Vanessa and William Pt 4

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William stepped behind his mother caressing her arse in her short skirt.

” Hi Mum ” he said kissing her neck.

” Hi darling.” She said. ” What do you want.”

” Your tight arse ” he said in her ear. His hand now on the back of her neck. He pushed her down over the bench lifting her skirt seeing her red g string. He dropped his shorts his hard cock springing out. He held her down her skirt over her back and pulled her G String down. He rubbed his knob over her pussy then slid it deep into her. She groaned as he thrusted her grabbing her hair pulling it as he thrust her. She loved it rough. Her husband wouldn’t be rough with her. But her son knew what she liked.

” Hows that bitch ” he said.

” Good ” she said. He pulled out grabbing her hair leading her to the bedroom.

“Stand still bitch” he said. He placed ankle restraints on her ankles. Then bent her over restraining her hands on the ankle restraints. He put a collar around her neck and tied a lead to it tieing it to the bed. He lifted her skirt and opened her arse cheeks looking and loving the sight of her pussy and anus. He slapped her arse cheek.

She stood dressed in her red blouse short black skirt and high heels. William grabbed his cock sliding it into her pussy thrusting her hard. He slapped her arse as he thrust her holding her hip fucking her and slapping her. He rubbed his thumb around her anus. He pushed into her anus as he fucked her then pulled it out sliding a finger into her arse hole. She groaned as he fucked both holes. He picked up some lubricant of the drawer unit squeezing it onto her arse pushing it into her arse loosening it up.

” Want my cock in your arse.” He said

” Umm ” she groaned

” Pardon” he said ” Speak louder bitch.”

” Yes ” she said as he fingered her arse faster.

” Dad may have been first in your pussy, but I’m first in your fat arse bitch ” he said. He pulled his cock from her pussy rubbing it with lubricant rubbing his knob over her anus. Then slid it slowly into her. She groaned as he slid it deeper into her

” Oh fuck ” she said ” Oh fuck.” He thrusted in and out of his mothers arse her bent over.

” Love that don’t you pumpkin.” He said.

” Oh god.” She said as he slapped her arse again. ” Do you love that pumpkin ? ” he said again.

” Yes ” she said.

” Good bitch ” he said thrusting her arsehole harder. ” Oh yes” he said as 4 minutes later he cum filling her arse with semen. ” Fuck yes darling” he said slowly thrusting with short thrusts as he emptied his cock in her.

He pulled out rubbing over her anus and pussy with the last of the oozing cum. He slapped her arse cheek again.

” Wait here ” he said sarcastically she was tied up. He went to the shower and showered. Five minutes later he came back and watched the semen running out if her arse and down her pussy. His cock rehardened. He slid it back into her pussy thrusting her hard wiping the semen around her arsehole. He held her arse cheeks leaning back watching his cock ride in and out of her pussy.

” Husband first in your pussy, son first in your arse Vanessa.” He said

” Yes ” she said groaning as he fucked her. He then pulled out and undid her arms from the restraints. She stood up still tied with the leash to the bed he cuffed her hands to the iron bed. He stood in front of her and pulled out a blindfold putting it over her eyes. He looked at her standing in front of him dressed and tied up.

He kissed her lips french kissing her caressing her bust. Her cleavage visible from the red satin blouse. He lifted her skirt rubbing her pussy sliding a finger inside her finger fucking her. He still kissed her lips caressing her breasts with one hand as he fingered her with the other. He smelt her perfume and kissed her cheek down her neck. He pulled out a ball gag and put it in her mouth.

” No talking pumpkin” he said as he ripped her blouse open ripping buttons off letting it hand there as he caressed her breasts over her red lacy bra, her nipples visible through the lace. He grabbed some scissors and cut the front of the bra it sprung loose he pushed her breasts out of the cups. He fondled her breasts leaning in sucking her nipples. He undid her skirt letting it drop to the floor. He undid her ankle restraints taking them off with her skirt. He knelt opening her legs licking up her semen moistened pussy tasting his juices as he rubbed her high heels and feet. He loved her in heels. He licked up and down her pussy and clit, pushing his tongue into her pussy lips tasting the sweet pink flesh off his mother. As he rubbed her heels and feet, he slid a finger into her pussy finger fucking her as he licked her and kissed her clit and pussy listening to her groan. He looked up at her, her head back he looked at her breasts her stomach her pussy legs and feet.

He loved her been tied up her cloths ripped open in heels as he pleasured his mother.

” Like that Vanessa” he said he loved calling her by her name and his dads name for her ‘Pumpkin’

” Ummmmmm ” she groaned. He licked and sucked her pussy sliding a hand to her breasts fondling them. He knew every inch of his mother, every taste.

He then untied her keeping her tied by the leash. He lay her on the bed. Her legs of the edge he tied on hand to each rail on each end off the bed. He got on his knees and licked her pussy finger fucking her. He got up guiding his cock deep into her thrusting her hard and deep as he lay in her sucking and caressing her breasts and nippled. She was still blindfolded and gagged. He kissed her cheeks and neck as he fondled her breasts and fucked her. In and out he thrust his cock inside his mothers moist pussy. She groaned and moaned as he sped up slapping against her groin.

” Gonna cum in you pumpkin.” He said smiling at her. He raised himself up. He put his hands on her shoulders leaning on her as he thrust looking an her his mother gagged tied to the bed by a lead and collar around her neck hands tied to each end of the bed. The watched her breasts bounce. Her small nipples pointing at him. He felt himself build up ” Here goes bitch he said thrusting harder as he let go filling her pussy with cum. ” Yes ” he said. ” Both holes filled” he said kissing her check. He lay on her his cock in her kissing her neck and breasts. He then pulled out and stood. He took the ball gag out and replaced it with his cock. She licked and sucked it clean. He then knelt between her legs licking and sucking his cum off her wet pussy.

She lay there as he showered. He walked out 10 minutes later naked untied her. They lay together for a while kissing and talking. She told him she loved been fucked and dominated like that.