The Sewer – Part 1

Sixteen year old Steve was a well known violent thug, who was racist and homophobic, not many people liked him and would have nothing to do with him, he had just served a twelve month sentence in youth custody and had only been out three days, his uncle had given him a job in his company cleaning and repairing sewers, it was late in the evening Steve had been with a team who had done an urgent job of unblocking a sewer, the rest of the team had gone home, Steve had gone back to the yard and after cleaning the equipment went into the offices and had a cup of tea. Asif who was two years younger than Steve was doing part time work for the same company as what Steve was working for, Asif was feeling very nervous because not only was he a Bengali boy he was also gay he was scared that Steve would have a go at him. Asif was standing under the warm water of the shower when Steve walked in with just a towel wrapped round his body, Asif was about to leave the shower when much to his surprise but great joy Steve removed his towel and stood naked before switching another shower unit on and stepping under the water, Asif was looking at Steve’s seven inch dick when his own grew to a six inch erection, Asif turned his back so that Steve would not see his erection wondering how he would get out of the shower with out Steve seeing his erection, after a couple of minutes Steve said ” what is the matter you got a hard on ” Asif stood with out making any reply, when Steve said ” do not worry my cock is hard it is solid ” Asif looked over his shoulder and when he saw that Steve had a full nine inch erection Asif’s eyes went wide, Steve said ” if you want to have a look at my hard on you can ” Asif turned to face Steve Hardly believing what he was looking at but admired the naked thug boy’s erection watching it as it twitched, After a couple of minutes Steve said ” I need to have a wank and get rid of some of this spunk I got stored up ” Asif thought I know what you mean, Steve looked straight at Asif and said ” if you want to wank me off come and do it ” Asif hesitated but then slowly walked over to Steve who just stood still, Asif slowly reached out and took Steve’s dick in his hand then started to jerk it loving the feeling of Steve’s solid warm dick in his hand, after a few minutes Steve was breathing heavy as Asif jerked him, then after twenty minutes Steve said ” I am going to spunk up ” and a minute later Asif felt Steve’s dick twitch as he squirted his cum in five long spurts, Asif returned to his own shower still hardly believing what he had seen and done. The following evening Steve was asked to go clear a sewer on his own which he did, after he had finished he returned to an empty yard where he phoned Asif and said to him ” I am about to have a shower I need a hand ” Asif told Steve he would be there very soon and set off for the yard on getting to the yard Asif saw Steve under the shower with a full erection and thought youth custody has changed him but I do not care and was soon naked with an erection.