Used and loved it

After my friend dressed me in her micro bikini and makeup and lipstick and being used by the man all night. After I went home I decided to be bold and tell my mom that I was going to start wearing makeup and lipstick and girls clothes and shoes and eyebrows feminine and nails done and painted.
Well after a couple of days I got dressed in very short and tight shorts half spaghetti shirt full makeup and lipstick and long earrings ect. wedge heels sandals. I was on the way out the door and my mom stopped me sprayed perfume on me and I left . I wasn’t that far away from home when a car pulled up with two naked old men. They said that I was very cute sissy fem boi. I said thanks. Then they asked me if I wanted to get in with them and have fun. I said what kind of fun. Very naughty and dirty fun. I didn’t hesitate a split second and said yes getting in the car. Here I was sitting between two naked men in a car.
Once in I immediately played with there cocks. Once we got out of town the passager guy pulled my shirt off as well as my shorts and thong. Then started to rub me all over then each kissed my lipstick lips. The man on my right side started to kiss my neck as the driver played with my small cock and my boy pussy. I loved the attention I was getting from them. After a few minutes we got up on the 4 lane highway. It wasn’t dark out so trucks or any high vehicles could see down in. They had me move so I was sitting across the passenger Man’s lap with my legs spread open one leg on the dash and other one on back of seat . He was kissing me as the driver fingered my boy pussy. After a few honking horns and looking down in the car it was to dark.
Then they said to me that I was such a gay horny sissy boy. I said that I like being a sissy and wearing makeup and lipstick and being girly. When we pulled up to a small house and then got out and went inside. It was a one room place a big bed in the room. They went an got a drink out of the refrigerator and I went laid down in the middle of the bed. Each of them got on the side of me and started kissing me all over my body. Each of them took turns licking my boy pussy and me sucking there cocks. Then I each of them took turns fucking as I sucked the other. They gave me there seed down my throat and in my boy pussy . I got on top of on was riding him then got behind me and sliding his cock in my boy pussy to. At first it hurt but after a couple of minutes it felt so amazing and wonderful. I was moaning and loving it. After they both had came in me we laid there in the bed for a while they kissed me passionately and giving me hickey’s on my neck and body.
After a while they got up getting a drink and talking about something. Then the phone rang one of them answered it and said that he couldn’t and I heard him say something about me. Then he said sure that he knows that I would love it. After he hung up he said something to the other guy. Then they both kissed me saying that in little while that I was going to be very happy. I had put my long hair up. We were kissing on the bed when there was a knock on the door and one of them got up and open it. In came four naked men. When the one I was laying in the bed with said that they were all going to have fun with me. Over the next few hours I was fucked and sucked them loving it. They came in my mouth and boy pussy and covered me in cum from head to toe. I rubbed it in on myself.
After the other men left the three of us fell asleep on the bed between them. The next morning they woke me up by kissing on me. They said good morning honey . I said morning daddies. I got up and took a shower and redid my makeup and lipstick. I was still nude and they said as much as we don’t want to we better get get you back home. I said what do you mean that you don’t want to. Both of them said that we love to keep you for a few days. I said well okay. They looked surprised they said you want to be our to be our sissy fem boi sex toy for real next few days. I said yes if you want me to. They said of course we do.
Over the next few days was very serious and sexual with them.