Special treat from the Wife

Holiday at the caravan park near a nudist beach the great times we had with Jeff Martin Ann and Max the dog

My name john 40wife is June 39 We had booked a two week holiday in the caravan at St Osyth we arrived on the Saturday on the Sunday it was hot so we got our swim wear on a Towel Went for a swim after that we went for walk along the beach there was not many people walking our way but thought nothing of it after about 30 minutes walking we could see some sand dunes and some people in the water
When we got closer June said it looked like some of them had no clothes on but kept walking we passed a few people in the water and then this lady came out of the water with her dog she had nothing on she said good morning what a lovely day it was and the dog came up and my wife started patting it and asked the dog’s name it was a golden retriever she said it was Max and he was four years old he was very well-behaved the woman walked along with us for a little while then headed off into the sand dunes .
We walked on then decided to turn round and go back as we walked along the beach we decided to walk along the sand dunes as there was some paths
We came across the lady we have been speaking to and we stopped the dog again come up to my wife she was stroking The lady ask if we’d like to sit down We put our towels down and sat down my wife ask a silly question was is this a nudist beach The lady introduced herself As Ann she looked about Wife and laughed and said yes we all laughed she asked us where we were staying we told her in the caravan park she said she was an owner of a caravan there and she was down for two weeks Max kept sniffing around June but Ann kept calling him away she put a lead on him and fixed it to a large rock.
We spoke for awhile then got up to go Ann said she would be in the clubhouse tonight so we may see her.
On the way back to the caravan we talked about the nudist beach and laughed that night we went to the clubhouse Ann was there with Max we had a good night Ann told us she was 58 .as we was leaving Ann said she was going down to the nudist beach again She should be around the same area if you’d like to join her my wife looked at me and said maybe.
We got back to the caravan nothing was said went to bed next morning we got up again it was a hot day I asked June what she wanted to do today she looked at me and said why not go and meet Ann We did not have to strip off so we got into a swimming costumes grab a bag put sandwiches in the bottle of drink and headed off.
There was a few people on the nudist beach then we walked along the sand dunes we saw Max first then Ann Laying down we called her she sat up we put our towel down And sat talking Ann ask us If we was going to take off at swimwear June looked at me Took off the top I took off my bottoms Joan said she would leave her bottoms on
I put suncream on June Max was tied to the rock and then told him to lay down after a while June said she felt the odd one out and took off her bottoms I said I was going for a swim did anybody want to join me the ladies just said no so I went for a swim
I was having a swim and this gentleman started to talk he was approximately 50-ish after a while I got out and went back to the ladiesWe stayed then it Was late afternoon and we decided to go back to the caravans Ann told us where the caravan was we got into a caravan and June was very quiet I ask is anything wrong and she said no
The next day we did the same I went for a walk around the dunes Leave and the girls alone There were a few blokes together one couple was open the feeling each other I came across the same man that was in the water he asked if I wanted to site down I accepted as I was hot he pulled out a drink and offered me some he said I am Jeff we talking after awhile I said I like to get back we say goodbyes and I walked back to the girls June looked very flushed I asked if she was okay and she said yes Max was just lying down by Ann .
I sat down opposite Ann her legs were open and I could see her cunt it was swollen and very wet and laid down and said she was going to have five minutes sleep June laid down a lot and I laid with her I put my arm around her my hands started wondering that nobody till it reached to cunt that was also very wet late afternoon we went back to the caravans I asked June has anything gone on she said no I said she was very wet when I touched her and she just laughed it off
The next day we went into town and didn’t go to the notice beach but in the afternoon Joan said she was going to pop over to AnnIf that was okay with me I said ok and Switched on the TV about an hour and a half later don’t come back all smiles we had something to eat and went to the clubhouse next day June said we should go and meet Ann which we did I said to the girls I was going for a swim and left them I got into the water was swimming I saw Jeff coming into the water and came over to me and we were talking we got out and we walk to where Jeff had his stuff he was saying about he was spying on a lady yesterday And said she was back today he said that she was masturbating yourself and playing with your tits.
We both had a hard on Jeff got up to come on so I went with him we was behind a large dune he went on his hands and knee told me to do the same and we climbed up to the top and looked over well what I saw was my wife and Ann Jeff said great there’s two of them and we both just looked I did not say anything to him June moved over to where Ann was Max we’re still tied up to the rock Ann i’m tired Max and he immediately started licking June face Ann put her hands on June tits and was playing with him I was gobsmacked Jeff said this is great I didn’t answer June then laid down and open the legs and Max got his head between them and was licking her
I lay down and turn on my side and had my cock in my hand rubbing it I looked Jeff he was doing the same we watched Ann suck June tits
I did not notice that Jeff had moved I was engrossed at looking at myWife and Ann
Jeff move my hand off my cock I just looked down and let him then turn back to look at what’s going on I could say that June was near her orgasm so was I then I felt something warm round my cock I looked and Jeff was just sucking me he looked up and just smiled and I just looked back at the girls Ann was telling June To come in Max mouth she let her a large grown as she shook and I could tell she had just come that was too much for me and I came in Jeff‘s mouth he just kept sucking me afterwards he came back up I was looking at the girls again Ann pull Max away from June and got Max between her legs and he was licking her
Jeff pull my middle of my body up so I was on my knees June was playing with Ann tits Her hands was between Ann Legs with Max Tongue
My cock is getting hard again Jeff was behind me put One of he’s hands round me I was wanking me I heard a voice behind us and look round and saw another man Jeff said hi Martin and he sat down and looked over the dune and was watching what was going on Jeff spoke to Martin I could not hear What was said Martin looked in his bag and handed Jeff something Jeff took his hand off my cock I was still looking at the girls then his hand come back on my cock and had some liquid on it and he was rubbing it and it felt really nice Martin took something out of his bag and spoke to top head that to Jeff I was still looking at what was going on between the girls and Max Jeff lent forward and put his bottle under my nose and told me to take a big sniff but close one of my nostrils with my finger which I did and then he told me to do the same with the other nostril Max was really getting iAnn worked up and June was helping Max by playing with Ann.
I felt a little bit weird but happy watching what was going on after a few minutes John then forward again he had handed Martin the bottle and Martin put it under my nose close my nostril and told me to stiff I did the same again to the other Jeff move back slightly off my back I felt something wet on my bum but did not take much notice then something was being pushed into it it felt like a finger it didn’t hurt much he was wanking me off and fingering me Martin moved down and got under me and started to suck me off Jeff added another finger Was moving them in and out
Ann had got under Max and had his cock in her mouth June was looking on Jeff had removed his fingers from my arse then I felt his cock pushing it hurt he stopped when he’d gone In a A little bit so I could get used to it then pushed in again stopping he did this and said he was fully in then he started to fuck me looking at the girls and being fucked and sucked I did not last long and I unloaded my load into Martin’s mouth Jeff and loaded into my arseHe pulled out Martin got behind me and put his cock in my arse he was a bit bigger but he did the same as Jeff pushing it up stopping Until it was fully in Then started fucking me after three or four minutes he come up my arse
Ann June and Max i’ve gone to the sea for a swim Jeff and Martin left me and I went down to the sea with the girls did not mention anything it was getting late and we went back to the caravans
We arrive back at the caravan is about 430 June John made us a hot drink Ann had took Max back to the caravan about 530 Joan said she was going over to Ann .
After about 30 to 40 minutes I walked over to Ann caravan the curtains were closed I could hear a noise coming from the caravan there was a little crack in one of the curtains and I could see in I could make out Ann sitting on the floor but could not make out what was in front of her I went to the door and tried the handle was open so I opened it very slowly and quietly the girls are too busy to hear me or see me Joan was on her hands and knee Max was on her back fucking her I just stood and watched Ann looked up and see me but did not say anything I stripped off and walked over to the girls Ann and took my cock and started rubbing it he had never been so hard Joan turned her head round and looked Her face was a picture of horror she tried to push Max offer but Ann told her Max Just knot it with her June said that something was swelling up in Side her Ann that was he’s knot June was having orgasm after orgasm Ann go on her hands and knees and I fuck In her cunt and ass until the dog could pull out of June then I fuck her The rest of the holiday was fucking the girls fucking me Max dogs fucking then we could go back to the nudist beach Jeff met the girls and told them that he fuck me The girls wanted to see him fuck me Which he did he also come back to the caravan and out last night maxi dog fuck me