After Class

“Do you have to do that every night?” Terry asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t,” Phillip laughed, stroking his dick in plain sight.

“Of course I do,” Terry answered with a shake of his head, not bothering to look away from his college roommate who lay naked on his bed, “Just not in front of you.”

“If it bothers you,” Phillip laughed again, “Stop watching.”

“I didn’t say that it bothered me,” Terry retorted, sitting on his bed next to Phillips, “I mean, it’s quite natural. And it’s hard to stop watching.”

“Why?” Phillip asked, raising an eyebrow, “Are you gay?”

“No,” Terry replied with a grunt, “I guess you could say it’s a curiosity thing.”

“So you’re saying you might be curious about being gay?”

“No,” Terry laughed, “I’m just saying that it’s not something I see every day. That is until I moved in with you. What about you? Are you gay?”

“Fuck no,” Phillip laughed, “I’m just a horny motherfucker. And I don’t care if you watch.”

“Fuck, it’s not like I bought a ticket to see this,” Terry snorted defensively, “It’s a one-room dorm.”

With a laugh, Phillip replied, “And you’re still watching. Maybe I should sell tickets, and maybe popcorn.”

“Fuck you,” Terry laughed.

“Nope,” Phillip said, “I told you. I’m not gay.”

“Right,” Terry affirmed, leaning forward on the edge of his bed, “Just a horny motherfucker.”

“Right,” Phillip agreed, wagging his cock with two fingers at the base.

“When did you shave it?” Terry asked, taking a closer look.

“Just a few minutes ago,” Phillip answered, moving his hand away, “What do you think? You like it?”

“Yeah,” Terry answered before turning red in the face, “I mean no. I mean it’s okay I guess.”

“I did my balls too,” Phillip said, spreading his legs, “They feel like silk.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Terry answered, not looking away.

“You can touch them if you want to,” Phillip laughed, “You know, curiosity and all that.”

“Not that curious,” Terry smirked, leaning absently closer for an even better look, “You’re going to be itchy for days. And you missed a few hairs on your sac.”

“It’s hard to see down there,” Phillip said, “You wouldn’t finish it for me would you?”

“What?” Terry coughed, “Shave your nut sac? Hell no.”

“Come on,” Phillip pleaded, “It’s just a few hairs.”

“Okay,” Terry agreed with a mischievous gleam in his eye, “But I won’t do it with a razor.”

“What then?” Phillip asked nervously.

“Let me see,” Terry said, taking his shaving kit from the shared nightstand, “I think I have, yeah, here they are.

“Tweezers,” Phillip winced, “That’ll hurt won’t it?”

“Hell yeah. I hope so,” Terry chuckled, “But I won’t have to touch your balls. And maybe you’ll lose that hard-on.”

“I don’t know man,” Phillip groaned, “I’m not into pain.”

“You want me to do it, then this is how I do it,” Terry grinned, snapping the tweezers shut repeatedly, “Come on, you pussy. You don’t want to be all scraggly, do ya?”

“I guess,” Phillip grumbled, “But go easy, man.”

“Okay then,” Terry said, patting the bed, “Skooche your ass to the edge and spread ‘em.”

Phillip did as instructed, hanging his legs over the edge, knees wide. Terry knelt on the floor between his roommate’s feet, tweezers in hand. Studying the task laid before him, he took hold of the first curly pube that presented itself, wondering if it would hurt worse to yank it out or pull it slowly. He decided to yank.

“Ouch, fuck,” Phillip barked, “That fucking hurt.”

“Sorry,” Terry grinned, “I’ll try harder.”

Taking the next hair in the tweezers, Terry pulled slowly and carefully, watching his roommate’s scrotum draw up tightly to the root of his cock that, curiously, had not wilted. He was still erect and rigid. Still pulling firmly but slowly, Terry heard Phillip hiss, “Fuck. That hurts worse than yanking it.”

“Damn if you aren’t a bitch,” Terry laughed. “You’d complain if I hung ya with a new rope.”

“Just yank it,” Phillip griped. “How many more?”

“I don’t know,” Terry laughed, “Twenty or so.”

“Twenty?” Phillip gasped. “You’re kidding, right?”

“At least twenty,” Terry confirmed. “You gonna cry the whole time?”

“It hurts,” Phillip painfully laughed. “Just get it done.”

“Hold still,” Terry laughed. “I don’t want to accidentally touch your junk.”

“Get over yourself, asshole,” Phillip laughed, slapping at Terry’s fingers with his cock.

“Watch it, bud,” Terry warned, jokingly, “I’d hate to stab you with these tweezers,” 

“Okay, Okay,” Phillip chuckled again, “But it ain’t going to bite ya.”

“It better not,” Terry joked. “I’ll bite it back.”

“I knew you wanted to put it in your mouth.”

“Yeah,” Terry gulped, “That came out wrong.”


Phillip tried to answer with another smartass remark but was cut short when Terry plucked another hair. Another protest and another when Terry continued to yank at the pubes. Phillip, despite the pain never lost his erection. Terry found himself a bit confused by his curiosity. On the one hand, he considered himself heterosexual. On the other, he couldn’t stop staring at the hard dick just inches from his face. 

“Are you finished?” Phillip asked when there was a long pause after Terry plucked the last hair.

“Maybe,” Terry said, looking closely at the nut sack hanging between his roommate’s thighs. “Put your feet up on the mattress. I can’t see everything.”

Phillip did as requested, letting his knees fall wide. Terry had a better view but still couldn’t see what he needed to finish his oddly arousing task. He didn’t want to admit it and, in truth, couldn’t believe he had become erect during the last several minutes. 

“Pull your nuts up so I can see,” Terry said.

“Like this?” Phillip asked.

“No. Your fingers are in the way.”

“How about like this?”

“No,” Terry grumbled, “Look out. Just let me do it. And you better not fart.”

Phillip, after a laugh, said, “I thought you didn’t want to touch me.”

“I don’t,” Terry affirmed, “But I don’t want to be here all fucking day either. Just move your fucking hand.”

Phillip removed his hand and watched as his reluctant roommate reached slowly to replace it with his. It was a moment of truth for Terry. Never in his life had he touched another male’s privates. The warmth and smoothness were the first impression, while the second was how quickly it went from slack to tightly drawn up to his crotch from just his touch. 

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Terry said, his fingers exploring something he had never before thought of. 

“Take your time and get them all,” Phillip breathed, “And try not to tickle me.”

“I’m not trying to tickle you,” Terry retorted, his fingers more or less fondling his roommate than looking for stray hairs. “This feels so weird.”

“Actually,” Phillip countered, “It feels really good. You have gentle fingers.”

Shaking his head in disbelief, Terry surprised Phillip when he suddenly yanked at another hair. He continued his search for another minute without finding any more strays, but kept moving his roommate’s balls around anyway. Noticing a strand of thick, clear liquid hanging from the head of his friend’s cock, he focused on it as he continued to play with balls. No words were exchanged for the next few minutes and the two dared no eye contact. 

The pre cum continued to dangle between Phillip’s cock and his belly, glistening in the dim light of the room. There was silence as Terry noticed that Phillip’s cock seemed to be bouncing more now, almost twitching. Studying every detail of his friend, he saw that it wasn’t what you would think of as a big cock. Probably less than six inches, its shaft was narrow and veiny, the head tightly wrapped in a foreskin. He wondered how it would feel to stroke it. 

There was no protest from Phillip when Terry took his cock in hand, pulling his foreskin back to reveal a purple bulbous head that glistened in pre cum. A deep hissing breath escaped his throat when Terry squeezed and started to slowly stroke him. 

Holding his friend’s shaft straight up, Terry felt the warm wetness of the clear liquid soaking between his fingers while he slid his hand up and down. Glancing up, he noticed Phillip rubbing his palm on his forehead with his eyes closed and his lips parted. He could see the pleasure in his expression. Squeezing just slightly tighter, Terry continued his slow movement, his index finger rubbing over the tip of the cock in his hand.

His fingers were wet and slimy with the juices that flowed freely from the short cock in his hand. It was warm and slick, lubricating his grip to slide smoothly on that hard shaft. He could not believe the thoughts running through his mind. Thoughts that he had never dreamed he would think. How would it feel in his mouth? How would it taste? How would his cum taste if he had the nerve to suck him off?

That was a question that would remain unanswered that day. Before he could process what was happening, he heard Phillip grunt, “I’m going to come.”

Terry didn’t remove his hand, but kept stroking his roommate. He saw the first glob of thick, white cum leap several inches straight up, then fall back onto his fingers. There were a second, third, and several more powerful expulsions, all of them coating his hand and his friend’s nut sack. 

Still stroking Phillip through the throes of his orgasm, Terry looked up to see the balls of his palms pressed tightly to his eyes in pleasure. He watched the thick white coo drip from finger to finger as he continued to stroke. They had crossed a line and they knew it. It would be a secret that they shared and kept for the rest of their lives. Neither of the friends thought of themselves as gay. They just knew that it felt good. It was dirty, and they enjoyed it for the next year and a half. 

Their experiments grew bolder over the time they spent in that dorm room. Terry did find out how it felt to have it in his mouth. He discovered how it tasted. Phillip also answered those questions for himself. He even learned how good it felt in his ass. The friends had their relationships. Girlfriends came and went. They had their love lives with those girlfriends, but what they shared behind locked doors was different.