The Spider Box (genre: lesbians)

Karen checked into her dorm. Fresh in from the midwest, she unpacked her bags at Les Spirites University. She flew into CA from Wisconsin.

She wore tight jeans and a shirt that she rolled up and knotted to one side, so her midriff showed.

Karen drew a wolf-whistle from a lesbian in towel as they passed in a corridor.

She unpacked her bags, collapsed on her bed, and just breathe.

She fell asleep until 9 pm: she awoke to the sounds of slight buzzing, moaning (a woman), and breathing. It was dark: but a warm lamp illuminated the room (slightly).

Karen saw a girl (perhaps 19, 20) in a yoga position (unclothed). As her eyes adjusted, she saw a girl (perhaps hispanic and caucasian): pressing her groin to the floor. [Great] she thought. [One of those]. (The girl was ‘lizbeth’, she’d learned later).

She looked closely: Lizbeth was pressing her groin into an orange box (oval but seemingly solid).

Karen dropped her head: tried to pretend she was asleep.

Lizbeth’s moaning grew more accute, her breathing more rhythmic, to the point she burst. She laid on the floor.

Karen introduced herself in the morning: Lizbeth gave her a shy smile.

Days passed. Karen attended classes, made friends, one day stripped to a girl curious enough to try it (lesbianism). Karen laid back on her bed and let the girl go to her vagina, pleasuring it: her face going through all the motions of intrigue, pleasure, and intensity of emotions unique to her and lesbians under the passions of woman-induced orgasms.

A few hours later:

She finally asked Lizbeth. What is that? She asked, pointing to the orange box. ‘It’s a spider box’, Lizbeth replied. ‘Key to the dorm’.

The tale was retold by some in reference to the ‘Lesbian Spider Queen’. At a similar university, the ‘University of Les Spirites’, lesbians used a spider box: a device that pleasured a lesbian. Simply put, it was wired to sense motions through the dorms. Such lesbians were not formerly lesbian partners: it was perhaps a form of ‘lesbian tech sex’, where numerous lesbians pleasured one lesbian, simply by passing through rooms and hallways.

Lizbeth found the schematics for the spider box at their website.

She visited a link…

And she found a download for 3d models, list of components, and instructions for how to make a spider box. Using a 3d printer: she printed the box. Websites such as ebay supplied her with wireless components. She put it together herself over the course of a week.

Every night around 9 am, Karen’d hear her moaning in the dark. Lizbeth gasping like a fish, but for more [pleasure].

Karen was as tolerant as they come. But it was a little much this later night.

Lizbeth went home for a few days, leaving Karen bored. 9 Am suddenly felt quiet: Karen glanced at the spider box: oval, orange, smallish. Curiosity tugged her. She went to the box. She wore a shirt and her underwear.

She knelt, lowered herself, pressed her groin to the box: it buzzed. It was not like dipping into the water: to judge its coldness. She wasn’t sure if she liked this.

But boredom left her with nothing to do: not even a lesbian to clean out her purse (her own catch-phrase for lesbians dipping their tongues into her vaginal zone).

Her vagina packed in the pleasure that the buzzing put into her. Pleasure in her lower region crested, grew, became more intense: that climax was coming. She softly bite her lips, hoping it would come. Little buzzing massage her vaginal lips. Liquid burst from them. She persist: climax, intensity, a slight release.

She laid on the floor breathing. It was no near as good as sex with a lesbian on her: from start to finish. But it was far better than perfect, pure boredom. She’d have done anything to forget that boredom.

She downloaded files from the link (on Lizbeth’s computer) and stored them on her USB drive: she wasn’t nuts about the spider box. But it killed the time. There were simpler ways to self-pleasure. But she was intrigued. It wasn’t great: but it wasn’t nothing either.

A lesbian partner came by: she’d have pleasured Karen. But Karen had her fill of sex (tech sex to be precise). She studied her grades: good, mostly great. Break was next week: she couldn’t fathom it. Her experiences: so many people here, the sights, CA culture. A return to her tranquil midwestern home in a quiet suburb was going to seem boring in comparison to her experiences here. No sex: her lesbian friends moved on to CA years ago. She could see it now: alone, at home, her parents were old-fashion and could very well give her a stink-eye if she brought home a lesbian friend.

She used Lizbeth’s printer: printed a box. Next morning: she added tech to it. Lizbeth had extra tech lying around. She packed her bag with her completed spider box: flew home. Lag wore off as thrill seized her: seeing old friends, family.

She settled into her room. She felt complete. Around 9 AM: she rolled out, gingerly drawing her spider box. She turned it on, and pressed her loins into it: it buzzed. Karen allowed her head to be saturated with sex hormones, a high grew in her mind.

It’d be a week before she went back to CA, to all her lesbian friends: but at the moment, she had her:

‘Spider Box’.


Penned and submitted by Kelly McBrock and Kelly Grace.


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