The Truth Hurts… Or Does It??

Jessie had been looking forward to this night all week. He was going to see his wife fucking another man for the very first time. His cock had gotten hard every time he thought about it.

Jessie’s wife, Cara, was a beautiful woman with long sexy hair and creamy smooth skin. Her smile would light up the eyes of any man. Jessie noticed men staring at her all the time. He also knew that Cara had been very popular in high school and college.

The first time he asked her out, he was sure she would say no, as he felt she was way out of his league. He was pleasantly surprised when she said yes, and they started dating.

When they got married eighteen months later, he was quite proud that this beautiful lady had chosen to live her life with him. He often recalled how sweet and innocent she looked on their wedding night. He had remained a virgin until then, and had just assumed she was as well. She had never let him do anything but finger her pussy and play with her tits while they were dating.

Jessie and Cara had been married for nearly two years when he learned that his wife was actually quite a slut. He learned that accidentally and was quite shocked. Cara would go out with her girlfriends every Saturday night, or at least that was what he had thought.

One Saturday night, while she was out, he decided to treat himself to a meal at a nearby restaurant. While he was ordering, two of Cara’s girlfriends walked past him and were seated in the booth just behind his table. He was confused because Cara had told him that she would be going to a movie with them that night.

About the time he was about to lean around the booth and ask them if Cara would be joining them, he heard one of the girls giggle and ask, “So who’s Cara fucking tonight?” He heard the other girl reply, “This week it’s Lester. You remember him, don’t you? We all met him at the dance club last weekend. Heck, the way she was rubbing up against him, I’m surprised that she didn’t fuck him last week!” They laughed together. The girl continued, “But of course she was there with Danny, and she already knew he was going to fuck her that night.”

Jessie’s head was spinning. Surely, they couldn’t be talking about his Cara? No way? But then he heard the other girl say, “Well, she’d better not get drunk again this week. Shit, I had to drive her car from the club to Danny’s. That red Mustang is one hot car, but I hadn’t driven a stick shift in years.”

“Yeah, it was a good thing she had sobered up by the time she drove home. I imagine Jessie would have really been upset if she had been in a wreck or gotten a ticket for a DUI.”

Jessie was stunned. Now there was no doubt in his mind that the women were talking about Cara. His emotions ran wild. He wondered how naïve he had been to trust her going out every weekend. He wondered what she had done with other men, and how many of them had there been? True, he had never asked her about her past, but never in a million years had he imagined that she could be so wild. He wondered how he could face her, or if he had the nerve to confront her.

Did she love the other men? Would she leave him or divorce him if he dared to question her? Why did she feel the need to fuck other men? So many questions raced through his mind as he drove home that evening. He was so scared of what her answers might be that he decided that it would be best if he went on to bed. Maybe he would gather enough courage the next morning to find out what his wife had been doing.

Jessie was awake very early the next morning. He hadn’t slept much at all the night before. When Cara woke up, she found him sitting in the family room.

“Good morning, honey,” she whispered as she bent down to give him a kiss. It was then that Cara noticed tears running down Jessie’s cheeks.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she asked as she sat down beside him.

Jessie took a deep breath and decided it was now or never. “Where were you last night, Cara?”

“You know, baby, I went to the movies with Lara and Kim.”

With all the courage he could muster, he looked at her and said, “Cara, please don’t lie to me. I’m pretty sure I know what you were doing last night. That’s bad enough. But if you lie to me too, I just don’t know if I can handle that.”

Cara knew that she had been caught. She had feared that this day would someday come. “Oh, baby, I am so sorry that you had to find out about me. Please believe me, dear, I NEVER wanted to hurt you. Despite everything you must be thinking, you must know that I love you, and only you. Please tell me, Jessie, that you believe me.”

“But why then,” he choked back, “I don’t understand. Please tell me everything. I think I deserve that.”

“Yes, baby, you do. I am going to tell you again, I ONLY love you. But, honey…now, please don’t get upset… I don’t get any sexual satisfaction or pleasure when we have sex. I found out that there were only certain kinds of men that could take care of my needs.”

“So when did this start, and how long have you been doing it?” Jessie asked.

Cara replied, “It started in my freshmen year of college…and it never stopped.”

“So you were fucking other men while we were dating…when you wouldn’t even let me fuck you? And you’ve been fucking other men during our entire marriage? And you still want to do it?”

She lowered her eyes and simply replied, “Yes, baby. The answer is yes, to all of your questions.”

Despite her betrayal, and the shock of learning what she had done and was still doing, Jessie knew that he still loved Cara. He looked at her beauty and truly understood why any man would want to fuck her.

“So, what do you want to do?” she sheepishly asked him.

“Cara, I want you to be happy. I am so sorry I can’t give you sexual pleasure, because I know you deserve that.”

The next thing he said surprised her, “If you want to, I want you to continue seeing other men. There are only two things I ask: That you tell me everything you do with another man, and that you let me help you get ready for your dates.”

Jessie thought to himself, “If another man is going to have her, I want him to see her at her best.”

So for the next six months Jessie helped Cara prepare for her dates. He even bought her sexy clothes and lingerie to wear, had her try different hairstyles and colors, and helped her experiment with different makeup. He always helped her prepare for the evening. When she would go out, Jessie would sit at home and think about how hot his wife looked. His cock would always get so hard, that he had to start stroking it before she came home.

He would try to refrain from cumming as he thought about whom it might be that was fucking her, picturing all kinds of men. When Cara got home, she would slip into bed beside him and tell him all about the evening. She wouldn’t let Jessie fuck her after she had been on a date, but would always jerk him off while she described the events of the evening. He had saved his cum for when she stroked him and always came hard.

This went on for several months and Jessie and Cara’s marriage actually seemed to flourish. They both accepted their new relationship and felt more love than ever for each other.

Finally, one night after Cara had jacked Jessie off, while she was lying beside him, she whispered, “Honey, would you like to watch me some night when I go out? You could sit in a corner of the room if you would like.”

Jessie had never considered this possibility but jumped at the chance.

“Are you sure? Would you be okay with me being there? Would your bull be okay with it?”

“Yes, dear, it would be fine. And actually, it was his idea. He mentioned it tonight and said I should ask you. He said he has had other husbands watch him fuck their wives and the husbands enjoyed it.”

The night was finally here. Jessie still couldn’t believe it was happening. He helped her pick out a little black dress, and also suggested a red corset with garters and stockings. Red lipstick and diamond earrings complimented her outfit.

“Cara, you look stunning. I have never told you this, but I genuinely understand why any man would want to fuck you.”

Cara had decided that they would meet a man named Adam that she had been with three times before. Plus, he had been the one who had proposed that Jessie might want to watch.

As they pulled up to Adam’s house, Jessie realized that his cock was already getting hard. He smiled at Cara. She smiled back and said, “Thank you. You are the most understanding husband there could be. I hope the evening goes like you want it to.”

Adam met them at the door and led the couple into his den. There, he offered some drinks. Cara accepted some wine, whereas Adam and Jessie both sipped on Bourbon. They chatted for a while, exchanging small talk. Adam finally moved and sat beside Cara and told Jessie, “You have a lovely wife. Thank you so much for sharing her. The first time she and I got together, I thought I was in heaven.”

Jessie again felt pride in his wife. She might be fucking another man, but she was HIS wife. He simply replied, “Well, I am glad that you appreciate and enjoy her. And I’m glad she likes it, too. I have been excited about watching her since she told me I could.”

Standing up, Adam said, “Well, let’s not waste any more time. Shall we head to the bedroom?” And with that, he took Cara’s hand. Jessie followed them down the hallway. When they got to the bedroom, Adam pointed at a chair and told Jessie, “I put a chair there for you. I thought that would be a good place for you to sit and watch.”

From that point, he turned his attention to Cara. Cara was waiting with open arms for Adam. Jessie took a seat as he watched Adam and his wife embrace each other while standing in front of him. He saw them look into each other’s eyes, and then they kissed. Now Jessie hadn’t thought that much in depth about how his wife would surrender to another man. He knew they would kiss, but he was surprised to see how deeply they were French kissing. It just seemed more intimate than he had imagined. As they embraced and kissed, Adam ran his hands slowly up and down Cara’s back and then down to her ass. He noticed Cara firmly pressing her body into Adam’s. Adam slid his hands up and grasped the spaghetti straps of Cara’s little black dress. He slipped the straps over her creamy shoulders and worked it down.

Of course, Jessie knew that Cara wasn’t wearing a bra, but it was still a jolt to him when he saw Adam slide the dress down over her bare tits, completely exposing them. Jessie thought to himself, “Her nipples look so big and hard.”


As the dress fell away Cara stepped out of it and stood there in only the red corset and stockings, and black high heels. Jessie wondered if other men truly appreciated how beautiful she looked.

He watched as Cara sat down on the edge of the bed. She reached up and started unbuckling Adam’s belt. She opened his trousers and let them drop. Adam kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. He then proceeded to unbutton and remove his shirt. Jessie watched intently as the couple only a few feet in front of him stripped to being totally nude.

Cara was still sitting on the edge of the bed when Adam turned back toward her. At that moment, Jessie saw Adam’s cock for the first time.

Wow, he thought, Adam’s soft cock was bigger than Jessie’s erect cock. He had heard Cara mention large cocks before but had never realized that one could really be that much bigger!

He watched as Cara reached up and grasped Adam’s cock and began to slowly stroke it. He was mesmerized as it grew longer and thicker from the attention she was giving. Jessie knew his cock was about five inches, and he guessed Adam’s must be at least eight inches, and considerably thicker than his. It just seemed to keep growing bigger and thicker. As Cara continued to stroke Adam’s cock, Jessie saw a glistening at the tip of the massive cock and realized it was pre-cum.

When Cara leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off Adam’s cock, Jessie felt his cock twitch. He couldn’t help but unzip his pants and pull out his cock and start stroking it. Jessie watched as Cara’s tongue swirled around Adam’s cock head. His eyes were fixed on the sight in front of him when Cara leaned forward and took Adam’s cock into her mouth.

Jessie watched intently as she started sucking it, slowly at first, then deeper and faster. He heard Adam moan from the pleasure his wife was giving. He could tell from her stretched lips and cheeks that Adam’s cock was a mouthful. As Jessie continued to watch, he couldn’t help but start stroking his own aching cock faster.

Cara continued to suck Adam’s cock until finally he put his hands on her shoulders and gently forced her to lie back onto the bed. He then watched Cara spread her legs apart as Adam moved down between them. Cara cupped her tits and was fondling her nipples as Adam’s tongue slipped inside her pussy. Jessie watched as Cara’s hips lurched upward pushing her wet cunt into Adam’s mouth. Her head rolled from side to side as Adam continued pleasuring her. “Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes Adam…that feels so good. Jessie saw Cara’s eyes flutter and roll back into her head, and her hips gyrated and she moaned.

There was no doubt she was experiencing intense sexual pleasure. Jessie watched Adam raise his head ever so slightly and then saw Cara’s body jump. She squealed, “Right there! Oh, yes…right there.”

Her breathing was ragged. Her tits were wobbling as Adam worked her to the peaks of ecstasy. Suddenly, Cara jerked violently and let out a loud moan, “Oh my, Adam, I’m cumming!!!” Her body seemed to buck uncontrollably as Adam held her down and continued to flick his tongue over her clit. “So good, so good, oh so good, lover,” Cara gasped.

Cara collapsed from the overwhelming climax she had just experienced. She was breathing hard, her tits rolling with each breath. As Adam got up onto his knees, Jessie could see that Cara’s pussy was super wet from the attention Adam had given it. Jessie thought to himself, “Okay, now this is what I have been waiting for. He’s going to put on a condom and fuck her.”

Adam leaned forward and began to lick Cara’s tits and suck on her nipples. She just continued to whimper and groan, still caught up in the rhapsody of the orgasm she had just experienced. When Adam lowered his body, Jessie realized that his cock was nestled over Cara’s pussy. He watched as Adam gently slid his cock up and down between her outer pussy lips. It was easy to tell that Adam’s cock was getting well lubricated from Cara’s pussy.

Jessie thought, “This is it. Put a condom on and fuck her.”

At that moment, Adam raised slightly. Simultaneously, Cara spread her legs a bit further apart. Jessie watched in shock as Adam begin to ease his large, thick cock into Cara’s waiting and willing pussy. “Noooo,” he thought, “Put on a condom!” In all his daydreams about other men fucking his wife, he had always envisioned them doing it with a condom. He had never considered that she would let another man fuck her bareback.

Despite being startled by what he was witnessing, he began to stroke his cock even faster. As he did so, he recalled that Cara had never let him fuck her after she had returned home from a date. He immediately realized that was because she had probably never wanted him to know that her pussy was full of another man’s cum.

Jessie watched in amazement as Adam worked his full length into Cara’s pussy. He moved around to the end of the bed where he could see she had taken all of Adam’s cock. Her pussy lips were stretched wide as Adam began fucking her with long, deep strokes. Each time he pulled out, Jessie could see that Adam’s cock was glistening with Cara’s juices. There was no doubt that she was enjoying the fucking she was getting, as she would naturally push her hips up to Adam each time he thrust into her.

Jessie couldn’t help but stroke his cock vigorously as he watched Adam fucking his wife. He heard Adam grunting and Cara moaning, and even Jessie started whimpering a little. All three occupants of the room were close to sexual bliss.

About the time Jessie wondered if Adam was going to pull out before he starts to cum, he heard the man groan loudly and slam forward. He knew that Adam was emptying his load into Cara’s cunt. A split second later, Jessie’s legs went weak, and he started moaning, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Jessie’s cock started spewing its load of cum as he gasped and groaned, not caring what anyone else thought. As his cum spurted out, he realized all his expectations had been more than fulfilled. He had gotten to watch his wife getting fucked, and understood completely why she did it…no doubt it was to enjoy the massive cock that had fucked her. Once again he felt pride in that this woman, this slut, was HIS wife.

Cara finally looked over at Jessie to make sure he was okay. She mouthed, “I love you.” He knew that they would be okay.

Cara then turned her attention back to Adam. Jessie watched her give him gentle kisses and figured it was one way for her to thank him. However, before long the gentle kisses became more passionate, deeper kisses. Adam and Cara began to fondle each other again. As Jessie watched his wife stroking Adam’s cock, he realized that Adam was getting hard again. He felt a bit of envy when he realized that Adam was getting another full erection.

It had only been about fifteen minutes since Adam had cum in Cara, and here he was, ready to fuck her again. Jessie knew that he was usually only good for once a night, so to see Adam ready again, so soon, made him realize that that was another reason his wife was so eager to fuck him.

This time Adam rolled onto his back. Jessie could see his large cock sticking straight up. Then he watched as Cara moved over and straddled the massive cock. Slowly, she lowered herself onto it until it disappeared inside her. She started to ride up and down on Adam’s cock. For his part, Adam reached up and started playing with Cara’s tits. Every so often, she would lean forward and feed one of her nipples to him, all the while continuing to ride his cock. She finally looked over at Jessie and patted the bed, motioning for him to come sit beside them. Jessie moved over and got on the bed. His eyes fixated on his wife’s pussy sliding up and down on Adam’s cock.

She would raise all the way up, almost completely exposing the throbbing cock, then glide back down onto it. No longer was Adam fucking Cara, it was more correct to say that Cara was fucking Adam. She looked at Jessie and mouthed the words, “Kiss me, honey.”

So while she was riding another man’s cock, Jessie leaned forward and exchanged a soft kiss with his wife. “This is so nice,” she said, “feeling a nice big cock while you are kissing me. Thank you so much, honey.”

To Jessie’s surprise, he felt his limp cock stiffen again. He had never recovered this soon. He eased himself back into a lying position beside his wife as he continued to watch her fucking Adam. The view gave him an entirely different perspective of his luscious wife. He studied her soft, glistening hair, her sensuous lips, her excited eyes, her soft skin, her tits gently bouncing as he once again began to stroke his cock. They all were silent as each raced toward a sexual climax. The silence of the room was only broken by their moans, groans, and whimpers. Amazingly, they all reached the peak together.

As Cara leaned forward and hugged Adam, she moaned, “Oh yes, yesss, again!” It was obvious that she was cumming once more. Jessie watched as Adam lurched his hips upward, driving his cock deeper into Cara’s cunt, all the while groaning and grunting.

Again there was no doubt that he was filling her with another load of cum. Witnessing all of this was too much for Jessie, as he moaned as cum began to dribble out of his swollen cock.

As they all started to come down from their climaxes, Cara rolled off Adam and lay there between the two men. All three of them breathing heavily.

Before the evening was over, Adam would fuck Cara one more time while Jessie watched. He was amazed by Adam’s stamina and his wife’s wanton lust. He realized and accepted that she really did need to be fucked by a real man like Adam and that what he could offer her was much more than what Jessie could ever do.

Later on, as they were driving home and chatting about the experience, Cara snuggled up closer to Jessie and whispered, “Are you okay? Was that what you expected?”

Jessie simply nodded his approval.

“So you are okay with me seeing other men? I can do it again?”

Again Jessie simply nodded yes. But what Cara said next surprised Jessie, “Next time, would you like to suck his cock too?”

Jessie’s immediate reaction was surprise and even perhaps repulsion, for doing something like that had never crossed his mind.

“Just think about it, babe. I think you might like it.”

Jessie remained quiet because he didn’t know how to respond. However, he did think about it as he drove along. In his mind, he recalled watching Adam’s cock swell to its giant size, and how it looked as his wife sucked it. He still didn’t say anything to Cara, but he realized his cock was starting to stiffen as he thought of what it would be like to suck that cock.