and felt the pleasure and pain colliding like two trains together. All I could do was wait for them to come to a complete stop, but it was a long process. At the last minute, I let go of her head and covered my face with both hands.

“Hell yes, Alina, I’m cumming now!”

I couldn’t even make myself look down at her then. I just had to let my juice loose and smother her face to the best of my ability. Again, this was all new territory, so I couldn’t be sure how much I’d be able to shove out, but I’d found out.

My heart felt like it stopped, and my cherry was a shriveled-up prune even though it was still drenched, but I still loved every single second of it. I couldn’t be sure how long I even lasted, but it felt like a lifetime.

We both failed to speak a word until I was completely done. I also couldn’t look down even after I couldn’t let out another drop. Although; she helped herself to climb up with me. She pulled my hands down so I could see my handiwork.

“Wow, I got you good.”

“Damn right,” she added, before kissing me. “Shit, they must be back; I just heard the door open.”

She didn’t have time to wipe her face. We both hurried and got dressed as we heard footsteps. My heart was already going haywire, but then it went up a couple of notches in those thirty seconds before they came back into the living room with us.

“I hope you ladies like Pink Champagne,” Greg laughed, walking in there. “You know, just like in Joy Ride, you remember that movie?”

“Not one of Paul Walker’s best outside of the Fast movies, but it was okay,” Mike replied, before they both kissed us. “Did you miss us?”

“Yes, now pop that cork, smart-ass.”

“Damn, she’s bossy, Mike,” Alina accused me, coming to me with her glass.

“So are you,” I threw it back, putting mine out there too. ‘You might be a bitch, but a sexy one, though. I guess ‘odd’ doesn’t always mean bad.’