This Could Be a New Start

A mom finds out something about her husband and herself in the process.


I’m Amber, I’m 31 and have been with my husband Don (55) for 15 years, married for 11. Yes I know, the age gap is pretty big, but love is love. When I was 12, we moved across the street from Don, then he was around 36. He was, and is a very attractive man, and in great shape. It wasn’t long before I noticed him watching me as I went about the neighborhood. I should have been worried or scared, but he was always nice and had never been inappropriate. I would stop and say him when I’d see him on the porch, or in his yard.
Some time shorty after I turned 13, I saw him out in his garage, working on his car. I walked towards the front of the car and said “HI” causing him to jump. I laughed, and he just smirked. As he turned back towards the car, I caught him looking me over, I was pretty flat at the time.. well I still am to be honest. I had/have a cute bubble butt, but thats about it. I was wearing my school uniform skirt, with the tank top i usually wear under my shirt. I didnt really need a bra, so i never wore one. Our eyes met and he knew that he was caught.
“I’m sorry kid, I shouldn’t be doing that. If you promise not to tell your parents, I promise I won’t do that again.” He said, turning red from a mix of fear and embarrassment.
I was quiet for a few moments, thinking to myself. Here I was, 13 and attracting the attention of this older guy. I told him it wasn’t a big deal… but I didn’t tell him it made me happy. My parents never really wanted me around, so over the next few years, I began hanging out there more and more. I’d catch him looking and even flash him some skin, hoping he would act on his urges… but he wouldn’t. One day when I was about 16 he confessed his attraction and swore he’d never been attracted to someone so young before. I finally confessed that I too wanted him. I walked towards him, reaching for his hand. He started to pull away, but stopped and let me hold his hand. I moved closer and wrapped my arms around his waist. Hesitantly he hugged me back, looking around to make sure we weren’t seen. That was the start of it all. He said he’d loved me from the first time he saw me, and I’ve always felt the same. Eventually when I turned 18 we made it public, but we didn’t care what others thought. He was very wealthy, which afforded us the opportunity to move far away and start fresh.

We have two girls and I’d never thought he was even remotely attracted to them. With the exception of me, I’ve never seen even the slightest interest in young girls… until last week. Last week I was trying to find some of our old pictures on the computer when i stumbled onto a password protected folder that was labeled with only the letter “X”. After a couple guesses I figured it out, it was our daughter’s names. Immediately I see hundreds of folders, all filled with porn. Almost exclusively Family’s. Real fathers. Real daughters. Some even had their moms.
A million things ran through my head. Wonder if he really was into girls the whole time? If his attraction to me caused it in the first place? Has he ever looked at our daughter’s, or their friends? I didn’t know what to do, what to think. I love him. I dont want our marriage, or our family to end.. especially if i caused him to be like this. I knew I had to talk to him and soon. He had taken the girls to the mall, so I decided once they go to bed I will ask him about it. While all this is going on I realized i was still looking at the pictures.. i hadn’t stopped .. I continued looking, and much to my surprise, before long I was a getting turned on. I walked to my drawer and pulled out a 8″ toy. I was so wet I didn’t even have to warm up. I began pumping myself in and out, still scrolling the screen. And in no time I’d cum harder than I’d ever cum. Immediately I felt ashamed. Pushed the power button on the screen and went to find something to keep me preoccupied. After a while I decthat maybe I should just let him have his secret and not say anything.

He got home about an hour later. The girls ran up to their rooms with their bags. All night I debated on what to do. He went up to do some stuff on the computer and I had a feeling I knew what.. just then I realized I’d let the folder open. I only shut the screen off. I thought for almost an hour, when I decided I’ll go up and I’ll just have a calm “It’s ok” talk. I walked up the stairs and could hear what sounded like moaning coming from the office. The door was left open a crack, and as I peaked in I was stunned. I saw my little Nikki bouncing on his hard cock. I should have been upset. I should have been disgusted. But again, I found myself excited. I think it’s time for a family talk.