The Selection Committee

Observing the three beautiful young applicants through the small square window, I noticed they seemed more attractive every year and sighed wistfully. I watched them examine the blandly decorated reception area and saw that their expectant expressions began to change one by one. Knowing what would happen within the next few minutes, I wondered how many, and if any, would still be sitting there in ten minutes.

Despite its very conservative name, Henderson’s Holdings is one of Britain’s leading players in adult entertainment, selling anything from toys and sexy lingerie to hardcore pornography and everything else in between. Every year, Henderson’s opens its doors and offers someone the chance to join our company as an intern. All the aspiring applicant needs is a degree in business and an open mind.

Taking a last look at the three young women, I smiled inwardly and slowly closed the door leading from the reception area to my boss’s office. The anticipation of what was about to happen caused my spine to tingle, and between my legs, my panties began moistening. And that’s how it’s been since Dan Henderson started these internships five years ago.

Having inherited his recently deceased father’s moderately successful erotic mail-order company, Dan, a dynamic young man, had turned his father’s enterprise into a vast multinational corporation within the last six years. Admittedly, the internet and a worldwide expansion of in-home delivery had helped, but Dan’s drive and energy had really made the growth possible.

Although I was a young woman when I started working for Dan’s father, the son seemed to relish having me help him expand the company. To be honest, after his father’s death, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay and work under his son and almost resigned.

But, despite my reservations, I listened to the young man when he explained his plans for expansion and what he wanted and expected of me. Then, completely out of the blue, Dan stood up from behind his desk, and while informing me he’d always found me sexy, the handsome young man casually dropped his trousers.

Standing there, tugging his thickening erection, he asked if I would go the extra mile. This arrogant display of macho bullshit should have disgusted me, but seeing how hard that fleshy shaft grew for me, I got hugely turned on.

Although I was married, the golden ring around my finger didn’t stop me from dropping to my knees. Not only did he cover my face with his manly essence that afternoon, but as I lay sprawled across the conference table, my gaping sex displayed obscenely to his retreating back, warm, thick spunk dribbled down towards my arsehole.

That was the beginning of our working relationship, and although my marriage subsequently failed, Dan Henderson’s business kept thriving. And even though I didn’t have exclusive rights to Dan’s delicious prick, loyal staff are hard to find, and I’m still the most influential woman in this company.

“And, are they attractive, Andrea?” Dan asked, lounging behind his desk like an emperor from ancient times. Turning to face him, I reached for my skirt and nodded.

“All three of them are very beautiful,” I said, my deft fingers quickly undoing the waistband buttons. “Not as beautiful as Abigail our last intern, and we’ll have to see if they are just as kinky as she was, but on first impressions, we might have a winner here today,” I continued, fumbling with the zipper.

Dan’s eyes sparkled while I hooked my thumbs into my respectable business skirt’s waistband, and after flicking my long blond hair over my shoulders, I pushed the knee-length garment over my stockings and suspenders.

Letting go, I felt the skirt crumple around my ankles, and after stepping out of it, I began loosening my striped blouse. I didn’t stop until it hung open, my sexy bra visible through the gap, and then placing my hands on my hips, I thrust my plump breasts forward. “Now, let’s find out what they’re made of,” I declared, watching Dan’s gaze as he took in my nearly naked body.

I might be nearing fifty, but a punishing exercise program and good genes have helped me keep my figure. Okay, I might not have quite the tight bodies of those young women waiting in the reception area, but I’ve not had many complaints from the men in my life. Dan’s gaze caressed my lingerie-clad body, and judging by the wolfish grin on his face, he wasn’t disappointed.

Mind you, this particular lingerie set had explicitly been designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to arouse whoever the recipient was, man or woman, and it was our bestseller. With a blood-red heart at the back of the ankles, the black stockings were just the beginning. The black high-hipped lace panties showed as much as they concealed, as did the matching bra, and I knew Dan could see both my erect nipples and neatly trimmed bush through the delicate black lace.

Without another word, I turned to face the reception room door, spreading my feet apart and resting my hands and face against the cold, smooth surface. Then, in a challenge that was as blatant as it was intentional, I thrust my ass backwards and shot Dan his sultry invitation.

Quivering with anticipation, I watched my young boss move from behind his desk and walk towards me, his arrogant gait irritating and exciting me. Dan’s well-tailored suit seemed to accentuate his lithe figure, and as he moved closer, I felt my secretions increasing.

“You never cease to amaze me, Andrea, the lengths you’ll go to,” he started, “in helping me find the right people to employ here.”

Standing behind me, Dan pressed his lips close to my ear, and while he jerked my soaking wet panties from my hips, he spoke. “In fact, I don’t ever think I’ll be able to thank Dad enough for suggesting I keep you on the payroll.”

Dan slid his hand over my belly and between my thighs as he talked, the words turning me on as much as his agile fingers. Biting my bottom lip, I nodded while Dan’s other hand caressed my anal crack. Then, before my anticipation grew the better of me, two pairs of fingers slipped between my pussy lips, one from the front and the other from behind. Slick nectar immediately coated all four digits, and a moan escaped my lips as Dan began drawing ever-decreasing circles around my clitoris and lubricating my arsehole.

Despite loving every second of this exquisite treatment, I wanted more. After moaning loudly enough for the three young women in the reception to hear what was happening, I demanded Dan hurry up and take me. Knowing we had a punishing schedule (the first interview was in the next few minutes), we had no time to waste.

As I anticipated, the young man fell to his knees behind me, impatiently pulling my panties further down my thighs before grabbing my buttocks and spreading them apart. As the expensive lingerie floundered around my ankles, I heard Dan speak.


“I just love your a-hole, Andrea,” he announced masterfully and then poked his tongue into my back entrance. Although I’d expected it and craved it, the sheer enthusiasm with which Dan licked and tongued my sphincter initially took my breath away. Arching my back, I drew him into me as my belly pressed against the door, and all I could do was repeatedly say “yes,” my cries getting louder with each intrusion.

Dan continued eating my arsehole for a few more seconds until, and this is a guess on my part, he couldn’t stand it much more and had to take me. Straightening behind me, I felt Dan’s bulge brush against my arse. Not content to wait, I reached behind and pulled my buttocks apart, knowing this was a sight Dan couldn’t resist.

“Give it to me, you big-pricked bastard,” I cried out loud. “I want you in my arse.”

Knowing the aspiring applicants could hear my cries made this part of the selection process more exhilarating, and while waiting impatiently for my boss, I silently wondered what they were thinking… or doing.

The sound of Dan undoing his belt buckle filled the room, and the moment I’d been waiting for all day finally happened. Dan’s helmet gently nudged my soft, lubricated anus. Chewing my bottom lip, I closed my eyes and waited for that glorious penetration.

“You are a perverted slut, Andrea,” Dan commented as his helmet pressed into my arsehole. “And I’m going to give you the depraved fucking you deserve,” and his rim passed through my sphincter. “And when I’m ready, I’m gonna shoot my load all over your beautiful face,” he continued and drove his cock deep inside me.

“Ooooooh God,” I cried, arching my back again as Dan’s manhood surged into me. “Don’t stop.”

He didn’t.

Still holding my buttocks apart, I felt Dan’s pelvis slam against my hands and his wiry pubic hair scratch my peachy skin. As if that wasn’t enough, strong fingers reached for my nipples and my clit.

Boy, does he know what I like!

Although I heard a tearing sound as Dan energetically pulled at my bra, trying to free my breasts from the confines, I didn’t care. I wanted and needed the powerful shocks that racked my body as his fingers played with me. The only thing that mattered was Dan’s prick pounding into my ass, his deft fingers tweaking and teasing my nipples and clit, and for the next couple of minutes, time seemed to stand still. Each powerful thrust slammed my willing body against the cold, smooth surface, and combined with my erotic moaning and Dan’s coarse expletives, there could be no doubt in the minds of the three young women as to what was going on this side of the reception door.

Streaks of electric pleasure coursed through my body, causing a brief moment of sensory overload as this talented young man quickly brought me towards a ground-shaking orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” I screamed and felt Dan bury his cock deep inside me. That was the last straw, and closing my eyes, that most sought-after sexual release coursed through me.

My breath came in short sharp bursts, each accompanied by a cry of joy, and my body shook uncontrollably. While sweet nectar flooded my pussy, covering Dan’s fingers and the top of my thighs, my abdominal muscles contracted around the erection buried deep in my ass. Knowing what I liked, Dan stopped fucking me while I climaxed, letting me ride and enjoy the orgasmic wave until it slowly ebbed away. However, as soon as he noticed I was breathing normally again, he started pounding his cock into me again, determined to cum. Wanting to please him, I reached behind and encircled his pistoning erection with my hand.

“You dirty fucking bitch,” he roared, pounding my arse. “I can’t hold it anymore, I’m gonna cum,” he announced, his strangled cry telling me all I needed to know.

In that split second, Dan withdrew his throbbing member from my asshole and ordered me to my knees; as if I needed telling. Obediently I knelt in front of him and grabbed his manhood. Although he was the boss and liked being in charge, having a woman finish him off was the ultimate form of control and something he couldn’t resist.

“That’s it, Andrea, make me cum,” he implored, almost submissively, as I swiftly tugged at his cock. Dan began gently rocking his hips, and recognising the sign, I opened my mouth, ready for Dan’s creamy offering.

The first expulsion sent a long rope of spunk flying from his slit, and before I realised what was happening, my hair, forehead and eyelashes were covered along with the side of my cheek. Dan’s second salvo was almost as powerful, and hot sperm decorated the other side of my face. A third, thick rope following immediately afterwards landed in my eye, and despite not being able to see properly, I managed to enclose my lips around the pulsating erection and happily swallowed Dan’s final offering.

After proudly watching me lick his manhood clean, he withdrew it from my mouth and began making himself decent.

“Thank you, Andrea,” he said, courteous as he always was. “Now, be a love and invite our first candidate to join us.”

“Certainly sir,” I replied, stepping over my skirt and knickers lying abandoned on the floor. Opening the door to the reception area, I stepped through.

Of the original three aspiring applicants, only one was still present, but from the flushed face and slightly dishevelled clothing, I knew this girl had potential. Nodding at her, I gestured for her to enter Dan’s office. “Mr Henderson would like to see you now.”

As the young woman approached me, she continued to try and rearrange her clothing, apologising profusely. Then she stood in front of me, her anxious gaze demanding approval. I looked her up and down, noticing that her skirt and blouse weren’t fastened correctly and smiled inwardly.

Considering my state of undress, the younger woman looked immaculate, but the inquiring eyes wanted an answer.

“Young lady,” I said, placing a loose lock of hair behind her ear. “Don’t worry about how you’re dressed, the mood Mr Mathews is in, you won’t be wearing clothes for much longer.”

Her eyes widened, but she showed no sign of backing away. Then they began to sparkle mischievously.

“Will you be joining us?” she asked, the tip of her tongue sliding seductively across her lips.

The overtly sexual display caused my spine to tingle, and I nodded. Seemingly pleased with my response, I watched the young woman undo the upper buttons of her blouse. “No point in wasting time then,” she smirked, swinging her hips seductively and walking through the door.