The Rear Injection

My first professional blowjob was with a very handsome man who was probably in his fifties. He pulled up to the sidewalk in an expensive car and asked how much I would charge to suck his dick. I had no idea what to say, so said $80, and to my surprise he agreed with a smile. I was just twenty and new to the game and became a little afraid when he pulled into a dark and deserted parking lot on the edge of town.

But then I noticed that a few more cars were around, and I could see a few heads bobbing up and down. In the car closest to us, I could plainly see a man reaming another man in the back seat. The man receiving cock was much older and had a look of pure ecstasy on his face. He caught my eye and ran his tongue across his lips, then smiled broadly.

The man in the car with me said he wanted to see me swallow his cum and told me not to pull away or spit it out. He told me to start by stroking him with my hands. I did as he asked until he reached a full erection, then I put his large cock in my mouth. I wanted him to enjoy it but more than that I wanted to get it over with and quickly. He grabbed my head and pulled me so close that his cock went deep down my throat. He was rocking against me and kept moaning, “yeah, suck my cock, suck it, make me cum.”

Within a few minutes, he shot his load in my mouth and let out a loud gasp. There was so much cum that is dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. Another working girl told me later that this probably meant the guy hadn’t cum in weeks or was married to a woman who refused to suck dick after the wedding.

I brought the money to my boyfriend and thought I was done for the night. But my boyfriend told me I had another client lined up and that this one expected some “specialized services.”

He dropped me at a house in a posh suburban neighborhood, the kind with a tall fence that keeps the neighbors from seeing too much. Another older man, maybe in his late forties, opened the door and silently led me to a huge bedroom. He told me to put on what he said was his wife’s favorite nightie and a leather “choker” necklace that spelled out “Laura” in what looked like real diamonds.

He turned out the lights and started kissing me and running his fingers through my hair. He gently pushed me to my knees but seemed to get more and more agitated and impatient. He needed me to suck him to a full erection and I thought it would just be another blowjob, this one maybe a bit rougher.

But then he abruptly told me to get on the bed, on my stomach, and spread my legs apart. He lubed his cock and told me to arch my butt and reach behind to spread my cheeks with my hands. I felt his throbbing cock start to poke at my behind and tried to pull away at first. But he was heavier than me and after a few moments I felt his cock penetrate my body.


He moved slowly at first, but it still hurt, and I made these strange moaning sounds as he stretched me out bit by bit. Soon, he was all the way inside me, and I could feel his hard balls slapping against my ass. I thought I would scream from the pressure, but the longer he stayed inside me, the better it started to feel. It was like my butt muscles started to melt and clench his hard cock as it rammed my warm asshole.

He started to talk dirty and said he wished he’d never married me. I was confused for a second and then realized what was about to happen. At first, he just called me a slut and a whore, but as his excitement crested, he started to pound my ass harder as he said, “You fucking bitch, I should turn you out in the street and watch while the whole neighborhood reams your tight ass. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you fat, stuck-up jizz bag.”

I decided to help him along by moaning loudly and letting him know how good he felt in my ass. “Yes, I’m a whore, stuff me with your hard cock, I need this, I need this.” He started to huff and wheeze and suddenly shot his full load right up my bowels. I could feel it shooting inside me and coating my insides. Afterwards, he lay on top of me breathing heavily, and started kissing my neck and telling me I was so pretty. I had to go to the toilet badly, but his cock started to harden again.

I’m not sure what he took before I got there, but he slipped his cock back into my slippery, oiled-up ass and started pumping again. It took him about forty minutes this time to cum and he worked himself into an even bigger frenzy, telling me that he hated me, and was going to let at least a hundred men dump their jizz in my ass and then ream me out with a plunger. When he came, it was as if he was shattered. The cum spurted in thick, ropey bursts inside me. He didn’t move as the minutes ticked by.

When he finally rolled off of me, cum poured out of my gaping asshole onto the sheets. He took me to the largest bathroom I’ve ever seen and watched as I washed myself clean. Though he had already paid for the evening, he gave me another 200 dollars and told me that he would ask for me again soon.

When I got back to the car, I gave the money to my boyfriend and relayed everything that happened in the house. He put the money in his wallet and started to drive back to the motel. I could tell from the bulge in his pants that the man-who-hated-his-wife story had excited him because as soon as we got back, he pinned me to the wall for a glorious fuck. When he whispered that I was now his ‘nasty butt whore,’ I came like a gushing faucet.