Thug Surprise

Martin was a gay boy who had just been sent to a young offenders custody centre for twelve months, he had been caught by the police trying to break into a house. Martin was sat in the centre’s custody wing waiting to be allocated a cell after waiting a hour and a half one of the prison officers called Martin and took him through to the main part of the centre and up on to one of the landings where he was taken to a cell and told he would be sharing with a guy called Steve who would be up to the cell later, Mark unpacked his gear and after making up his bed saw a photo of his the guy he would be sharing a cell with, Martin realised that it was Steve from the same street he lived in, Martin knew that at sixteen Steve was two years older than what he was and a right violent thug, Martin started to get worried knowing that Steve was ruthless, Martin feared that Steve would give him a right good hiding if he did anything wrong and thought about trying to get a move to another cell, Martin knew that Steve knew he was gay and thought being gay will not be good it will work against me, Martin sat reading the book he had been allowed to keep when he had arrived, after a hour the cell door was opened and Steve walked in, Steve looked at Martin and said hi then sat on his bed and took his boots and socks off, then rolled himself a cigarette which he sat smoking, after Steve asked him how long he was in for and Martin told him twelve months, Steve stood up unclipped his overalls and took them off closely followed by his tee shirt, then to Martin’s utter surprise Steve slid his boxer shorts down and off and stood naked, Martin looked at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick thinking nice what a good sight, Steve walked over to the wash basin in the corner and after filling it started to wash, Martin kept glancing across at Steve’s dick liking what he was seeing, Steve finished washing as he stood drying Steve said ” fuck I am getting a fucking hard on ” and carried on drying, Martin saw Steve’s dick growing and was soon looking at his nine inch erection, Steve threw his towel on his bed then looked at Martin and said ” I hate wanking off but need one ” then to Martin’s utter surprise Steve said to him ” do you want to give me a wank ” Martin nodded his head, Steve moved closer to him and said ” come on then give me one ” Martin reached out took Steve’s dick in his hand and started to jerk him hardly believing it was really happening but enjoying the warmth and stiffness of Steve’s dick in his hand, Martin could soon hear Steve breathing heavy as he slowly jerked him then after five minutes Steve groaned and squirted his cum in four spurts, Steve washed his dick before getting dressed, after washing his hands Martin lay on his bed thinking I do not to change cells it could be fun in here better than being at home glad that I got caught.