Ticket To Ride

A loud bang jolted Helen awake, and the railway carriage shifted, rocking back and forth. The carriage was deserted, with only herself left, which she thought odd even in her drunken state. She looked out and saw they were at Reading. There was more clattering, and the carriage rocked again.

It had been a great evening, celebrating the end of an eventful Spring Term; as always, she had drunk far too much, but Caro and Sophie had been on top form, and Helen hadn’t laughed so much in ages. So she had lingered, almost missing her last train from Paddington; she had run and scrambled into the rearmost carriage as the whistle blew and the train departed.

Helen wore a low-cut white blouse, a short black skirt and high heels. The train was cold, but her coat was thrown over her legs, so she was comfortable, eyes drooping and ready to sleep again when the carriage doors slid open. A handsome young bloke wearing hi-viz strolled into the carriage and sat opposite her, with the scruffy table separating them.

“Hi, I’m Rick,” the handsome young man said.

“Helen,” she replied. She closed her eyes again, hoping he would leave her alone.

The carriage jerked again as the train started moving and left Reading station. There was just a two-hour train ride to Exeter to go.

“Headed to Exeter?” Rick asked suddenly.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ll spend Easter surfing at our cottage near Newquay, so another three-hour train ride in the morning.”

Rick stared openly at her chest. She was still tipsy and uninhibited, so she smiled broadly and stared at the bulge in his trousers.

She already knew the answer but asked anyway. “Do you like them?”

“Are they real?” Rick asked.

She was proud of her big perfect boobs. “Of course. I hate fake tits.”

Rick looked sceptical. “Show me.”

Without thinking, Helen lifted her blouse and leaned back, displaying her perfect chest to full advantage. Rick reached forward with both hands inside her bra and fondled her boobs. His hands lingered and tweaked her hard nipples.

He looked surprised and laughed. “Well, what do you know? They are real.”

A few flirty minutes later, Helen knelt before him and felt his rigid cock through his boxer shorts before pulling down his shorts. His cock waved free. About average but with a decent girth, she thought. Even in her limited experience, Helen had been fucked by more impressive cocks.

She wanked Rick briefly, then pulled back his foreskin, which was very tight over the tip of his cock. Helen looked up at him with her huge blue eyes as she took him into her mouth, something she found had always excited men, shortening the time she had to suck their cocks while pretending to love it. She didn’t mind sucking cocks, and enjoyed the challenge of inhaling the whole thing when they were long, but Rick’s was hardly worth the effort. But Helen sucked it anyway and quickly took his entire length into her mouth. This time, she didn’t have to fight her gag reflex.

She felt his hands on the back of her head, preventing her from pulling away from his cock. She grinned inwardly. She didn’t intend to; she wanted him to come in her mouth.

He moaned. “Don’t stop,” he said. “That’s fantastic.”

Helen kept her eyes wide and glued to his face as she sucked him. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, his hard cock suddenly twitched, and a flood of hot cum filled her mouth.

“Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

The only previous time a man had come in her mouth, they had been interrupted, and the bulk of his hot sticky load had sprayed her face. So Helen tried to enjoy the moment; the cum was warm and salty in her mouth but slimy, which she decided she didn’t like. She swallowed hard.

“Don’t worry, I love it,” she lied, though she was sure she’d do it again if the need arose. “Your turn to warm me up now. Eat my pussy.”

She leaned against the table edge, took off her panties, and spread her legs. Rick obligingly knelt between them and inexpertly tongued her pussy, failing to find and stimulate her sensitive clitoris.

She verbally guided him. “Further up … more … yes, that’s it.”

Finally, his tongue properly stimulated her, and her pussy felt wet. She let his tongue probe her for a few minutes, allowing her anticipation to build.

“You can fuck me now,” she said.

Helen turned around, hitched her short black skirt over her waist and bent over, supporting herself on the table between two rows of seats.

Soon enough, she felt Rick run his cock up and down her slit before ramming his wide dick into her. He fucked her at a slow, steady pace – which would quickly make him come, but Helen knew it wouldn’t satisfy her.

“Harder,” she said as she reached down to play with her clit.

Sure enough, Rick fucked her more deeply. Helen savoured the feeling as he slammed his fat dick hard and fast into her tight wet pussy, slapping against her arse with every powerful thrust.

Soon Helen was moaning loudly as she felt herself building to a climax. She heard the carriage doors open and close behind her. She half expected Rick to stop pounding her sodden pussy, but he continued, apparently unaware.

The thought that they had an audience drove her over the edge, and she came, her muscles shuddering. Her juices squirted past Rick’s short fat cock, which still stretched her pussy nicely.

Helen heard someone clear their throat loudly behind her. She had been embarrassed like this before; she had been caught fucking in the college library and had fled the scene in tears of humiliation; now Helen had been seen again, and she felt herself blushing violently, but this time it aroused her, knowing someone was watching.

Rick seemed unperturbed and continued to slam his cock hard into her pussy, but Helen turned her head to see who it was.

A man wearing a railway uniform – obviously the conductor – stood behind them, slightly to one side. He was middle-aged but dark-haired, about the same build and age as her father. He had a phone in his hands, obviously videoing her being fucked.

She stared at the conductor; he was extremely handsome, better looking than Rick, who was no slouch and with a much larger frame. She couldn’t help wondering if he’d be more fun to fuck than Rick, who still pounded his mediocre fat dick into her pussy.

The man’s camera was trained on her arse, where Rick’s rigid dick pounded her wet pussy from behind, and she decided she wanted to watch the video later. She wondered what her father would think if he saw it. She was ashamed that the thought of him watching turned her on, and suddenly she felt Rick’s wide cock in her pussy more acutely. Moments later, she came violently again, her muscles spasming uncontrollably, her pussy tightening around Rick’s cock.

Once her orgasm subsided, she turned back to look at the conductor, whose camera was still trained on her arse. She could see his trousers were now around his ankles, and he was wanking his massive cock as he watched her being fucked. She wondered what that monster would feel like inside her, deciding that if she could, she’d find out. It was much bigger than anything she’d experienced and looked at least as big as her father’s off-limits but oh-so-tempting instrument.

“Come on, Rick,” the conductor said. “Hurry up. I’ve warned you before about fucking the passengers. We’ve got to get these carriages squared away and parked.”

“She came on to me, Dad,” Rick said. “I’m almost there. Let me come inside her.”

Helen was insulted. Rick clearly thought of her as nothing more than a fuck toy, and she was about to push him away when his hands – around her waist – pulled her back onto him hard, and she felt a hot wave of cum flood her pussy.

“Let her clean up and get dressed properly,” the conductor said to his son when Rick had finished unloading into her.

“I can’t apologise enough,” the conductor said. He paused. “Sorry, I don’t know your name?”

“Helen,” she said.

“I can’t apologise enough, Helen,” he repeated. “Rick is supposed to clear the carriages of passengers before we leave Reading, not fuck them.”

The conductor explained the carriage she was in had uncoupled from the train and was heading for the Bristol depot.

“I can drive you to Exeter,” he said. “It’s not that far out of my way.”

Helen was having none of it. She liked the look of the conductor and wanted that monstrous fat cock inside her. She reached forward and felt his gigantic erection.

“A least let me help with that first,” she said, surprised at how brazen she was and how much she wanted him to like and fuck her.

“It’s bad enough my son has taken advantage of you, Helen,” the conductor said. “You’ll regret it once you’re sober. Let me drive you to Exeter.”

She thrust her chest forward, so her tits strained against the fabric of her blouse and pouted.

“Please let me suck you.” She lifted her skirt, exposing her shaved cunt. “Then I want you inside me.”

The conductor’s eyes flicked between her impressive boobs and shaved pussy. He licked his lips.

“Please,” Helen implored him.

His expression changed, and Helen knew she had succeeded when he nodded.

“Alright,” he said. “You can suck my dick, though I still think you’ll regret this tomorrow.”

She knelt before him and examined the colossal dick swaying in front of her nose. Helen was more impressed than she had been from her initial glance; he was genuinely enormous, by far the biggest she’d seen, even eclipsing her father. She could hardly wait for it to be inside her.

The conductor sat on one of the seats facing a table and opened his knees. His huge dong stood upright. She knelt between his knees and started playing with his balls with one hand as she wanked him slowly with the other. His dick was so enormous that Helen was slightly daunted, so she ran her tongue up slowly the length of his giant cock, then teased his tip with the tip of her tongue.

Finally, she took the plunge, opened her mouth wide, and wrapped her lips around him, first just the tip, running her tongue playfully around it and lapping up his pre-cum. Then she slowly started to bob her head, feeling his rigid shaft glide past her tongue.

Even with her mouth wide open, his girth grazed past her teeth. Outside of porn, the only cock she’d seen that was comparable belonged to her father. She had watched him fucking Caro and was ashamed of how much the thought of his mammoth dick thrusting into her own pussy aroused her.

As Helen bobbed her head, she was aware Rick now held the camera, which was trained on her. She was determined to take the conductor’s whole length and tried to force that monstrous dick further into her mouth with each stroke. But when his tip reached her throat, Helen almost gagged. She tried several times, but her gag reflex was too strong.

Disappointed, Helen inhaled as much as possible of his dick but still could not take the last few inches. She was puzzled; she had earlier overcome her gag reflex and swallowed the full length of the college librarian’s long but narrow dick. She would have to experiment.

While she sucked his huge cock, the conductor’s hands undressed her. First, they unbuttoned her blouse, then undid the waist of her skirt. She had already shed her panties to fuck Rick and was left in just her bra. The strong hands fumbled briefly at the catch, and she was naked. His large hands fondled her big boobs and tweaked her hard nipples.

“Enough,” the conductor said, “or I’m going to come.”

Helen lifted her head off his enormous, hard rod – now wet with her spit. When she stood, the conductor moved his bum forward, overlapping the edge of the bench. Helen straddled him, her knees resting on the seat to either side of him. She put one hand on his cock to guide it, then looked him in the eye as she lowered herself onto his dick.

She felt his tip stretch her pussy wide as it slid past her labia and started to enter her dripping pussy. Even though Rick had fucked her and her pussy was still wet with his cum, the conductor’s mammoth dick was very tight in her teenage pussy. She lifted herself slightly, then let her weight press her down onto his rigid member. The giant cock stretched her gloriously and slid deep inside her tight, wet cunt until she was fully impaled on his massive rod.

She leaned forward and kissed him, then started to ride his enormous member. She felt the conductor’s hands on her arse cheeks. The sensations as his cock slid in and out of her were fantastic, and she could feel her heavy boobs bounce with each energetic stroke. She knew she’d come very quickly. Soon she was moaning; now, when the conductor rammed his cock upward into her pussy, Helen also sat down hard onto him, and his erection slammed into her cervix; she felt her climax building.

Her muscles shuddered violently. She sat down hard onto the conductor’s enormous erect dick, impaling herself balls-deep. The sensations were delightful as her pussy clamped hard around his dick.

“I’m coming,” she said redundantly.

The handsome conductor grinned up at her. “I almost came as well,” he said, “but it’s too soon. Let me eat your pussy.”


Helen dismounted and sat in the seat next to him. She lifted her feet onto the fabric, spread her knees wide apart, and leaned back.

Helen watched the conductor kneel between her knees and tongue her dripping pussy. She loved the feeling when his tongue found her sensitive clit and circled it before moving down to lap at the mix of her juices and Rick’s cum that dripped from her wet minge.

The conductor lifted his head. “I think I can go another round now,” he said. “Do you like doggy? I want to fuck you from behind.”

Helen preferred cowgirl but also enjoyed doggy. “Yes, I want to feel that monster ram into me,” she said.

She stood in the carriage aisle and leaned forward over the table with her large, perfect boobs pressed against it. The conductor’s strong hands clamped around her hips, and his giant fat dick thrust hard into her wet minge.

“Can we swap back?” Rick asked. “I want to fuck her again.”

Rick still hadn’t mentioned her name, so Helen didn’t particularly want to fuck him again. His father was much more satisfying inside her; his huge hard rod stretched her tight pussy delightfully.

“Not yet,” the conductor said before she could say a word. “I want to fuck Helen’s arse.”

Helen turned to look back at the conductor, his enormous cock still balls-deep in her pussy. “Hey, I’m not that kind of girl!”

The conductor reached out, fondled her perfect boobs, tweaked her bullet-hard nipples, and laughed. “You might be posh, but I think you’re exactly that kind of girl. Come on, you know you want to.”

Though her first boyfriend had asked, she’d never let anyone near her arse. The prospect was terrifying, utterly filthy, and totally unthinkable, but still intriguing; what would it feel like? Impaled on the conductor’s fabulous dick, she felt her resistance dissolve. After all, she thought, her friend Lisa had done it, so it couldn’t be all that bad. At least, that’s what she told herself.

“But I’m not going to force you,” the conductor said. “I’ll only fuck your pretty arse if you ask me to.”

The prospect was still just as foul and repulsive, so Helen almost backed out and refused. But curiosity and excitement won over her disgust and fear.

“Okay, if you must,” she said softly, her voice trembling. And in truth, she wasn’t sure it was with fear or excitement.

“Be gentle with me,” she said. “I’ve never had anything in my arse before. Promise me it won’t hurt?”

The conductor leaned forward and kissed her gently.

“Of course, I’ll be gentle. I’ll stop if it hurts; it’s supposed to be fun, not an ordeal,” the conductor said. He had shed his jacket but still wore a shirt and tie. “First, get on your knees.”

She sank to her knees in front of the conductor. His enormous cock, glistening wet from her pussy, waved in front of her nose. The cock that would soon be in her arse! She glanced nervously behind herself; sure enough, Rick was still recording everything.

“On all fours,” the conductor said, “doggy style.”

Helen obeyed. “Good girl,” he said and then walked around behind her. Helen tried to keep him in view, but she couldn’t see what he was doing.

She felt his strong hands spread her arse cheeks, and she jumped when she felt his hot breath on her backside, and then his tongue licked her pussy before moving up to gently probe her arse hole.

His hot breath was still on her arse, and his tongue probed gently at her bum hole when Helen felt his fingers spread her pussy lips and play with her clitoris.

“I’m going get your arse ready now,” the conductor said. “It looks really tight and needs stretching before I fuck it.”

Helen flinched when she felt his oily finger probe her bum hole, pushing insistently into her tight sphincter. It felt uncomfortable but exciting when the finger started to move slowly in and out. She wiggled her bum.

“Oh, that’s fantastic,” Rick said from behind her, “keep moving that arse”.

A second oily finger joined the first, stretching her bum hole painfully. The conductor’s two fingers worked inside her, and the pain slowly subsided to an almost pleasurable burn. Then a third finger joined the first two, increasing the pain. Again, it reduced as his oily fingers penetrated deep into her arse and stretched her wider. Finally, the fingers withdrew.

“She looks very tight,” Rick said.

“She’s wonderfully tight,” the conductor replied. “Your arse is fantastic, Helen; we’re both going to enjoy fucking it.

Helen was uncertain who that “we” referred to. She watched him walk back around her, with his massive, wet dick waving proudly in front of him.

“Here,” he said, “taste your arse.” He pushed his oily fingers into her mouth.

Helen was surprised the lube smelled and tasted like cherries.

“Are you ready for this?” He said, looking down at his enormous erection that he was now wanking slowly with a very oily hand.

His member, still wet from her pussy, looked huge, far fatter than could feasibly squeeze into her arse, but Helen swallowed and jerked her head.

“I think so.”

The conductor went around behind her once more, running a hand gently down her back as he did so. Then she felt his hands gently pull her bum cheeks apart.

“Are you sure? Your arse is extremely tight, and I’d love to fuck it,” the conductor said. “I know you’re going to love it as well.”

“I’m sure,” she said, her voice catching though she had tried to sound confident.

She watched Rick walk around behind her with the camera and knew the conductor must be about to enter her arse. But she still jumped when she felt him slide the tip of his gigantic hard cock up and down her bum crack. Then his bulbous tip pushed gently against her arse hole.

“Relax,” the conductor said. “If you clench up, it will be harder and might hurt.”

Helen tried to relax. She took a couple of long deep breaths to calm herself. She gasped when he shifted his hands to her hips, holding her steady as he pushed his enormous dick into her virgin arse hole.

She felt her sphincter stretch painfully as the tip forced its way in, but it felt better than when he’d used three fingers.

Once the tip was in, the conductor paused his relentless drive, and Helen felt herself relax slightly. The burning subsided to a more bearable pressure, and she wondered if she might actually enjoy being arse-fucked like this.

Then the pressure on her arse returned as the conductor resumed his push, slowly ramming his huge rod further into her virgin bum. She felt him withdraw slightly and pump his cock in and out of her tight arse hole a few times, pushing his cock further into her with each stroke.

She turned her head back to look at the conductor and saw Rick’s phone inches away from her arse, videoing every filthy moment of the conductor’s assault.

She felt the conductor’s body pressed against her arse cheeks a few strokes later.

“It’s completely inside you,” the conductor said. “Helen, tell me, where is my cock?”

She uttered words she had never imagined she would ever say. “It’s in my arse.”

Helen felt very full, but the pressure on her arsehole was bearable, almost pleasurable, and the thought of a huge cock buried balls-deep in her arse was disgusting but perversely exciting.

“Your fabulous cock is in my arse,” she repeated.

The conductor started to fuck her arse very slowly, almost withdrawing his cock completely before working it balls-deep into her bum again. Helen was so focused on the feeling of the monstrous dick moving inside her arse that she barely noticed when Rick walked all around her with his camera, only paying attention when he paused with the camera pointed straight at her face.

“I think she’s enjoying it, Dad,” Rick said.

Helen realised it was true. Especially when the conductor started to speed up his strokes, ramming into her harder and faster. Each increment in speed and force stimulated her further, and she started moaning loudly.

The conductor laughed. “I think you might be right.”

He thrust hard into her and stopped with his massive rod balls deep inside her. She felt him lean forward over her.

“You’ll love this, I promise you,” he said softly into her ear. “And it looks great on camera.”

His arms came around her chest, just under her big boobs, holding her tight, and then he stood, effortlessly lifting her from the ground, her arse still impaled on his monstrous cock.

It was both humiliating and exciting when Helen – unable to move – watched Rick approach and kneel to video her from below, her shaved pussy dripping with their cum and the conductor’s huge dick embedded deep in her arse.

The conductor took a few steps and sat down on one of the seats. Helen’s weight forced mammoth cock deeper into her arse.

“Put your feet up on the seat on either side of me,” he said. “Then reach back and put your hands on my chest.”

After a few attempts, she succeeded. When she started to lift herself off the conductor’s cock, he wrapped an arm around her, and she felt his other hand massaging her engorged clitoris. Then he rammed his rigid pole into her, fast and deeper than he’d managed from behind. She moaned each time he thrust into her arse, finally screaming as she came to another shuddering climax.

When the conductor stopped pounding her arse, she sat down on him, driving his cock ball-deep once more, and drew breath.

“There,” the conductor whispered into her ear, “your first anal orgasm.”

“Can I do that as well, please,” she heard Rick say, and she realised Rick had been there, right in front of her, watching and recording her every expression as his father fucked her arse. She’d never been so turned on in her life.

“In a min-” she started to say, but the conductor’s voice interrupted her.

“Not yet, I want to cum inside Helen first,” he said and resumed fucking her arse with renewed vigour, his mammoth cock gliding smoothly in and out of her bum hole.

If she craned her neck forward, she could see his massive wet tool as it rammed up into her, again making her moan with pleasure. Before long, she felt his cock make a few convulsive jerks as the conductor emptied a massive hot load deep in her arse.

She sat with his cock still balls-deep in her bum, savouring the feeling. Finally, she lifted herself off his rock-hard cock. Her arse felt weird but not painful.

The conductor laughed. “Turn around and show Rick your arse.”

She pivoted, so her arse faced the camera and, tempted by the conductor’s huge glistening cock, Helen bent over to suck him. She felt his strong hands spread her bum cheeks and his cum slowly dribbling down her legs.

“She still looks quite tight,” Rick said.

Immediately, she felt Rick’s hands caress her bum and his cock nudge briefly at her arse before Rick rammed his hard cock straight in, balls-deep. She thought he might at least have asked as Rick started pounding her arse.

Helen felt disappointed. After his father, Rick was small, and her arse didn’t feel so deliciously tight around his cock. But he was energetic, and she tried to enjoy it, but she wanted the conductor to ram his giant cock into her arse again. She grinned. She had never expected anything to be shoved into her arse. And now she longed for a massive dick, balls deep in her bum.

She sucked the conductor’s rigid cock as Rick pounded her arse until she finally felt Rick come, and a wave of his hot cum mingled with his father’s inside her bum. Helen felt Rick pull his dick out of her arse.

“That was fun,” Rick said. “The slut was still tight enough.”

Helen was furious that Rick still refused to use her name and kept sucking the conductor’s cock, swallowing the mixture of cherry-flavoured lube and the conductor’s cum.

“My son has no manners, Helen,” the conductor said. “But please, can I fuck your arse again?”

Helen couldn’t wait for his mammoth dick to stretch her arse again. Without a word, she went down on all fours, stuck her arse in the air, and wiggled it.

She gasped as the conductor thrust that mammoth rod into her arse, ramming it balls-deep in one hard thrust. Once again, the monstrous dick worked its magic, and she felt herself approaching climax. Her thighs quivered, and her entire body shivered as she came to another shuddering orgasm.

The conductor groaned. “I’m going to come.”

Helen wanted to taste him, so she pulled herself off his colossal member, turned around, and forced his vast wet rod – fresh from her arse – deep down her throat. She felt the conductor’s dick twitch, and another wave of hot cum flooded her mouth, filling it and oozing out around his cock.

Playing for the camera still trained on her, she pulled back from his mammoth cock and opened her mouth, letting more cum dribble down her chin before swallowing. The conductor was incredibly hard as she sucked his rod clean of the residual cum.

“Thank you, Helen, that was first class,” the conductor said. “By the way, my name is Simon.”