My Sister is my Bed Warmer

Due to sudden changes in our lives, my sister and I became very close and then lovers. The first change that hit us was the death of our parents in the 2020 pandemic. Normally we got the flu vaccines every season without fail. But my parents listened to anti vac nutcases, that said stupid things like microchips in the vaccine. So, they didn’t even try to get the vaccine and believed there were no danger and didn’t mask up or social distance. Neither did me and my sister, we all caught the Covid virus. But my sister and I got over it, but our parents didn’t and died. We struggled for a while in our recovering and became closer as a result. Running the farm by ourselves, till we decided to sell up and move away. Finding a smaller farm, but better soil than our last farm. We settled down and started our new lives, having already started a sexual relationship, prior to our moving. My sister got pregnant, and we now have a healthy son. No problems from so closely related parents, we live as man and wife and are happier living in our new place than the old place. My sister is willing to let me fuck her anytime I want, and she wants at least 3 children. But will have more if we don’t get a daughter in the first 3.