The Sorority House Rule

“Hi, you must be Casey,” I greeted her as she dropped her bags. ‘Oh, nice tits, and in a tank top?’ I thought, glancing at them.

“Yes, and you must be Kendra,” she added, coming towards me. “Sharon told me I’d be living with you, so I guess you can call me fresh meat here in this sorority,” she said, putting her hand out.

“What do you mean?” I asked, taking it.

She stayed silent and featured a confused look for a few seconds as she shook my hand, but then came close to me. “I just mean, there are good looking ladies living together, and they can hook up, that’s all. Do ladies here not get together?”

“Oh, no,” I shot her down, shaking my head no and backing up. “There is a serious rule around here: sisters here can’t get involved. It is strictly forbidden, like forbidden fruit. Sharon didn’t mention that?”

“No, but why do we have that rule? We’re all in college and of legal age,” she pointed out, going to her bag. “What’s the big deal?”

I watched her undo it and bring out some pairs of panties and bras too. I couldn’t help, but to stare during the seconds before she put them into her dresser.

“Hey, Kendra?” she asked.

I jerked my head up to see her gawking at me. “I’m sorry, it is just a big rule here in this house. I guess something bad happened before I moved in. This will be my second year, and I actually saw Sharon throw out a couple of ladies last year because they hooked up, so just be aware, I guess,” I explained, fluttering around.

I sat down on my bed and just watched her put her clothes away, ‘I’m not sure if this is love at first sight, but damn, we have this rule, and my new roommate is ravishing: pretty face, skinny figure and long brown hair too. Crap, I wonder if Sharon knows that I like girls. Would she just randomly give me a hot brunette with big melons like Casey as a roommate?’ I thought as she bent over. ‘And she has her dark blue thong sticking out, are you kidding me?’

“That’s just odd,” she pointed out, failing to look at me. “We’re not real sisters here and like I said, we’re adults so that we can make our own choices. If Julie and I or even you and I want to eat each other out, shouldn’t we be allowed to, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I added, calmly lying down and letting my right hand into my panties. ‘Well, this is moving fast, I met her five minutes ago, and I’m already thinking of my new roommate in that way. Damn, Casey, you’re much more attractive than Julie, so hook up with me. Well, I never made a move on Jessica, and I saw her naked in this room a million times before Sharon kicked her to the curb last semester. Maybe if I did, I would have been tossed out too instead of Allie, who knows? I’ll just nonchalantly rub my pussy lips and keep a low profile as Casey’s eyes are off me. All I can do is look and try to suppress my attraction,’ I thought, prior to a pause. ‘I’m licking my lips nonstop, and I can’t stop myself from shaking completely to save my life. Oh, yes, I’d pull off that thong with my teeth, and find out if you’re hiding a bush under there. I’d surely let you do the same, and then you can see mine too. Little do you know; you’re thrilling me and drenching my hand, underwear, and shorts.’

“So, do you like it here?”

“Yes, but I don’t love it,” I said, shoving a finger into my slit. ‘It did just get a little better though.’

“I don’t like that rule, I mean I did see a few delightful ladies out there, including Sharon. She is pretty with that long black hair and flat stomach too. That’s a crock, she was showing a lot of skin out there with that crack in her chest and her belly, but we’re not allowed even to explore feelings we might have? People could just have sex and not date each other.”

“I guess not,” I muttered, closing my eyes halfway.

I played with my twat just eight feet away from her for a few more seconds and felt a little sweat on my forehead.

I breathed heavily too, but then I leaned my head back. ‘Yes, I’ll gladly lick off the juice from your legs, and then attack the source of it.’

“Kendra,” she whined.

I felt like my heart stopped, and I ripped my hand out of my panties. “What?” I asked before I arched my body back up and looked at her. “How long have you been standing a few feet in front of me?”

“Ten seconds, were you just masturbating to me as I had my thong sticking out?”

I stayed silent and shed a couple of tears. “I’m sorry, please don’t tell Sharon,” I pleaded, putting my hands up.

She smiled. “Are you bisexual, Kendra?” she pondered, coming to my bed and sitting down.

“I guess.”

“And you’re living in a house full of ladies that you aren’t allowed to screw?” she giggled.

I nodded. “There is one exception to the rule though.”

“And what’s that, sexy redhead?” she asked, getting closer to me and placing a hand on my leg.

I felt my panties get soaked as my heart rate rose. “Sharon has to be involved, regardless of who else wants to do it.”

“No kidding, she has the rule, but she gets to have sex with anyone here and join in if others want to do it? That’s bullshit.”

“Yes,” I said, failing to look at her. “I haven’t actually heard her mention it; I guess it is just a rumor.”

“Oh, too bad,” she mentioned before getting off my bed with her back to me. “Enjoy the view though; I promise I won’t turn you in, Kendra. I like you,” she let me know, peeking at me and smirking. “And I hope you like this in pink and dark green too; you can check them out as I wear them as well.”

“Thank you, Casey,” I said, eyeballing her thong. “I’d love to see all colors of the rainbow sticking out there.”

Then she took off her top and pushed down her shorts too. “I’m guessing Sharon doesn’t know that you’re into girls, am I right?” she asked, turning around and before a pause. “I take that as a no, but that you do like my big jugs, even more without my top or a bra?” she asked, shaking them a bit.

My eyes widened, and I nodded as she pushed down her thong as well.

“Not to worry; I don’t mind being ogled either, Kendra. I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman stare at me like you are right now.”

“Thank you, and I love your bush too, it is not too long or short. Damn, you are dazzling in every sense of the word,” I praised her, scanning her figure. “Your melons are greatly sized with flawless nipples too.”

“Your welcome, and thank you for the compliment, I’m going to go take a shower now,” she let me know, grabbing a towel.

She failed to cover up though, and just strolled right to our bathroom in the room.

“And she didn’t even shut the door?” I whispered, peeking at the bathroom door. “Nope, the water is running now. Could she be baiting me though?” I wondered, leaning back. “What if Sharon put Casey here as a plant to get me kicked out, would she even do that? Especially after Jessica and Allie?” I theorized, prior to taking off my top. “I have no idea, but if she is cool with me eye fucking her, then she is sexy and awesome,” I mumbled, pushing down my shorts and panties as well. “Now I’m naked, so come out and see me, Casey. Your bosoms didn’t bite and mine won’t either.”

I just lied there and masturbated for a few minutes as my eyes failed to come off the doorway. I listened to the water running jointly, even though it was just the same sound, except for when she moved in the shower. Even with my eyes open, I had no issue picturing Casey naked, and going over the entire front half of her body.

I moved my slit lips back and forth rather quickly and gave my sheets and blanket the aroma of my pussy juice again. Even as I was sure she couldn’t hear me; I still managed to keep the volume down. I felt the thrills surging throughout my body from the idea of breaking the rule set by Sharon, and once I saw Casey, I loved it.

“I’d fuck you, Casey, and we could keep it under wraps. Sharon doesn’t need to know what goes on in here all the time. If she asks us if we’re having sex, we can just say ‘No.,’ simple as that. Sharon can’t just say we’re doing it and kick us out of the house. She doesn’t need to catch us in the act like Jessica and Allie. We have our own bathroom here, so we can even shower together too, and we can fuck in there when people definitely can’t hear us,” I said before a pause. “Shit, my wrist is already aching, and now is it getting cool in here too.”

I slathered my lips over and over again as my juice came out rapidly. After three minutes, I had to close my eyes and envision Casey a bit better. I undoubtedly loved her whole body, but I seemed to be in love with her breasts though.

“Holy shit, I love big boobs. I’d love to feel them; I’m sure they nice and squishy, aren’t they? Yes, they are, I’m touching them now, in my mind, sexy lady. Let the horny roommate take some pleasure in your bundles of joy. Even as I’m cumming, I’m still masturbating. Crud, how am I going to do it tonight without giving myself away? Well, maybe she’ll be cool about it. If she is already going to be naked in here for me to see her and knows I like girls, she might just let me pleasure myself to her.”

I was cool inside, but my skin seemed to be boiling as I felt sweat all over my figure. Regardless of how I felt, I was going to keep going as long as I heard the water running.

Although, after ten minutes, I yanked my fingers off my twat. “Oh, the new chick is done now,” I muttered, leaning up.

My eyes just stayed upon the doorway for a couple of minutes as I waved around a bit. I didn’t know what Casey was doing, but I felt more than anxious to see her again, whether she was showing skin or not.

Then I heard the floor creak. “Fudge, if she sees me now…” I whined, frantically attempting to get underneath my blanket for a few seconds.

“Having fun, Kendra?” she asked.

I quickly peeked her way. “I’m just trying to get comfortable,” I replied, failing to look directly at her.

“On top of the blanket though, while you’re naked?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, peeking down and putting my hands up. “Again, please don’t rat me out.”

“I don’t think it is anything to be embarrassed about, Kendra,” she assured me as I heard the floor creak and right before I felt her sit on my bed.

‘She is sitting on my bed with just a towel around herself. Shit, I have no idea what to do now, I’m lying here naked.’

Neither us said a word for a moment as I felt my heart pursuing a breakout. I didn’t look at Casey’s face and just kept my eyes on her legs for the time being as I waited for her to speak.

“Damn, you have an erotic body too, Kendra. I guess we’re bush sisters too, not just sorority sisters,” she giggled, letting her hand under her towel.

“Yes, I guess so,” I agreed, nodding.

“You may look at me, we’ve already established that checking me out is legal, there is no need to be awkward,” she reminded me before I angled my head up to her. “May I ask you something with a promise that you’ll be honest?”

I stayed silent for a few seconds, but looked at her face. “Sure, Casey.”

“I know we just met, but do you want to fuck me, Kendra?”

“What, no,” I objected, getting off the bed. “We can’t have sex, remember the rule?” I asked, glimpsing at her.

“I do,” she noted, rising with me. “I’m simply inquiring if you want to have sex with me. We’re in college now, and we can surely make our own decisions. Even if we did it once, how could Sharon ever prove it?” she pondered, closing the gap between us. “Dare I ask: were you just fantasizing about me, Kendra? Now I’ve caught you twice, and an hour ago, we hadn’t met yet. You weren’t naked when I went into the shower, and now I see that you got your blanket and sheets wet. I already know you are attracted to me, but will I drive you nuts if I live here with you?”

“I have no idea, are you bisexual too, Casey?”

“Is it that obvious?” she giggled, smirking and bringing her face towards mine. “I can keep a secret if you can,” she informed me, prior to undoing her towel. “Oops, now I’m butt naked too.”

Even though the idea was put forth by her, I couldn’t just kiss her. I still helped myself to look over her figure once again.

“Well, saying that you find sexually appealing would be an understatement,” she pointed out, stealing my hands and placing them on her knockers. “Your eyes have widened, you’re vibrating, and I see some juice escaping your pussy too.”

“Yes, and wow, these are exquisite. They have a superb feel, and probably the best in the world,” I endorsed them, glaring at them.

“Thank you.”

After a couple of minutes, I brought my head back up and placed my hands on her face. “Holy shit, you’re one hot chick,” I branded her before pasting my lips to hers.

“I know,” she chuckled, letting her palms come onto my butt.

We made out passionately and our boobs pressed together. They did near perfectly as we were about the same height, but her’s were fairly bigger than mine. I kept my hands steady the whole time, but my entire body continued to wiggle a bit. It served as no distraction for either of us as we just made out and all the chemistry between us showed itself.

‘Fuck me; is this going to happen? What if Sharon finds out?’ I thought before a pause. ‘To hell with it, Casey here is too pretty.’

After five magical moments, she gently parted her lips from mine. “Care to invite me to your bed?”

I took her right hand and brought her down onto my bed again.

“Why don’t you get on the bed and lie back on the bedboard?” she asked, smiling at me.

I swiftly followed her suggestion and then glued my eyes to her. Then she slowly got onto the bed with me, but on her knees. She failed to say a word, and I just waited for her to make a move.

She leaned to me and kissed me again. “By the way, I think you are gorgeous, Kendra,” she complimented me, bringing her right hand to my slit. “May I?”

“I feel more than enthusiastic to break that rule and accept the pleasure from you, so you may do anything you want to me, Casey, because you are stunning.”

“Thank you,” she said, letting her fingers come onto my slit lips. “Nice and wet.”

I nodded and licked my lips again. I placed my palms over my boobs and breathed ever so slowly. I was about to speak again, but she shook her head no. I only found it to be even sexier with no words, and then her fingers sought shelter inside my snatch.

She immediately began thrusting them lazily in and out of it. I moaned, but made sure not to say anything, even as I jolted a bit. I felt her fingers going in there deep, but not too deep. She surely knew just how to please a woman and exercised her skills on me.

Even as she had her jugs and pussy out there, I kept my eyes right on hers. I couldn’t smile as I felt to be in shock, but she kept her’s perfectly solid the whole time. My juice came out even more rapidly, and I felt like I was going to take off like a rocket.

I felt her fingers also move around inside my cherry aside from just moving in and out swiftly. She seemed to have the perfect storm of sexy working for her considering the rule and the sudden interest in doing it even as we just met thirty minutes earlier.

She leaned to me again and kissed me. It ended after only a few seconds and then she went down to my breasts. As her fingers remained busy, she laid a string of smooches all over them. My arms stayed down, but after a moment, her mouth made the trip to my right nipple.

She angled her head up, so our eyes met yet again, but with no actual speaking taking place. I felt her lips rub onto my nipple sensually for a few seconds, but then her other hand came onto my tit and she grabbed it tightly.

“Oh, you’re licking my nipple and thrusting your fingers, Casey. That feels really damn good,” I moaned, placing my palms on the back of her head.

I failed to pressure her head, and she seemed to love our sexual adventure too. She let my nipple fling around in all directions and certainly titillated me in the process. With two sources of physical pleasure mixed with the emotional thrills, she had me hooked.

We both maintained our positions for over ten minutes, and she knew I loved it as well. Her fingers changed their speed several times, but she never let them out though. I knew after only a minute, my snatch was as wet as it was going to get, and that helped them build speed too.

I bit down on my bottom lip numerous times in my defense not to go nuts, but she gave me an uphill battle. With each passing second, I felt my defenses going down a little bit, but I loved it to no end. The exceptional situation put forth upon me was exciting at it’s worst.

“Oh, yes, lick that nipple and finger fuck me. Make your new roommate like you a whole lot more.”

I heard her giggle somewhat, but she kept up her ‘A’ game. After only another minute, I had to slant my head back. I couldn’t possibly comprehend before it happened how good I’d feel, or just how much she’d pleasure me in the coming minutes either.

I only knew that Casey was breathtaking and seemingly eager to please. Regardless of what her actual reasons were beyond her thinking I was pretty too and wanting to make her own sexual choices; I gladly accepted the pleasure from her.

I kept my eyes off her for over five minutes as she never stopped pleasing me, but when she let go of my boob, I angled my head back towards her. She wasted no time kissing me yet again, but then she went back to my nipple.

“Oh, you sexy lady, now my whole nipple is inside your mouth, and you’re sucking on it too. How nice to do for a woman you just met,” I mumbled, caressing her head.

She nodded and closed her eyes. From one second to the next, I felt her suck on it much harder, so I started kicking the mattress with my heels numerous times. That was no obstacle either; she just fucked my nipple like no one’s business.

I felt her lips rubbing on it and her tongue still licking it mercilessly too. By then, she ditched my twat and brought her other hand to my other bosom. So, she got her body onto mine, grabbed onto both of them slightly hard, and held me down the best she could.

“Holy shit, you’re crazy and hot.”

She instantly jumped to my other nipple and took it into her mouth. She failed to peek back at me and solely focused on pleasing me. Needless to say, even as she quit fingering me, I still had my juice leaking out.

“Suck it, suck it hard, woman. My nipples aren’t sensitive, but you have them feeling really damn good now. Get them, and make them both your bitches. Never before have I been so turned on by someone while having sex, but the factors involved have worked flawlessly in your favor, Casey.”

She giggled again and kept at it for another few minutes. Our eyes stayed off each other for the time being, and I just tried not to throw her off her sexual mojo. I just moaned, shook and surely loved the pleasure for what it was.

Then she let her lips off my nipple. “Are you crying, Kendra?”

“Just a little bit, it doesn’t turn off, does it?”

“No,” she answered, coming back up to me. “Not at all,” she let me know before kissing me. “Its a compliment that I can make a woman feel so good that she sheds tears.”

“Good to know.”

Then she kissed me one more time before she gradually made her way down towards my snatch. She looked right at me again and placed her entire palm on it. My mouth opened wide and I twitched just in anticipation of what was to come.

“Your cherry is as wet as a monsoon now,” she muttered, lifting her hand up to her face.

I viewed her polish it with her tongue ever so slowly. She made sure not to part her eyes from mine for even a second. It only took about twenty seconds before she had it cleansed, and then she placed both of her hands on my thighs.

We glared at each other like hawks for a moment, but then she lazily leaned her head right to my pussy. Her tongue came out, and she instantly started licking it. I automatically lied down flat on my back, and she followed my cherry easily too.

From one minute to the next, she let the sexy levels and pleasure soar beyond belief. I felt her slick tongue come in contact with those swollen lips and she tickled me too. As a direct result, that had me jerk around a bit.

“So, do you like it so far, Kendra?”

“Yes, I love it, Casey.”

“Just keep your voice down, we don’t want anyone knowing what we’re doing in here,” she alerted me, pushing my hair down there up a bit.

She began licking my snatch again and massaged each side of it in the process too. I tried my best to keep looking at her, but it seemed impossible as she pleased me effortlessly. Her head moved around nonchalantly which made her tongue slather my lips too.

With each lick, I felt like screaming a little more, and after only another minute, I covered my mouth with both hands until I could control myself. The sexy woman could still hear me moan quite fondly, which made me rattle and had her give me fuller licks too.

My entire body already felt to be submerged in sweat, and my heart seemed to be prepping itself to break free. Although, there was no way I was about to stop her because the pleasure was only going up, so I placed my hands back on her head. 

“Wow, you’re perfect,” I let out, rubbing it. “My lips have never felt this good before in my life. I don’t even know what to make of you.”

“I’m just your hot new roommate, I’m not a sexual angel,” she informed me, letting a couple of fingers into my slit.

Then she closed her eyes and slanted her head back to my cunt. She rubbed her lips over it again and made sure to allow her tongue to go past my pussy lips too. So, I felt her lick my twat walls as well as my lips.

“Well, you’re contradicting yourself now, I feel some supernatural sexual being fucking me. Maybe you were sent here by a sexual goddess. That feeling alone is making me cry, woman,” I let out, scrubbing her head ceaselessly.

Her fingers never stopped moving once again, so that added to the pleasure and shortened the trip even more to a powerful orgasm. I felt like my pussy was on fire and she was fueling the sensation more and more by the second.

I couldn’t stop shedding tears to save my life, because she grabbed onto my heart through my beaver, and there was no letting go. A moment later, she sucked my lips into her mouth and had it act as a vacuum even with her fingers still in there.

“Oh, hell,” I moaned, arching my back up with her. “Shit, I think I love you, Casey,” I told her, kicking the bed again.

She nodded, but I covered her head so I couldn’t see it. She didn’t seem to mind as she just kept going and made me feel loved, regardless that I didn’t know what her actual feelings were. I just knew I had a sweet and sexy lady to have fun with, and I intended to keep her.

“Shit, I feel your tongue on my clit, it feels even slicker on my labia, you darling lady. Are you going to make me feel good by licking it?”

She slowly escaped from my grasp and brought up her head. “Would you like me to, Kendra?” she pondered before kissing me.

“Well, may I see you again?”

“Do you mean have sex?”

“Yes, under that bitch Sharon’s nose. She can’t give me a hot and willing roommate and expect me not to get her into bed.”

“Again, I can keep a secret if you can, but try not eyeball me when other people are around. Also, go easy on Sharon, that’s a stupid rule to have, but don’t demonize her because of it.”

“Fair enough,” I added before kissing her again and lying back down.

Then she went back down to my cherry and spread out my legs. As our eyes locked together, she kept her hands on my thighs again and allowed her tongue to come onto it yet again. She saw even more tears forming on my face, so she surely knew how I felt about her.

That didn’t stop her from pleasing me, but then she went in for the kill. She calmly pressed her lips onto my pussy lips and let her tongue take a trip back between them. In about a second, I felt it come onto the bottom of my clit, and she made it go all the way to the top.

“Shit, Casey,” I cried softly, pulling her hair.

She released my lips. “Give it to me, Kendra.”

I certainly did, just like pushing the knob on a faucet to full blast, I gave my new roommate my lady juice directly from the source, and cherished every single second of it too. I surely thought every organ I had stopped, but still, the pleasure was worth it.

“Yes, I love your juice,” she let out, during the ordeal.

I had my head back the whole time with my eyes closed, but I knew it felt better that way. I knew I’d give her my full orgasm like that, and certainly cement my chances even further to get her to see me again.

“Holy shit, Casey,” I moaned, placing my hands on my face just before I finished.

Even after I couldn’t spout off another drop, my hands remained on my face, but I kept my mouth uncovered to catch my breath. I knew she leaned up, but stayed on the bed. After thirty seconds, I did peek at her again and saw her hand out.

I took it, and she helped me up with her. “Well, I won’t say ‘love,’ but I will say ‘like,’ Kendra. Maybe you can help me push out the ‘ik’ and help me bring in the ‘ov,’ sound good?” she pondered, gently rubbing her fingertips over over the tops of my breasts.

“Yes,” I answered before I wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her again.

Our fronts, including our boobs, stayed together for over twenty minutes, but she managed to let her palms come onto my butt. Over the duration, we both caressed each other’s behinds and just kissed slowly.

We both breathed ever so slowly through our noses as well, and we managed to keep a low profile to ensure we didn’t give ourselves away. I also couldn’t resist the urge to shed more tears because I never felt such beautiful connections before.

After those twenty minutes, I parted my lips from hers. “You should probably get back to your bed now, Sharon tends to just bust in the rooms, that’s why there are no locks on the doors.”

“That floozy, I knew there was something off about her. So, sleeping together is out then?”

“Yes, but maybe we should wait anyway, we did just meet.”

“Even though you think you love me, Kendra?”

“Well, I don’t want to seem pushy. You have no idea how badly I want to get between your legs right now and have my way with you.”

“Fair enough, and I do have a confession: I did masturbate thinking about us having sex while I was in the shower.”

“Oh, you’re a horny chick just like me. Even though we both just met, we were both thinking about fucking the other. That makes us a pair.”

“Yes, you are just the redheaded version of me, but with smaller knockers, now may I have one more kiss?”

I placed both palms on her face and pasted my lips to hers again. That one lasted for over two minutes as she let her hands onto my hooters.

She squeezed them marginally to get in one more small thrill before I separated our lips again. “You should go to your bed now. Otherwise, we’ll probably get busy again, but feel free to walk around naked as much as you want. Sharon can’t say shit about looking.”

“Maybe I will if you do the same.”

“Done,” I added before she got off the bed and I blew her a kiss. “By the way: welcome to The Lady House,” I said before she headed to her bed.

“Glad to be here,” she mentioned before she sat down and blew one back. “And to have met you too, charming woman, Sharon didn’t tell me how elegant you were either, and don’t worry, we’ll sleep together, but maybe we should get a little more acquainted first.”

 “Sounds good to me, I can’t wait.”

“Have fun masturbating.”

“I will, feel free to do it too.”