Show Him What It Is Like

Jonathan was a quiet sensitive boy. Many had taken advantage of his silence, especially an older female cousin. As Jonathan got older the secrets he kept grew. He had a secret life of being taken advantage of and right under his parents nose.
All the signs of Jonathan being sexually used were systematically wrote off as being something else. The complaint his cousin wouldn’t stop tickling him. The sudden stop of climbing up in to the treehouse. The going to the bathroom and locking himself in to change clothes. The avoiding his older female cousin.
No one ever thought such a sweet little boy would grow up and be considered a “Monster”. Jonathan was consumed with wanting to see other boys naked and with making them squirt. In fact, he was hell bent on making himself feel normal. When others would attempt to belittle him by saying, “Blow me,” or “Suck this,” he’d simple tell them to pull it out. Many did not believe he would actually suck them, or did they? Others would pull their pants down and call Jonathan on his comment, “Pull it out and I will.” Many were underage boys and Jonathan quickly became a child molester to stay in the closet.
Jonathan’s behavior caught up to him and he was arrested. The news report claimed, “Gay man arrested for molesting boys.” After the news, other men in the jail approached Jonathan for sex. Jonathan often was able to get a glance of other men’s dicks also. Soon he was convicted and sent to prison. The prison kept giving him opportunities to see other men naked and of course be seen naked.
During Jonathan’s imprisonment, of 22 years, he saw a lot of dick. Jonathan heard every sexual proposition line there was. Every opportunity he was given to have sex with another man he took, 70 men before his release. Three weeks before his release from prison another man wanted to fuck him, so Jonathan willingly gave the man his ass.
Even though Jonathan is not in prison he’s not a free man and the government will not allow him to have sex with other men. Jonathan sees that the public’s opinion is that he grabs boys and puts his dick in their ass. Jonathan is an openly gay man who has to ask for permission to have sex or a relationship with other men. Jonathan has hooked up with a couple other Sex Offenders for sex and even a few other men. Jonathan wants a boyfriend and broke the rules trying to find one.
Jonathan was communicating with this one man that went by the name James. Jonathan wanted to be honest with James and told him he was a convicted Child Molester. Jonathan was shocked as James still talked to him. One day James told Jonathan he wanted him to come to his house and Jonathan was excited.
Jonathan knocked on the front door of the address James gave him and a man answered. Jonathan was invited in. The man he believed was James turned and kissed him on the lips. While being kissed others grabbed him and he was pushed over an ottoman. As Jonathan was held down on the ottoman his pants were pulled down. Jonathan hears a man’s voice say, “Now you are going to know what it’s like being molested. We are going to do what you did to boys.” Next Jonathan knew a man had his dick in him and was pounding away as Jonathan is saying, “This is not what I did to boys.” Jonathan was held down and fucked by several men with various size cocks. Where Jonathan’s dick touched the ottoman there is a wet spot were he released fluid while being fucked. The gangbang went on for hours. Down Jonathan’s thighs was fluid that leaked out of his asshole. They stopped pounding Jonathan, but kept spreading his butt cheeks as if admiring what they had done. None of these men knew what Jonathan had done to boys nor anything about Jonathan, it was all assumptions. Jonathan was finally let up and a man said, “You got what you deserved and you are our slave. You say anything and we’ll kill you.” Jonathan nodded agreement as he pulled his pants up. Jonathan was sore as he left. At home Jonathan quickly went to the shower and he was immediately hard thinking about what happen as he cleaned up. Jonathan wondered could he get gangbanged again and could he hide this from court ordered treatment.

( This is part truth and part fictional. The person this story is based on wants gangbanged and is a sex offender )