PG movie ??

I let an old man play with my naked 15yr old body in public at the movie theater and I sucked my 1st Cock

It was reserved seating almost sold out Spider-Man I could only get a seat in the back upper row only had 3 seats there I took the one against the wall. The other two were empty.
The movie was about to start so far nobody was in my row. Then I seen him a older chubby guy walking up coming into my row and to my surprise he sat right next to me
“ Hi I think I got the last ticket lucky for me” I kinda looked at him nodding my head wishing he would move to the other seat but he lifted the arm rest between us
“ Sorry I’m kind of a big man need a little extra room hope it’s ok but if nobody else comes up I’ll move over”
I kinda looked at him smiling a bit… “ It’s ok” I whispered

Ten minutes into the movie he stretched his legs out one touching mine kinda rubbing on mine. I looked over at him and to my horror shock surprise his pants were down and he was playing with himself.
WTF I thought what was happening I was gonna say something yell at him but before I could do anything his hand was rubbing my leg. I was in shock couldn’t move like I was frozen.
I knew this was wrong I should get up leave but all I could do was stare at his huge cock way bigger than my 5” or any of the boys at gym class. I never seen one that big.

“ You like that boy see how big it’s getting just for you you can touch it if you want nobody will see” He was pulling my shorts down and I was letting him.. I was confused scared nervous wondering why I couldn’t move like I was hypnotized just staring at his cock.
“ Mmm I can tell you want to by the way your pretty lil cock is standing up hard and how you can’t stop staring at mine”

What the.. I looked down he was playing with my cock I was harder than I ever remembered being.. WTF was going on all of a sudden I’m half naked he’s half naked we’re in a movie theater what if somebody turns around seeing this.

One hand was under my shirt playing with my nipples..the other jacking me off.. I heard myself moan. I looked down at his cock.
“ Go ahead touch it like a good little pretty boy it’s just for you to play with”. I reached over touching grabbing my first cock.. I moaned louder forgetting where we were.
“ Damn boy you moan like a little girl your so fucking pretty young I knew the minute I saw you that I was gonna make you mine”

His cock was huge in my hands so big I started to rub it up n down getting lost I felt him pulling my shirt off he leaned over starting to kiss lick suck on my nipples..I was losing it I couldn’t believe how wonderful this felt i dint even care that I was naked letting this old fat guy using me like this.. then he looked at me kissing my lips sliding his tongue inside..

I kiss him back soon we are French Kissing swapping tongues it’s like I’m falling in love..
“ Suck my cock boy suck your daddy’s cock it’s waiting for your sweet little pussy mouth to suck me like the slutty lil Faggotboi you are going to be my very own sissy my queer little boy my bitch my slut” I bend over and like a demon possessed I start to kiss lick slurp suck on his huge cock..I’m loving the taste of it I start bobbing my head up n down trying to get more of him…but it’s so big can’t even get half I just keep sucking as much as I can falling in love with his cock not wanting to stop.
It tastes sweet warm salty he’s cummming in my mouth I don’t swallow savoring the taste of his sweet cum every time I bob my head his cum leaks out my mouth he keeps cummming I pull away his cum is splashing on my face he slides his hand under my ass sticking his finger inside me. I start cummming shaking moaning

“ Ooooh god oh my fucking god oooh yes sooo good oooh fuck kiss me please oooh daddy”:
He kisses me I’m swapping his cum in our mouths I’m panting like a dog in heat. Naked I bend over again sucking on his beautiful cock I can’t get enough of it… I’m falling in love with his cock I could suck on him like forever.

“ Hmmmm my little slut your mouth is going to be a girls pussy for me do you like that being my little girl my boy my slut my precious little sissy tell your daddy how much you need my cock”
“ Oooh god oooh yes oooh my daddy yes I’ll be anything you want me to be as long as I can suck make love to your cock oooh fuck I love your cock so much use my my pussymouth like it’s a girl seed my tummy with your hot cum make me all yours fuck I love your cock sooo much
I’m moaning begging pleading just like a little girl my daddy’s little Faggotboi
The movie ends I get dressed cum still on my face before my daddy can pull his pants up I get on my knees kissing licking sucking making love to his cock now just for me

He gives me his number smiling call me when you want more my precious little boy he whispered
I’m home not believing what happened I’m so fucking horny all I can think about is his huge cock how I fell in love with his cock and how much I need it now again.. I text him telling him to cum get me at my moms house I’ll be waiting by the garage in my moms panties waiting to be your girl your slut bitch whore telling him how so much in love I am with his cock and how much I need it deep inside my virgin ass being seeded like a girl his sissy girl